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At the Russian Court (2/?)  R U S S I A N    I M P E R I A L    W E D D I N G 

It had been a tradition since the 19th century that every brides of the Russian Imperial family would wear the same jewels on their wedding day.

The imperial nuptial jewels consisted of the imperial nuptial crown, created in 1840 by the jewellers Nickol and Plincke, using diamonds set in the great girdle of the time of Catherine the Great. The diamond tiara of the Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna with at his center the Paul I pink diamond. The collier d’esclave, a total weight of 475 old carats, some of the diamonds have a blue or pink tint, producing an enchanting effect. Diamond earrings in the form of cherries that belonged to Catherine the Great. These earrings were so heavy that they had to be supported with wires looped around the top of the ears, as the day wore on, the wire cut into the flesh, causing Alexandra much pain. Her niece Maria recalled on her wedding day :My earrings hurt me so that in the middle of the banquet I took them off and hung them, to the great amusement of the Emperor [Nicholas II], on the edge of the glass of water before me.“  

 And the great clasp of Catherine the Great’s imperial mantle.They also wore a mantle of crimson velvet. Except for the wedding of Alexandra, as a concession to her rank as bride of the emperor, her imperial mantle was of cloth-of-gold, lined and edged with ermine. These robes were so heavy that eight pages - four on each side - and the chamberlain, carrying the hem, had to help carry them; without their assistance, Alexandra could scarely move.
Their hair were swept back and coiled into a bun at the back of their heads, by tradition two ringlets hung down on either side of their faces. 

“These were, first, the diadem of the Empress Catherine, with a pink diamond of extraordinary beauty in the centre and the small crimson velvet crown all covered with diamonds.  Then came the diamond necklace of large stones, the bracelets, and the earrings in the shape of cherries, so heavy that they had to be attached to gold hoops and ringed over the ears. […] Finally, they laid upon my shoulders the crimson mantle of velvet, with cape and edges of ermine, fastened by an immense [diamond] buckle.  Someone helped me to rise.  I was ready.”  Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna

A witness on the wedding of Alexandra recalled : "How beautiful she is! That expression followed her all along her path, and it is true that her appearance was positively magnificent as she stood there in her bridal array of silver cloth… Her unusual height helped her to bear the weight of her dress and set off its splendor in its best light.”  This imposing yet formidable ensemble dazzled everyone and was a formidable mirror of the pomp and splendour of the Russian court.

Sources : The Jewels of the Romanovs : Family and Court by Stefano Papi || The Court of the last Tsar by Greg King.

The 1st House

The 1st House is probably one of the most important Houses in the natal chart as it affects the way that we present ourselves to others and how we see ourselves. It is the house that gives us our sense of self an dour standing point in life.

Sun in the 1st House: Those with their Sun in the 1st House tend to be quite sure of themselves and confident in their actions. They have a good sense of who they are and they tend to be quite memorable to others. People generally like to be around them.

Moon in the 1st House: These are the people who can’t hide their emotions, they practically wear them on their cheek. These people show everything they feel on their face and find it hard to keep some things private - even if they try, other people often guess. These people openly express their emotions and feel their feeling very vividly. These people tend to have very soft features and big eyes, usually soft hair regardless of colour. 

Mercury in the 1st House: These people like to have things organised, either through the way they look or the way that they communicate with others. They don’t like for there to be any mixed messages. People may see them as very well kept and in control of themselves. They tend to look very clean cut and they don’t usually like messy surroundings.

Venus in the 1st House: There’s something about those with Venus in the 1st House that makes them so approachable. They tend to have very loving and understanding vibes about them and of course the beauty of Venus spares no presence in their appearance (beauty is not limited to this placement though). People tend to fall quite easily for those with Venus in the 1st House and they themselves tend to be quite charming and flirty. 

Mars in the 1st House: Those with Mars in the 1st House tend to come across rather “charged”. They may seem very energetic, determined or angry. These are the people that will react to a situation straight away rather than later. They can be very impulsive and their actions tend to be driven by their anger. They tend to have very masculine features or they have strong facial features.

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A Prelude to Love

She was a pale, slender girl, clothed in an almost sheer white gown that flowed as she walked.  But she stepped so lightly, it was as if her feet barely touched the ground at all.  Like a ghost had wandered into my mother’s rose garden.

