Asian market gothic

You enter the store. You are craving ramen. Specifically, chicken flavor. You go to the ramen aisle. There is shrimp flavor in 18 different brands, all written in either Japanese Chinese, or Korean. You see scattered everywhere in the same languages miso flavor, general salt flavor, spicy flavor, teriyaki flavor, curry flavor. Finally, you find a single packet of chicken ramen in a brand you’ve never eaten. You accept it to your cart.

You turn around and see the tea aisle. You want 2 boxes of your favorite green tea with brown rice, but you can only get 1 and get the other in a different brand. There are no duplicates, yet there is a neverending aisle of tea that stretches to no man’s land. You reach your hand inside the shelves. The farther you reach, the farther back in history you travel. You pull out a box of tea from the Xia dynasty. Upon observing the leaves, it seems to have still not expired.

You walk to the produce. There are strange fruits from Brazil. There are strange fruits from Japan. There are strange fruits from India. There are strange fruits from the deepest point of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. There are strange fruits that were grown on the rings of Saturn. There are strange fruits from the Andromeda Galaxy.

You make the mistake of going to the beauty counter. Your favorite BB cream is there. You ask how much it is. The lady smiles at you. She is 55, yet she looks like she has just come out of her mother’s womb three hours ago. She tells you it is $50. Her glasses have a beaded chain on them. Her hair is cropped to her chin or shoulders depending on the day. She can grow it at will. All that indicates her age is the existence of microscopic crow’s feet among her eyes. She is so friendly. You can get the same BB cream on Amazon for 10 dollars. She smiles. You are passive. You are kind. She smiles. It is five times normal price. You need it. She smiles. You slip a 50 onto the counter. You leave with the BB cream and approximately 40 dollars worth of free samples.

There seems to be a strip of workers all wearing plastic gloves. It stretches for miles and miles. The food is served in a pattern. Choco pies, mini weenies, bourbon chicken, repeat. There is an attractive Korean man with untoned blond hair handing you a mini weenie while a petite chubby-cheeked young Chinese girl with her black hair in a hairnet hands you ¼ of a Choco pie. You cannot decide which to choose. You sweat nervously as their arms tire from holding up the toothpicks as the food becomes heavier and heavier on the end of them. Their faces cramp from bright smiles. Your pulse rises before you faceplant into the durians, the worst possible place.

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Heyo~ I've had this idea for a while but I was shy to ask xD The scenario is that Amy has been injured horribly by the villain and is held captive. The base she's captive in would self-destruct in one minute and no matter how hard Sonic tries, he can't break the bars that she's behind. She tells him to go, to leave her, he refuses, but someone on the team had to forcibly take him away and the base explodes Do you think you can use your writing magic to bring this life and have a happy ending?

I’m gonna be honest, these are the prompts I LIVE for. Not only did you give me motive, major plot point, AND left it up to me to decide where it goes, but you said it so sweetly, ‘I’ve had this idea for a while’ ANYTIME ANYONE STARTS A LINE LIKE THAT I GO-

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Oh boy~

So thank you! I’d love too!!!!



“Sonic! Stop!”


The bars of the cage weren’t like any other, but Amy couldn’t help him with her super strength, being chained to the very floor, though able to get up if she spread her legs out to sit with them to her sides.

The reason Sonic wasn’t responding to her frequent cries was because he had seen her weariness, her absolute hopeless state.

He wasn’t aware of what they did to her, but his imagination took over and the fury of just thinking about it sent his body glowing to different, darker, shades of blue…

“Sonic.. Sonic, it’s not gonna budge!”


“I know you want to save me,… but this time…. this time I’m…” she looked to him with tears blurring her very vision of him. Love and concern for his life more than her own.

This man who was controlling Eggman was a mind-manipulator, and with his unique abilities, had lead her to this fate to lure Sonic to his doom…

He even knew that Sonic would risk his life to save hers…

He had called it, “A true Romeo despite his Juliet.”

But to her,… Even with that slight, untoned insult, Sonic was simply her beloved hero.

Though, she was filled with immense love at seeing him struggle, though the stone walls were caving in on their secret underground location, and the fires beneath her growing more and more unstable by the chemicals leaking into it’s magma.

She could barely strain herself to look over and see the counter, 25…24…23…

It moved faster than her tears could fall.

