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They’re so cute when they’re asleep

Request:Can you do Drabble 6 & 14 combined like maybe in the avengers tower 😉😉 

Okay I know I’m requesting imagines like crazy, but could I request 11, 12, and 14 with Peter Parker? Something where the Avengers tease the reader and Peter (but especially the reader) because they have crushes on each other? Thank you so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

A/N: Okay so this is me attempting to use the prompts “I need a place to stay”, “they’re so cute when they’re alseep,” , “ this is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in,” , “ the way you flirt is shameful,” , “ it’s just rain you aren’t gonna melt,”………. lets see how this goes

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“Mr Stark, I-I was wondering if you could help me with something,”

“Is it your Spanish homework? ‘cause you’d have better luck talking to a wall than asking me for help,”

“No no, it’s not that, I asked this girl out on a date and-”

Tony dropped everything, and finally looked at Peter fully attentive, and interrupted his spiel, “Please tell me it was y/n you asked,” he appealed. Peter scrunched his eyebrows, confused at how Mr. Stark easily guessed who. He stuttered over his words, unable to reply, “Friday, tell Nat that she owes me $10″

Peter’s confusion morphed into shock, “Were you guys betting on us?” he asked in disbelief, as the computer system replied to his request,

“I was, Natasha not so much,” Tony answered nonchalantly, “she figured you’d never work up the courage. As per-usual, I was right,”

Peter was at a loss for words. Although, he did feel a little sense of reassurance that Mr. Stark had some faith in him, 

“Anyways, continue,” Tony pushed,

“Okay, so, I’m taking her out tonight, and I’m really nervous-”


“and I just don’t want to mess this up, so I was hoping you’d be willing to help me out by kind of being my, wing-man,”

“your wing-man?”


There was a pause between the two, as Tony blinked at the young boy,

“That was a little on the vague side, so right now my answer is no, I’m not chaperoning two school kids’ date,” He said turning away from Peter, and returning to his work,

“Where is it you’re taking her?” Peter heard a feminine voice ask behind him. He jumped slightly and looked to find Natasha strutting her way towards the two. He hesitated before answering her, “I don’t know, I was thinking, dinner then a movie?” he said, more as a question than a statement.

“Boring!” Tony exclaimed, not bothering to face them. 

Peter sighed and slouched, “Well y/n’s never been on a date before. If you do it right, then it’d be the perfect night,” Nat pointed out,

“Exactly, so I was hoping that, if I wore an earpiece, then Mr. Stark could kind of coach me through it,” Peter suggested warily.

Nat shook her head, “You want Tony Stark as you’re wing-man?” she asked pointing to the man. Peter nodded his head, “This is, by far, the stupidest plan you’ve ever had,” she deadpanned.

Tony swirled around in his chair, with a mischievous smirk, “And with me, being an intellectual, of course I’m in,”

You couldn’t tell what you were feeling. Some of it was happiness that Peter Parker has finally asked you out, which was followed by nervousness because of the fact that you’d be going on a date with him. A part of you felt sick, and horrible because the possibility of this date ending terribly and therefore ruining a perfectly good friendship was looming above you.

You and Peter had been friends for years, having gone to the same school together and sharing some of the same assignments that Tony gives you. You were always called in on the less extreme tasks,due to having no superpowers but mad combat skills. 

You huffed yet again as you stood in front of your mirror, and smoothed down your outfit. Screw it, you thought, and waited out in your living room for Peter.

Peter took deep breathes as he approached your door. A sweat began to break out on his forehead, “Have you reached the door yet?” Tony asked in his ear. Peter sighed, this was the fourth time he’s asked, “Yes,” Peter snapped in a hushed tone,

“About time. Now knock,”

“I figured that much out for myself actually,”

“Don’t get snippy with me, you asked for my help,”

“I’m beginning to regret it,” Peter groaned, before knocking on your door.

Your head shot to the direction of the door, before getting up and slowly opening it. 

Peter stood with a wide smile, cherry red cheeks and a bunched bouquet of pink roses. Your cheeks flushed to match his, as you gasped, “Peter,” you drew out. This made his smile beam a little more. You smiled along with him and giggled from his kind gesture, “Come in,” you welcomed him, opening your door wider.

You turned away, and buried your nose in the flower pedals.

“Did she like the flowers?” Tony asked Peter,

“I-I think,” Peter quickly whispered under his breath, making sure you wouldn’t notice. 

You place the bouquet in a vase and made your way back to Peter, “Ready to go?” he smiled at you. 

“Tell her she looks nice,” Peter’s wing-man pestered,

“You-” he began, but was cut of,

“Unless she doesn’t, then scratch that. Wait maybe you should tell her anyway,”

Looking at Peter confusingly, you cocked an eyebrow. He gave you a reassuring smile, and placed a hand on your lower back, “You look good tonight,” he complimented, “you always look good,” he emphasized more for Tony to take a hint,

“smooth, spidey,” you commented, letting him lead you out of your place,

“That compliment was more for me. I’m taking it.”

It felt unusual, to be on a date with Peter Parker. A date that didn’t involve studying with an old friend, but more so, a night with a different unusual feeling between you two with formal clothes and flattery.

