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*markiplier starts playing oneshot*

me *kneels and fold my hands* Dear father in heaven please dont let the millions of people seeing the videos hate on it by saying it’s an Undertale clone, because it’s a beautiful, clever game in it’s own right made by incredibly talented, clever, artistic people, and the original version that changed my fucking life came out in 2014

World of Remnant – Faunus

▸ Faunus around before Humans.

▸ They have 1 single animalistic trait.

▸ Compatible DNA between Humans and Faunus.

▸ same!Faunus + same!Faunus = same!bbFaunus | rabbit!Faunus + Human = rabbit!bbFaunus | cat!Faunus + bull!Faunus = ??bbFaunus

▸ Man created untrue rumours and stories about them

▸ Grimm brought Humans & Faunus together (yay Grimm!). It happened in a small village on Sanus.

▸ Humans knew they weren’t different than Faunus, but still forced them to do slave labour.

▸ The Great War: Vacuo & Vale vs. Mantle & Mistral

▸ Faunus awarded equal rights of Remnant after the Great War. Given a continent to do with as they pleased –> Menagerie

▸ What it really was: “A slap in the face from a nation of sore losers.”

▸ “You can only push and prod people so much before they reach a tipping point. And when you pack those people together, it just makes it all the easier for them to get organized. And get even.”

Now this WoR episode had some great information and history! I knew I’d like this episode but my god I didn’t think it’d be so full of information. Can’t wait to see what life is like on Menagerie in next weeks episode!

“aathiranambiar98 What happened? If you don’t mind me asking that is :/”

Other than the usual taking stuff from fan accounts without crediting. The official account constantly posts untrue/unfounded clickbait stories from searching Mads’ name on google news. 
When an official account isn’t a primary source in itself and just posts other people’s garbage it’s shouldn’t be called “official” or be verified.

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"Prince Harry Takes Meghan Markle on a Special, Comically Romantic Date"Comically "amusing absurd, ludicrous way" Means it didn't happen and this article from vanity fair talking about how she's been in London staying with him inside KP trying to stay low key away from the public her and him is comical. Meaning untrue so this story is apparently debunking Emily Andrews story about the museum visit.

Thank you anon. That’s why I don’t believe anything that comes out of Emily Andrews mouth. She has lied to many times now and people like I are laughing at her not with her. So in future anything that is published in the Sun and DM but more the Sun with EA name on it just have a laugh because as we know where are the photos to prove that they where at the museum on a date together. No where and again we saw the way she got treated by Harry at the wedding 2 weeks ago where Harry’s body language showed that he doesn’t want to spends 1 more second with her. Have a great day anon and thanks for clarifying that.


Nat sat patiently, hands in her lap, as Headmistress McGonagall began her speech. There were some first years not far from where she was sitting, impatiently fidgeting in their seats and throwing bits of bread at each other, giggling like the young kids they are. Natalie wished she could go back to being so young and happy, but the war had taken a toll on everyone second year and above. These first years had no idea what had happened other than a few stories told to them by parents, newspapers, and even some of the upper year students who made up extravagant, mostly untrue stories about how they were war heroes.

Green eyes flicked back to the Headmistress as she asked for a moment of silence, only to be cast down at the floor a moment later. She glanced back up, staring at the Carrow twins under her lashes. If only they hadn’t kept her from fighting in the war. It was something the blonde regretted everyday. If they hadn’t taken over her entire life, perhaps she’d still be happy, despite the huge loss of magnificent witches and wizards during the war.

Natalie was brought out of her thoughts by clapping as Headmistress McGonagall finished up her speech and allowed everyone to feast. It wasn’t long before she felt the jab of an elbow in her side, causing her to face it’s owner. “Yes?”

On Golem Source Materials

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Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help with one of my jewish characters. The character has the ability to control sand, and later on is able to control it enough to form crystals. Using this he creates a golem as a protector for himself. However I’m unsure if crystal is a material that is okay to use to create a golem. The wiki says that golems are created by inanimate material, but most seems to be specifically created by mud or clay. And I wonder then if using crystal would be untrue to the story about golems?

How come he can’t just make a golem out of sand itself if he has sand powers? According to soil science, the difference between clay and sand is just a difference in particle size.

I don’t know enough about golem lore to know if crystals go against the literal tradition, but figuratively, if a Jewish character is creating something to protect themselves even if it’s made out of mashed potatoes I’d still count that as a golem, at least on a symbolic level. So if you like crystal because it’s prettier, that’s fine with me (again, not that I’m an expert in this specific legend.)

But, yeah, sand isn’t that different from clay. It just has bigger particles. (There’s even a middle size: “silt”. And a mix of all three is called “loam.” Or something. It’s been years since I had this class.)


I got several requests for a picture of the autograph (and one rather negative anon who insisted my story was untrue) so here it is

Reading from right to left, it says “Thank you for your attendance - Adachi Tohru.” The leftmost line (the one that looks rather like a scribble) has eluded all attempts to interpret it, including by native Japanese speakers/readers.

I actually love how messy it is - since he signed it in character , and messy handwriting seems very appropriate for Adachi. Poor Dojima if -this- is what he has to read on all that paperwork he shoves off on Adachi!


Polydor | UnTrue Stories with The Saturdays (Part 2)