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Some previews of the game!

The coding is taking more than planned, but most likely at least a demo will be ready before this month ends with the whole intro. And the complete alpha would be ready probably at the end of next month.

Thanks everyone in the staff that helped create this game.

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Better late than never x>

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And I’m going to sleep (no) ^^


My birthday gift to the lovely @unu-nunu-art !

You made my life much more awesome than it ever was before (and I though I had reached the ceiling already) and I’m so super happy to have met you!!!


(And I apologize for having to evade your questions on what I was drawing because else you would have known I was working on your gift oAo )


My actual present for her <3

Back when I did the palette challenge, someone suggested a very colorful palette for Lapis. I tried a more serious approach but I didn’t like it much.

So I redid that now and made it… this.

Flippin’ radical, Lapis. I mean, Bob. :’D

Someone asked me to draw Ink and Error cuddle.

This is probably not what you expected, but I had fun with it and I it was fun to color ovo

Rules: Answer the questions & add 20 blogs you wanna know better!

I was tagged by @unu-nunu-art one day before my last hard exam in school (before the Abitur), so I guess now I have time to answer it!

Nickname: Sepia, Mondi, IRL Stephie/Steffi/howeveryouwritethis (but I hate that nickname, I’ve grown used to it, but I hate it)

Star sign: virgo (and I think my ascendent was libra?)

Height: about 175 cm!

Favourite music artist: I… don’t really have one? I just listen to whatever I like… ;-;

Last TV show you watched: It was so long ago I don’t actually remember :’D Maybe Steven Universe?

What kind of stuff do you post: mostly general stuff and things about my fandoms/things that I like (I’m not going to list all of them now, forget it)

Do you have any other blogs: Yes! :D

Why did you choose your URL: I’m too lazy to explain again, so I’m just going to copy it from when I explained it in the past

“The “Sepia” derives from a book series I once read. There was a side character named “Sepia” and I liked the name. Since then I always try to use it as a name in internet.
The “Schattentau” is German. “Schatten” means “shadow”. “Tau”… uh… I have to look that one up. …“dew”? Could that be right? Whatever, this is… from a book series too. This one. The characters all have these names that are put together from two different words. And I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time. And even though I stopped reading them I still use the names I created.”

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw! (and Thunderbird for Ilvermorny)

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favourite color: orange, but I also like turquoise

How many blankets do you sleep with: One

Following: 153

Followers: 47 :’D

I’m tagging… let’s see… @chessy051 @punyeol @celerity910 uh… @klefkitoyourheart @professorsycadaddy … I’m out of people I feel okay to tag, sorry. I hope you guys are okay with this? Sorry if you already did this one.

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite ship OF ALL TIME?!

The favourite ship? The ultimate OTP of me?

That’s clearly

⁎⁺˳✧༚ INK X ERROR ⁎⁺˳✧༚

You got to know - I’m no person that ships. At all. Up to 2016 canon ships were my boat (if any) and I didn’t even ship them or draw them, I just thought they were cute together.

You know, until Undertale flipped my whole life.

Started drawing humans, started RPing, started cosplaying and most important, met @unu-nunu-art in her Error Sans cosplay.

She got me into the best ship ever~~~ 💕 💕

Ink and Error have so much diversity, it’s always fascinating to RP as them, to draw them, to cosplay them. They’re similar yet different and both have their own set of problems (like Unu and I… we even give ourselves their nicknames for fun since we cosplay as them X”3 ).

I’ve experienced so much love and fun over the ship, no other ship can be better than that for me. Undertale is one of the fandoms I’m going to remember for the rest of my life, that’s for sure. 🖤

Okay, so I KNEW I had this ask with PJ and I THINK it was 6A and even though requests are closed I KINDA wanted to draw that. The thing is just the ask won’t show up anymore but according to my ask count it’s still there so… ehh? Tumblr..? Anyway, a lecture was boring so… have a PJ being all “WTF is this?!”

(Paperjam belongs to @7goodangel )

Day #13 of the INKtober challenge -  Ink crying / exhausted  (list is here)

…Ink, what have you done?!

Looks interesting when shaded with pencil though. Also there was this headcanon about Error dissipates into Ones and Zeros when he dies… that sounded interesting.

Ink @comyet

Error @loverofpiggies