“Sonic!” She franically turned back to him, putting her hands out and gripping the cage, trembling at the effort it took to launch herself as close to the bars as she could muster, which wasn’t very close.

Sonic breathed heavily, the heat getting to him, as his eyes looked wild. He kept shifting back and forth between blue and the darker shades… he was beginning to realize… that without the Chaos Emeralds… he’d be helpless to stop what was to come next.

“…Sonic…” she caught his gaze, as he looked up, and her fingers… oh, so tenderly, pushed through the small gap, able to do so only until the chained steel that replaced her once beautiful bracelets clanged against the metal of the bar.

She caressed some of his face.

“I can’t let you die in vain.” she shook her head, “Sonic! Sonic, you need to live! You need to free Eggman! Save and preserve this world from that man’s mind control! And Sonic… Oh, Sonic…” He moved as close as he could to the bars, gripping them, as she spoke softer than.

In every bit of a desperate attempt to save him, spoke out her last farewell.

“Always remember… I loved you more than life itself.”

She then nodded behind him, as Sonic’s eyes suddenly widening, his darker shade taking over as hands threw themselves over to him, pulling him away. “No.. No!!” he fought them, kicking as Amy dropped her hands, withdrawing herself to the far end of the cage.

She squinted her eyes shut, and looked away.


“Quick! We have to get him out of here!”

“What about Amy?”

“…It’s… She can’t..” Tails looked down, sorrowfully, as Knuckles turned to see the cage falling anyway, Amy shoving it to the side, slamming herself against it as much as she could to rock it.

She didn’t want Sonic to stay and have a reason to any longer.

He’d keep fighting Tails and Knuckles, like what he was doing now, and wouldn’t go willingly if she… if she…

She took her final breath.

“AMYYY!!!” Sonic’s darkness spiraled, before Tails and Knuckles almost lost their holds.

“Knuckles..!” Tails shouted out, as Knuckles, sorrowfully, with so much regret as he closed his eyes, threw back his fist and knocked Sonic out, the impact completely fading the darkness.

As they retreated, Tails flew with Sonic in his hands, and Knuckles glided to safety alongside him.


There was a massive explosion, as Sonic’s quills gently blew back by it.

They were safe enough away, but Tails started to cry, and shook his head, mourning for his friend. “Amyy!!!!” he cried out, unable to forgive himself, even if he knew that’s what she wanted.

Knuckles floated down to a cliffside, and fell to his knees, weeping down at the ground. “She let herself fall… she did that for us! RAHH!” he smashed his fist to the ground, cracking the earth.

“She was too good to die!!!”

Tails put Sonic down and just held a hand on him, his shoulders bouncing as he couldn’t imagine what Sonic would feel when he woke up hearing this… or just jumping to that conclusion.

The impact of Amy’s death even shook Eggman out of his mind control, and he, himself, defeated the manipulator.

In his own way of remorse, he looked to a piece of fabric that had been ripped from Amy’s dress in a previous battle beforehand, and gripping it in one hand, he moved it to both his hands, and then fell to his knees, silently knowing his judgement was yet upon him.

He bent down over it, placing it near his face.

Sonic would want revenge. Didn’t matter who or what. Something

An eye for an eye

And Eggman knew he was probably going to be at the bunt of Sonic’s heel.

Amy opened her eyes.

“Amy Rose… Amy? Please, open your eyes!”

Amy blinked to see a white light, and slightly panicked. “Is this… heaven?”

A man chuckled, “I think you’ll be alright.”

She moved up, feeling her body ache as the man carefully helped her up, holding her to steady her torso.

She gripped her stomach, “Aren’t I… dead?”

“You certainly were going to be.”

Amy looked and blinked towards the man, as he formed into a white hedgehog in her eyes.

“Who… are-?”

“No time to explain,” Silver stated, juggling a Chaos Emerald in one hand, before tossing it up and catching it. “Well… I guess we technically have all the time in the world.” He made a pun, but she didn’t understand.

She looked to the emerald, “Is that..?”

“Yes.” he knelt by her, placing his hand holding her up now on her shoulder, keeping her steady that way, and positioning himself in front of her. “Alright, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll explain. This is the future, destroyed by Sonic’s uncontrollable rage and anguish. I’ve traced the trigger point to you… your death,… Amy Rose.”

Amy’s eyes shook, listening to him, before getting up, and gawking at what she saw around her.

He slowly rose up, “You… were his trigger.”

