Dean and Sam must spend so much time pressing their suits, mending their suits, buying new suits, I’m surprised no one has made the jump to tailor!Au (although I have read at least one AU where Cas was a tailor). Dean’s so good at working with his hands, and I feel he’d appreciate the fine lines of a good suit as much as the fine lines of a classic car. So how about this: 

Dean’s a tailor, his business has built over the years to the point where he’s pretty busy, but he always has room to fit in and personally see to his favourite client, Castiel.

Castiel’s been married three times before and is about to marry a fourth time. As Dean marks Castiel’s latest groom suit for final alterations leading up to the big day, Castiel is usually nervous and can’t seem to stop talking. 

Castiel starts to wonder if he should really be getting married again. Maybe it isn’t the other person, maybe it is him that causes all these relationships to sour? 

“What do you think, should I go ahead with it?” Castiel seemed to suddenly blurt out. Something in his mind clicked when his subconscious finally settled on this particular arrangement of words. Maybe I don’t have to marry to be happy, he wondered to himself. 

“No one but you can answer that, Cas. I’m just here to make you look good.” Dean was as usual holding something between his teeth as he moved around, looking at Castiel from every angle, making marks with chalk and pinning things. It was testament to how much time they spend together that Castiel could understand Dean even when he had a mouthful of pins. 

“But you know me, right? We spend enough time together?” He needed a lot of suits, and Dean does excellent work. Sometimes when he’s feeling down though, Castiel finds himself buying a new suit just to have an excuse to spend time with Dean. “Please, Dean, just a moment of honesty? I won’t be offended.” And he meant it, he just couldn’t imagine being upset by anything Dean could say. 

It didn’t even make sense that he owned so many bespoke suits when he was seen most often wearing his tan trench coat over them. But he had the money, and he enjoyed Dean’s company. Dean who always seemed so calm and in control. Dean who could turn a pile of fabric into a masterpiece. Dean who worked with such dedication and diligence. Dean who made him laugh even when he felt the whole world was against him. 

“I think keeping you in suits is excellent for my business, so please, feel free to keep on marrying.” 

Castiel thought a moment on this. 

“So what you’re saying is: she’s not the one for me?” 

Dean winced. “I didn’t say that, not exactly.” 


“I think I’ve heard you talk more about that new business you’re acquiring than your new bride-to-be. She doesn’t make you feel passionate, and Cas, you’re a passionate guy. You love with your whole heart when you do love. Someone just has to listen to you talk about Claire, Jimmy, Gabe, any of them, and they’d know.” 

“Oh,” was all he said. Through Castiel’s mind though went flashing all the moments people had complimented his suits. All the times Gabe and Jimmy had told him to stop going on about how wonderful a tailor Dean was. About how possessive he felt when his business partner Crowley asked for Dean’s business card. 

“I think I’m about finished, I’ll make the final changes, you can get undressed now.”

“Thank you, Dean,” Castiel told him sincerely, holding Dean’s gaze. “Your work, as always, is exemplary.” 

“You know,” Dean stretched and then ran his fingers through his own hair, ruffling it up adorably. “If you won’t need the suit for next Saturday, I wouldn’t mind finding out sooner rather than later. If I don’t have to finish it, I might finally get a Friday night off.” 

Now or never, a little voice told Castiel. 

“Would you be open to an invite of attending dinner with me on Friday? Because if you are, that would mean I wouldn’t need the suit.” 


“I, um, would of course end the engagement, before said dinner. In this theoretical universe where I’m asking you out, and you’re agreeing, and I’m cancelling my wedding.” 

Dean’s eyes opened wide and he took half a step back. 

“Um, yeah, I…um.” Dean thought a moment. “Ya know? I think I might be free for dinner Friday. Something tells me my calendar just opened up.” 


Photographer Denis Cherim’s ‘Coincidence Project’ Explores Uncanny Moments of Synchronicity

With an eye for unusual juxtapositions and serendipitous moments where the universe seems to synchronize itself just so, photographer Denis Cherim is there with his camera seeing what the rest of us do not. The ongoing series called the Coincidence Project incorporates a wide variety of photographic approaches from landscapes to street photography and occasionally portraiture. Gathered here are some of our favorites from the last few years, but you can see hundreds more photos by Cherim over on Flickr and Facebook. Thanks Colossal

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this is the story, beginning to end, 
1. a prince. a swarm of bees. he used to draw them in the margins of his books, because he thought they looked pretty. his first greeting with death. a strange voice filling his ears. he doesn’t know this yet, but one day, it will be the last thing he hears.
2. a life for a life.
3. he walks the line. one step, two steps, three. away, away, away. a million different cities, countries, continents. he is too young to be swept away by demons as vivid as this. the voice stays. death holds his hand, every step of the way.
4. home. his first real discovery. it is small and unusual but the moment he sees it it is his. a new kingdom. he doesn’t know this yet, but this is the town that will take his life. (even if he knew this, he would stay).
5. a boy with a sharp tongue and a crooked smile. a friend?
6. a brother.
7. shared grief. the boy turns bitter. them against the world. the demons roam free.
8. after; the boy with the beautiful hands. the ghost. the girl. a home in each and every one of them. demons cannot live in the light.
9. the tape. is that all? he knows.
10. a kiss without a kiss. a life that is not his to live. one wish, one king, one chance. 
11, 12, 13, 
he knows.
14, 15, 16,
the voice again.
17, 18, 19, 
the prince finds his king.
20. and then?
that’s all there is.
—  afterwards, people would ask, “what do you know about the boy and his welsh kings?” 

