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The Beauty of Flowers in Field and Wood
containing the natural orders or families of British Wild Plants
with moral teachings illustrated
designed to make botany simple and field and wood rambles instructive and agreeable
John Thoedore Barker
Bath Binns and Goodwin - no date [1852]
London Whittaker and Co

unusual contemporary paper mache binding with a hand painted cover 

themardia replied to your post: how you get six books into Rivers of London and…

i mean. the whole point of those books is that Peter is dragging the Folly into a modern policing era and that he wants to do things the right way. that is a KEY part of his character, that he’s a mixed-race police officer that’s an idealist who believes in a better way. how is this a surprise to anyone?!

that’s LITERALLY THEIR POINT OF DIFFERENCE from urban fantasy generally, that a key plot thread is how you integrate policing by consent with goddesses and magic, rather than just an escalating series of boss challenges for the hero. 

and maybe that’s not for you, and that’s fine, but…it’s like picking up an Agatha Christie and going “I really like the depiction of interwar British life, but why are there so many dead people?”.

An Unusual Hobby

Ok, so this has been sitting in my drafts for a while, a plot bunny born from pure silliness! <3

Fic Master List :)

An Unusual Hobby.

 The house still rang with the laughter of their family as Claire and Jamie made their way to bed. Jamie as usual was doing the rounds, making sure every window and door was bolted for the night, Claire slowly following close by. He’d been everyone else’s tonight; his sister’s to playfully argue with, his daughters to spoil, his sons to discuss day to day life on the Ridge. Even the grandchildren all wanted some time with their grandda. Now Claire was loathe to spend any time apart. She loved - as he did, she knew - seeing him surrounded, smothered by them all, but now, he was hers alone to do with as she pleased; she missed her husband - not that he gave her much time to indeed miss him that much.

They’d all decided to spend the night at Young Ian’s cabin, with Fergus and Marsali’s visit coming to an end soon, they wanted to keep the night’s festive atmosphere going, and the kids were all still fizzing with unrestrained energy. So the big house finally stood silent, and Claire and Jamie’s for the night. Jamie finished checking the window in his study - the only light that of the solitary candle Claire’d been holding - he noticed Bree’s journal on his desk.

“Och, the lass’s gone and forgotten her wee book. Shall I bring it to her, d’ye think? I’m sure they havena gone far yet,” he said, grabbing it off the desk. As he did, a few pages fell to the floor.

“Not to worry,” Claire said, swooping down to pick them up. “They’ll be back up here tomorrow.” She noticed the handwriting on one of the sheets wasn’t Bree’s, but Marsali’s.

Dearest good-sister,’ it began. Quickly scanning the sheet, Claire was struck by the informality of it. Unable to stop herself, she read on more precisely.

Dearest good-sister,

 I’ve been most taken by the conversation we shared last week in regards to the many books you’ve read, with which you described in such vivid and fervent detail. So overcome indeed, I haven’t been able to think of much else! I have been taken over by a most provoking muse and the urge to write has been most powerful. So, last night, after I had put the children to bed and Fergus had long fallen asleep, I stole out of bed and wrote a wee something for you. Mayhaps it will harken back to some of the novels you spoke of.

Yours with love,

Your good-sister, Marsali.

Post-script: To say this is for your eyes alone would be a most gross understatement!

Claire stood transfixed. She’d been so absorbed, in fact, she hadn’t heard Jamie speak till he gently put a hand on her shoulder.

“Is something amiss, Sassenach?” he asked tentatively.

“No, not at all. Just… curious,” she said distracted, as she flipped to the next sheet.

“Ye shouldna be reading that! They are Bree’s private thoughts, no?” Jamie said, but she could sense his curiosity had been piqued by her own.

“It’s something Marsali’s written, I’m just wondering what could have been so—oh…”

“Oh?” Jamie tried reading the sheet in her hand over her shoulder, but she immediately folded it.