The world was desolated, buildings were ruined and barely standing. It was horrific, and he was saying this was his world? Her world? the one she had asked Sonic to preserve?

“I spoke with an ancient man named Shadow. He was fiercely wounded in a battle against Dark Sonic, and retold the tale to me. Being unable to wield Chaos after his battle with Dark Sonic, he taught and bestowed the right to me. To time travel and save your life, thus… preventing this future apocalypse from ever happening. And… ultimately… saving the known world.”

He held out the chaos emerald to her, as she looked frightful at all she heard and saw.

She looked down to it, “….Dark… Sonic?”

“Yes.” Silver nodded. “I know you can only see him as your friend, but please understand… because of his regret in your death,… he becomes a monster beyond the realms of known power. Chaos consumes his heart, by his own will, and he continually destroys, trying to… I’m not sure I should say.” Silver looked away, as if the truth was to painful to relate.

“To see if there was any way I was still alive.” Amy felt something catch in her throat, and she closed her eyes as she struggled to swallow. “All this… he did so much destruction,…”

“He couldn’t handle losing you.” Silver slowly raised his head back up to her, his sincerity almost heartbreaking and deadly at the same time. It showed how much he resented Sonic in it. “He couldn’t handle failing you.”

Amy dropped to her knees, before covering her face in her tears.

She knew he had always cared about her… but this level… this… the impact of seeing the world after her sacrifice pained her heart and also revealed how truly Sonic had loved her.

It wasn’t much of a comfort though, seeing how many innocents had been affected.

“Miss Rose…” Silver stepped up beside her, and offered her his hand, looking more serious than sympathetic this time.

After all… he had viewed this scene since infancy.

“Let’s prevent this future.”

“…Yes…Take me to Sonic.” Amy went to give her hand to him.

Suddenly, a robotic laser came between them, and Silver quickly looked up. “Badniks!”

“Still!?” Amy was amazed, shouldn’t Eggman be dead by now..?

“Renegades!” Silver grabbed her and flew off, holding her close, and looking behind him, trying to speak quickly. “After Sonic first snapped, Eggman went on the defensive, trying to seek mercy and repentance, even though he wasn’t the immediate cause of your death! RAugh!” he spun around, throwing an arm out and sending a massive green, glowing physic wave at the robots advancing toward him, and then flew off into the forest.

The branches barely phased him, though you could tell their prickly, burnt but trying to survive corpses were painful and not pleasant at his current flying speed.

Amy even felt like she was being brushed with bendy spikes, before he narrowly escaped more beams and lasers.

“What then?” Amy spoke up through the chaos, looking up at him. “Ah!”

He charged up, landing swiftly to the ground, letting her go before doing a move normally signature of Shadow. He crossed his arms and blasted the robots away as he opened them.

“This way!” he motioned for her to follow, and they dashed into a cave.

She fell to her knees, still exhausted, as he used his ability to levitate her to safety, and push other following robots away.

“Are you alright?” he knelt over her, as she breathed hard and threw a hand up to his furry chest, pulling him down.

“Then… what…?” she looked angry, as if not wanting him to stall any longer.

He gulped, and she let him go as he pulled away, now released.

“…He couldn’t control himself… his power killed Eggman.”

Amy squirmed, not able to comprehend it.

She turned away, crying. “It can’t be…”

Silver remained silent, watching her expression.

“I’ve never known anyone to love Sonic… considering his friends tried to stop him and were all destroyed in the process… they wouldn’t give up on him… but his true self was lost forever to the Chaos that overtook him.”

“Stop it! Stop it! I don’t believe you!” she grieved this news, turning and thrashing, unwilling to accept that.

“…It’s true. Miss Rose.” Silver looked away.

He gripped a nearby rock, “If I don’t get you to him soon…”

“He’s not a murderer! It’s not him! It can’t be him!” she continued to toss herself left and right, her tears barely able to fall, not much were left after how much she cried with Sonic… risking everything to try and save her life.

“I can’t believe it… I won’t believe it!”

“…Those robots were Eggman’s last hope at saving his own hide. Now, they attack anything that moves.” Silver glared back at the entrance of the cave.

He leaned up, scanning the area. “Shadow told me to get you to Sonic as soon as possible. And keep you far from the Dark Sonic that exist in our world. Most likely, he wouldn’t recognize you at the level of insanity he’s at now. Our only hope, is to get you to him as quickly… and safely as possible.”

