unusual rainbow

Finally here’s Dashie for the Arranged Marriage!AU. She’s a kirin in this AU, a creature who looks like a mixture between a dragon and an equine. Believe it or not, though, the Kirin aren’t dragon/equine hybrids, they’re a species of their own and they typically reside in Neighpon, but many have immigrated from their home country to escape the rigid and harsh leadership currently plaguing it in this AU, not to mention the war that’s waging there.

Rainbow Dash was born in Equestria but her parents are immigrants from Neighpon, and they’ve worked hard to allow her the best life she can possibly have in the country. Because of how things are, however, Equestria is more xenophobic than it typically is in my headcanon (despite the king trying to alleviate it), some species experiencing it moreso than others, and as such there has been many hardships Rainbow Dash and her family has faced by simply existing. This is part of the reason why her parents are as supportive to her as they are, but also just because they simply love their daughter.

Dash has pushed herself twice as hard as anyone else to get into the Wonderbolts, and now she has the esteemed role of being one of the family’s primary bodyguards when needed. When bodyguarding she’s often tasked with shadowing Rarity or Sweetie Belle, a job she typically finds a bit boring but she embraces the role all the same. She and Rarity have actually become quite close because of it (and she’s often seen as a cool sister-like figure).

Aside from Rarity and Spike, Rainbow is probably the fastest to get Twilight to open up to her, especially through their shared love for books (particularly Daring Do) and perhaps teaching each other their native languages. She’s known Applejack the longest and is already in a relationship with the minotaur, and she, Pinkie, and Shy are all good friends as well before the start of this AU.

Funfact! Kirin can all breath fire regardless of what element their magic gears itself mostly to, but only a select few can “breath” lightning. Rainbow and her father are a couple of the few who can breath lightning, and the trait is usually paired with the unusualness of rainbow-colored hair, which is the rarest hair-color combination seen in the world.

Aaaaaaaand there ya go! Now that the Mane 6 is done I’ma move on to the likes of the CMC and princesses and Spike and…. well you get the idea. Who’d ya like to see next? Until then you’re free to ask any questions if you have any, and I hope you like the sketch! I’ll be uploading a height comparison and links to each individual bio for this AU of the Mane 6 soonish. :3

Algy needn’t have worried about leaving his umbrella behind, because suddenly Nature provided him with the loveliest umbrella he could imagine. Algy perched on a wee rock beneath the beautiful bow, with the rain falling all around him, and remembered a simple little children’s poem he had once read:

          Boats sail on the rivers,
          And ships sail on the seas;
          But clouds that sail across the sky
          Are prettier than these.

          There are bridges on the rivers,
          As pretty as you please;
          But the bow that bridges heaven,
          And overtops the trees,
          And builds a road from earth to sky,
          Is prettier far than these.

Algy hopes you will all have a happy, peaceful Sunday xoxo

[Algy is quoting The Rainbow, a poem for children by the 19th century English poet Christina Rossetti.]

Postscript: several people have written to Algy about this very unusual rainbow, and he would like to assure anyone who is curious that it really did look exactly like this (even more impressive in reality, in fact), and the photo has not been altered in any way other than to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation levels a wee bit. Neither Algy nor his assistants had ever seen a rainbow quite like this before.


Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson attended the 35th Annual Grammy Awards on February 24 1993. They both pose after with Michael winning The Grammy Legend Award presented by his little sister. Michael and Janet showed us what really relationship goals really meant.

Note that MJ is wearing a gorgeous White Jacket with lined with pearls and attenuated black armband. He also debuted his trademark with black gloves

It was rarely wonderful to see a man came with such stylish appearance with pearls on his jacket. Hehe…