“It’s nothing!” she said hastily, hoping he couldn’t see her flush in the candlelight. But, as always, he was too tuned to her that he needn’t have looked at her glass face at all. Still holding the candle, she tried to stuff the letters back into the journal one handed, but Jamie, taking advantage of her awkward grip, snatched them faster than she could have imagined.

“No! Jamie, you can’t read that! Honestly, its most private,” she helplessly exclaimed. But he’d already read the first sheet and had flipped to the second before she’d finished speaking. 

“If ye didna want me reading it, ye shouldna ha’—oh!”

“Oh,” she replied dryly.

Even in the dim light she could see the blush rising under his collar, the tips of his ears flaming. She knew he’d read stories like this before, but was sure the shock came not from the words, but from the author. His moment of disbelief was enough distraction for Claire to snatch the sheets back - well there was no going back now, she thought, might as well finish it. She began reading out loud, amused, much to Jamie’s discomfort.

 Mr. Darcy stole from his chamber, having given up any attempts of getting any sleep. He was restless. He was irritable. And he burned most fiercely. His thoughts of Elizabeth filled him with fire and he roamed aimlessly through the cold, dreary halls, trying to quench his fiery need, yet knew there was but one cure.

He found himself outside Elizabeth’s door, the soft light of her candle visible beneath the crack of her door…

 And so Claire read on as Mr. Darcy uncontrollably slipped into Elizabeth’s bedroom to find her in nothing but shift, hair loose, cheeks flushed at the appearance of her midnight visitor.

…Elizabeth felt the heat rise within her, her nether regions tingling pleasantly at the thought of Mr. Darcy undressing her further with his eyes. His member twitching in his breeches in greeting. She played such coquettish games, moving from bed to dresser, just out of reach, Mr. Darcy all the while moving in earnest towards her, finally forcing her to vault over the bed to the window-

Jamie snorted at that particularly acrobatic bit; Claire ignored him and read on.

-The room filled with the musky smell of arousal, both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy sensing the change in the air. There was no going back from that point.

“I burn for you most ardently,” Mr. Darcy gasped, undoing the fly of his breeches, his member strained for freedom, demanding attention.

Elizabeth felt dizzy, the unaccustomed rush of arousal weakening her knees. The secret space between her legs engorged and slippery. A flush rose in her cheeks as she stared at Mr. Darcy, naked and ready before her, awaiting her acquiescence.

She moved, hypnotized, toward the armchair by the window. She settled back, unable to take her eyes from him, lest he suddenly disappeared, fearing this being naught but a dream. “How long I’ve desired you, Mr. Darcy? How long I’ve yearned to feel your lips against those secret parts of me,” Elizabeth whispered. She rucked up her shift, exposing her hidden lust, draping her legs up onto the armrests, opening herself to him.

Mr. Darcy breath caught in his throat, seeing her exposed so. Ready. Waiting. He stepped forward, seeing the muscles of her inner thighs tremble in anticipation. He fell to his knees before her, hands tracing her legs. His mouth was dry and he licked his lips, his breath shallow. “A taste first,” he said, bringing his mouth to her nether region. “I must!”

Elizabeth felt his tongue-

 “You’ve got to be bloody kidding me! It just stops! Is there another page?” Claire asked, Jamie at once already searching the floor for the next part. Clearly he’d been just as carried away as she’d been. “Nay, I dinna see another!”

“Perhaps in the journal?” she suggested, but a quick investigation yielded nothing. “She can’t have sent it incomplete, surely?” Claire said exasperated.

“I dinna ken,” Jamie shrugged, “but I must say, yon girl has quite a way wi’ words, aye,” he cocked a suggestive eyebrow at Claire that went straight through her nether regions, sending shivers down her spine.

“She most certainly does,” she replied primly, tucking the sheets of paper neatly back into the journal, avoiding his gaze entirely.

He came up behind her, wrapping his arms about her waist. “D’ye maybe think it’s things she’s-” he stopped abruptly, the thought having gone a wee bit further than he would’ve liked.