Your heart pounded a little harder and breath hitched when Peter showed off his goofy smile. You weren’t sure if you had ever felt that way before, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re feeling it now with Peter. 

You had finished eating and were now relaxing at the table. 

“Have I already told you how amazing you look tonight?” Peter asked you, eyes glazed over in a daze,

“This is the third time probably,” you answered with a sweet smile and rosey cheeks, 

The way you flirt is shameful. She’s already sick of it,” Peter heard Tony.

He pursed his lips, “Who taught you? You’re just repeating the same things. Was it May?” 

“Oh wow look at it pour outside,” Peter spoke distracting himself from Tony,

“Nice try, I’m still here,”

“Do you want to wait in here till it stops?” Peter offered you,

“It’s just rain, you aren’t going to melt,” 


Swinging your head around from the window to Peter, you repeated, “Tony?”

Peter’s mouth bobbed, his eyes grew to saucers. You gave him a side glance, “Is he here?” you pondered suspiciously.


“Think of something quick, underoos,”

“I just- uh- just remembered that Tony, offered for us to watch a movie at the tower…..tonight,” Peter squeaked 

“No I didn’t,”

“He did?”

“Y-yeah, he figured that that would be better than us spending money at the theater, or just me spending money, and you fighting me to pay your way in,” Peter explained uncomfortably, unsure if what he said came out right.

“That’s a little uncharacteristic of him,” you pointed out, 

He searched and searched his brain to quickly produce a reasonable explanation for “Tony’s proposal”. An unusually sly smirk skipped across Peter’s lips as he thought back to how outraged he felt when discovering that the two Avengers betting on and against him and his crush,

 “Yeah well, he owes us one,”

“Be ready for ridicule,”

                                       TO BE CONTINUED

For Royai Week 2017 (Day 3 - Catalyst.)

So that was it. Riza was being transferred to the North. All because of a hug.

It had been just one hug before parting ways after a military gala. Nothing too telling; many people drank, danced and hugged. It was appropriate and meant nothing for her and Roy to hug. But they’d been seen by the wrong set of eyes, captured by the wrong lens, at the worst possible timing. The matter would have died quickly, dealt with in silences and empty threats. However, this came after a massive inquiry, after the military had been months under scrutiny, and Fuhrer Grumman had his hands tied. He’d been powerless to stop the upcoming storm.

A hug, and one month later, the resulting investigation found nothing incriminating, but rumors spread like wildfire. How did the press found out that they’d been friends before the Military? How did they know her father was his teacher? it all came apart after so many years of behaving correctly - and being discreet when they didn’t.

One mistake. At the wrong time. They were to be the warning case, the one to intimidate all others. So along came her transfer notice, which she handed to Roy with an unreadable face.

“I have a better solution.” He placed the paper aside and crossed his hands over his desk. “Marry me.”

She snickered.

“That’s quite the unusual order, sir.”

“Is that a no?”

Her mouth was open, a biting response ready. But there it was, that calculating glare, that tight-lipped frown she knew too well. And it dawned on her.

He’s serious.

Her heart leaped as if unchained, running wild. Her hands shook so uncontrollably, the best she could do was to hold them behind her back. No stoic expression, could mask the fact that her face had gone pale, and holding her trembling hands behind her back was no more effective.

“I can still be useful to you under General Armstrong’s command.”

She’d cracked. He could tell.

“Is this what you want?”

Of course not. Riza wanted a countryside home, three dogs and a cat. She wanted to cook Roy breakfast at the break of dawn and end their nights with a kiss. She wanted him to whisper sweet nothings into her ear and take her on fancy dates.

“The scandal will die down one moment or another,” Roy continued. “After it’s all said and done, it deeply troubles me to send you off to where I cannot protect you, and cannot know what will be of you. If you quit the military to marry me, you might soon be the First Lady of this country and will have the power you need to help the people. More than you could have otherwise. All things considered,  I have no more use for you in the North, than I have for you as my wife.”

That word. That last word. It sent shivers down her spine and neutralized her will to fight. It was intentional. Roy chose every word that came out of his mouth with utmost care.

“You’re fooling yourself, sir,” she said.

And then he cracked. He pulled his eyes away, his frown dissolving into a sullen expression.

“Maybe.” It was a whisper, and admission of guilt. Riza’s full, undivided attention was on him. Anything that came after that, it would be the pure, unadulterated truth. The one she ached to hear. “If you wanted to walk away, I would let you go and urge you never to look back. But with whatever little power I could have over your decisions, knowing you as well as I do, I can’t let you go in silence without freeing you from the duties I so recklessly pushed on you. I need you right by my side.”

A hug. Just one hug. Two months later, Roy was proposing to her, telling her that he didn’t need her skills but her person. Selfishness was rare in him; so rare, in fact, that sadness crept over her when the truth became apparent. Roy didn’t want her to be far away and alone, but he wouldn’t say he thought her better off away than by his side. Roy wanted to see her happy, but wouldn’t allow himself the pretense that he could bring anyone joy. He asked her to marry him because, in his eyes, the alternative was losing her.

