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HALO: Enemy Unknown


Their mission was relatively simple; head down to the site of unusual and potential Covenant activity, investigate whatever the hell was going on, and then return to Infinity for debriefing.

So far, however, they had found no signs of Covenant activity. On one hand it was somewhat relieving - this small colony world did not need a potential Covenant attack. But on the other hand…well, what could it have been? Forerunner? Promethean? Something else entirely?

Either way, the two were about to find out somewhat soon.

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Can I just say that I really appreciate you all for being so wonderful? I never had to deal with hate or triggering comments once and that’s very unusual. On other sites I got attacked for the things I like etc., but not here. And that’s because all of you are sweet and kind and make my tumblr experience a great one and I just want to thank you for that! <3 

anonymous asked:

heLp where to watch got? all of my usual (and some unusual) sites are saying that the source vids were removed/deleted so i have to place to watch

you mean the leaked episode? i would wait bc it’s just a screen recording of it playing on that Spanish station so it’s bad, but if you can’t get HBO for future episodes watch here: http://www.mewatchseries.to/episode/game_of_thrones_s7_e6.html