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Rising Signs

… as the world sees them and you experience them.

(Personal opinion gained from my experiences)

ARIES: Likely to come across as intimidating. Sometimes will give the impression they don’t like you. Resting bitch face. This initial impression will barely last a few minutes though once you start speaking properly with them.

TAURUS: Kind eyes. May have a calming aura about them. Will likely look very put together. Tendency to have a more curvaceous or rounder body.

GEMINI: Double personality - depends which side of them you meet. Talkative or observant. Tendency towards gossiping. Intelligent and alert eyes.

CANCER: Mood oriented. If they’re in a good mood they’ll come across really well, if they’re in a bad mood they’ll seem like a stuck up bitch. Will likely come across as shy or overly emotional even if they aren’t.

LEO: Will likely be very well dressed. Smiley. There is a confidence about them even if they’re the more reserved type. Will act like they’re top shit without even realising. Great hair.

VIRGO: Graceful. Kind’ve think willowy frame. Photogenic. Might give the impression that they are a hard worker, intelligent or organised.

LIBRA: Likely to be attractive (conventionally or unconventionally), thought of being beautiful. Charming. May come across quite fake or wishy washy with their opinions at the expense of pleasing others.

SCORPIO: Those eyes tho. Will have an intense look about them. Likely will seem mysterious and secretive.

SAGITTARIUS: Bad ass. Resting bitch face. Upbeat and positive on first impression. Very good initial conversationalist - likes to tell stories upon first meeting someone.

CAPRICORN: Comes across quite cold and distant upon first meeting. Ambitious. May focus the conversation on what they’re interested in and try to show how successful they are.

AQUARIUS: There will be something quirky about them. Will not seem like their sun sign when first speaking to them. Striking appearance. Something unusually attractive about them.

PISCES: Very dreamy. In their own world. Spiritual. May say something randomly profound, unique and intelligent.


Pesquet’s parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus) also known as the vulturine parrot  endemic to hill and montane rainforest in New Guinea. Compared to most other parrots it appears unusually small-headed, in part due to the bare black facial skin and the relatively long, hooked bill. This rather vulture-like profile is the reason behind its alternative common name. (Source)


This odd-looking ancient figure was discovered in the grave of King K'utz Chman, a priest who is believed to have reigned around 700 BCE, in Retalhuleu, Guatemala. In K'utz Chman’s tomb, archaeologists found several jade jewels, jade beans, pots, ceramic dolls and this unusual necklace.

The pendant appears to be carved in the shape of a vulture’s head - a symbol that represented fearlessness of death. And so vulture’s heads meant power and high economic status to the Maya.

Dark Nebulas across Taurus : Sometimes even the dark dust of interstellar space has a serene beauty. One such place occurs toward the constellation of Taurus. The filaments featured here can be found on the sky between the Pleiades star cluster and the California Nebula. This dust is not known not for its bright glow but for its absorption and opaqueness. Several bright stars are visible with their blue light seen reflecting off the brown dust. Other stars appear unusually red as their light barely peaks through a column of dark dust, with red the color that remains after the blue is scattered away. Yet other stars are behind dust pillars so thick they are not visible here. Although appearing serene, the scene is actually an ongoing loop of tumult and rebirth. This is because massive enough knots of gas and dust will gravitationally collapse to form new stars stars that both create new dust in their atmospheres and destroy old dust with their energetic light and winds. via NASA

Mafia!Got7 when they think your dead but your just going shopping/ maknae line

Got7 as Mafia members when they can’t find you and think your dead, but your actually just going shopping.

requested ~~


Finally you had time to buy a new dress! Youngjae and you were planning a big party with his gang and since you wanted to didn’t seem to find a nice dress in your closet, you were now at the shopping mall. It didn’t take long and you found a beautiful, dark blue dress that was exactly your taste. You smiled and walked to the changing room, satisfied that you found something so fast. You tried it on and looked at yourself in the mirror. It didn’t look to bad, hopefully Youngjae would like it too.

You decided to take a picture of the dress and send it to him, so you searched for your phone and unlocked it. But instead of opening the camera you noticed that you had about 5 missed calls. All of them from your boyfriend Youngjae. Suddenly you sighed: You had forgotten to tell him that you were going out. You quickly called him back and he picked up quite fast.

„(Y/N), where the hell are you? Is everything ok? Did someone kidnap you?“

You told him that you were only going shopping and everything was fine. At first you heard nothing, then he talked to someone on the other side of the line.