And maybe he’s right.

The distance that was not yet between them was already choking her. When would she see him again? Could she really do it, so far away from Roy?

Could he?

Was it worth taking the chance?

“This goes against much of what I believe in, but I can’t deny I am itching to wake up next to you in the mornings.”

“Every morning. I promise.”

The desperation that tinged his voice made her smile against her will. His handsome face betrayed every single emotion he usually concealed. There was fear. There was love. There was a plea, a silent struggle, and a dash of guilt.

“No need to make promises you can’t keep, sir,” Riza spoke softly. “On my end, I promised I’d follow you, even into hell.” Roy’s stunned expression made her giddier, and for once, she didn’t force her smile to fade. “I believe you just gave me an order.”

Office Hours

Part 2

Pairing: Negan x reader x another female

Summary: Negan is a university professor, he assigns you an unlikely partner. When things aren’t working out between the two of you. Negan proposes an unusual method for conflict resolution.

Words: 2806

Warnings: Sexual encounter between professor and student, girl on girl action, ffm threesome, daddy kink, unprotected sex. He swears a lot because he’s Negan.

Author’s Notes: Based on this dream I confessed to @grungedaddykinks . Also, the Sam in this story is her. Check out her selfies because she is too gorgeous for my words to do her justice. If you’re interested in reading a little something-something we collaborated on, check out the finished RP thread we did. Feel free to message me if you have any writing ideas for me.

Professor Negan was fine as fuck you couldn’t take your eyes off of him as he paced the front of the room explaining the difference between a representative democracy and a direct democracy. It almost made you regret waiting until your last year to start taking electives. Who would have known such a fine male specimen worked at the Political Science Department at the university?

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The Bastard of Winterfell

Jon Snow x Reader (second person)

1586 words

Jon Snow is nervous to meet his future wife- and even more nervous to prove himself in front of her.

A/N: My first fanfic in a while! I just watched Game of Thrones and LOVED it, so expect some GoT soon, especially Robb and Jon, my babies.

F/N= first name, L/N= last name

You shifted in your seat, pretending to be asleep as you listened to your parents whisper back and forth.

“A bastard,” you mother muttered, the word like venom on her lips.

“Ned Stark’s bastard,” your father reminded her gently. In your mind’s eye you could see the desperation in his eyes.

“She is a lady!”

Your father sighed. “She is the youngest of nine daughters in a small house. She has limited options. It’s either marry her off to some old lord who is on his seventh wife who will use her for her body, or the son of a good man who will, Gods willing, treat her with compassion.”

Your mother hummed, her arms probably crossed across her chest. “He’s still a bastard.”

You knew your father was right. It was good of Ned Stark to arrange your marriage. When he heard your father was desperately trying to find a match for his youngest, favorite daughter, Lord Stark had an unusual proposal. One your father simply couldn’t refuse.

It was even Lord Stark’s idea to have you stay at Winterfell for a few months so you could get to know your future husband; you’d only met once or twice as children when you visited Winterfell. You remembered Jon Snow being quiet and brooding; you wondered what kind of man he’d grown into.

Your eyes opened as Winterfell came into sight. At least you could find comfort in the fact that the beautiful Stark castle would be your home.

Ned Stark stood at the gate, a friendly smile on his face. He embraced you and your parents, offering you a small wink. Your stomach was in absolute knots.

He led you through the gate, where his family lined up to greet you.

Robb Stark, the most charming young man in the North, kissed your hand. He often accompanied his father to visit your home and was always kind to you. At least you would have an ally in your brother by law.

“Lady F/N,” he said with that dashing smile. “Your beauty has grown since we last met. I had assured my brother that his bride-to-be was lovely, but I must admit, my words did you no justice.”

You blushed. “Thank you, Lord Robb.” You continued down the line to the very end where-

“L-Lady F/N.” A pair of nervous brown eyes searched yours. “A pleasure to see you again.” Jon Snow glanced towards his brother, who gave him an encouraging nod. Jon kissed your hand gently. “I, er, look forward to getting better acquainted.” A pause. “With you.” Another pause. “My lady,” he added quietly.

A small smile escaped your lips. Jon Snow had grown to be a handsome young man, with curly black hair you wanted to reach out and touch. Though Robb’s confidence was definitely attractive, there was something sweet to Jon’s nervousness. You liked it.

“I seem to recall a young dark-haired boy who was never without his sword,” you said, noting that he still held your hand. “Do you still practice the whole day long?”

Now Jon smiled, a small, shy grin. “Indeed, I do.”

Down the line, Robb piped up. “Perhaps after lunch you would like to watch us practice, my lady?”

You nodded. “I would like that very much,” you called back. You turned back to Jon. “If that’s fine with you, that is.”

Jon nodded. “Very fine, my lady.”

“Good.” You gave his hand a small squeeze and released it before following Lady Stark to your room.

As you entered the castle, you glanced back. Jon was standing in the same spot, staring after you, as Robb chattered excitedly in his ear.

You sat beside Jon at lunch, noticing that he barely looked at you. Your stomach sank. Across from you, Robb cleared his throat.

