Who’s That Tramping Over My Bridge?

Written for the prompt: Well, you try talking some sense into the bridge troll.

Sterek, T, 2K words. In which poor Derek is scared of trolls, and Stiles has to think on his feet.

Stiles threw his hands up with an exasperated groan and spun around. “Oh my god, I cannot fucking do this. Derek, care to chime in?”

The two of them had been driving through the Preserve, just minding their own business, until they came to a little bridge and got stopped by a troll, of all things. Seriously. One would think that after this many years, Stiles would stop being surprised by new supernatural creatures. Their troll section in the bestiary was practically nonexistent, but he looked…well, he looked pretty much like a troll, actually, big and ugly with a large, misshapen nose. He wasn’t green, though, which was a little disappointing, and he was so far not listening to Stiles’ reasoning.

“Let us pass,” Derek growled, and Stiles sighed. Seriously? That was the best he could do?

“Real eloquent there, Sourwolf,” he drawled, and he rolled his eyes at Derek’s snarl. “Oh, please. I haven’t been scared of you in like six years.”

Derek glared and grabbed Stiles’ elbow to tug him back a few steps. “I don’t like trolls,” he hissed.

“You are an alpha werewolf,” Stiles hissed back, “and you don’t like trolls?”

“Repeating it doesn’t make it any less true!”

Stiles sighed and snuck a look at the troll. It seemed a little exasperated but wasn’t trying to actively kill them or anything. “Why do you look like you’re about to shit your pants?”

“I don’t want to tell you this,” Derek said. It looked like he had been sucking on a lemon, and since that hadn’t been his go-to default expression in at least three years, Stiles knew something was actually wrong.

“Well, I don’t want to die at the hands of this troll, so.”

“I had nightmares about trolls when I was a kid,” he whispered, and Stiles blinked.

“Are you kidding me right now?” he asked, then he held his hand up when Derek opened his mouth. “Never mind. Don’t get me wrong, we will be talking about this later. But back to this troll. Do we have to kill it?”

Derek grimaced, as did the troll, unsurprisingly. “Whoa,” he said, stepping forward. Stiles immediately took a step back. He could see Derek’s point, actually—trolls were pretty creepy. “That’s a little drastic, right? I thought you all were the good guys.”

“Yeah, and part of being the good guys is killing the bad guys!”

The troll’s eyes widened. “Wait, wait,” he said, putting his hands up, “what do you think I do here?”

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So u know that trolls au I came up with earlier were Creeks really interested in branch cause of his untroll like behaviour but because it’s Creek it ends abusive. Well I just thought of some more aspects of the au. Firstly Creek being incredibly patronising almost treating branch like a child or pet, you know trying to correct him constantly, explaining things branch doesn’t get like mediation incredibly simply and also ‘rewarding’ him by patting him on the arm and telling him what a good job he did in that babying kind of voice etc. Which branch absolutely hates at first and probably punched Creek a few times but hey its still in some ways positive interaction, so branch after a while in a strange kind of way almost comes to like and appreciate it because it means someone cares enough to pay attention to him.

And also once creeks been banished, branch despite knowing how unhealthy there relationship was actually finds himself missing Creek. I mean he went from basically no social interaction to a troll pretty much lavishing attention onto him then back to normal again. And poppy, with pretty much the whole troll village do try to help but most of them simply pity him since they just can’t comprehend something like that happening so don’t know how to approach the situation.

I do imagine though poppy would feel awful she’s gonna be the future queen one day and she let this go on right under her nose. So she tries to make it up to branch in the only way she knows how, by constantly following him and trying to include him in activities, with the snack pack following her lead (poppy: hey branch you ok no one’s seen you for like 15 minutes branch: POPPY! for the love of God get out I’m clearly in the shower! Guy diamond: you missed a spot behind your right ear branch: AHHHHH!)