“No,” Claire said firmly. “Besides, I hardly want the imagery of Fergus and Marsali quite in that way.” The thought of Fergus and Marsali’s encounters weren’t really something either one wanted to dwell on for too long. So as a means to distract him - and herself - Claire turned in his arms and wrapped her own round his neck. “You on the other hand…” she teased. Her hand ran down the front of his shirt, then lower down.

“Aye, well. I canna imagine much of anything else wi’ yer hand where it is, Sassenach.” He bent down and kissed her, slowly, thoroughly, his own hands finding and cupping her perfectly round bottom, just as her hand found its way neatly beneath his kilt.

After what seemed a rather long time later, they finally broke apart, breathless, but mightily roused. “She may not have finished it, but we certainly can,” Claire said, with a firm and unrelenting grip on his cock, she steered him out of the study and up the stairs.

Princess - Chapter 1

2: https://taesbabu.tumblr.com/post/159563855120/princess-chapter-2

Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

Genre: ? vampire!au

Word count: 1150

Summary: You are in the royal family, one night you walk around the big castle looking for your book. That’s when you meet him. Yoongi.

Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic

You were the princess, living the perfect life with your oh so perfect family. It made you laugh every time you heard people outside of the castle talk about how perfect the royal family was, because you knew that your family was far from perfect. Your parents never liked you, they said you were too much of a rebel, that you weren’t ladylike and too childish. Your brother was a nice man, but the moment he turned 26 he totally changed. He became more like dad and he would tell you to grow up too, and that if you didn’t you would never get married. But you never cared about that, because you knew you wouldn’t get a word in who you were going to marry anyways.

 You sat around the dinner table as your mother was talking about some of your cousins getting married, while your father was telling your brother about the deal he had made with the vampires. Yeah you heard right, vampires. It’s official now, they’re real.

 You walked down the hall looking for your favorite book, which usually was hidden under your pillow, as you knew your mother hated that book. For some reason she didn’t like anything about you. You walked up one of the towers, thinking that she might have hidden it in one of the guest rooms at the top of the castle. You ran up all the stairs, trying desperately to catch your breath when you reached the top. You looked at the wooden door in front of you and pushed it open. The room was dark, only the moon lightning up the big room. There was a king sized bed under the window, a big bookshelf and a wooden piano. You looked around and walked over to the bookshelf when you heard someone clear their throat behind you. “Excuse me”, you heard a soft voice behind you. You slowly turned around looking at the porcelain pale man with dark hair in front of you. “W-who are you?” You asked grabbing a book nearby, just in case. “Yoongi”, he answered shortly sitting down on the bed. “May I ask what you’re doing up here at midnight?” He waited for an answer, his dark eyes looking you up and down. Your hands tightened around the book you were holding. “I’m looking for my book, now why are you here… Yoongi?” You asked him. He smirked. “Oh, I thought you knew? Guess you will have to find that out yourself, beautiful” He stood up walking over to you slowly. You held your breath. What is he doing? When he was only a few inches away from you he grabbed the book you were holding replacing it with another one.  “I believe this is the one you’re looking for” he smiled down at you. His white teeth shining in the dark as he looked at door, you could only for a millisecond see some fangs as his smiled disappeared. “That’s an unusual book for a princess to read”, he said, looking at your flustered face again. He turned around grabbing a book himself and laid down on the bed. You still shocked of what just happened, just stood there at the exact same place just staring at the handsome man. “You better go to bed, princess. You’re quite the rebel I’ve heard, don’t want someone to find out you’re up here”, He told you his eyes focused on the book he started reading. You looked at him one last time and ran downstairs and into your bedroom. You jumped into your bed staring at the ceiling. “What just happened?” You asked yourself, taking a big breath out.