He turned back to her, a man with a mission, before bending down and tenderly offering her his hand again. “Please…” he looked desperate, but was trying to be considerate of her. “According to Shadow’s memory… you loved him. Loved him enough to die. Shadow can understand that. Someone did that for him long,… long ago. He feels a connection to Sonic because of that. He said he was so passionate about saving Sonic because he was so close to turning into what Sonic has become himself. Until he remembered his true promise to that girl… a favor… he owed to you.”

Amy looked at the hand, before up at Silver, marveling over Shadow’s words.

“…He… he said that by saving you,… this universe could be saved.”


“I’m begging you… Take. My. Hand.” Silver jerked his hand a few times with each pause, showing his seriousness as he narrowed his eyes, clearly wanting her to cooperate and stop questioning the reality around her.

She nodded, and took his hand.

He helped her up, holding her hand then nodded, pulling her gently closer and lifting the Chaos Emerald up.


She tensed her body.


Tails suddenly saw something bright was forming behind him, and turned around.

“Woah!” he jumped over Sonic to protect him, and ducked his head.

Knuckles did the same thing, looking behind him and rushing to Sonic and Tails, holding his body over them.

When the light faded, the two men looked up, and were amazed at what they saw.

An angel was holding Amy, before letting her step out of the light, and then disappeared, nodding to her a goodbye, as she nodded in return.

She turned seriously back to the two.

“A…Amy?” Tails was barely able to speak.

“It… It can’t be… b-b-but it has to be!” Knuckles leaned up, getting to his feet, and gesturing out with his palms towards Amy, elated.

“You’re alive!”

“Please… help me wake up Sonic.” Amy held out a sweet hand to stay them, before bending her eyebrows back, smiling sweetly to her friends.

They were so filled with joy and wonder, that it took them a second to wipe their eyes and rouse Sonic up from his current state.

“Sonic! Sonic! You’re not gonna believe this!” Tails exclaimed, so happy, so thankful!

So.. relieved.

Sonic came too, shaking his head, “Ughh…” he put a hand up to his head.

Amy felt her entire being wanting to just leap out and embrace him, but held back, taking in deep breaths to calm herself.

So much destruction… so much anger… all because he loved her so much… and couldn’t forgive himself.. for something… he didn’t even do wrong.

“A…Amy?” he looked around, but Amy stood behind him.

She outstretched her hand, but in a wild gust, he rose to his feet, hoping slightly on his feet. “Amy? Amy!? AMMYY!!!”


Sonic turned around.

His immense panic left him, and he dropped to his knees, his eyes forming such release of all worry that her heart almost broke for him.

“Amy… You made it.” he bent his head, struggling not to cry.

The team all stared, but smiled gently, knowing it was probably best to just let it out, but not telling him what to do.

“I thought… I saw you… the cage… it was tilting.. how did you-?”

As he rose his head, his hands tightly up against his head, Amy rushed down to the ground in front of him, and held both hands to the side of his face.

“I love you, Sonic The Hedgehog. And I know you love me. More than even your own heart can take. I understand that now. But please, please don’t ever feel you will ever fail me!” she embraced him, squeezing the living daylights out of him.

She wept so wonderfully that the team just couldn’t help but feel glad, unable to cry anymore.

Tails and Knuckles looked each other, before rushing to join in on the reunion.

“…Amy…” Sonic’s eyes shook, a little confused by what she meant by that, but put a hand delicately to her back, and rubbed it slightly, in comfort.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Those words stung her very spirit, as she knew exactly what would come of that.

The team all embraced as Sonic wiggled in awkwardness, not liking the touchy-feely moment, “W-woah…emm…Ughh..” he shrugged, seeing it was only appropriate, and embraced the team back, as everyone laughed to release the tension.

She never parted from his side since, even when he seemed annoyed by her insistence on staying close by him, he never complained too much, and she knew it was only for the best.

(Tearjerker right here. -wipes eye- I’ve written something similar to this before, but I up’d the ante a bit, and i like how it turned out :) major AU, lol)

Guzma headcanons pt.1

(I’m going to post these in parts, because I have way too many! Feel free to send asks of anything you have in mind, too!)

- He was always taller than the other kids, and back then he was nothing but skin and bones. He’s filled out over the years, but it’s all untoned muscle, with a little bit of fat that gives his belly that soft look.

