After over four years of development and a significant amount of setbacks including an actual fire, Backstage Pass is officially released!

Some things in this game:
- Four dateable guys
- Three secret routes
- 80+ CGs
- A changeable wardrobe for the heroine that reflects in the gameplay
- Voiced Cast (English)
- Animated OP and ED
- Cupcakes
- Lots of true industry stories
- A couple untrue industry stories

Play as makeup artist Sian Goodin as she balances work, school, and relationships. Or doesn’t. It’s up to you! Backstage Pass is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Reblog by 9/9/2016 for a chance to win a free game code.

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That’s very true. It’s just something that is so frustrating to me. Not only is that sort of attitude untrue and unhealthy, it’s certainly not something to encourage and romanticize. Ughhhh

men wanna pretend they have empathy so hard but as soon as you call them out on any of their shit, instead of admitting to it and seeking ways to fix it like an actual person with empathy would do, they personally attack you, pretend the situation is inverted, play the victim, demonize you, try to silence you, throw insults at you, humiliate you, act like everything you say is ridiculous, gang up on you to shut you down as violently as possible, threaten you, pretend they’re superior so their words cannot reach them, call you slurs, dismiss anything you say as untrue (and yet they pretend they listen to women when they speak about oppression! like a person with empathy would!), they do everything possible to put themselves in position where they cannot be called out, it doesn’t matter how oppressive they are, they must not be called out, being called out threatens their privilege and causes truth to spill out and they cannot have that

so yeah, men have empathy, only and ever for themselves, if you’re a woman who wants to point out how they hurt her, suddenly their compassion capacities are down to zero and they silence you as violently as possible.

i went to that blog and it’s like.. billing itself as Telling The Truth about Trans Men like it’s some kind of half baked conspiracy theory. its entire premise is that trans men dont know the side effects of testosterone (which is untrue- you have to familiarize yourself with the side effects if you go through WPATH standards) and acting like top surgery is the worst thing ever- like it’s really shaky rhetoric that’s meant to scare trans people away from transitioning, and none of it is based in fact.

The thing that incences me is the blogger’s theft of pictures and the actual threat she poses to trans men. She’s hoping frightened trans people will find her blog and be scared away from transitioning. What a piece of shit.

Godly Men

Silver serpents cease your lies,
born of ego words comprise.
Pride parades through streets unknown,
blood and flesh and silent bone.

Unjust, untrue, and askew,
discretion forced to make do.
Heart admonished to the side,
path reversed and fate denied.

Godly men and holy verse,
sick reprieve, a condemned curse.
Comply, conform, and ignore,
omens meant to rot your core.

Chorus of bewilderment,
sing praise of abandonment.
Prostrate disobedience,
ensure my expedience.

Love and peace and happiness,
preach Father, Son, and Mindless.
Heaven waits for all except,
Godly men with secrets kept.

Copyright 2013 Rowan

UNNIE HAVE U SEEN THIS????!!!! http://67.media.tumblr.com/076a2fa7dcc110fc793673ca5897ca4f/tumblr_ocrmh02Nrn1umaiiqo1_540.png OMG I AM TRYING SO HARD NOT TO HAVE FEELS THIS COULD BE UNTRUE BUT MY INSTICTS ARE SAYING OTHERWISE UNNIE HELP!!!!!


i did.. i’ve seen it the moment it went online.. someone sent it to me and ask who it could be.. ^_^ I do have an idea who it could be but i don’t know.. if there is really an EXO member who is gay, i don’t think he will be that careless to bring his boyfriend to a company trip.. 

Dear users of Tumblr:

It has come to my attention that many of you seem unaware of a new breakthrough in information-gathering technology known as “Google”.

Justin Bieber did not legally change his race.

There was never a little girl in Georgia assaulted on the playground by multiple boys that was dismissed as “rough housing”.  The photo is of a girl that suffered a kangaroo attack.

There wasn’t a man struck twice by lightning caught on camera.

The world has not undergone dramatic, worldwide deforestation.

There is no gang rape scheme involving helping lost children.

Mermaids are not real.  Many programs on Discovery and Animal Planet like this are merely hypothetical, and contain disclaimers in their credits, and in their promotional material.

There is no such thing as “Moonmelon”.

Domusmortem.net was a publicity stunt.  No one was going to kill a cat based on whether or not people voted against it.

The little girl getting kicked out of KFC for her facial deformities was a LIE.  The store the grandmother claimed it happened in has been closed for years.

The “Written by a cop!” post is an incredibly old hoax that used to be passed around via email.  Most of the “tips” in it are completely bogus.

There was never an attempted child abduction/sexual assault at BABScon.

The amazing “Russian knife thrower” is a fake.  Looking at the video frame-by-frame shows knives already embedded into the ping pong paddles the girl is holding.

There is an awful lot of astoundingly stupid shit that people have been mindlessly passing around on this site as the gospel truth.  This site is well-known for making up complete bullshit just to get notes.  Don’t keep your nostrils plugged:  Know bullshit when you smell it.

Next time, before you hit that “reblog” button, do yourself a favor:  Google it.  Make sure that what you’re passing on is the truth before you make an ass of yourself. 

"I'm a HUGE Joss Whedon fan!!"

“What’s Buffy?”

“Oh, that girly vampire show? Yeah, I’m not watching that”

“I didn’t like Twilight, so I probably wouldn’t like Buffy either, but I like all of his other stuff!”

“I don’t need to watch Buffy, I’ve seen Angel. That was the not-girly, more mature version of Buffy anyway.”

  • Random Person:Isabella is just a pirate with no conscience or morals, she was always looking for casual sex ugh.
  • Random Person:Zevran? Complex? Are we talking about the same character here?
  • Random person:Dorian´s entire personality is that he is gay!
  • Random person:Aveline has such an ugly design, she looks like a man! And she is boring!
  • Random person:Iron Bull is such a stereotype, he only cares about drinking and fighting!
  • Random person:Merril was a stupid blood mage with no redeemable traits!
  • Me:(appears in the smoke, holding rusty screwdriver) Say that again punk.