Imagine experiencing EVERY emotion at its fullest. AT ONCE.

Emotional overdose.

I’d also like to imagine that Ink already did that, too, at some point. Also emotional hangovers afterwards.

Since Pale never had enough of this stuff to be able to stockpile it, he’s used to use it all in one go. He knows no modesty when it comes to this. |D

I already replied to a similar ask, explaining that I think Ink basically consumes liquid creativity in order to feel, which is exactly the essence of every AU, which Pale drains off of AUs. But doing a comic is fun, too, I guess. c:

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"I swear if you bite that damn lip again I will kiss you" with Kara?

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“I can’t figure this out.  There just isn’t enough of the sample to do enough testing to figure out the molecular structure.”

You run your fingers back through your hair, exasperated from filling your whiteboard yet again with mathematics and chemical names yet another time with no progress.

“Maybe you should take a break,” Kara suggests, spinning around in your desk chair again.  You ignore the idea and wipe at the clear board with an eraser before uncapping a fresh marker.

“Kara, can you look up the atomic weight of Unununium?”

“Sure thing,” the blonde rolls her eyes when she responds and stands up with one of your giant reference books in hand.  When get stops beside you at your board and sees the look of concentration on your face, her face gets red.  

“What?” you glance at her after a few moments of silence; confused as to why she hasn’t answered you yet.  Her gaze is locked on your mouth and you bite your bottom lip absentmindedly as you wait for her response.

“I swear, if you bite that damn lip again I will kiss you.”

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Small children Pale and Template? :3 (Sorry for bad English)

Took me long enough, but sure!! Have two smols!

This is basically their character

Template: blep.

Pale: *exists*

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Has Template ever been to the Omega Timeline and met Gradient? And do you think the two would be friends? Because it seems as if they would at least have some sort of mutual understanding of each other if not anything more.

I get what you mean when you say they they’d understand each other, but the fact that Gradient is a combo of Ink and Error just majorly confuses Template. He’s really trying to be nice but just looking at Gradient makes him nervous. Also watching Gradient delete his drawings all the time would probably drive him completely crazy. 

(Not that Gradient isn’t used to reactions like this, uhm, at least I think he is?)

Gradient belongs to @askcomboclub

Dolphin and Shark of the multiverse

Got the idea from a friend and thought it would be a cute thing to do~ n.n

It’s not much, but I at least wanted to do something for @lyoth737′s and my anniversary. One year has gone by so fast! <3

Shouldn’t have used crayons when I have no clue how to use them but ehh. Especially because it’s so rushed, gaaah More practice is needed.

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When they are bored what that they do? 7u7 (ugly english)

Template has a lot of hobbies he spends his time with when not skipping through AU’s

He has a passion for drawing

…but he also writes fanfics

…and, of course, he likes to watch other AUs!

Moreover, he loves to watch Anime and sometimes spends hours on hours by practising poses.

Pale surprisingly has some hobbies, too other than just erasing AUs

He likes to watch things, too. His favorite:

Watching his ink dripping down from a wall!

But his most interesting hobby might be that he’s actually a fashionista!

He collects clothes and piles them up in his void!

So yes, he has more than one outfit!

Looks how pretty he is! He cosplays! :’D

So yes, these two won’t get bored! ^u^

I was having math lectures and I didn’t understand a thing.

There was a blank space under the excercises and a ball pen in my hand.

So I decided to fill it with this. I usually wouldn’t upload things like this because it looks messy and weird but it might be interesting to see how I’m doing my sketches. You know, because ball pen is hard to erase :’D

I always like Puyo Puyo but I only got to play it since Puyo Puyo Tetris got released. And I totally LOVE Sig who’s basically like Pale! So yes, COSPLAY! Also Template tagged along and wanted to be Amitie. Because she looks like the protagonist. Okay then, I guess…? I’m proud of you, my gay son. :’D

Also play Puyo Puyo Tetris if you can! I had a blast when I was going through the story line