I called out to her and she turned in surprise.  But instead of fading away, she patted me kindly and kissed my forehead.

Shouldn’t you be in bed, little boy?”

Endymion woke with a start, nearly tumbling out of bed.  He knew that voice, didn’t he?  Slightly embarrassed and still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Endymion began untangling himself from the sheets. It had been awhile since he’d had such a restless dream.

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Venus clothing styles

Check Venus signs and rising signs~

Aries: they are always in the most trendy clothes, vivid colors, somehow looks casual and classy at the same time.

Taurus: no matter where they got their cloths it always looks comfy and well put together. Always has some fragrance on them.

Gemini: many styles of cloths, one day they are light and bright looking and maybe the next day they don’t really feel the look and decide on gothic.

Cancer: flower prints, tee shirts with quotes, and a huge assortment of random lazy cloths that they wear around the house.

Leo: is very careful to not dress like everyone, but they also don’t want to look strange. Loves make up or fancy accessories.

Virgo: has cloths that mean a lot to them. All or most of their cloths match. They love nerdy type cloths for their fandom.

Libra: loves sheer cloths and classic colors like red, very cute style that most people like. Has a secret collection of cloths that are not their usual style.

Scorpio: either they are consumed on how their style and image is (but not for people; for themselves) or just wears what they like with no regard with their image

Sagittarius: tight cloths or a very unusual piece of clothing or accessories from where they been. Most of their cloths are an array of colors.

Capricorn: they can always be found with simple cloths with a little style to them. Capricorn Venus has a little accessory that is always on them.

Aquarius: is a total hipster. Large classes, vintage accessories that no one has. Also is a sucker for sweaters

Pisces: natural colors along with purples and blues and pinks. Their cloths are always comfortable and lazy looking.

Klance - Shopping in Space and Gift Giving

So, this is a headcanon that I got reaaaally carried away with. Big thanks to @treasuredbuns for giving me the prompt and bearing through the ridiculous number of messages the headcanon came in!

Since I’m only my laptop, and this is a VERY long headcanon, I will put it below the ‘keep reading’ to save you from having to scroll forever if Klance and ridiculous amounts of fluff is not your thing.

Prompt: Voltron team goes shopping for new clothes at the space mall

Apologies for any mistakes, and feel free to give prompts!

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Fairytale (1)

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“A world in which elves exists and magic works offers greater opportunities to digress and explore” – Terry Brooks

Genre: Fluff

Member: Sehun


‘Once upon a time,’… that was how most fairytales started. At least that was what you used to think.

Yours started a little differently.

It was not difficult to get caught up in the fantasy of a dream world that you longed to be a part of. Regular life was ordinary, and not as magical as the ones in fairytales that you loved to read.

Childhood was the most magical time. Most children believe everything their parents tell them. The Tooth Fairy, Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny were all parts of a fantasy that you grew up believing to be true.

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Dirk gently and clothing

I have a theory that clothing is super symbolic in this show. Feel free to argue with me.

So, according to the costume designer (is that who they were?) dirk’s jackets change colour so that he goes from standing out to blending in more, and his car also changes accordingly I assume. Only as dirk blends in more, todd starts to stand out, and todd’s clothes get more and more ridiculous and his appearance more striking.

So as well as their clothes mirroring their internal state, i.e. dirk starts to settle while todd starts to come apart, I think this also might be reflecting the effect they are having on eachother?

So, even more obviously: In the scene when todd finally fully gets on board and really believes, which in my opinion is the hole digging scene, this is the first scene we see todd wearing the pretty eye-catching shirt thay dirk gave him (I think?). And as todd stands out more he also gets better at reading the universe’s clues, and he gets more involved, and gets more like dirk.

Also, at the end, dirk is sad and alone again and in completely dull, ordinary clothes, and this time it’s todd who brings him back to himself, by giving him a piece of his own clothing. Something unusual, and as he points out, something pretty unique as there are only a few left. So dirk gets to fit in (at least with some people) and todd gets to do something useful and maybe start to absolve himself by helping others and we sort of come full circle, clothes wise.

Don’t even get me started in Ken and barts clothing journey, or the ‘wear a jacket’ scene.

