I’m super slow on updating this, but I’m about to make up for it with several posts soooo, bare with me haha

Okay so this was post-untwisting on the 22nd of January. Lots of growth and in definite need of a trim.

This day was when I decided that I’d finally use my Terressentials Mud Wash for the first time. And that I did

Oh, and I noticed that after moisturizing my hair every 3-4 days with my curl enhancing smoothie, it made it much easier to detangle in the shower. So that’s what I’ll do from now on, make sure I keep it moisturized within the days before I take my twists out.

Dear universe,
So many imaginary children died in me just this morning. The cigarettes waved hello to me and I ignored them. My brain was disconnected from my spine and I walked like jello and sat complacent as an ivory stone. I know you heard my cries today. I know we’re all crying because the children died this morning. One moment held them reborn this afternoon. I felt it for a second. I felt it again when I isolated myself like usual. I collected myself along with the invisible infants. They need to grow up, grow in me, and through me. I feel them gathering now. Its time for slumber but I have no lullabies. Thank you universe for giving me this life where I validate my feelings and thoughts as equal instead of fighting my feelings and my mind. I know when caution arises to trust myself. I know where love resides. No need to kill any more today. The yellow arrows are nearby. He doesn’t know what this means though. Its okay. I have patience to grow. Well, I am trying.

I’m #THATnaturalgirl rolling in these streets with my #twostrandtwists y'all already know how #frizzy hair gets if you #untwist prematurely LOL #naturalhairproblems #blessed

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Perfectly imperfect,


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Hey guys

What’s crackalackin

Having a swell Wednesday?

That’s nice, because I’ll be untwisting and washing and conditioning all day

and on top of that, I left my pick at my grandmother’s house

You never realize just how small your twists are until you start taking them out. I’ve been in the same spot for a half hour now

today is just full of all kinds of win, isn’t it


Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris


Genre: Fantasy, Fairytales

Who knew love could be so amazing–and stupefying? Not Christian. He was clueless when he started spying on the royal family through his telescope. He lives in a cave with a troll for a dad, after all. If his dad had only warned him about all that mind-boggling love stuff, maybe things wouldn’t be such a mess. But then, maybe, Princess Marigold would be dead.

But Christian wasn’t warned. And now that he’s fallen for the princess, it’s up to him to untwist an odd love triangle–er, rectangle–and foil a scheming queen who wants to take over the kingdom, even if it means bumping off her own daughter.

With echoes of William Goldman’s modern classic The Princess Bride, Jean Ferris’s hilarious parody of “Once upon a time …” overflows with oddball characters and sage observations–and ends with a slapstick happily-ever-after that’s full of surprises.

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Jasmine full moon

I woke up in the middle of the night, at the time when the moon was drifting past my bedroom window, shining brightly through the slates of the blinds. I felt the influence of the moon and the scent of jasmine I doused my sheets with before bed, whether it be spiritual or magnetic, and allowed myself to open my chakras and release any trapped or stagnant emotional energies out into my auric field, in front of me. Then I reached out, untwisting this layer of energy, and stepped out from it, feeling free. All of this took place in less than a minute, but what a great release… The cricket sung and the moon gleamed on.

So I just caught wind of the idea that either Flair or Ambrose will fill Hogan’s seat. They’ll probably get the old kook to replace the last one, but I agree with deanee-express that Dean would be the better option. He would indeed bring the ratings (let’s be real Flair would mostly just draw for smarks) because everyone digs him. Also he’d be more coherent in giving constructive criticism as a judge as well as providing some comedy to the show. Flair is a respected legend, yes, but I don’t think he can do these days what Dean can.

This really is more than just a Deanee thing. I would love for Dean to be on more programs with Renee, but I doubt they’d have a lot of on air interaction if he were a judge. There are more legitimate reasons why it would be nice to have him on there. Antis need to untwist their panty knots over some of us who want Dean to be the pick.