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Here’s that wacky-ass Keiko Takemiya story I was jabbering about the other day. The story here seems to be about a troublemaker crossing paths with a lonely, loving ichthyosaur and his dad’s (?) efforts to capture the creature; it doesn’t end up mattering as much as the imagery that it carries. It’s weird to see Takemiya, of Terra e… and Kaze to Ki No Uta fame making comics with this kind of goofy slapstick appeal, but then Takemiya was never really pigeonholed as anything other than a consummate artist in her country. It’s really brilliant to look at with consistently appealing tonal shifts, and the kind of thing I’ll definitely return to time and time again in the future.

Reasons to Read Maoyu

Maoyu is seriously underappreciated. Here’s some reasons why people should read it more.

(Note: This list is based on reading the light novels and the Akira Ishida manga. The anime, and the two other direct manga adaptions, aren’t as in-depth as the former two.)

  1. It’s written by Mamare Touno, the author of Log Horizon. There’s a lot of similar themes and parallels to be made between the two, so if you liked Log Horizon, you’ll probably like Maoyu. Unlike Log Horizon, it’s not an isekai (trapped in another world genre), so those who aren’t fond of isekais don’t need to worry about that with Maoyu.
  2. Little romantic drama. While love does serve as a motivating factor for a couple of the ladies, there’s never any real conflict that arises as a result. In fact, in one of the cases, it actually serves to bring the two ladies closer. There are some major characters for whom romance is never even a part of their stories.
    1. (Disclaimer: Maoyu, however, does have raunchier jokes and designs, particularly in the beginning. I haven’t read enough of the novel translations to know how often they appear there, but they’re quite prevalent in the anime and Akira Ishida manga. One of the untranslated manga adaptions takes it several notches further.)
  3. The influence of technology is a recurring point in Maoyu. Its effect on society, the economy, politics, and the military make the world seem real.
  4. Between negotiations, plots, and rebellions, there’s no shortage of socio-political talk. The war between the Human and Demon races is the background to the story; it quickly becomes apparent, though, that this isn’t merely Humans vs. Demons. It’s also about class struggles and conflicts of interest within both sides.
  5. Economics is a primary driving force in the beginning of the story. While its direct importance isn’t as great in later parts of the story, it still plays a crucial role even if it isn’t the centerpiece.
  6. Meanwhile, warfare becomes more and more plot-important as the story goes on, as the socio-political-economic changes lead to power struggles. While battles and small wars are present in the earlier arcs, the final arc is where military strategy and tactical maneuvers take the forefront.
  7. If you want to see how Mamare handles guns in a fantasy setting (since he’s been trying his best to keep it out of LH), read Maoyu.

Its been over a month since there were any All Out!! chapters translated and I’m getting kinda concerned. Cuz if the manga stops getting translated it’ll probably be the thing that pushes me over the edge. The thing that makes me go “FUCK IT!!” and buy the untranslated volumes of the manga (which I’m already THAT close to doing) and aggressively throw myself back into leaning Japanese, this time with a need for vengence

japanese => english translations commissions??

I don’t really know how to advertise for this But

do you have an untranslated manga you really want to read? a visual novel you want to play? a game with dialogue you wish you understood? but it’s not getting released in english for the foreseeable future and its not popular enough for some fan group to get together and do it??

why don’t you just hire me to do it for you

prices are Very hard to calculate especially for something like a whole volume of manga or a whole game which are potentially very very long, I’d most likely use some kind of app to time how long it takes to work on and charge per hour, though I can charge a flat rate for something shorter, like a doujin or a particular part of a game or what have you

message me either via ask or tumblr messenger if you’re interested! all i really need is the source material, whether that’s scans of the manga or screenshots or whatever. i’d appreciate signal boosting too!

Utena 2017 New Manga  Chapter 1 Pre-translation Spoilers

Extra! Extra!

Do you know?  Do you know?  Do you wonder what I know about the new untranslated manga chapter?

Disclaimer: am Japanese illiterate so read with grain of salt

1) apparently takes place 20 years after the “Chairman” killed himself, and Ohtori Academy’s been shut down (cheers from Akio haters)

2) Touga and Saionji remains long-haired and girl-pretty even as adults

3) has picture of Manga!Anthy with Manga!Akio, along with appearance from ghost of unmistakable Anime!Akio

4) has a memory scene showing some little girl with Child!Touga crying”Nanami! Nanami!”

5) there is dueling

6) Utena appears to Touga and Saionji as more apparition than memory

7) Akio apparently dies twice over so haters rejoice before some actual translation proves me wrong ;-)


Illustration from the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Repeated Fear (low) novella /light novel. I thought it was interesting considering that we don’t see Ayumi and Yoshiki meet Morishige in Book of Shadows. I guess they could have written in something similar to what happened in Blood Covered but this doesn’t match that situation either. If it’s anything similar to the events in Blood Covered then Ayumi and Yoshiki found Morishige while he was distracted instead of the other way around. But if that’s the case he’s not in maniac mode while looking at Mayu’s body but rather blank and perhaps disbelieving so maybe it’s when he realizes it was her? I could go on with this, wondering if Yoshiki and Ayumi have to try to stop him from committing suicide, but I don’t know if he’s actually looking at Mayu in the first place so I’d just be writing a fanfic at that point. 

Edit: This is from the repeated fear novella, not book of shadows. Sorry about the confusion. In any case, it is still depicted differently than the game so I’m wondering what the situation is.

Reasons Why I love the Nanbaka Fandom

-We’re relatively new. We’ve only been around for a year or two but we still have great ideas and blogs for these characters. -The characters are relatively new as well. This gives us time to get to know them as well and grow along with them! -Colors. It’s a colorful anime with a good vibe and feel and wonderful executions and writing in the anime. -Canon art and the art styles. I’ve already expressed why I love Futamata’s art style very much. -All the characters have at least one trait we can relate to. They all have flaws as well and each have an individualized personality that we can figure out. -We have amazing people that work together to get untranslated chapters from the manga out and we have them explain and help up keep up with current events -THE FANART. JESUS CHRIST THE FANARTS WE HAVE ARE BEAUTIFUL. -We can say a number (with our pairing or favorite character) and people will be like “S A ME” -We don’t have a lot of fan fictions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good!