He’s the King [Peter Pevensie]

Summary: At a festival in a town near Cair Paravel, your boyfriend Peter helps you fight off some strangers. Prompt #48, “Let her go!” Requested by @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories

Word Count: 1,428

Note: Thank you for being so patient with me. I apologize for how long this took to write. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Being hit on by a stranger.

It is dark out. Night has fallen just an hour ago. You take your dark cloak off its hook and drape it over yourself, covering the unusually plain clothes you are wearing.

Making sure the cloak is fastened securely, you open the door to your room and peek out. You are safe. Nobody is in this hallway of Cair Paravel. Slipping out the room, you quietly shut the door behind you.

As you travel through the halls, sticking to the shadows, you listen attentively for voices. You reach the courtyard without being spotted, though a pair of guards nearly caught you a few hallways ago.

“Peter?” you call softly into the darkness. A few torches burn brightly but there are many shadows that prevent you from seeing all of the courtyard.

Shadows move in one corner and a figure steps out, cloaked in dark fabric as well.

“Here. Let’s go,” the King says, gesturing to you.

Picking up your pace, you walk along side Peter. His fingers brush against yours and then he takes your hand, warm and slightly calloused from swordfighting.

When you pass by the guards at the gate, Peter lifts his hood off his face for a few moments, enough for the centaurs to recognize him. He then puts his hood back on and walks out of the castle with you by his side.

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Bts reaction to your confession:

Anon requested: Hi!! Can you please make a bts reaction about their crush confessing to them since they were taking too long to confess their feelings. Thank you so much and btw i love your stories (i have your notifs on haha). Hope you’re doing well!!

Omg thank you so much, that seriously made my day! I am very well thanks a lot, here is your request ;)


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“I know” he said as he pushed a stray hair off your face “I know because I love you too” he admitted, and no long after, he asked you out on your first date together.


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Yoongi will be so speechless for a second, releasing an uncomfortable giggle and pushing his hands deeper in his pockets. It all seemed like he was struggling with how to reject you but what he said next ment everything otherwise. “I was going to tell you that one day but I guess I just paid the price of my hesitation.” he took a deep breath “Y/N will you please go out with me?”


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“Oh no” he clutched his heart and you immediately bit your lips, hobi was unpredictable, and you just realized how inconvenient that trait is. “But I was going to tell you that first why did you tell me!” he whined so loud that you couldn’t help but shout back “It’s not my fault. If you like me you should have told me earlier!” Now that he knows that he is to blame he pulled you in for a warm hug and expressed his feelings in words so heartwarming that you didn’t mind who confessed first.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by jeonggu

This member is filled with intelligent confidence. When you started fidgeting with your clothes and unusually struggling to speak, he knew exactly where this was going and saved you the embarrassment. Before admitting anything he will explain why he took so long to tell you this, and finally telling you that he feels just the same way.


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A bit awkward and secretly angry with himself. Jimin wanted to make this moment very special, but when you approached him, he realized that he had taken too long and you couldn’t have waited forever. But the uncomfortable atmosphere quickly lifted when he gave you a big smile and asked you to forgive him for taking so long to express his love for you.

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by kimnamboobs

“Me too” as blunt and straightforward as that. “Do you want to go out with me?” Taehyung will be so thankful for you confession because it ment that you truly like him, making you risk the possibility of getting rejected. It’s a sign that the one he has fallen for is worth his love.


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

OK now he is going to be really awkward, I mean baby kookie activated. He will stutter and have a difficulty saying I love you too. It was when you looked down and almost turned your back that he took hold of your arm and said, loud and clear, I love you too. It’s a memory that you both laugh back on. How jungkook almost died saying I love you.

You play the guitar? (Connor Murphy x Reader)

A short drabble!

Summary: So, Reader finds out that Connor can play the guitar and sort of confronts him about that and overall, it’s just fluff and genderneutral as always!

A/N: I sort of got insipred by “It’s hard to get around the wind” by Alex Turner, so just imagine Connor’s playing that beautiful song for you ♥

Even though Connor and you were dating for nearly two years, you were still surprised to find small things about him, he’s never told you about. Let it be favourite bands or movies, to childhood memories or stuff he likes to do in his spare-time.