„Jackson, put that machine gun away. They said the truth, they really didn’t kidnap her. Yugyeom, why are you even fighting with my bread knifes?!!“

You heard disappointed mumbling and you just had to laugh. These boys…

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Bam Bam:

Bam Bam and you had planned a trip to he beach for ages, especially since he bought a mansion with a private beach last month so that you guys wouldn’t be bothered by his enemies. You were looking forward to it, not just because you liked the ocean but also because you were finally going to spend lots of time with your boyfriend. Ever since he was a part of the mafia, time for each other wasn’t something you had often.

It was two days before the trip when suddenly you facepalmed yourself out of the blue. You had planned this whole trip and considered every little detail, yet you had forgotten to buy yourself a bikini or swimsuit. Nice. Good job, (Y/N), you thought to yourself. But in the end all you could do was go and buy yourself some swimwear. The shopping mall was closing in 2 hours and tomorrow was sunday, so you had to hurry.

There were still lots of people at the mall when you arrived, and you went to your favorite store, not really hurrying anymore. At least you wouldn’t be the only costumer, that was always awkward so you avoided it. You entered the little, cute store and walked to the swimwear section.

4 stores later you finally left the shop with a bag. That hadn’t been as easy as planned, but at least you’d found a nice bikini! You made your way to the exit when suddenly, you felt arms wrapping around your waist. You jumped and tried to punch the stranger, suddenly panicking. You hadn’t even considered the fact that somebody might try to abduct or even kill you. Which wasn’t even offbeat ever since your relationship with Bam Bam went viral.

„Eum, excuse me? I searched the whole city for you, I thought you were dead, finally I found you and know your trying to punch me?“

You sighed in relief when you heard Bam Bams sulky but also amused voice. You wanted to defend yourself, but he interrupted you.

„It’s ok, don’t even bother, jagi. You’ll make it up to me anyways.“

You could basically hear the wink he gave you.

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Today you got up quite early in the morning, so Yugyeom was still asleep. You smiled at his sleeping form. He seemed so inncocent, even cute. But you knew better, neither was he innocent nor was it cute when he was killing his enemies without any effort. But that was the life he chose and you respected that decision. You walked into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast, but when you opened the fridge, you frowned. Why was it so… empty? You rolled your eyes. Probably Jin again. That hacker was eating like a beast. Since you didn’t want to wake up Yugyeom, you decided to go to the grocery store. It would only take 10 minutes, no need to leave a message for your boyfriend who was still sleeping like a stone.

You ended up leaving the store about 40 minutes later, since you’d met an old high school friend of yours and wanted to catch up with her a little bit. The two of you had exchanged phone numbers and now you where walking home in quite a good mood.

When you opened the door and went to the kitchen, an unusual scene appeared in front of you. Yugyeom and about 5 of his closest friends where sitting around the kitchen table. Their leather jackets didn’t really seem to fit the colourful flower print on the table cloth. When they saw you, they got silent. Some were watching you with amusement, some seemed to be confused. Yugyeom sighed and closed his eyes.

„There you are. Guys, just leave now. Wait. Jin, put the apple back.“

After all of them left, you sat next to Yugyeom and looked at him with a confused look.

„(Y/N). Please don’t tell me you where just grocery shopping. I think that was the first time I was actually scared.“

He pulled you onto his lap and hugged you. He really must’ve been scared for you, considering the fact that he wasn’t even mad.

„You know, I’m quite hungry now tho. And the plan me and the guys just made was extremely good, so maybe I’ll just blow up the other gang anyways.“

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Oh my god. I got so carried away with these O.o  They basically got little Imagines. I’m sorry X’D

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The Signs appearance

Look for your rising sign/ascendant here.

Aries : athletic but curvy body, strong and thick hair, prefers comfortable clothes and sneakers, strong eyebrows, look younger than they are when they laugh or smile.

Taurus : harmonious face, sensual lips, very shiny and often long hair, prefer classical and stylish clothing, their eyes appear very warm and friendly.

Gemini : slim body, sparkling and captivating eyes, they prefer a laid back style but also love to change their wardrobe every once in a while.

Cancer : thin and often darker hair, small nose, round chin and outstanding eyes, their style often depends on their mood, are often pretty small.

Leo : strong feature, very wide forehead, large nose, often tall with very long legs, love high quality clothing and jewellery, appear strong and elegant.

