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#210 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “a song fix based on the song "nothing’s gonna hurt you baby” by cigarettes after sex? Maybe like the girls parents are rude to her, or maybe they died, and she feels all alone, and van is always trying to assure her that he won’t hurt her? And The other parts, maybe he’s whispering something odd in her ear to make her blush, and like they’re dancing to music in the living room and drinking. just fluffy"

Note: Oh, hey, a songfic I don’t hate! Quite short, but otherwise okay?

It is an absolutely universal experience to be annoyed when someone is able to make you smile when you’re angry, hurt, or frustrated. Those moments where you try to hold onto the pain, like a safety blanket keeping you apart from the rest of the world. If that is taken away with a little laugh or the tiniest of micro expressions, then you’d have to talk, or be okay again. And, in that moment, you were not ready to be okay again. If you didn’t want to be okay though, you shouldn’t have fallen in love with Van McCann.

“Baaaaaaaaaaaby,” he whispered in your ear. You kept staring straight ahead, watching everyone play pool from the where you were sitting on the pub couch, legs pulled up to your chest defensively. The week had been rough; each day getting progressively more bleak and challenging and soul crushing. Bad news. Missed opportunities. Rude people. Sleepless nights. Horrible food. Nothing good.

You had agreed to the pub with everyone because, like most of your becauses, Van. Even the warmth and safe familiarity of the place wasn’t helping. The beer tasted too bitter. The leather of the couch was making annoying squeaking sounds. Everyone was too loud, telling you to smile and chin up!

Van tried again, opting for shock value. A string of dirty, perverted and entirely beautiful words fell from his mouth, too quiet for anyone but you to hear. As he spoke, your cheeks went red, and you stopped him by looking away with a smile.

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The toughest part was trying to keep quiet about all of this. In a twist of events, I ended up at the back end of Homestuck looking out.

I have known about Volume 10 for a long time and did some last minute help arranging some things.

The biggest story here is probably RJ’s, who went from almost selling his guitar to releasing entire albums of unused music to orchestrating Homestuck’s best album ever over the course of a few months. Congratulations @spellmynamewithabang! You did a music! RJ managed the whole project of Volume 10!

Thanks to folks like you who truly loved Homestuck, we can finally return the love right through your eyes and ears.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it all, and helping me help others make it happen.

Volume 10 is incredibly personal to everyone for so many reasons.

Life is wonderful. The best concert is one spent sitting next to friends. Thanks for sitting by me.