Y'all forget a hair cut scene…

I want Clarke to walk out of the showers with her short hair, and when she sees Bellamy for the first time, his eyebrows raise slightly, then he gently reaches out to touch a piece of her new, shorter, untwisted hair. I want him to wordlessly tuck it behind her ear, and for them to share a knowing look- knowing that Clarke may have cleaned her hair but is only beginning to cleanse the pain of what she went thru in Polis, knowing that they understand each other, that Clarke returning to her sky people style as well as the sky people themselves is one more step towards rebuilding the trust and partnership they had.

Untwist Those Panties, Darlings

I know the guy in the photo I just posted wasn’t David Botana.

First of all, David Botana isn’t even real.  He is the product of a tequila-fueled fever dream of glitter and sweat and eyeliner.  Drink enough and he appears.  Pants optional.

Second, I was making reference to a gem of a Sleep No More post, seen here.  It is truly the most helpful guide you will ever find to answering the age-old question, “Who was that guy I followed around in that dark, creepy building?”

anonymous asked:

Scale of 10 to 10, how badass were the Winged Hussars?

0 out of 10 stop charging panzers!

No but seriously I know this is bullshit, so untwist your panties my fellow military historians ehue!

As for a real answer, my specialty is modern conflicts starting in WWI, so I really don’t know much about them, besides the copious amounts of shitposting directed at them on /int/, and can’t give you a proper answer, sorry. 

blazingstar  asked:

as a stim toy idea: have you thought about stocking more 'puzzle' fidgets? there's the eni one and i think you stocked a wooden puzzle at one point? but i used to stim with others like a metal one that was stuck together & you had to untwist, ones like that would be cool :O

I’ve looked at those a few times but wasn’t sure if people would be into them. I know I used to have a whole set when I was younger and really liked them. 

Does anyone know the/a name for these so I can do some more research? 

I think people misunderstand, sometimes, the difference between “empathy” and “sympathy”, and this is getting us in trouble. Sympathy is closer to pity. Empathy, which is essential for being human, means that you can imagine yourself in some else’s situation, good or bad. And feeling *real* empathy, even empathy with “the enemy”, with the bottom of the barrel of humanity, with the suicide bombers, with the child molesters, with the Hitlers and the Osamas, is necessary. If you, as a human being, can’t stop and try to imagine what sort of pain and agony and darkness must have descended upon these people to twist them up so badly, you have no road map to untwist the circumstances under which they were created. … There can be no limit to empathy. … If you can’t go the final mile, you’re not there yet.
—  Amanda Palmer
I loved him with my arm untwisted, a genuine feeling and it felt so real to know you’re not forced to love anyone, unless that anyone, is someone, and that someone turns into the ONE, and then the universe keeps screaming their name, and you can’t go back, because nothing would be the same, so you have to love them, you need to love them, because not doing so is like telling the world and everything in it to, STOP.
—  S.M.Pastore

anonymous asked:

Smoking smarties

“Hyung what’s this?”

“Oh,” Taehyung hesitated before continuing, “that’s right you were passed out when we did this.”

“Passed out? What…when did you do it?”

“Remember when we all went to that strip club, and the guy gave you that fruity drink and-”

“Don’t remind me about Tropical Twister.” Jungkook cut him off, shuddering at the memory of that night.

“But we did this then,” Taehyung gestures to the smarties pack in his palm. “Smoked smarties.”


“Yeah, it’s easy. Here,” he handed a roll to the younger boy. “This is how you do it. First you gotta crush them up a bit until there’s powder.”

Taehyung demonstrated, and Jungkook followed suit.

“Then you just untwist the package a little bit so you have access to the powder, and-”

“What the hell are you doing?” Jin walked into their occupied space with a scowl, most likely due to the fact that they were blocking the tv.

“Uh, we were just..” Taehyung beat around the bush.

“Eating candy!” Jungkook finished Taehyung’s sentence too quickly.

“Eating candy? Jungkook-ah, you suck at lying.”

Jungkook sighed, “The truth is…we’re smoking smarties.”

“I should’ve known not to leave the smarties out in the open.”

“Please don’t tell Namjoon hyung!” Taehyung begged with clasped hands.

“Pft, you thought I was gonna snitch? Hell no. I was here to get some myself,” Jin grabbed a handful of smarties rolls and fell back onto the nearby couch. “Hey, save the pink ones for me.”

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