Virgo : average to tall height, often very good bodies bc they like to take care of their bodies, almond shaped eyes, long shiny hair, prefer preppy and high quality clothing, very good fashion taste.

Libra : oval face, appear very calm and charming, very picky when it comes to clothing, pleasant features, can adopt whatever style pleases them.

Scorpio : wide and strong shoulders, well built, well defined and sensual lips, magnetic eyes, thick hair, appear very serious and powerful, prefer a calm, serious style.

Sagittarius : thick hair, full lips, tall, they appear charming and energetic, not the most athletic body, wide and beautiful smile, love to change their style every once in a while.

Capricorn : slender built, small to average height, serious eyes, often short hair, appear very serious and mature, ordinary fashion sense.

Aquarius : often dark and thick hair, unusual hairstyle, appear very energetic and original, sparkling, big eyes. have either an eccentric or serious style.

Pisces : average built, large and hypnotic eyes, can take on many appearances, appear very mysterious and misty, almost impossible to tell which style they prefer.

  • Sun in the 2nd: Spends money on things that make them feel good about themselves, spoils others, entertainment
  • Moon in the 2nd: Spends money on homewares, their children, cameras
  • Mercury in the 2nd: Spends money on trinkets, books, phone credit, magazines
  • Venus in the 2nd: Spends money on appearances, clothes, spoiling others, socialising, instruments, lovers
  • Mars in the 2nd: Spends money spontaneously on impulse following heart's desire
  • Jupiter in the 2nd: Spends money on traveling, books, petrol, charity, festivals
  • Saturn in the 2nd: Doesn't spend money, and if they do on necessities
  • Uranus in the 2nd: Spends money on unusual trinkets, appearances, crystals, festivals, instruments
  • Neptune in the 2nd: Spends money on shoes, music concerts, books, instruments, helping others, lovers
  • Pluto in the 2nd: Spends money on current obsessions, what they are spending their resources on can be a great tool of self analysis

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So. Mothman. Singulair entity? All male species? "Man" as a linguistic hold over and they actually don't have gender?

  • The “Man” in Mothman is a linguistic holdover because English is ridiculously gendered for no good reason.  
  • Mothmen are really Agender hermaphrodites (in the biological sense of possessing both ovaries and testes) but cannot self-fertilize.  
  • So when Mothpersons want to have kids, they typically pair-or-triple-up and lay a collective clutch of eggs in jelly in a seculded, damp nest.
  • over the next few months, the eggs engage in chemical warfare and the weaker ones are dissolved and cannibalized until there is just one to three eggs.
  • The Mothlets are then cared for by any and all parents (it’s not uncommon for non-breeding Mothmen to parent unattended offspring) for 2-3 years
  • by the time it reaches adolescene, the mothlet is typically LARGER than any of it’s parents, and a reddish-brown color instead of the usual dark gray.
  • the mothlet is then allowed out of the nest under close supervision to learn how to fly (the coloration is to other adults don’t get mad when it flies into the wrong nest), hunt, fill out job applications and other life skills.
  • at about 5-6 years, the mothlet changes to dark gray and there is a special religious ceremony welcoming it into society as an adult, not unlike a bat mitzvah.
  • Most Mothmen remain in isolated communities in far rural Appalachia, but the ones that settled west of the continental divide have had to learn how to cope with humans, due to greater population density.
  • Many end up taking night-shift jobs in cryptid-run businesses, or in the National Park Service, which is awash with cryptids.
  • A great number of fire-towers are ‘manned’ by Mothmen.  They’re great at staring at vast emptiness for long periods of time.
  • Mothmen usually only live to be about 30, much to everyone’s sadness.
  • Some cryptids have trouble with them, becuase they are entirely nonverbal and their body language doesn’t parse well to human-oriented brains, but some weres prefer them to normal humans. 
  • Mothmen CAN learn humanoid body language though, and give great hugs.  Just mind the feet.
  • Native American Lore suggests that Mothmen were on the continent prior to the arrival of humans, and they have no aptitude for magical practice, so it’s unclear how they came about.
  • Up close, they’re an interesting of moth, owl, bat and pterodactyl features.  The mouth is HUGE and toothy, though usually ‘hidden’ in thier ruff due to thier unusual head shape.
  • They appear to have strict and ritualized religious practices based on numerology, but it doesn’t match any other known numerological practice. Hell, their numbers don’t match any known one.
  • the LOVE bananas, despite apparently being obligate carnivores.

