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Well, here he is !! I wanted to draw him since a looong time ! Pale is a very interesting character, I would love to do a fight between Template and him !
And to draw Template to, when I’ll have some time :’)

And, of course, Pale and Template belongs to @unu-nunu-art.
If you don’t know this artist, you should totally take a look at her work, it’s amazing !  ヽ( ✧ ᗜ ✧ )ノ

WELL, I’m here with a new drawing of the new character Template!!!
He’s the swap version of Error!Sans (the creator knows about Reboot, but she decided to create another swap version of him). Unu created a swap version of Ink!Sans too (called Pale), but first I drew Template .w.U
I know, his clothes looks some obscure, sorry for that :’v
Anyway, I hope you like it!!! ;w;

Template belongs to @unu-nunu-art
Design link: https://unu-nunu-art.tumblr.com/post/159691349418/remember-to-click-for-better-resolution-or-go-to
Art by me c:

After Pale, Template ! He’s a cutie, but yeah, I don’t think he really likes to fight, even if he likes to do the Hero. 

(I just realized I spend only two hours on him, so I’m quite happy, with all my work I have :’>)

Now, let’s go back to the requests… 

Pale and Template belong to @unu-nunu-art - @unu-nunium ! <3 (hope it will cheer you up a lil ^^’)


Some previews of the game!

The coding is taking more than planned, but most likely at least a demo will be ready before this month ends with the whole intro. And the complete alpha would be ready probably at the end of next month.

Thanks everyone in the staff that helped create this game.

@thecloudheaded @mintyclefairy @dongoverlord @rahafwabas @datchidatchi @starstandby@miyako47@primomon @atlantart @unu-nunu-art @n0nlee @trickstercarlos @roxazlum

anonymous asked:

error and ink sin? or just hanging out

“You’re right, I’m not sorry. What are you going to do about it? Punish me?”

…this is probbaly the closest to sin I can get. So… does this still count as hanging out or is this sin?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Aaah gosh finally I got this done!!!

Drew @unu-nunu-art‘s Template and Pale, their version of Swap!Error and Swap!Ink receptively! And gosh I love these two! The design is a nice merge of who they were swapped with but also giving their own twist to it, and their personalities reflect that merge as well! 

Decided to do a single color cell shade since any more than that seemed to make it feel cluttered o-o

Aaaand happy birthday to Ink created by the lovely @myebi / @comyet ~~!

Kinda messy again because booy I gotta learn, haha :”D

Next two weeks will muuuch exam happiness for me, I can’t waaait for that!

But anyway, I shouldn’t be rambling on the birthday picture of that lovely boy! I should be more thanking Comyet for creating that awesome squid!! He’s a cool character to work with and boy, I had so much fun with drawing and cosplaying him!

Thank you so much for making him! He really changed my life (in a very very good way >u< @unu-nunu-art knows it~ )!


Oh jeez, that took longer than I expected, but it was super fun!

When I saw the concept art for Template (here) I immediately thought that he and Error wouldn’t get along very well. Although Ink is to blame for this. (Am I the only one who imagines that if Error and Ink were a couple they would bring devastation everywhere they go?) 

I really tried to stick as close as possible to the concept, although I added side pieces for the glasses.

The cutie Template belongs to @unu-nunu-art Ink of course to @comyet and Error to @loverofpiggies :)

Btw I’ll never ever use a pencil tool for outlines again. Don’t know why I thought this would be a good idea >__>

Edit: Oh jeez posted he same page twice :’D

naehja  asked:

I imagine Paperjam and Gradient like people who love creating things and when they manage for finish their creation, it's beautiful. BUT if they fall or do a mistake who ruin their work, they become frustrated and destroy it, sometime in a dramatic way.

Idk, I think they deal with it differently.

IDK what to say or how accurate this is. What was the question again? 

The point is… they are both adorable I think c:

Paperjam @7goodangel

Gradient @askcomboclub


My birthday gift to the lovely @unu-nunu-art !

You made my life much more awesome than it ever was before (and I though I had reached the ceiling already) and I’m so super happy to have met you!!!


(And I apologize for having to evade your questions on what I was drawing because else you would have known I was working on your gift oAo )


My actual present for her <3