- His eyes aren’t naturally white, but sorta dark grey. He wears contacts. Not because his vision is messed up or anything. He just thinks white irises look cool, and the unnatural look is great for creeping people out.
Speaking of which, his hair is naturally all black. It was a pain in the ass to get it white, but he managed.

- He can’t get enough of people who can’t figure out his age. Is he 20? Or 50? Who knows*??? Ya boi knows, but he ain’t tellin’ nobody!
**Plumeria knows, but she doesn’t see why it matters, so she probably won’t tell you either.

- He’s heavier than he looks. He is very aware of this and he’ll use it to his advantage sometimes, like when Plumeria was trying to drag him off to the doctor after his Ariados stung him. If he deadweights you will not be able to move him. Plumeria is really strong, but even she couldn’t pick his ass up off the ground.

(Submission) Love these chunky guys with all the confidence of a guy with twice their fitness, not ashamed to show off their untoned and flabby middles to the world and let the whole club see them wobble with every dance move. Gonna show off their bodies freshman 15 be damned, and thank you for that :)

Tummy Kisses

It was nearly noon when you’d finally had enough of Jiyong laying in bed. After all, it was Saturday, your day off, he should be up with you eating a nice brunch or going out to enjoy the sun. Instead, he was still dead to the world, sleeping off last night’s Tequila adventure. With coffee mug in hand you returned to the bedroom, hoping the scent might rouse him.

In the time you had left, Jiyong had managed to tangle his legs up in the blankets and spread out so much that there was barely enough room for you to perch on the edge. He was a bit of a mess really, hair a little greasy and clumped from being slicked back the previous night and his skin ruddy with some breakouts. It was clear he had been too incapacitated to shower when he got home, let alone wash his face, not that any of it mattered to you; he was still the hottest thing this side of the sun.

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Hi gorgeous! I have a suggestion for maybe one of your future work - self-concious Candy, who thinks she's a little too fat or untoned or maybe she has acne. She just started dating Castiel she's trying to lose weight or fix her skin and in the mean time isn't letting Cas touch her. Obviously she hadn't told him what's on her mind and he is just getting more and more pissed off at her avoiding his hugs and touches. That may be a hard one but if you will be interested in it, it'll be great! <3

It’s a bit different writing a more caring side to Castiel so I hope it came out okay and I hope you like it <3

Candy stared at herself in the mirror, taking in every ‘sad’ detail of her face, her skin, and her body. She pinched at the rolls at her sides with an almost regretful look on her face before she started to pick at her face. Sometimes she thought that maybe if she kept scratching at her acne that it would just go away. Sure, it woulds scar, but she’d take a scar over a pimple any day of the week. Her fingers pulled down at the bags at her eyes with a frown pulling at her lips.

Every single action she did just made her more and more conscious of her body. No matter what angle she looked at herself in, no matter how much she sucked in or how many products she used, she felt wrong. As if she was in the wrong skin, the wrong body, that what was in the mirror couldn’t possibly be her.

And it hurt.  Feeling so bad, so horrible, so ugly and feeling like it was all her fault for how she looked. If she didn’t eat as much. If she didn’t drink that soda. If she just drank more water. Something.

Swallowing thickly, her eyes fell to the products on her sink, still unopened since they were just bought only a few hours prior. Skin products that swore that it would get rid of dead skin cells and pimples and blemishes. Diet pills that were promised to work.

With a heavy heart, she grabbed the bottle of pills first, hoping that it would work. And in the meantime, while the 'magical’ products were going to get to work, she wasn’t going to let anyone touch her.

No one deserved to feel her body like this. Not her mother. Not Rosayla. No one. Not even Castiel.

Castiel grinded his teeth as he eyed Candy. She just sat a few desks away from him with her head ducked down as if she was focused on her work. As if nothing was wrong.

His shoulders tensed as his grip tightened around his pencil. Like hell everything’s okay. He knew something was wrong and it was slowly starting to piss him off that she was being so isolated.

Candy was the most touchy-feely person that he knew. She was always hugging people, himself included, always had a hand on his shoulder or a hand on his own hand or would have their arms brush against each other as they walked together in the halls. While it took some time, he got used to it. Hell, he actually came to love how she always needed some physical reassurance that someone was there with her. Reassurance that he eventually started to give her freely and as often as he possibly could, especially when he would notice that she was in a bad mood.

