unused pokemon types

unused fossil Pokemon type combinations and what they could be
  • Rock/Dark: This one’s tough.  I can’t really think of a prehistoric animal associated with “sneakiness” or “cheating”.  Maybe an Oviraptor “egg thief” Pokemon?
  • Rock/Electric: Definitely one of those sail-backed reptiles, like Dimetrodon or Spinosaurus.  Its sail would absorb sunlight to power up its electric attacks.
  • Rock/Fairy: I’ve always wanted there to be a pure-Rock grumpy scaly dino-baby that evolves into a Rock/Fairy Velociraptor covered in bright feathers, representative of our evolving understanding of raptor biology,
  • Rock/Fighting: This would also be a good candidate for a Velociraptor Pokemon.  Personally, though, I’d like to see a Rock/Fighting terror bird that learns a lot of kicking attacks.
  • Rock/Fire: Same as Rock/Electric, honestly.
  • Rock/Ghost: Every fossil is a dead thing and could therefore conceivably be a Ghost-type, so this would probably have to be reserved for an animal that’s famous for being extinct, like the dodo or the woolly mammoth or something.
  • Rock/Ground: This one has a lot of possibilities.  A mammoth with an entire hillside on its back?  An Ankylosaurus with gravel armor?  Maybe some kind of burrowing animal?  I dunno.
  • Rock/Normal: My immediate first thought is “hadrosaur”, for two reasons: one, some hadrosaurs had hollow crests that amplified their calls, and a Normal-type hadrosaur could capitalize on this by learning (and getting STAB from) sound moves; and two, hadrosaurs are basically the default dinosaur - the Normal-types of the Cretaceous, if you will.
  • Rock/Poison: Back before gen 5 came out, a Rock/Poison fossil Arthropleura Pokemon was one of my all-time most-wanted concepts, but the introduction of Scolipede means they probably wouldn’t make that, since it’s so similar.  My second choice would be a poison-spitting pop-culture Dilophosaurus, complete with Jurassic Park-style neck frills.  Alternate possibility: an entire animate tar pit full of bones.
  • Rock/Psychic: I genuinely can’t think of anything for this one, help me out here