unusual bindings


The Beauty of Flowers in Field and Wood
containing the natural orders or families of British Wild Plants
with moral teachings illustrated
designed to make botany simple and field and wood rambles instructive and agreeable
John Thoedore Barker
Bath Binns and Goodwin - no date [1852]
London Whittaker and Co

unusual contemporary paper mache binding with a hand painted cover 

The Long Dark - Part 3

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Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader, assorted dwarves.
Erebor after BOTFA (fix-it, Durins live AU).
Synopsis: As the rebuilding of Erebor begins, Thorin and his Company take on the new responsibilities their station demands, leaving you to find a place in the city on your own. Isolated and lacking the skills to make a living in a city of craftsmen, your situation seems hopeless. So while Dwalin and Bofur make unlikely fairy godmothers, you can’t afford to be choosy. And then the king gets involved, changing your life in ways that are as exciting as they are scary. (Incorporates “imagine helping with the clean-up of Erebor” from imaginexhobbit.)
Warnings: Eventually NSFW. Angst. Fluff. Slow burn of sorts. Excessive cluelessness on the part of the main couple.
Again, many thanks to my lovely beta, @oakenshieldgisborneandwinchester, who made this fit for public consumption. All remaining mistakes are mine alone.
Words: 5572

The next morning, you woke slowly from the most restful sleep you’d had in ages. Watery sunlight caressed your face, filtered through a bluish quartz dome at the center of the ceiling.

You stretched, inhaling the fresh scent of luxurious bed linens. The last wisps of a clinging dream slowly faded, leaving behind an idea. The dream had been confusing, but it left behind a vivid image of great greenhouses beneath the mountain, lit by mirrors and fed by a great array of water pipes. You found yourself eager to talk about it, find out whether it was feasible.

A quick inquiry to one of the guards revealed that most of the company were tied up with the ongoing negotiations or their regular tasks, so you decided that you would dig into your meagre funds and use the morning to buy a new dress. You couldn’t live in the royal wing and dress like a beggar, it wouldn’t reflect well on Thorin.

To your surprise, a dwarf you knew fleetingly from the kitchens delivered a lovely meal of porridge and canned fruit. You savored a leisurely breakfast and washed up, delighting in the scented soap and soft towels that you found waiting for you. You had just finished dressing when Kili knocked on your door, looking very chipper in a fur-lined coat over a maroon tunic edged with gold.

He beamed at you. “Good morning, Y/N!”

You smiled back. “Good morning! This is a surprise. Not that I’m not glad to see you.”

“I’m at your disposal today,” he announced, bouncing on his toes.

This was news to you. “How come? I thought you’d be busy with the negotiations like everybody else.”

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10 Words Every Bookworm Should Know


The immediately recognizable smell of old books.


An extreme preoccupation with the ownership and acquisition of books.


The act of divination through books; opening up at random and interpreting a specific passage.


One who devours books (either in a literal or figurative sense).


An individual who loves and collects books, especially those that have unusual printing, binding, antiquity, etc.


The act of illustrating a book with pictures or photos taken from other sources.


A book that has been printed before the 16th century.


A lover of words who delights in their meaning and usage.


The movement of the eye when it jumps from one point to the other, especially while reading.


One who enjoys using long and obscure words.


A glimpse into the world of a book designer

The catalog for Light, Paper, Process unifies book design and the photographic process.

The images included in the exhibition—and the book—challenge assumptions about what photographs are. This is reflected in the unusual binding and beautiful slivers of the book design itself. 

Read more on The Getty Iris here.

bibliophilic ; a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding, or the like

The Bibliophlic Network

Hey Everyone! Kae,Sam and Brinn here. We have decided to create a new network.The three of us have come to the conclusion that a majority of people on tumblr are, bibliophilics (refer to the definition above). Therefore a network should be created in honor of said love.


What we are looking for:

  • Nice and Active bloggers
  • Bookworms // Booklovers
  • Organized blogs


  • June 21st