But dammit it, how can I comfort her when she won’t even let me touch her? She has done nothing but avoid me this whole fucking week. He tried to force his breathing to regulate as he tried to calm himself down, knowing that if he got pissed off in the middle of class, it was only going to end with him in detention.

He had every fucking right to be angry. Every damn time that he reached for her hand, she moved away subtly. A hug turned into a quick excuse that she had somewhere to be before he could even get his arms close to her. A kiss on the cheek turned into a kiss to her hair as she would dodge her head.
His attempt at calming himself started to fail as his anger started to boil more and more. The bell signaling the end of class caused most people to clear out pretty quickly, but he waited until Candy headed out before he started to trail after her.

Nearly everyone in the hallway cleared a path when he saw him coming by, his eyes burning with fury as he just dared someone to get into his way- no one was stupid enough to take up that dare.

But he finally caught up to her as Candy stopped at her locker, her head ducked low as she stood tense like a turtle tucked into its shell. She looked so uncomfortable and out of place. Like she wanted to be anywhere but in a sea full of people.

She didn’t even notice Castiel when he walked up to her, causing her to jump when her locker suddenly got slammed shut by him. She looked at him with wide eyes, her heart beginning to pound as she saw nothing but pure anger looking back at her.

“-There’s easier ways to get my attention you know,” Candy finally found the courage to speak up, though her voice lacked its usual witty confidence.

“-Really,” Castiel sneered a bit, “Because I fucking doubt it considering how well you’ve been avoiding me.”

Candy winced, tugging at the end of her shirt a bit nervously, though she stopped when the thought of tugging on it may show her stomach more popped into her mind. She avoided his eyes as he leaned over her, tears bristling at her eyelashes.

“…Sorry,” Candy mumbled, “But I got to go.”

She made a move to dodge around him, but he stepped into her path to keep her from leaving.

“Oh no, you’re not getting away this time, not before I get an explanation!”

Candy remained silent. The tears starting to silently fall onto her cheeks as she sniffled a bit. Her hands twitched at her sides, wanting nothing more than to rub at her eyes which would ruin the makeup she had on to cover up the bags. She let out a few shaky breaths as her draped her arms across her chest, rubbing at her arms. She hoped that the motion didn’t make herself look bigger than she actually was.

Seeing the tears caused Castiel to falter slightly as his expression softened, the fire in his eyes burning out.

“Candy,” he spoke up a bit more quietly, “Just… just tell me, okay?”

Candy swallowed thickly as she let out a few more shaky breaths.

“It’s not exactly easy saying that I’m ugly,” Candy admitted softly, her voice barely even heard over the other students in the hall, “And I… I don’t want anyone touching me like this. Not until I look better. Not until I lose weight, get rid of the acne, not until I’m beautiful.”

When he didn’t reply right away, she looked up at him through blurry eyes. His usual cocky smirk was on his face as he looked at her, his eyes shining with a kind warmth that doesn’t show as often as it should.

“Well that’s just fucking stupid,” he admitted, his hand reaching out to touch her face, “Because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve met.”

Candy sucked in a breath as she let him touch her face before she relaxed and leaned into his touch slightly.  He said it so matter-of-fact. Like it was so obvious. Like he truly believed what he was saying. Even if there was some doubt in the back of her mind, she couldn’t help but feel better at his words.

A small smile was starting to form at her lips as she let out a small chuckle,

“You’re just saying that,” she said a bit weakly, causing him to snort.

This time when he went to hold her, she didn’t resist as she rested her head on his chest. He could barely get his arms completely around her, yet it felt just as right as a perfect fit.

“I say a lot of things,” Castiel mumbled into her hair, “But you should know by now that I don’t bullshit anything.”

Candy cackled a bit at the words, laughing into him as she pulled away gently, just enough that she could slap his arm for the comment,

“Tell that to your teachers.”

someone who can’t put up with my depressive episodes and my constant frustration and my break downs and my body hair and my cyclothymia and my obnoxious laugh and my clinginess and the redness on my face and my keratosis pilaris and my untoned stomach doesn’t deserve my stunning positivity and my beautiful soul and my bright eyes and my silky hair and my cute freckles and my music taste and my art and my little stories and my adorable smile and my endless imagination and my random acts of kindness .