As usual, you two were in his room. He was laying on his bed. You rested your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and nearly falling asleep, while he was reading some book by an author, whose name you’ve never heard of. Connor was stroking your arm, going up and down. You held tighter onto him, somehow hoping you would never lose him. He put his book on his night stand, laying his other arm around your waist and pressed a kiss on your forehead.
“Are you asleep?”, he whispered.
He chuckled quietly.
“Do you want me to read you a bedtime story?”
“How old am I? Five, or what?”, you laughed quietly.
“No need to be a dick about that”, Connor smiled, pressing another kiss on your forehead. Although you two were so close to each other, feeling the warmth of your loved one, you suddenly felt cold. Slowly, you left the embrace, leaving Connor confused behind.
“Where are you going? Did I say something wrong?”, he asked worried.
You shook your head, with a light smile. “I’m just cold. Can I put on one of your sweaters?”
“Of course!”
Connor loved the way you would wear his clothes. It was nothing big, but seeing you walking around in his shirts or hoodies made his heart even go faster.
You opened the door of his closet. Inside was a mess, not unusual for Connor. Clothes were laying around everywhere. You looked for a sweater, when you suddenly saw a black acoustic guitar lying idle in the corner. Dust was on its body, making the nice instrument look rather sad. You picked it up, turning around to Connor.
“I didn’t know you could play the guitar.”
Connor’s eyes widened and he started blushing. “I can’t play the guitar.”
“Then why is a guitar next to all of your clothes in your closet?”
“You mean why are clothes next to all my secret things in my closet?”
You chuckled, placing yourself at the foot of his bed.
“For how long have you been playing it?”
“Seven…eight years, I guess?”
Out of sudden, he seemed nervous, sort of being ashamed that you discovered that guitar. Connor started fiddling with his hands and kept looking to the ground.
“Hey”, you started, putting the guitar on the floor, before sitting down on his lap.
His hands went up and down your waist.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would get so uncomfortable about that”, you continued.
He sighed, pressing his forehead against ours. “I’m not uncomfortable. It’s just…I think I’m so bad at playing it. Therefore I stopped.”
You smiled cheekily. “Would you want to play a song for me?”
Connor furrowed his eyebrows. “I told you I’m bad at playing it!”
You pressed a kiss on his cheek, making him blush a bit. “I would love to hear you playing the guitar!”
He bit his lip.
“Alright. I’m gonna play you a small song!”, he said, sighing a bit.
You sat down on his bed, waiting for another reason to fall even more in love with him.
Connor took the guitar and sat with it down next to you. One strain of hair fell in his face, he put it behind his ear. You noticed he was shaking a bit.
“Calm down. It’s just me and it’s just an instrument”, you whispered, stroking his arm.
Connor’s cheeks were red. He was never that nervous before.
He coughed quietly. “So, uh…this is for you.”
Then he started playing. His fingers were tracing quickly over the strings, making a beautiful melody. With a strained look in his face, he switched from one chord to another, plucking one string after the other. You were nearly losing yourself in his music, when he suddenly stopped.
“Was…was that enough?”, he asked you nervously.
Instantly, you jumped up, putting both of your hands around his neck, pressing soft kisses all over his face.
“That was so beautiful. So beautiful”, you whispered throughout the kisses.
“You liked it?”, Connor asked, smiling, his eyes sparkling.
You nodded your head. “Connor, you’re an amazing guitar player! You gotta continue playing it!”
“Maybe I will”, he said, tilting his head playfully.
Another kiss on the lips. “You do know that I love you, right?”
“Mhm, I’ve a feeling about that.”, he said cheekily, “you know that I love you as well?”
“Idiot”, you say, rolling your eyes.
“Yeah, but your idiot.”
You played with his hair. “My idiotic guitar player.”
Again, he took the guitar and started playing another song, just for you.

anonymous asked:

What are Scorpios generally like? Please convey the more profound aspects of us, not merely superficial & stereotypical elements. How do we think (mental), feel (emotional), be (spiritual), do (physical), and love (romantic & platonic)?