Evey time I talk about LOST there is someone who ask some of these questions so I decided to make a frequently asked questions post:

- How did a polar bear arrive to a tropical island? The Dharma Initiative brought the polar bears among other animals for their experiments. After the Dharma Initiative was destroyed all the animals started to live free in the jungle. The Dharma Initiative got this kind of bears genetically modifying regular polar bears, that’s why they can survive in a tropical climate.

- Why is there a bird that says “Hurley”? The bird has an unusual appearance and is bigger than regular birds because is one of Dharma’s genetically modified animals. The bird does not say “Hurley”, the fact that its caw sound similar to Hugo’s nickname is just a coincidence. Note also that the other characters in that scene don’t think the bird’s caw sounds like Hugo’s nickname, only him.

- Why do pregnant women die in the island? This is a consequence of The Incident. After a huge amount of electromagnetic energy was released from inside The Island a residual energy was left in the surface which over the years caused the immune system illness that kills these women. This is also a paradox (both time and literary) because Juliet was the one who detonated the bomb that caused the energy leak (the leak caused by the Dharma perforation was small). Juliet’s reason to be in The Island was to fix a problem that would have never existed if she never went to The Island in the first place.

- Why have they to push the button every 108 minutes? After The Incident an electromagnetic charge is continuously accumulating at The Swan. The Dharma Initative designed a system in which pushing that button discharges the electric buildup before it becomes dangerous. It has to be done every 108 minutes because that’s the time it takes for the buildup to reach dangerous levels. If the button is not pushed the energy is released which in big amounts would not only affect The Island but the entire world. The Dharma Initiative also installed a false-safe mechanism to use as an emergency in case pushing the button failed. This is the mechanism that Desmond activates at the end of season 2. The false-safe mechanism was meant to seal the leak of energy coming from inside of The Island but its creators were unsure which could be the consequences or if it would safely work out.

- Why was Walt special? He was born with psychic powers, he can summon animals and have premonitions. He probably has more powers that weren’t shown considering that Walt himslef seems to not be aware of his own powers. These powers are why The Others were so interested in making him one of them but Walt didn’t want to join and was hostile towards them. The Others became scared that Walt could hurt them and decided to let him go with his dad (after using Michael to get Jack, Kate and Sawyer).

- What do The Numbers mean? Jacob assigned one number from 1 to 360 to each candidate to Protector Of The Island. The Numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) represent each one of the last 6 remaining candidates. The Numbers are just Jacob’s method to organise his candidate system and have no special meaning.

- Why did The Numbers bring Hurley bad luck? They didn’t. Many characters tried to explain to him The Numbers weren’t cursed and weren’t related to his bad luck strike. The Numbers only had power over Hurley because he belived they had, is psychological. Hurley was destined to be in The Island and he would have end up there no matter what. If he had ignored The Numbers that wouldn’t have changed anything.

- Why were The Numbers being broadcasted from The Island’s radio station? The Numbers are the core numerical value of the Valenzetti Equation which the Dharma Initiative was studying. They were broadcasting them to the other members of the Initiative that were off The Island. Note: The Valenzetti Equation was made up for the show and is not part of any real scientific theory

- Why are The Numbers in the door of The Swan and why are The Numbers the code you have to enter in the computer? The Numbers were engraved in the hatch simply because that is the serial number. Then when they needed a code for the computer they decided to use the number that is in the door because is easier to remember since is already there. Is like when in the computer of your work or your school they use as a password the floor number or similar. 

- If The Numbers don’t have a especial power, why do they appear all the time? They have different meanings (for Jacob, Dharma, Hurley) despite being the same numbers to reinforce the constant theme on the show that everything is connected in one way or another. They also represent the necessity we humans have to search for patterns where there aren’t, to try to find an explanation for chaos and feel better. The Numbers appear very often in the background of the show too as easter eggs for fans who enjoy little details.

- Were they dead the whole time? No, they were not dead. They are dead only in the flash sideways universe which is a non-physical place to help them prepare for what comes after death. Which is this place exactly (purgatory/ limbo/ etc.) or what comes next (heaven/ reincarnation/ etc.) is vague on purpose as the show writers wanted each viewer to interpret this according to their personal beliefs.