At first I hated this picture and the way my legs looked in it. I thought they looked fat and untoned, I was self conscious that you could see the cellulite in my thighs. But what I think is very important is to love your body. My body allows me to do such amazing things, and I shouldn’t hate it for that. These wonderful legs carried me to win the 10k in my conference championship. They allow me to do long runs of over 13 miles. They allow me to log 60 or more miles a week. When I have negative body image days, I try to remember this. My body is helping me achieve things I never dreamed I would be able to achieve. You don’t have to look a certain way to be a good runner. There is no certain body type that is better than another and that is so important. I may struggle a lot with positive body image but I have been getting better and I am proud to not be embarrassed of how my legs look in this.

*makes a movie maker slide show about BANANA HAIR with star bust effects and very sad music with wash away screencaps*

Even though it was only a few days I will always remember you BANANA HAIR

You may no longer be here with us BANANA HAIR 

But you’ll always be in our heart *touches chest* at least you’ll alway be in mine

BANANA HAIR 150114-150116

I feel really odd when people send me messages and call me perfect. i’m not perfect and I don’t have a perfect body or face or hair so have a picture of my untoned tummy and thick thighs. 2 years out of recovery and I feel great :) instagram @floral.elf

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In less that 12 months Briana has gone from an untoned, slightly bloated but average sized girl (slightly heftier than Louis as evidenced in the infamous Sun club pap shots), a supposed full term pregnancy and now fits a true 'skinny' profile (frame now nearer to petite Louis' as seen in recent exchange photos). Plus of course the undeniable facial surgery. How can people not see this in terms of how unrealistic it is with a 9 months pregnancy in there?

You’d swear she was in the witness protection program for how much she’s completely changed her appearance in 12 months. It’s a lot, even without the so-called pregnancy.

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Hey so is this blog dead?

For years, this blog has been such a great way for me to feel like I play a part in empowering women. And recently, something cool happened in my life where I got to take this pursuit off the screen and into the world: I got chosen to be part of Rapha’s Women’s Ambassador program

Yadda, yadda, you guys know that. Look, there’s even a fancy press photo of me for it:

(Same face I make at guys in bars.)

So Rapha whisked me away to sleep-away camp with a handful of incredible women (downhill mountain bike racers! Olympians! National Champions! and um…a dating blogger?) and I have never been so intimidated in my life. I dubbed myself the token novice because once we hit the road, I wanted a built-in excuse that allowed me to not keep up, padding my embarrassment by playing the jester.

But let’s be real, I was straight-up scared. 

I was scared of them judging me, of wondering why I was there, of forgetting I was there. 

And I pushed myself harder physically that weekend than I ever have. 

That’s a lie. 

I pushed myself relatively hard and then slunk down like a child behind their mom anytime the challenge looked like too much. (22% grade on Paseo Miramar? You bet your untoned-ass I walked my bike up that hill.) 

The weekend finished with new friends and new goals, but I felt like a disappointment. I felt like a fraud. (Oh, shit, it’s like annfriedman said, I have impostor syndrome.) What, other than luck, had earned me a spot with those champions? That thought lingered with me. And after ignoring all the wonderful people who were trying to get me to shut up said I had earned it, I figured the only way to ease my mind was to become the woman I believed would have earned the spot.

So I got on my bike. 6 am training schedule. Goal of 120 miles a week. Spinning on the stationary bike during the day at work. Switching back into my kit after work to spin more. Going to sleep at 10 pm on weekend nights so I could slam out 70 miles the next day. Emailing these people, tagging that, texting those people, creating routes and nutrition plans, trying to be a leader in my community by recruiting, offering to take out newbies, lending out my gear, my bikes, my time. And fuck, do I miss getting shit-faced with my friends. I miss brunch. I miss sleeping in so much. Like I would give up orgasms for three months to just be able to sleep in for a week straight. 

There’s this one ride in LA along one of the man-made concrete river paths that I’ve been using to track my progress. It’s a six-mile stretch. These are my times since January:

I shaved five minutes off a six-mile stretch. And right now, I hold the time as the fastest woman to have recorded her time on Strava on that stretch, out of 180 women. And I fucking earned that. (By the way, if we include guys, I’m 49th out of 1527 people.) 

This sounds like bragging, or how-to-make-people-hate-you-on-the-internet, but cycling changed my life. I couldn’t get behind the wheel of a car or stand at the altar of a friend’s wedding or get on an airplane without sobbing from anxiety before cycling. I was broken, and it fixed me. And then someone was like, “would you like to be part of a program that encourages women to cycle?” and all I heard was, “would you like to save other women?” 