I never follow the stereotypes about the zodiac signs. I only base my posts on stereotypes when I want to mock those stereotypes, but I do it subtly so people might get confused.
Concerning Scorpios, given the fact that they’re a Water sign, they are EXTREMELY sensitive people, and as all Water signs, they might get hurt by literally some strange or unusual, even everyday things, and when they hurt - they tend to hurt themselves both physically and mentally, or other people. Depends on the Scorpio.
About their mentality, I must say that Scorpios have tons of trust issues and they’re in a constant war with themselves and their trust issues. They are loyal, supportive and they’re always here to help. If they feel betrayed, they get enraged and take revenge, most of the time. They overthink a lot and they think about sex a lot, too. They get VERY easily obsessed with things they like, even people.
Again, given the fact that they’re a Water sign, they are extremely emotional and they have very intense feelings.
They are very spiritual people and they often daydream but they are conscious at the same time, unlike Pisces, which tend to literally swim away from this world when they’re daydreaming with their vivid dreams.
Physically, they are VERY attractive most of the time, they have this magnetic attraction and they know how to get someone in bed. Their ruling organs are the genitalia. They have a very strange and unusual taste in clothing, which might seem really strange, tacky and ugly to other people but it shouldn’t matter because the other people are not important. They can be very conservative because they’re full of fears but they don’t want to admit it, and they can be very open-minded and  accepting when they free themselves from their fears and bonds. 
On a romantic level, when they truly love someone they are DEEPLY loyal and caring, even obsessive - which might later turn into possessiveness and jealousy, even territoriality. They become different people in bed, it feels like they take another form. They are great in bed, in fact, they are the best in bed.
They love to argue and fight sometimes because they have excess of energy stored inside them because they often tend to be lazy and procrastinate things, and by arguing and fighting, or their doing their hobbies, this energy must find a way to get out of them.
On the other side, when they want someone just in a platonic manner, they tend to cheat and have other partners and that relationship won’t last long. After the Scorpio cheats, they will have this burden on their shoulders and immediately end their relationship. Even if they don’t break up with their partner, they will feel AWFUL and they will get depressed and it will haunt them almost their entire life. They are good fighters but they don’t want to fight. But when they fight, they often win because they hate losing something they’re in love with. 
And as Scorpio is one of my three MOST FAVOURITE signs, I want to tell you that you’re great and all my fellow beloved Scorpios out there are great and I want you all to know that I love you.  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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Hi! Do you have any tips on writing characters that are intimidating to other characters?

There are lots of things that people typically find to be intimidating:

-Height. People who are tall, or at least taller then you tend to be intimidating, mainly because they have to look down at you and you have to look up at them.

-voice. Deeper/lower and louder voice tend to sound much more threatening to us then a voice that us softer/ higher pitched and quieter.

-style. Typically we see people who wear darker and sharper and ‘unusual’ clothes as harder to approach then someone wearing bright, happier colors in a simple or nicer style. The girl in the leather jacket and combat boots is stereotypically more intimidating then the girl in the yellow sundress. The guy in the sweater vest usually looks more friendly then the guy in work boots and a flannel.

-'superior’ qualities. Naturally many people find someone who is more attractive, rich, skilled or more intelligent then them as a little intimidating. All though it’s not as obvious as it once was, many people still fear the metaphorical good chain of society.

-word choice. When talking to someone the way they phrase things can make a world of difference. Longer, more complicated words being used frequently in the conversation can sound intimidating, especially if the other person doesn’t fully understand said words. Using simple but strong word choices have the same effect.

-Confidence. Having a lot of Confidence tends to be seen as a threat, especially if we are facing off against someone like that,or if we ourselves tend to lack in confidence.

-age. Large age gaped tend to feel intimidating. When you’re a child, adults seem so much bigger and more terrifying. The reverse is just as true. Adults are intimidated in the face of children if they don’t know what they’re doing/ are inexperienced with kids.

In conclusion. There are many things that can be seen as intimidating. It all kind of depends on the person. I personally am not easily intimidated. It takes quite a bit hard to scare me. Like wise, I know many people who are very, very easily intimidated. We are mainly intimidated by what we ourselves are not. I am decently tall, therefore others who are tall, even taller then me,I don’t find them intimidating. However I am not very confident in who I am and what I do, and therefore I am very easily intimidated by those that do have a lot of confidence. It all depends on your character.

Like last time, the FMA Fashion Week will be an occasion for fanartists to show their favourite characters in unusual clothing based on daily themes.
I am still looking for a way to include writers in the event. Suggestions are welcome, just send me an ask on this blog.

I’ve updated the rules and you can already check the themes for 2017.

There’s now the possibility to submit a request.

The week will start on Monday, March 27th and will end on Monday, April 3rd.
(It’s still early, but better have time to prepare for the week. :3)

Have a nice day!