untroubled youth

The Hardest Target: Part One

Okay so here it is! Credit to @cjjingram for the title! Also a big thanks to @blondiegrl00 for being my beta I guess and reading through the story for me. Another nod goes to @diggo26 and @captainolicitysbedroom for chatting with me about the story! 

Read it here or on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5745787/chapters/13240654

Chapter One: Hard Landing

Most stories begin with an innocent, untroubled youth that eventually leads to the mundane trials of everyday life. Felicity’s story was far from ordinary. She’d been but a mere child of three when her father began to tinker with the idea of an AI program. He’d spend countless nights tinkering and muttering away as he worked his nimble fingers to the bone. Felicity used to wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of her father’s rather loud musings; she’d lightly giggle whenever she heard a loud yelp of pain from behind the solid oak door. She’d wait a few seconds before scrambling out of bed while racing to said door. Her little hands would pound away at the solid frame until she heard his chair shuffle back. She’d grin broadly as the lock clicked, the door slid open slightly and his tired drawn face would come into view. 

He’d reach down to run his usually bruised fingers over her dark roots while smiling slightly making his eyes crinkle at the sides. Felicity would grin back at him with adoration, her small light voice asking the same question night after night. 

“Daddy did you hurt yourself again?” She’d bob her head from side to side as her father’s smile grew. 

He’d wait a few brief moments before replying “Yes baby but don’t worry no harm done.” 

The routine shifted as she aged. Her father’s smile faded with time, her once cute night time interruptions were replaced by louder, less appreciated ones. It was one of these incidents that had led to her most transformative experience yet. 

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