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Hi guys!  SO GUESS WHAT.  The fabulous @baneismydragon is not only amazing at writing, drawing, and being a really cool person, but is also ridiculously talented musically.  She arranged AND sang the parts for the original animatic I made for @krzed​, and it is SOOOOO magical to be able to finally HEAR the lyrics!!

As you might recall from the fanfiction, Marinette and Chat use the Phantom of the Opera song “All I Ask of You” to express their love for each other.  For the original animatic it would have been nice to be able to use a vocal track, except since the male and female vocals are swapped in the fic (which I LOVE because it changed the whole dynamic of the song), it was not possible. 

So, enter Bane!!  All the music from the moment Marinette starts singing til the very end of the video was arranged and sung by her.  It’s been a really busy past few months but I finally got around to re-cut and edit the video (plus added a few unused panels from the original), so here it is!  I hope you like it!  Thanks so much Bane and Krzed!!!

Working like mad over here while my Mom’s in town. She’s been helping me overhaul my backyard with plants. Rented a U-haul to bring everything from Home Depot here today, spent the afternoon attempting to dig into the hard pack soil, and after I managed to plant a single small shrub after 25 mins of digging, we decided to rent a small backhoe tomorrow and tackle everything this next two days.
Seeing as I’m gonna be busy as hell for the foreseeable future, I dug around the sketchbook and found some unused panels from my Gravity Falls comic days.
This was going to be a bit showing how much Stan hated it when Ford was under Bill’s influence, but it ended up being superfluous to the story and stifling the panel flow I had planned.


Tank you. Here’s the Evolution of Milky Mint.

I learned not to have too many thick outlines on small details like her dress stripes. If everything has thick outlines, nothing does. Also less saturated colors.

Still figuring out how to make her eyes more expressive

A WIP; part one of three

edit: complete version here!!!

Hi! I wonder if you can help me!😰I’m desperately trying to understand where this picture of Nezumi is taken from…I can’t find it anywhere!😭Is it from an extra story? I think his clothes are the same of those that he wears in a small part of chapter 35,but this picture isn’t there!!😭Please,can you help me? Do you know any links where I can (eventually)find the whole story or other images like this? Thank you!

Kare Reiko answers:

I also have no idea where this come form, maybe some kind of japan magazine? Nezumi something like “(have?) a wonderful vacations”. Anyway you are right that Nezumi wears his clothes from last chapter. If this was unused panel (as we know manga artist wanted and drew a lot more than we see in manga) and they publish it on vacation time or it’s picture specially made for vacation…

Does any NO.6 fan know more about it? Everyone would be happy to know about this picture more and I would post those information on our RC Blog.

You're Such A Nerd

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Words: 1,192

“Holy shit!” You stopped mid bite as you sat across from Tony at dinner when you were hit with sudden inspiration.

“Whuss grong?” He asked through a mouthful of gnocchi.

“Holy. Shit. I’ve figured it out!” You said again, abruptly standing up from the table, nearly causing it to fall over.

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anonymous asked:

i just wanted to say that your mock opening to an SDC movie (the one with the song 'death or glory') actually inspired me to get into jjba so thank you so much for making it!

(the piece in question) well, this is just about the highest compliment i could possibly receive.  

please, take this unused panel, better used for another sequence i hope to board someday… (if my heart can bear it)

you’re welcome, and thank you! i hope you’re having the time of your life.