- Does this mean all the characters are dead at the end of the show? No, the fact that all the main characters are in the flash sideways doesn’t mean they all died at the end of the show. Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Hurley, Desmond, Penny, Rose, Bernard and Ben are all alive when the show ends but they appear in the flash sideways with all the characters whose deaths we have seen on the show. This is because in this place time doesn’t exists. Every time a character has died in the show they (their souls/ minds/ etc. according to your beliefs) went to this place and Sawyer, Kate, Claire and co. will keep living their lives (after what we have seen in the final season) and when they are old and unavoidabily die they will go to this place too but the people who were already there don’t feel like they have been waiting despite in the physical world many years have passed.

- If Sawyer, Kate, Claire and etc. all live many years after what we have seen in the finale why their “ghosts” look young? They all look like the age they had in The Island because those were the most important times of their lifes. Their appearance has nothing to do with the age they have when they die. They could die at 90 years old and they would still appear in the flash sideways with the age they had in The Island.

Starburst Galaxy M94 : What could cause the center of M94 to be so bright? Spiral galaxy M94 has a ring of newly formed stars surrounding its nucleus, giving it not only an unusual appearance but also a strong interior glow. A leading progenitor hypothesis holds that an elongated knot of stars known as a bar rotates in M94 and has generated a burst of star formation in the inner ring. Recent observations have revealed the outer, fainter ring is not closed and relatively complex. M94, pictured here spans about 30,000 light years, lies about 15 million light years away, and can be seen with a small telescope toward the constellation of the Hunting Dogs . via NASA

Rising Signs … as the world sees them and you experience them.

(Personal opinion gained from my experiences)

ARIES: Likely to come across as intimidating. Sometimes will give the impression they don’t like you. Resting bitch face. This initial impression will barely last a few minutes though once you start speaking properly with them.

TAURUS: Kind eyes. May have a calming aura about them. Will likely look very put together. Tendency to have a more curvaceous or rounder body.

GEMINI: Double personality - depends which side of them you meet. Talkative or observant. Tendency towards gossiping. Intelligent and alert eyes.

CANCER: Mood oriented. If they’re in a good mood they’ll come across really well, if they’re in a bad mood they’ll seem like a stuck up bitch. Will likely come across as shy or overly emotional even if they aren’t.

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David Bowie has a condition called anisocoria, which is the medical term for unequal pupils. In 1962, aged 14, he got punched in the eye by his schoolfriend George Underwood, during an argument over a girl named Carol Goldsmith. George’s fingernail caught David’s eye and dislodged something. David was admitted to Farnborough Hospital, where it was found that the sphincter muscles of his left eye were badly torn and he
underwent two eye operations. He has an enlarged pupil that remains permanently open, giving them an unusual appearance. Contrary to popular belief David doesn’t have two different coloured eyes – they are both the same colour. The enlarged pupil only gives the “effect” of two different coloured eyes.

Old Pictures

Prompt:  Looking through old pictures, you find the same man appearing in the background of each picture, always seeming to look right at the camera.

Word Count: 2,072.

Warnings: Slight fluff at the beginning, but spoopy shit later on.

A/N: Written for Kumi aka @rotisserierogers‘s Halloween writing challenge! Writing spoopy stuff isn’t my speciality so if this sucks, that’s why.

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Librarian Letters

Ms. Pumpkin Jaq: Please be advised that your familiar, Trix, will be returned to you by the end of the week. He was caught between chapters five and six of your recently returned novel, Fantastic Trees Through the Ages. Please note a two silver coin fine will be placed onto your account for returning Trix to his original form. At the time of

this letter, he was stuck in the shape of a bookmark.

Ms. Arques: Your copy of Lock Picking for Frequently Incarcerated Mischief Makers is available for pickup. Please note: How to Hide Nearly Anything Anywhere is nearing its due date and we can find you if necessary.

Mrs. Strawberry: The books from Atlantis have arrived. My apologies for not listing the titles, I am not able to read the glyphs. They are being held in the water tank at the Circulation Desk.

Ms. Pierreux: The story stones you requested arrived yesterday. A Suspend Fire charm has been cast upon them as they were covered in lava. We have a pair of bat-shaped oven mitts handy should you
need protection to carry them home.

Lemon Peel the Tiny Dragon: A book in the form of a mechanical lizard arrived for you several days ago. Our apologies in this delay, it kept scampering away and hiding. We were finally able to keep it one place by giving it a steady bribe of nuts and bolts.

Mr. Redghost: A large black book with red pages and an unusual smell appeared at the Receiving Dock a few days ago. While we have no record of you requesting it, nor can we read the title or open the cover, it is whispering your name and laughing quietly. We insist you retrieve it as quickly as possible.

