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Anybody else want a brain in a jar? Because this is definitely going on my “To Make” list… 

If anyone knows where to get a free pattern, give me a shout! I found THIS one on Etsy, if anyone wants to give it a go. 

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Brain in a jar by Momou crochet
Via Flickr

Some Unusual Spell Ingredients

Yarn: You can use it for binding by tying it, spell to increase a bond by braiding it, or to separate people by fraying it.

Plastic: Using it as a reference for fakeness, you can use it to create or to break an illusion

Soap: Cleansing spells.

Wire: Binding spells

Button: Binding spells.

 Lace: Use in a Glamour or beauty spell. Can also be used to represent someone of very feminine nature

Cotton Ball: Use in spells to keep away or “absorb” Negative energy

Shoe Lace: Great to use in a Jinx spell. Can also be used for a binding spell

If you guys liked this post let me know and I can make more of these and elaborate on each of the things I listed. (A few already has a link but I plan to slowly add links to the others)