“So, my lady, what do you do with your free time?

You looked up at Robb, who stared at Jon pointedly.

“Oh. I read. I ride. Some needlework.” You looked down the table at the eldest Stark sister. “Though I have heard Lady Sansa’s needlework is true art. Perhaps she could help me improve my own?”

Lady Sansa smiled graciously. “I would love to.”

You turned your gaze to the younger sister. “And Lady Arya, I would love to learn to shoot properly, if you have the time. I have been told your skill surpasses that of any of your brothers.”

The girl’s face lit up. “I would love to!”

Good. More allies in your new home.

After lunch, Jon excused himself to grab something from his room, promising to meet you and Robb in the yard.

Robb offered you his arm as you headed out. “I apologize for my brother, Lady F/N. He… well honestly he is a little scared of you.” A small smile played on his lips. “Not that I can blame him. You are, after all, his future wife.”

You nodded. “I must admit, I’m nervous as well. I barely know him.” You smiled at Robb. “But if he’s anywhere near as kind as you and your sisters, I know I will be very happy here.”

Robb nodded. “Aye, he is. A bit… glum, at times. But very kind,” he assured you. “And before lunch he admitted to me that you are the loveliest creature he ever laid eyes on.”

You felt yourself blush. You opened your mouth to reply-

“What’s this I hear the bastard is marrying himself a lady?” a voice called out.

You and Robb turned as a lanky young man approached you. His eyes traveled up and down your body.

Robb sighed. “This is Theon Greyjoy, our ward. Theon, this is Lady F/N L/N. Jon’s intended.”

Theon’s eyes had yet to find your face. “Hello my lady,” he finally said, the kiss he planted on your hand lingering far too long. “I am looking forward to getting to know you.”

You took a step back. “Thank you.” A mop of curly black hair caught your eye. “But if you will excuse me, I believe I see my future husband.” You broke away from Theon and took Jon’s arm. “Jon, I am very excited to see how well you wield a sword.” You smiled sweetly at him.

He looked a bit taken aback. “Really?”
You nodded. “Really.” You gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.

Theon spoke up. “I’ve an idea.” You and the brothers turned to look at him. “A duel. You and me, Snow. Winner gets a kiss from your little lady here.”

The color rose in Jon’s cheeks. “I-”

“What the matter?” Theon challenged. “Scared I’ll kiss your bride before you do?”

Jon glanced at you. You could tell he did not want to back down in front of you. “Fine. Grab your sword.”

Robb led you out to the yard, helping you perch yourself on a fence. “Not to worry, my lady. Jon is a fantastic swordsman. Your lips are in safe hands.” He smiled at you and lowered his voice. “And make sure to cheer him on. He’s always wanted a pretty girl cheering him on in a duel.”

You laughed. “I’ll be sure to cheer him on to victory.”

The two young men came out, ready for combat. Jon glanced your way. You smiled and gave a small wave.

“Good luck Jon!” you called out. A smile tugged on your future husband’s lips.

“Nicely done,” Robb murmured beside you. “I do believe my brother is blushing.”

You giggled in response. You could definitely feel yourself falling for the bastard of Winterfell as you watched him wield his sword. He looked confident and strong as he swung his weapon this way and that.

“Go Jon!” you called out, clapping.

He turned his head to look at you, a proud smirk on his handsome face. Theon took the opportunity to take a cheap hit, knocking Jon to the ground. He held his sword to Jon’s throat.

“I do believe I win, Snow,” he claimed smugly. He sauntered over to you. “And now for my prize.”

You grimaced and looked to Robb, who looked at shocked as you felt.

“That was a cheap shot,” Robb finally choked out. “You know in a fair fight Jon would have slaughtered you. He was nervous in front of F/N!”

Theon shrugged. “That’s life, m'lord.” He turned to you. “My prize.”

You looked at Jon, who still lay on the ground, looking utterly defeated. You could feel the embarrassment radiating from him.

“Here’s your damned prize,” you muttered. You barely brushed your lips against Theon’s cheek, then jumped down from your post. You walked over to Jon, who slowly sat up as you approached.

“I-I’m sorry, my lady,” he muttered. “If I hadn’t gotten distracted-”

You smiled as you knelt beside him. “I’m glad you got distracted.” You took his hand in yours as he looked at you, puzzled. “You getting distracted by me was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

A small smile appeared on his lips. “Really?”

You nodded. “You know, I think second place deserves a prize too.”

Jon’s eyebrows rose. “Oh you do?” He glanced behind you at the other boys, who looked just as surprised.

“I do.”

You leaned down and pressed your lips gently against his. You could feel his smile pressing against yours as his hand rose to pull you closer. He finally let you go and pulled back. A large smile spread across his face.

“I think I’m gonna like being married,” he murmured before leaning in for another kiss.