 You woke up the next morning still in the same clothes as yesterday, you must’ve fallen asleep as soon as you laid down. You sat up looking to your side, picking up the book beside you. You looked at the cover thinking about what happened last night. After some minutes of being lost in your own thoughts you went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. The breakfast table was quiet as always, your dad leaving first for a meeting, your brother leaving second to meet his future wife and your mother leaving after that to do some talking with the new maids in the house. You sat alone at the big table, realizing how alone you actually were. You’ve never had a friend, well you had the maids, but you couldn’t exactly say you were friends. Some of them were just nicer than others, you liked to think that was because they liked you too, but most of the time it was only in hopes of getting some more money. You let your thoughts drift as they landed on the man from yesterday… Yoongi, a vampire, a handsome vampire you thought as you felt your cheeks burn. Ok, no stop it, you told yourself as you got up to leave.

 It was starting to darken outside and you decided to go for a walk around the castle. You threw on a big black coat as you ran out the door. The garden at the back of the castle was huge, so you decided to walk there for a bit. It was chilly outside as the stars were now shining beside the full moon. The sky was dark blue and you sat down on the white bench under the old tree. You took out your little journal that was hidden in your pocket and started writing. “So I guess I’m the handsome man, huh?” You heard a familiar voice behind you. You jumped closing the journal as fast as you could. “You scared me!” You shouted holding the journal to your chest. “I’m sorry, princess”, the man chuckled and sat down beside you. “What do you want? Yoongi?” You said rolling your eyes. Your heart was beating fast by the fact that he was sitting so close, but you took your eyes away from him trying to calm yourself. “Wow, I’m impressed” He smirked down at you. “Usually people are scared of a vampire being so close”, He turned around looking out at the beautiful garden. “I’m not scared of anything”, you simply answered with a huff. “I like you princess, you’re interesting. I don’t usually like people” Yoongi told you, as he stood up. “Why am I so interesting?” You asked, looking at his face again. He looked at moon before he said, “You’re different”, and then he walked away. You looked at his figure becoming smaller and smaller as he walked towards the castle. Your eyes fell on your lap as you opened your journal finding a piece of paper on the side you were just writing on. When did that come there? You asked yourself. You opened the piece of paper and started reading “Looking forward to see you more often, princess” What?

Note: I’m sorry for being inactive with the fanfics, but more will be coming this week. Also sorry that not much happened in this chapter, but more will happen later on, I hope you liked it and sorry if my writing/english isn’t that good, I’m trying :)

There is no journey to enlightenment.

Via BohemianDiesel.com

In the YouTube video by J. Krishnamurti about Enlightenment, he explains that enlightement to wake up to something.”To wake up to what? To be enlightened about what?” He then explains how enlightement means to wake up to the truth about the psychological structure that has accepted time.

Eckhart Tolle, explains how Enlightenment is something we already are every present moment. It is not something you can add. It is the ego-less state. Which means to realize that there is no-self and to understand the nature of your present reality very very well. Studying reality will give you the direct experience of realizing that you are IT. Give up the search, he says, it is not something you can reach in the future.

The word Enlightenment has been used many times in both religion and spiritual cults. The new age movement loves to throw this word around in an attempt to compete. It has been explained as reaching a godlike and divine state, beyond our simple human understanding. Which is a very vague explanation that only creates illusion and expectations.

I used to be desperately seeking for “Enlightenment”, wanting to reach this superhuman state. My reasons where quite simple; 1. i disliked myself as i was , 2. i disliked the world. It was my way of feeling like i could escape it somehow.

After my LSD experience a whole new world opened up for me. And months after i still reap the benefits of it, having insights after insights. The most recent one is was about how we are never fully in touch with reality as it is. We dream our way through life thinking, fantasizing. We live on auto-pilot, totally unaware of the present moment.

I also started to have more and more moment where my focus went to the present moment for a short while. I found so much peace in these moments, that i decided to pick up meditation again and mindfulness practice.

Soon i discovered that it’s not so much about doing something. But more about learning how to just be. In this state of just being…i got a tiny glimpse of what it’s like to have no self without using any psychedelics. Who you truly are…is raw experience…and we are all that. Nothing is separate. Having experienced this first hand, changed my world upside down.