Ms. Starwater: Your copy of An Incomplete & Probably Untrue Yet Passionate History of Poltergeists is available for pick up. It has been playing tricks on various patrons since its arrival, please stop by the Circulation Desk so we may share the stories.

Mr. Sourdough: Please keep the copy of Speed Reading for the Busy you currently have checked out. Our records show you have renewed it every two weeks for the last 10 years.


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Today, another unusual art appeared on the subject of Zootopia.
As you noticed, I did this piece by piece:
I drew details to the character, made a scene and added a mini-spotlight.
Is this work, which I spent almost all day, does not deserve your likes?)
I hope you will enjoy.

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Africa is so beautiful. Where would you recommend to someone who wants to visit for the first time? (Every country looks gorgeous, but which are the most welcoming?)

It depends on what you’re looking for during your visit/ what you’re into. Of course the most popular countries (South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya & Egypt) attract the most people but I think there are alot of hidden gems in many other countries worth exploring as well. 

Here are a few…

Lake Rebta  (Senegal)

Lake Retba or Lac Rose lies north east of Senegal’s capital Dakar. The water in Senegal’s Lake Retba always seems to have a pinkish hue to it. The lake’s unusual appearance is caused by a salt-loving green micro alga called Dunaliella Salina that resides in the lake, known for its high concentration of the mineral. The color is particularly visible during the dry summer months when the saline levels are high and you will see it turn strawberry pink and sometimes, even red. 

The Devil’s Pool (Zambia)

Devil’s Pool is adjacent to the famous Livingstone Island situated on the edge of the Victoria Falls. Guests can choose to enjoy an exhilarating swim to the edge of the falls during their Livingstone Island visit. The Devil’s Pool is usually open between mid August and mid January - depending on Zambezi water levels.

Marrakech, Morocco 

The city is divided into two distinct parts: the Medina, the historical city, and the new modern district called Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. The Medina is full of intertwining narrow passageways and local shops full of character. In contrast, Gueliz plays host to modern restaurants, fast food chains and big brand stores.

Virunga Mountains (Rwanda, Congo (DRC) & Uganda)

Nearly half of the world’s 700-some remaining mountain gorillas live in the Virunga Mountains of central Africa, at the intersection of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The volcanic slopes here are lush with tropical forests and diverse mammal, bird, and reptile species. Tours are available to see the volcanos and gorillas (but please take note & high consideration…if you’re sick….don’t go on the gorilla tours, for their sake ( they’re endangered), even if it’s a small fever).

Zanzibar (Tanzania)

In Zanzibar to ancient Persia and tales of Shirazi merchants that inspired Sinbad the Sailor, to the court of Swahili princes and Omani sultans, to India, with its heavily laden scents.

For over 2000 years the monsoon winds have shaped the landscape and culture of these islands. Stone Town’s Indo-Arabian architecture provides an amazing urban backdrop. Clove farms creep up the hillsides and farmers load crates of mangoes onto outbound boats. And, along the coast, village life remains steeped in tradition as fishing dhows set sail on high tides and women farm seaweed off powder-white coral sand. With its tropical tableau and unique culture, the archipelago offers the quintessential Indian Ocean experience.

Loango National Park (Gabon)

Many nature lovers well acquainted with the African continent consider Gabon a rare and exotic tropical gem. Wildlife rich forests cover 70% of Gabon’s landmass, its vast picturesque coastline is predominantly wild and unspoiled, and its inland and coastal waters teem with myriad species of fish, reptiles and marine mammals. In Loango National park you can spot various animals from hippos to whales!

Ouidah (Benin)

Some 42km west of Cotonou is Ouidah, a relaxed, relatively prosperous town and a must-see for anyone interested in voodoo or Benin’s history of slavery. From the 17th to the late 19th century, captured countrymen from across West Africa left Ouidah for the Americas.

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just curious - do you have any headcanons about james sirius potter, like his personality, love life, hogwarts career and so forth?? i feel like hes not as explored as his siblings and is usually just pegged as a womanizing reincarnated hybrid of james and sirius

right now the headcanons I have of James Sirius Potter is that he

- is a die hard Holyhead Harpies fan

- tends to appear in unusual places

- doesn’t enjoy sharing his toys

- is a very good cook

- does a lot of exercises

- and want to be his mother

Right now I have no headcanons about his love life since in my mind he’s still a baby kid! :) I’m not giving thoughts about the older next  generation!