Part 2

Husband! Johnny

Request: hello yes i’m such a hella hella super johnny stan so if you could do a husband/fiancé bullet list thingy for him that would make my life ☺️ love you and your writing bunches ❤

  • another husband! request omg,, i’m still not over yuta’s one
  • but you might want to check out boyfriend johnny first hehe
  • i’m doing this kinda rushed so i’m sorry if it turns out bad :-(
  • let’s go

  • so you were just about to wake up one morning to make breakfast for johnny and you, like how you always would

  • but from the moment you woke up, johnny was not beside you
  • instead he greeted you with a big morning hug and kiss on the lips, a big and excited smile on his face
  • “why are you up so early today”
  • “i made breakfast for you hehe”
  • “what’s the occasion?”
  • “nothing, i just felt like i needed to do this”
  • and when you go out to the dining table, a big plate of waffles, eggs and bacons + all your favourites are on the table
  • with a special cup of coffee that he made specially for you
  • “make sure you drink all of it”
  • so without thinking much you thanked him and started eating
  • with johnny smiling at the side and watching your every movement,
  • and everytime you take a sip out of the cup he lets out a small giggle
  • what does that mean johnny
  • and when you finally get to the bottom of the cup and finish your coffee, johnny looks at you in anticipation
  • your eyes widen and you almost scream
  • because he drew cute little designs at the bottom of the cup, with the two words “marry me?”
  • and it all linked because just a month ago he mentioned about getting a ring for you
  • and every single time he saw a wedding event or dress, he’s just smile at you and pull you closer
  • even though it’s an unusual way to propose, you agree anyway and you see johnny give the biggest smile ever!!
  • okay on to the actually married couple part
  • the members pop by your apartment like it’s their own
  • especially ten and jaehyun
  • “Y/N!! did you forget to buy milk today”
  • “ten if you’re here to just eat my food almost everyday, you should just leave”
  • “i was just asking- HYUNG! YOUR WIFE IS BEING MEAN TO ME”
  • “what- did you ask her about the food in our fridge again”
  • “yeah, i just wanted milk”
  • “get it yourself ten, i’ll tell taeyong to get it for you”
  • “that’s right babe”
  • “what have you done to johnny hyung”
  • okay but honestly, the sweetest and most understanding husband ever??
  • he’s always willing to sacrifice his time to attend to you and just spend time with you in general
  • and doesn’t forget to make you feel better about yourself by complimenting you every single day
  • “you’re beautiful”
  • “wonderful”
  • “gorgeous!!”
  • attacks you with random cuddle sessions and kisses
  • and is really passionate when making love™
  • the atmosphere just turns steamy and romantic, and his hands are all over you, kisses around your whole body
  • worships you like you’re a goddess
  • and after all that he doesn’t forget to take good care of you
  • positive vibes everywhere!1!1!
  • the younger members are always so fascinated by your relationship, and teases him sometimes too
  • but on some days, the both of you just act like small kids all over again, and fight as if y'all are siblings
  • “why didn’t you buy more toilet paper yesterday”
  • “babe i didn’t know you were going to use THAT much”
  • “shut up, what am i supposed to do now, i’m stuck on the toilet bowl, COME BACK AND HELP ME”
  • “i have practice today babe”
  • “johnny it’s between your wife and her toilet bowl mess crisis or your practice, choose one”
  • “kidding, i’m already on my way back with two rolls of toilet paper, hang in there i love you”
  • but at times when he sees that you’re upset or had a bad day, he tries his best to make it better
  • by telling you jokes and making you laugh,
  • as little as giving you hugs and kisses,
  • to cooking a meal for you or bringing you out to your favourite place
  • whatever that can make you feel better, johnny would do it for you
  • sometimes you feel so bad because he’s always putting in so much effort to take care of you
  • so you try to make it up to him by buying him gifts and bringing him out to surprise him
  • one time you and the other boys hid in the practice room with the lights all off
  • and as soon as johnny entered all of you welcomed him excitedly and it got all emotional because it was a small ‘party’ to show your’s and the member’s gratitude towards johnny
  • he didn’t tear up or cry,
  • but as soon as he got home with you, he pulled you into a tight hug and thanked you for everything
  • but when he’s sad or upset he doesn’t show it that much,
  • only that he becomes more affectionate, asking you for more hugs
  • which makes him feel 10× better
  • he loves you so much he won’t stop talking about you to the other members
  • “she woke up early just to make me this sandwich today, i love her so much”
  • “youngho ah, you didn’t even say that about me when i made a sandwich for you once-”
  • “let’s forget about that, taeyong hehe”
  • “she’s wearing the dress i got for her on our wedding anniversary, isn’t she beautiful”
  • “hyung, this is the 4th time you’re saying that today”
  • “sorry, she’s just too gorgeous”
  • arguments and fights hardly ever happen because both of you are always so sweet and caring to each other,
  • and pretty chill too
  • but when it does happen, it's  usually about something serious and johnny would distant himself away from you for a while,
  • before apologising and talking things out with you calmly so as to solve the problem
  • and it would always be solved easily because y'all know that fighting and arguing won’t solve anything
  • honestly he’s such a caring husband, you’re like being taken care of 24/7
  • always there for you and always willing to lend  listening ear!!
  • he gives you the support and encouragement you need,
  • and just his affection itself and make you feel better
  • you’re blessed if you have johnny seo as your husband
  • i’m sorry this is so short, i’ll end it here!!
dive (a klance blurb)

a/n: i know I’ve never written any voltron fic, but this was inspired by the song “dive” by ed sheeran, as well as my lovely friend lys! ( @bokuto-kou ) hope you enjoy:-)

“Keith?” came Lance’s voice, quiet as a mouse. Even then, it almost echoed due to the emptiness of Keith’s room. Keith had his eyes shut, but was far from asleep. Unconsciousness had been taunting him for hours, reaching for him, but not quite grabbing hold. He sat up in his bed.