To be honest, after this it only feels like i just started on my journey. It feels very different this time. Like i am not chasing some fantasy. I am merely letting go. I used to think i was so close to the end of my journey, but now i realize how ignorant this was. I opened myself up to the fact that i know nothing, and i am gonna study the present moment as best as i can.

In the book “Mastering the core teachings of the buddha: An unusually hardcore dharma book” by Daniel Ingram. That the three most important things one can realize in studying the present moment are 1. no self , 2. impermanence, 3. unsatisfactory.

So..in other words, there is no search for Enlightenment. Nobody else can teach you to realize it. It is an insight you get by looking deeply into the present moment. Which is why is why a better word for it would be “woken up” to truth.

XOXO – Daphne Denninghoff – GoddessBible

Living with Newt Scamander

Originally posted by bhatmah

A/N: Here’s some headcanons on what I thought living with Newt would be like, my request box is open!

Warnings: None                    

Words: 346

·         Not being quite sure on the idea at first because you knew you’d be around the beasts most of the time

·         Newt quickly convincing you otherwise

·         Constantly having to clear up after all his messes (in which there are many)

·         Tripping over a stack of books at least once a day

·         Often waking up to find a bowtruckle on your forehead

·         Having to hide all of your jewellery from Niffler

·         He’s tried to steal it one too many times

·         Having to cook a lot because Newt gets so caught up in feeding everything else he forgets to eat himself

·         Adjusting to the fact most of your cupboards are filled with food for his animals and random plants

·         Sometimes having to physically force him into bed as he’s always making sure everyone else is asleep

·         Smaller beasts realising your hair is definitely the best place to hide

·         They also have taken a fancy to your clothes as you realised when you want to put a shirt on and Nffler fell out the other side

·         Newt often coming up to you to unpick an animal that had been sleeping there

·         Always trying to sleep in together

·         The task proving almost impossible because of certain animals with attachment issues

·         *cough* Pickett *cough*

·         Newt is still very flustered every time he walks in on you showering or changing despite the fact you have slept with each other on numerous occasions

·         Newt would be in constant need of being cuddled

·         You’d have a small nest of pillows and blankets as the perfect place

·         Newt tried to tell you how much it resembled the nest of some strange animal that lived in a stranger jungle before you managed to stop him talking

·         Together your books would create a small library

·         Most of which are very unusual books that neither of you understood ore even dared open

·         You’d never really have any visitors as almost everyone was too scared to step foot in where you lived

·         The entire place resembling your relationship perfectly and you couldn’t even dream of living anywhere different now

Story time with Till.

Your father wrote gentle fairy tales for children.“ Have you ever had the desire to write a children’s book?

Till: - In fact, I’ve already written a book for children and even drew illustrations for it, but it is not clear when it will be published. Sorry, but I need to look after my reputation (laughs).
By the way, my children’s book also turned out to be "evil”. The main character is my grandson Fritz. Every poem in it is dedicated to him. It all begins like this: “Dear Fritz, take my hand.” Then we go to the zoo, ride the railroad, fly by plane … In the zoo, for example, we watch how some people are devoured by lions, the plane crashes, on railroads trains collide and so on. But nothing happens to us: we survive and come out of all of these situations just fine.
Thus, little Fritz and I become a great hero, because I help him avoid bad consequences.

- Yeah, an unusual children’s book … Have you already read it to your grandson?

- Yes, and he was slightly shocked (laughs).

2016 Russian interview.

Till has got to be the coolest, and craziest, grandfather ever. Also I need this book now!