The Beauty of Freedom: An Interview with Pavel Tereshkovets

Constantly travelling, Pavel Tereshkovets has developed freedom, as well as the feeling for capturing unusual moments and locations. That freedom provided him with the possibility to enhance his photography style and introduced him to the world of endless inspiration. In this interview, Pavel lets us into his world and speaks about what makes him tick.

specialtrampagentotters  asked:

I loved the hug prompt. Gorgeous and so true to character. Can I send you 'leaves' (as in, plural of leaf!) please.

November, 2002

There is a sparse pile of leaves in front of the hotel. William is a little young to be jumping in the leaves on his own, so Scully sits on the lawn with him so he can play with them. He giggles, crumping the multi-colored foliage and throwing handfuls of it in the air. Scully laughs with her son, reveling in this unusual moment of happiness for them. 

“Da?” William asks, pulling on her hair. She doesn’t know what to tell him.

They wait for him hidden in a corner of the train station, passengers rushing by like the tide. She sways back and forth gently, her hair that is now the same color as her son’s brushing his cheek. William giggles, holding on.

Mulder’s been gone for three weeks now, and with everything that’s happened, she can’t help but be more than a little apprehensive.

“Da,” William says, tightening his grip on her hair. “Da-da-da.”

“Daddy’s gonna be back soon,” she says to him quietly. I hope. I hope. “He might have found a new place for us to stay.”


“Exactly.” Scully scans the crowd from the arriving train nervously. “So we won’t have to stay in those gross hotels anymore.”

William giggles again, banging a toy gently against her shoulder. She kisses the top of his No More Tears scented head. She wouldn’t trade having Mulder back for anything, but she’s hated raising her baby in hotels, teaching him to walk and talk in cigarette-scented rooms and on stained carpets. She and Mulder had both agreed that they needed something more permanent, but she’s hated staying in New York while he’s gone. It’s easy enough to disappear, but impossible not to worry.

“Da!” William says suddenly, thrusting his arm out to point. Scully shifts her line of sight to follow his hand, and comes to rest on Mulder, making his way through the sea of people. She waves him over around the pang in her chest, wanting to run to him but not wanting to call too much attention to herself.

He meets them in the corner, smiling just as widely. “Hey,” he says, lifting a hand to cup his son’s head and leaning down to kiss her.

William squeals and holds his arms out. Scully shifts him into Mulder’s arms and lifts a hand to cup his cheek. “Are you okay? Did anything happen?” she asks in a low voice.

“Nothing out of the ordinary. Sc- I got the place,” he says excitedly. She misses hearing him say her name, but they try to avoid calling each other anything in public to avoid attention. Still, the news is incredible. “It’s a little house in rural West Virginia. Incredibly unremarkable. You and Will will love it.”

“And how are we…” 

“Paid for in cash the Gunmen managed to withdraw from my bank account for me. We should be fine for a few years, but the Gunmen think you and Will can have normal live again someday.”

“And what about you?” she asks softly. 

He kisses the top of her head. “They’re working on it. For now, we’ll be fine.”

She sighs with relief. He’s here, they’ll be okay. 

They pack their few things in the two suitcases they have, and leave the Super 8 behind in the early hours of the morning, when it’s still dark outside and the interstate is virtually deserted and city traffic isn’t as bad. “Bye-bye,” William says sadly as they pull away.

Scully bumps his knee with one finger. “Don’t be sad, baby. We’re going somewhere much better.”

“And you’ll have a huge yard to play in,” Mulder adds from the driver’s seat.

The drive takes all day, punctuated by the frequent breaks that come with having a young child in the car for hours. It’s funny, Scully thinks, that she’d once wanted so badly to get out of the car. Now, she loves to be in it, with both of her boys within arm’s reach and the doors locked so no one else can get in. But they’re both on edge even more than usual every time they travel. She tenses every time a police car passes, hand going for the glove compartment where they keep their guns. She hates to think what will happen if they are ever caught, to Mulder, to William.