“Lance?” he questioned, a little surprised that he had a visitor at the late hour. Or, early hour as it then was.

“I just…I can’t sleep. Would you mind if I…I could lay on the floor?” Lance proposed, sounding unusually nervous, his flirtatious demeanor collapsing. Keith was taken aback. Him and Lance has been, well, nothing to each other. At first. And then, suddenly, they were everything.

“You can come in. You can have the bed; I’ll take the floor.” Keith said, beginning to get up. Lance rushed in and gently laid a hand on Keith’s shoulder, pushing him back down onto the bed. Even just the small touch was electric.

“No, no. I’ll be fine on the floor, baby.” Lance insisted. He had brought the blanket from his own bed with him, so he laid it out on the floor and began to position himself on top of it. Keith slowly laid back down, watching Lance all the while. He couldn’t help but wonder what exactly they were to each other now.

“Don’t call me “baby” unless you mean it.” Keith blurted out. He hoped the darkness would conceal the redness rushing up his neck to his face and ears. Lance locked eyes with Keith and quirked an eyebrow.

“I do mean it,” Lance deadpanned. No hint of sarcasm or denial. Keith could really feel the blush then. He hadn’t meant to question Lance’s intentions like that, but it just happened. Lance was, well, Lance. Flirting with anything that moved. Not that Keith thought that’s what this was. Because he could tell there was something different about this. Lance’s guard was down. “I always mean it with you.”

Keith felt like all the air had left his lungs. But in the best way. Lance laid down on the bed he had made for himself, his arms crossed behind his head, and closed his eyes. Nonchalant. As if he hadn’t just made Keith the happiest person in whatever galaxy they were in. Typical Lance.

“You know, there’s plenty of room up here…” Keith trailed off. Lance opened one eye and gave Keith a once over.

“Is that an invitation?” Lance asked. Keith was feeling an onset of confidence with the knowledge that Lance was, in fact, into him. Lance was into him. Lance was into him.

“It is.” said Keith, moving over on the bed to give Lance a little more room. Lance hauled himself up and laid on the bed next to Keith, so the sides of their bodies were touching. Keith could already feel himself fading away.

“C’mere.” Keith mumbled, wrapping his strong arms around Lance and pulling him into his chest. Lance happily settled with his head over Keith’s heart and one arm draped over Keith’s stomach with their legs becoming a tangled mess under the blankets. Eventually, Lance’s soft snores filled the empty air, and Keith finally felt at peace. This was how things should be.

“Goodnight, baby.” Keith whispered. Because he meant it, too.

Victoria 105

This post contains spoilers.

This episode felt like a watershed moment for me. It was saying goodbye to the impossible and trying to be optimistic about the future.

  • Victoria and Albert are happy and in love. *sigh* I acknowledge that I suffer from major bias here, but I still don’t feel the heat. At all.
  • Hmm…Ernest seems to be making eyes at the Duchess of Sutherland. This can only end badly. But what the hell? I seem to love climbing on board sinking ships.
  • Victoria doesn’t know how to tell Lord M that she’s engaged. It’s awkward, it’s tense, more so because he’s none the wiser. I literally clutched my chest when she finally plucked up the courage and told him. And he could not look her in the eyes. *heart breaks for the first time* 
  • Albert heads back home and everyone’s talking about money and titles. I get it. He’s poor as a church mouse and he wants some independence. I don’t begrudge him that.
  • Ernest, darling Ernest. He thinks his brother needs some experience ahead of his wedding night so takes Albert to “a house of ill-repute.” Let’s just say Victoria has nothing to worry about. The only thing Albert was interested in was taking notes. Haha.
  • Were you throwing some shade Albert’s way, Lord M? LOL
    Victoria: Do you think Albert has a mistress?
    Lord M: No, ma’am….at least not yet.
    It’s okay. We know you’re secretly in pain, Lord M. Quite frankly, so am I.
  • Penge has a romantic backstory? I wouldn’t have guessed.
  • Thanks for being a whole lot less creepy this week, Mr Francatelli. I think I’m back to low key shipping you with Miss Skerrett. But oh, there’s some drama with her, isn’t there? I need more information!
  • Albert returns and Lord M stands to the side and watches their reunion. *heart breaks again* But not long after Albert’s return, he and Victoria argue about his position at court and his finances.
  • However, with the wedding day rapidly approaching, Victoria and Albert make up once she confesses her fears about his taking a mistress. He admits to wanting only her and she promises to love, honour and obey him. They embrace and kiss. At the window Lord M watches on as Lehzen approaches. “We have been replaced, Lord Melbourne,” she says. He smiles sadly. “As it should be.” *note that at this point I’m in cardiac arrest. I have so many feelings.*
  • Is it just me or does everything still feel really rushed? Three episodes of world building where the pace is relatively slow. One could even argue that very little actually happens. Then suddenly within the span of two episodes a) Albert arrives b) they’re engaged c) they’re married. Jenna Coleman mentioned that they filmed a birthing scene so we know there’s going to be a baby or nine at the rate things are going before series end. I honestly feel like the pacing is way off. IMHO, Albert should have been introduced sooner if they planned to have a wedding by episode 5. #justsaying
  • Finally, the moment arrives and I am not prepared. Lord M and Victoria say their goodbyes. I won’t lie. I sobbed like a baby. I didn’t know what to expect, but I do love how Jenna and Rufus played it. It was heartfelt and sincere. Then this happened:
    Victoria: Do you remember telling me that someday I would give my heart without reservation?
    Lord M: Yes, I remember.
    Victoria: You were almost right. 
    Lord M: Almost, ma’am?
    Victoria: I shall never forget. *camera pans to Lord M’s face and I die.* 
  • Eyes sparkling, he asks for permission to kiss her and tenderly presses his lips to her cheek. I’m amazed I managed to see this through the waterfall of tears pouring out of my eyes. Victoria leaves and Lord M turns back to watch her. It was heart-wrenching and I was reminded of Daisy Goodwins words: Lord M was Victoria’s first love and she was his last. It was a fitting farewell, I think. Painful and bittersweet. But beautiful. 
  • The episode ends with the consummation of the marriage. I heard it described as “steamy” and so I had built up some expectations in my mind. Or maybe it’s the Julia Quinn binge I’ve been on. Either way, it seemed very tame.