May 10

Constantine is unusual among comic book characters in that he has aged in real time since his creation. During the first year of his solo series, Constantine celebrated his 35th birthday. In the relevant issue Constantine is reading a newspaper when he notices the date on the cover is his birthday, making his date of birth May 10, 1953. In Hellblazer, it was mentioned multiple times that the aging process of Constantine himself might be different due to the demon blood that he obtained from Nergal. His mother, Mary Anne, died giving birth to John and his stillborn twin brother because an earlier abortion—forced on her by John’s father, Thomas—had weakened her womb. Because he was unable to accept responsibility for his wife’s death, Thomas blamed John and the pair grew up with a deep dislike for one another. Constantine is shown to be someone with a wide and international circle of contacts and allies, and is adept at making friends. At the same time, his close friends inevitably suffer or are outright killed simply by being in his life; this has left a severe mark on him. Constantine also has a reputation as being one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. Despite this, Constantine rarely uses magic, instead choosing to use his wits to trick his opponents.


Title: Incognizant

Rating: G

AU: Human AU. Trans!talia.

Summary: Arthur finally gets the balls to come out to his boyfriend and Alfred is far more casual about it than he expected.

Read it on AO3, FF.net, or below the cut!

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An optical illusion - a picture of an open hand with elongated printed text IF I OFFER IT on the palm and at right angles WILL YOU ACCEPT
the printed text appears much more clearly when viewed at an angle which appears to shorten the letters

19th century? the reverse is blank - measures 84mm x 54mm

Do Not Open- Brainwashing Facts!

I have a lot of nostalgia for those “alternative” children’s educational books. You know the ones, they would often purport to contain only the “weirdest” or the “grossest” facts about a topic in the hope that it would spur you to learn about all the history and biology you refused to learn in school.  

The pinnacle of the genre has to be the “Horrible Histories” series which spawned several series of books, including a few covering other academic fields and even a full-fledged TV show. 

I still have a few of these books around the place, mostly because they tend to turn up spectacularly cheap in second-hand book shops and quite a few of them are pretty amusing to read through due to how quickly outdated they can become. 

Recently I picked up one entitled “Do Not Open: An Encyclopedia Of The World’s Best Kept Secrets.” When I spotted it I had a peek at the contents to see what secrets I could hope to find in this weighty tome. Most of the book was the usual stuff, the pyramids, what goes into making a plane, spies, and weird animals. But then I spotted one specific entry. 

Well, how could I turn that offer down? 

So join me as we find out just what we are teaching our kids about brainwashing. 

All the pages in this book work as double page spreads and they are all delightfully themed, so that really sets this book apart. Also, this book isn’t messing around going straight to Robert Jay Lifton. I can’t do his work justice in a succinct manner, so I fully suggest you go read his books, but he is pretty much the authority on thought manipulation. One slight issue I have to raise is that Lifton isn’t a fan of the term brainwashing and used the term “thought-reform”. 

But the guide they give is short but pretty correct and it doesn’t shy away from the darker realities of the process. 

The other half of the spread is a picture and a list of techniques for brainwashing. Now it’s debatable if you consider all of these brainwashing or merely persuasion techniques (and that is a really fuzzy boundary), but it does cover all of the major ones. 

Even hypnosis gets a mention! 

This is a slightly weird description of hypnosis honestly. It feels like it is talking about a specific scene or situation but here it is presented devoid of context. Also, it doesn’t explain how this could be used as part of the brainwashing, almost like it presumes the audience already know what you do with hypnosis.

Now, you may have spotted the cross-reference at the bottom of the page, and yes there is a section on the unconscious mind. However, it does not cover hypnosis instead it focuses on sleep paralysis, dreaming, nightmares, sleepwalking, and deja vu. 

The only other mention of hypnosis is this brief one in the section on reincarnation (which is one of the more unusual topics this book covers)

The highlight of this image for me is the wonderful color coordination between hypnotist’s hair, hypnotist’s outfit, hypnotist’s chair and subject. Maybe this hypnotist has a dress code for his subjects. Because nothing says “relaxing environment” more than a deep, heavy brown. 

Overall I’m actually really impressed by Do Not Open. Sure it is a bit silly and some parts of it are a little odd, but I would have loved this book when I was a kid and I give it credit for actually covering a topic I never see covered in these books.