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Here’s that wacky-ass Keiko Takemiya story I was jabbering about the other day. The story here seems to be about a troublemaker crossing paths with a lonely, loving ichthyosaur and his dad’s (?) efforts to capture the creature; it doesn’t end up mattering as much as the imagery that it carries. It’s weird to see Takemiya, of Terra e… and Kaze to Ki No Uta fame making comics with this kind of goofy slapstick appeal, but then Takemiya was never really pigeonholed as anything other than a consummate artist in her country. It’s really brilliant to look at with consistently appealing tonal shifts, and the kind of thing I’ll definitely return to time and time again in the future.

Satsuten characters estimated heights

An official height chart from the yet untranslated manga.

Zack - 6’ (6'1 w/ hood)
Ray - 5'0 1/2″
Danny - 5'10"
Eddie - 4'11" (5′ w/ mask)
Cathy - 5'6"-5'7" (5′8″ w/ heels)

Note that some of these are speculative since three out of five characters wear something that make them look a bit taller. No information about Gray, sadly.

PS: Since the heights are measured in imperial units, does that mean the story took place in US? Kudos for the author for adding such details.

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The manga is untranslated, unfortunately, but all we can extrapolate from it is that Sucy has a family just as weird as she is and that Lotte finds a Mexican warlock she meets up with mighty attractive (which he is, to be perfectly fair. He's a cute guy and I would've preferred him over Andrew any day.)


Just got bored and tried to translate this one. Hopefully the translation from Japanese to English is good enough, since neither of the two is my first language. tbh, I sucked in English grammar, while I just started to learn Nihongo (just to be able to read those untranslated doujins and manga). So, if there’s grammar error or something, pls tell me. (^^)

Anyway, this one page doujinshi is owned and created by Ooshima Tomo and is included in the NicoMaki Collection 2 of Sweet-Pea/Ooshima Tomo. I don’t have any claim on this one. Just for viewing pleasure only. 

Apparently a picture ISN’T worth a thousand words:Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage Ch.4. The reaction of a (relatively) SANE reader:

The Naruto fandom had a melt down earlier that entitled various reactions straining from the rational and optimistic such as

 ALL THE WAY to the questionable and the wired such as:

And than this person who is quite literally a Stephen King novel waiting to happen:

Now let’s get down to business!

What I was expecting my reaction would be to the actual chapter after seeing some of the untranslated manga pages on tumblr and reading the over dramatic comments written by readers who clearly were as illiterate to a foreign language as I was:

Instead this is what we got:

Naruto protecting our two lovely maidens like the boss that he is:

Inevitably, driving away Shin, Kishi’s obvious attempt to draw a humanized Celibi and the possible unearthly spawn of Shrek’s favorite vegetable:

BONUS!!!: Our favorite tailed beast makes a guest appearance (obviously he’s not satisfied with retirement and I’m more than tempted to help him spring out of the home in Naruto’s stomach!):

This little gem of a golden moment happened in which Naruto is questioning our girl, Chouchou’s sanity all while our sweetums’ Sarada is making sure the food’s okay. (P.S. Chouchou has totally confirmed the thing all of us already know and that is that Naruto is indeed a hunk ;D)

We get a glimpse of Uncle Naruto totally blemishing the truth. Possibly the only time I’ll except a lie:

just cause this was the result (BLUSH!)

Also lets not forget the scene that will undoubtedly have Antis everywhere cringing:

BONUS SMILE! (Uncle Naruto seriously scored some major points here, Sauce you need step up your game my DILF):

Chouchou’s dreams were once again dashed. I’m sorry homegirl it seems that our man Chouji is the only hunky dad your allowed to have, but a girl can dream, right? (P.s. Once again Sauce you need to get your head in the game cause Naruto is so fucken ahead)

Nostalgia moment!/ Shout out to part 1:

After the grub, we head to this straight-scary looking tower strangely called Ridge Tower (seriously?):

Where our Uchiha princess does the infamous but always tactical favorite I-got-to-go-potty-excuse to get to finally see the Father that she has been yearning to see for years! And then this happens. The single most extraordinary thing that any Uchiha has ever done in known history that didn’t involve mass murder. A sharingan awakens out of love:

While we the reader are teased with the reunion we should of gotten:

And instead getting the ultimate cock-block in the form of this fucken cliffhanger:

Now before we attack Sasuke, I ask us all to think! This is a man who does not take well to fuckery of any kind. Fuckery in the form of the Onionated Mutant and his obvious creator Staple-Eye Guy both of which posses the sharingan, one of the ultimate tools to fuck with your mind. 

A kekai genkai no one but he and his daughter (who he doesn’t know has barely awakened her adorably cute sharingan and who by all assumptions should be nowhere near the vicinity of a danger zone at which the onion-guy was currently in attendance) should posses, seeing as how everyone else who had it is dead. So yeah! Bet your ass Sasuke is fucken suspicious as fuck and therefore whipping out the katana from Amaterasu hell. 

Is it still sad that he’s pointing it at his daughter? Hell yes. But does he know any better? Hell Fucken NO!

My ACTUAL reaction after reading the ACTUAL chapter:

Overall I think most of us can agree that this chapter was not worth half the constant shitty drama we encountered every time we refreshed our dashboards!