I assume Lord M has now retired to Brocket Hall and will spend the rest of his days staring at his rooks. I do hope he finds happiness there because I hate to think of him alone and lonely. He deserves so much more. (Yes, I know historically he dies alone after a stroke, but I choose not to believe that, okay?) I will miss him and I think Rufus Sewell’s departure will leave it’s mark. But the show must go on and there are three more episodes before the series ends. (BTW - I was under the impression Lord M would be around until episode six. But this felt like his exit, so I don’t think we’ll see him back.) 

Side note: Rufus Sewell was PHENOMENAL in this show. He’s such an underrated actor and I hope more people sit up and take note of his extraordinary talent. 

That’s about all I can muster for now, so excuse me while I curl into a ball and sob into my pillow.


Man’s proposal to boyfriend cheered by China’s netizens

Passengers on Subway Line 1 in Beijing witnessed an unusual marriage proposal as a man asked for his gay partner’s hand in marriage on Sunday, the day of China’s traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

A witness who didn’t give his name said the man kneeled down suddenly, “I mistook it for sort of clash at first”, but then he saw the suitor pulled out a watch to propose to the man next to him, “apparently his lover was surprised, but said yes happily and put on the watch.”

The couple was not only applauded by many passengers at the scene, but also greeted by a flurry of blessings from China’s popular social networking platform, Sina Weibo.

“So romantic! I’m almost moved to tears!”@5713413475.

“Be happy forever!”@xiaoxiangxiangfeiafei.

“Love is equal, no matter sexuality or race.”@jsgsj.

Inspired by this post about a condescending bottle of body wash

“Dean? Will you shower with me?”

Dean nearly chokes on a mouthful of bacon at the former angel’s request. He gapes at Castiel who’s sitting beside him at the kitchen table, munching on a waffle as he expectantly awaits Dean’s answer, blue eyes fixed on Dean with a certain determination.  

Rendered speechless, Dean tries to make sense of the question. Because yeah, Cas has no concept of personal space and bluntly says whatever’s on his mind; that’s nothing new. And it’s not like Dean has never had forbidden fantasies about getting naked with his rather attractive best friend, but this seems very straightforward, even coming from Cas. Dean thanks his lucky stars because at least Sam is out for his morning run and isn’t here to witness this.

“You want… what?” Is all that Dean manages to blurt out after five minutes, give or take, have passed.

At that, a deep frown forms on Cas’ forehead, and he sighs, his shoulders slumping.

“Never mind…” He replies dejectedly. “I might have misunderstood the instructions.”

“What instructions?” Dean pries, curious as to what prompted Cas’ unusual proposal.

Cas abruptly gets up from his seat, and Dean thinks he somehow offended the fallen angel, but then Castiel calmly says “wait here, I’ll show you”.

Before Dean can process anything, his friend is gone, only to return a minute later with a bottle that contains something pink. He hands it to Dean without a word, pointing at the label on the back.

How to use: If you really don’t know how, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate.’

Dean doesn’t doubt that his cheeks have turned the same color as the body wash that’s in that snarky bottle.

“It was a gift from Claire.” Cas deadpans.

Shaking his head, Dean smirks up at his best friend who is somewhat forlornly standing there beside him.

“So… You really like me, eh Cas?”


Turns out, the body wash smells very fruity. As a result, Dean and Castiel end up cuddling in Dean’s bed in a cloud of strawberry and watermelon after their shared shower.