They arrive in the early hours of dusk, chilly with a breeze blowing strong enough that Scully retrieves William’s sweater from the trunk and pulls it over his head. Mulder jogs ahead to beat them to the house, leaves crunching under his feet. “Ta-da,” he says as he opens the door, making William laugh with delight. He gives a nickel tour of the sparsely furnished house. William’s bedroom is the best room in the house, with toys stacked in the corner and books spread out on a trunk. 

Scully can feel the tension that’s been stacking up for months fall away, and she turns to kiss Mulder in the doorway of his bedroom. “You did all this?” she says in wonder.

“Well, Skinner and the Gunmen chipped in - I didn’t know they had it in them - but I wanted to make it nice for him. I’ve missed out on enough of his life.” Mulder grins sheepishly and she kisses him again. 

They sleep better that night than they have in months.

The next day is Thanksgiving, and Scully is a little more than relieved that they have a house to celebrate in. Last year was a sadder affair without Mulder, the first in a string of painful holidays they spent without him.

They don’t have the means to cook, so she drives to town to pick up a pizza. Mulder and William are outside when she gets back, in the midst of an impressive pile of leaves. William is laughing and sprinkling bits onto Mulder’s head. Scully leaves the pizza on the porch and goes to join them. “Happy Thanksgiving,” she says, kissing William’s cheek.

Mulder’s eyes are immediately wide and guilty. “I forgot,” he says softly. 

“No problem.” She tickles William. “I got a pizza. We don’t have to go all out.”

He hugs her with William in between them. “I’m sorry you can’t be with your family, Scully,” he says with those sad eyes he has that makes her want to give him the moon. 

“It’s okay,” she says, fingers caught in his hair, arm wrapped around their son.  “This is my family. This is enough.”


‘The Leftovers’ Set Visit: Behind the Scenes of HBO’s Existential Drama.

“The season commences with an unusually lighthearted moment for this existential drama: a surprise birthday party for Chris Zylka’s character, Tom Garvey.” x


Thomas Schulze, Colby Thomas and Björn Olsson, Hamburg 1999. 

Tried the mobile scanner TurboScan. It’s great for documents and smaller photos. Not so great for large photos. They turned out grainy and grey. But anyhow, here’s some rarer photos from the 1999 brochure from Hamburg. It has lots of unusual angles and moments photographed, and is one of my all time favourite souvenir brochures. 

There is never an ideal moment to do anything. When God begins to anoint you to make a difference or to change history, He does it at the most unusual and inconvenient moments in your life. You’ll never have enough money, influence, education, time…but this is where grace and faith kicks in.
—  Dr. Cindy Trimm
ts4 autumn

ah i wasn’t very clear in my last post. 

autumn in ts4 isn’t a mod i’ve found, it’s a set of override textures i’m working on (^^*) it will of coouurse be a public download, but i’m a bit busy at the moment (very unusual for me, a little pout-y about it) and i want to spend some time on it to make it as good as i can. oh and also do as faye suggested and recolor the different trees to their correct autumn versions <3

i was also thinking it would be cool to ask permission to recolor those beautiful grass texture overrides..? i’m not sure what to do with shrubs and flowers yet, but when i tested the first versions of the trees all those pink flowers everywhere looked a bit weird (゚ペ) i want to be able to place one merged package in mods and have the seasons change without having to do anything at all in game, no deleting suddenly out-of-place flowers or anything like that.

i think maybe i just wanna recolor every single plant..

or maybe make one version with only a few autumn trees and one version where absolutely everything looks autumn-y.

opinions are veerry appreciated <3 sorry about this super long text post and being so ramble-y (* v v)

you can see what i mean about the flowers here:


Variations on a Dark CityEspen Dietrichson

The buildings of Lyon are pulled apart in these impossible photographs by Norwegian artist Espen Dietrichson.

The series is entitled Variations On a Dark City and forms part of the artist's One of Many Unusual Moments exhibition on show at the Galerie Roger Tator in Lyon.

For each image the walls and roof of a building are moved apart into the sky, just like the exploded axonometric diagrams drafted by architects.

“The series of modified or levitated architecture started as my first interest when I went to art academy," Dietrichson told Dezeen.

Explaining his technique, he said: "The photos are made half manually and half digitally. The technical drawing of the explosion is hand-drawn on paper, and after the first cut and paste almost all of the end-process is digital, before the silk-screening.”


Photo Series Captures Colorful Moments In Spanish Painted Pigeon Racing

Published in 2011, Ricardo Cases‘s stunning photo book Paloma al Aire (Pigeons In the Air)depicts colorful and unusual moments from a unique form of pigeon racing that takes place in Valencia and Murcia, Spain. This “sport” involves the release of one female pigeon and dozens of painted male pigeons – the winner of the “race” is decided by how much time the male spends with the female. Each male pigeon is painted by his owner, in much the same way color is used to distinguish teams. The pigeons’ breeders, mostly older retired men, invest lots of time and money into their birds – some of the pigeons are worth thousands of euros in addition to the amounts placed during bets on these flighty contestants. 

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