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Did a Red vs Blue cosplay with my friends at LA Anime Expo! We had some fun, here’s an compilation of different Mainewash photos Me and Maine here took. 

Wash - Me

Maine - @ghost-bird

Cosplay based off of the Guns for Hire AU design by @synnesai

Maine Post - Wash Post - Mainewash Pretty View - Group Post - Tex vs Felix - WashFelix - WashFelix Good with Knives - More to come

((OOC post for once.

So I’m new to WRA but likely going to be staying and creating more characters here. But that means I’m starting over on a new server, with like zero contacts, so I figured I’d post in the tag and ask about finding RP. I have a bunch more characters than Ifruil (often ones who are more suitable for walkup) but she’s the 110 I have on the server atm, so I’m posting here!

I’d also like to follow more IC blogs and try to immerse myself in the server more, even if you don’t follow this character blog. So you can just like this post and I’ll take a look. I’ll follow on my unused main blog, discpriestdps.

Ty to WRA for being entirely welcoming so far ♥))

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Epic blog HSB!!! ^_^ What colours that we haven't yet seen in Sentai would you love to see in the future ???


There are so many colors we’ve already had including:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Black, White, Pink, Silver, Gold, Gray, Cyan, Dark Blue, Maroon.  

However, I would love to see a few colors we’re missing:

Indigo. It’s the only color of the rainbow not properly used yet.  Sure, purple is close but indigo really is it’s own color.  

Oh and Brass, I would love to see some metallic colors other than Silver and Gold.  A Brass Ranger or Copper Ranger would be cool.  Or maybe that’s just me stuck on my Metallic Dragons from D&D.

the door opens, and rupert’s attention is moved from the list and calculator in his hands to the silhouette against the rainy london night: only one person with a key fits the shape he can make out even before it steps into the light, and confusion knits rupert’s eyebrows together as he checks his watch. no, he hasn’t been sitting here all night, it’s definitely just 2 am.   “ eggsy? i thought you had a client for the WHOLE NIGHT?

@pueroimmersi » merlin rupert & eggsy. » for the escort au.

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I've only known about langblr since Nov/Dec 2016 and I started looking through all of the resources I've liked/reblogged (only about 1000) and I'm 5 weeks in and still have 228 to go. I HAVE SO MANY RESOURCES. I COULD BE C1 BY NOW IN AT LEAST TWO OF MY TARGET LANGUAGES!! it's fun (and frustrating) going through them though. Lots of great finds! Try it!! (My target languages are Spanish, Italian and German btw😁 Native English) Have a good night!

tbh im scared to go thru mine, there must be a million of unused resources on my blog o.o i probably should at some point tho :P maybe if i start using them ill become proficient in my target languages faster hahaha

I speak spanish btw, so if you ever need help, feel free to ask!! :D

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Do you perhaps have a tutorial on putting having an image overlapping the container/entries of a theme? I've seen where people will do that so that when you scroll, it disappears beneath this image, but I can't find any tutorials about it. :( Could you please make or direct me to a tutorial? Thank you!

hello there anon - 

while you CAN do this - i would caution as to what image you use, and how you place it… but yes… here’s a lil tutorial on how to do this and why you need to be careful in choosing size and position–

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guys … dante probably plays the guitar and he draws and he loves literature. he’s such a nerd.

url giveaway!!

hi! so i’ve had this url for a couple of months now but im currently using another url and decided that i didnt want this one to go to waste on an unused side blog so i’ve decided to do a giveaway! rules:

  • please only like and reblog this post once! 
    • you’ll get two entries if you like this post and reblog it
  • its not required but it would be wonderful if you followed my taylor blog: @tragicloveaffairs
  • please dont reblog this to a giveaway blog!
  • make sure you have your ask / messaging open so i can notify you if you win!
  • please only enter if you would use this url and not just hoard it! i know how hard it is to get a good taylor url and i would want this one to go to someone who would use it!!!

a winner will be picked on august 6th!!

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Girl, I am all for your Fionn talks whether you want to keep it on this blog or make a side one🙆. If they don't like to see it, they can scroll past it

I just find it so much easier to keep all my writing in the same place, you know? I have a personal side-blog already and I barely use that so I don’t want to let my Fionn side-blog go unused. I’m so glad people enjoy them though. xx

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i would pay you real actual money to eliminate whatever coward is keeping me from the shihosuzui url. im coming to you because i feel like i could trust you with this

Fuck that’s a mood there’s so many urls I want that are just stashed and unused. Message the blog tbh since p5 is new I’m sure they’re still active and maybe they’d be willing to part with it