And I said yes. Every ounce of energy that doesn’t go into paying my bills has gone into that. 

So the blog isn’t dead. And god damn do I wish that after a hard ride I could just sit down and write something awesome. But lately, that just hasn’t happened. I feel really strongly that if I don’t have something wonderful to share, that it’s not worth sharing anything at all. And when I have gone against that instinct and written a post just to throw something up here, it’s been embarrassing and waste of my and your time. 

Maybe you’ve spent a cumulative of five minutes (maybe) checking to see if there’s new content over the past few months, but I’ve spent weeks writing… well, crap. Take a look around my Google docs (please don’t.) It’s a graveyard of posts-that-could-have-been. I’ve been trying and nothing, man nothing, is coming out as “you know who might like reading this? The internet.”

It’s a bummer, guys. Like, a real soul-crushing bummer. 

And what do I do when I feel soul-crushed?

Get on my bike.

So come to LA. You can borrow one of my bikes and I’ll tell you everything I haven’t found a way to write down. Like how I got picked up in a Ferrari for a fried-chicken date. Or how my own ignorant prejudices against mental illness have created a rupture in my family life. Or how I have muscles in my shoulders I have never seen before. Or how my grandma ends every phone call with “have a nice life!” because woman is so psyched to meet God and see her husband. Or how my ex is only sort of my ex some of the time. Or how I got kinda handsy with a girl at a club. How Finn bites my nose to wake me up, how I felt when I found out I have so many cysts!, how I’ve been practicing pulling out and extending my bike pump in one swift motion to turn it into a weapon, how I’ve been saving money, how I’ve been spending money, how I’ve been emailing my editor all the time with limited response, how worried I am about the book, how badly I want to succeed at cycling, how bored I am with my job, and how I finally perfected beach hair.

Or you could just keep checking the blog.

I’ll be here either way. 

5. Will Finds Acceptance - Then Loses It Immediately

Having received Best Photo last week, Will gets a special Tyra Treat: he gets to call his mom via the Line App. (Have you all downloaded Line App yet? It lets you call and text people on your phone! You know, basically things your phone already does.) Tyra calls it the best treat yet because who wouldn’t want to send clip art of the PedoBear winking and blowing kisses to their mom? 

Will’s call quickly gets echoey and for once it’s not a Line App bug - it turns out THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! Now you can get scared, Lenox

Will’s parents have come to Los Angeles for a surprise visit. There’s a lot of hugging and Will’s mom declares her son the “best hugger.” Mirjana chimes in that she “loves Will’s hugs” too and this sound effect plays to indicate that she probably hasn’t been hugging Will much. Will probably wouldn’t hug Mirjana with a flame-retardant blanket if she were currently engulfed in flames.

Mom seems great, but there’s some suspense with the other parent - will Will’s traditional, sports-focused, Texan father accept Will now that he’s an out-and-proud fashion model? He asks some questions about Will wearing makeup and six-inch heels that indicate that he’s not comfortable with the idea… but it ends up not being a big deal

It probably also helps when Keith shows Will’s football coach father that touchdown dancing and gay clubbing are basically the same thing:

Once again, I’m living for Shei in this GIF. We don’t get enough of her, but you can tell she’s fun just from her appearances in the background of other people’s story lines. 

Anyway, hooray for acceptance! Will can finally feel comfortable in his own skin!

Well… except… have you seen that skin? Specifically the skin around his midsection? Yeah, that’s going to be a problem. 

At the photo shoot, Yu continual criticizes untoned tummy. He asks him to suck in repeatedly and urges him to do more abs exercise. Ugh, he’s so fat, right? It’s like he doesn’t even understand what a boom boom boom is!

This feedback continues at panel when Miss J is unimpressed with his photo. He picks up on the fact that Will is uncomfortable when unclothed and jumps on it. Tyra also hints at the importance of exercise. She admits that once she was a supermodel, she convinced Victoria’s Secret to let her cover up her giant ass on the runway, but Will doesn’t have that luxury as a newcomer to the industry.  

Basically, I want to congratulate the show for doing what it does best - building someone up and then immediately kicking him to the ground. Will had never left more comfortable and confident with the person he is until that visit that with his parents… and then it took all of a day for the show to berate him for a supposedly subpar body and to fill him with insecurities all over again. 

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