“That was a nice gift.” Cas comments in a serious tone as he snuggles closer to Dean.

Dean rolls his eyes as he grins down at the angel now nuzzling his shoulder.

“Yeah… Tell Claire I said thanks.”



It will be held on the 01 of July until the 07 of July ;)

Any fan of this pairing is highly encouraged to participate this 7-day celebration, by making fanfictions, fanmixes, fanarts, amvs, graphics, etc., according to the assigned prompt for each day (you could choose one or both):

  • Day  1. Eurovision 2016 / Football Euro 2016
  • Day  2. Joint rest after a hard day / Flowers
  • Day  3. Cosplay / Crossover 
  • Day  4. Pride Parade / Childhood
  • Day  5. Mythical Creatures / Launching sky lanterns
  • Day  6. Marriage proposal / Unusual date
  • Day  7. Exams (preparation for exams, results, emotions) / Free topic to your discretion

Rules: As long as it’s your own creation, any art acceptable and will be reblogged by this blog. Examples of these are: gifs/graphics, fanfiction, cosplay, fanart, amvs, etc.

!!! Please tag your creations as ”#tsukkiyamaweek” to make sure we see your creations. !!!

If you are having a hard time with the prompt scheduled for that day, you may not follow the given prompt for the specific date. It is not a requirement to follow the given prompt. You may come up with your own prompt.

sarashouldbestudying  asked:

For the Spite Prompt-a-Thon: an unusual proposal.

Picky Hearts


Note: I hope this meets with approval. (AO3 link to be added later.)

“You can’t be serious.”

“Why not?”

Gold sighed. “Belle…”

She rolled her eyes. “Rum…”

“It’s just -,” he started, then he sighed again and leaned his head back against the sofa. “I mean, I’m -” He stretched a hand out, sort of vaguely indicating himself, as a whole.

“You’re what?” she asked, pushing herself more upright. She shifted and turned sideways on the couch so she could look at his face. “Going to be fifty tomorrow?”

Gold winced. “Don’t remind me, but yes.”

“So what?” she replied, pausing to take a sip from her wine glass. “I’m going to be thirty-four tomorrow. Neither of us is getting any younger, or less single. So why not get un-single together?”

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This researcher gave 10,000 women free birth control. Here's what she found.

Nearly a decade ago, a philanthropist approached a group of researchers in St. Louis with an unusual proposal: give away free birth control to thousands of women in the city.

That idea became the CHOICE Project. A program headquartered at Washington University in St. Louis’ School of Medicine, it gave nearly 10,000 women no-cost birth control between 2007 and 2013. The CHOICE Project encourages women to use the most effective contraceptives. That is often a long-acting reversible contraceptive, or LARC, that a doctor implants. These contraceptives, like intra-uterine devices and implants, work better than birth control pills that have to be taken every day and leave huge space for user error.

CHOICE Project researchers have conducted numerous studies on the women they serve, trying to better understand the barriers to contraceptive use and how to best present women with the information they need to choose the right birth control. The project’s most recent results, published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the CHOICE Project’s teenage participants had significantly lower abortion and birth rates than women nationwide. They use better contraceptives, too: three-quarters of CHOICE Project teens chose LARC methods compared to 4.5 percent of the general population.


Alittle spin-off of my cssv drabble Sleepless (for ofswansandcaptains)… my muse and fairy godmother princessjoneswaninsisted on knowing what Hook’s exact reaction to Emma’s baby news would be. And when your fairy godmother demands to know something, you give her the bloody answer. So, ladies, this is for you both.

(also on ff.net and AO3)

“Killian, we need to talk.” Emma’s voice was firm, but also held the slightest trace of nervousness.

Hook raised his hand in a defensive move and his eyebrows in question. “Whatever it is, Swan, I solemnly swear that this time I’m completely and utterly innocent,” he declared a little theatrically and gave her his best blue-eyed puppy look.

“No, you’re not,” she replied dryly and suppressed a nervous chuckle.

He rolled his eyes. “This is about Henry’s homework, isn’t it?” he assumed. “I can explain that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she waved him off impatiently, “and I don’t even want to know. It’s not about that.”

Hook scratched behind his ear a little cluelessly. “Well, then tell me what it is that I’ve done, love, so we can put it to rights.”

She averted her eyes for a moment. “It’s not that simple.”

He sighed and rubbed his hand slowly over his mouth. “It never is.” Then he drew a deep breath, being at his wit’s end now. “Out with it, Swan. You’re worrying me.”

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“Deok Sun ~ah,……..Saranghe!” *smiles ultra cute ackward Taek* *dieees*

And DS’s reaction? Awweeesome, adorable wide smile agreeing.

And look at the very unusual Taek’s proposal item for his bride Deok Sun… a turtle shape pure Gold bar that bear meaning of eternal love. It’s Sooooo TAEK… I love TAEK’s antiques.. I always do.

I don’t need grand proposal with superficial diamond ring in front of lots of people..It’s so common. But a simple proposal scene with an intimate nuance for these two soulmates who understand each other beyond the words.. this is pure GOLD. The writer nails it.

Full credit to Beob