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Art work from cancelled episodes of The Clone Wars, the episode in which Ahsoka meets Anakin for the last time on Mandalore and conducts a mission to assasinate Darth Maul.

She cooperates wih Bo-Katan and the squad of clones is given to her by Anakin (they have special helmets painted in Ahsoka’s face tattoos).

As Anakin and Obi-Wan were being summoned by Yoda to the Temple (to rescue Palpatine, ROTS), Anakin tells Ahsoka that he was proud of what she had accomplished despite that she wasn’t a jedi anymore.

Story told by Dave Filoni during Star Wars Celebration, on Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel.

Please try not to cry.

Ahsoka Tano's untold tales

So yesterday I was at Star Wars celebration, as you probably know by all the pictures lol! The first thing I did was go to the panel of Ahsoka Tano’s untold tales.

So, they said if Star Wars the clone wars continued, there would have been 3 more arcs on Ahsoka!! They showed what they would have been!!

1 arc was based on Ahsoka just after she left the Jedi order/temple. Where she went to a park on coruscant and sat in between a load of trees to meditate. Where she was sitting she had a view through to the trees and she could see the Jedi temple in the far distance. She then traveled down deep into the coruscant underworld where she went to level 1313 and met a guy called Nyx who quickly became her boyfriend (for a short amount of time) she also helped any people that couldn’t help/protect them selves as she still believed in the Jedi code.

The second arc was where she helped again Anakin and Obi rescue Yoda from an evil lurking in the deepest depths of coruscant. She led Obi and Anakin to the very base level of coruscant, where they came across an ancient temple of the sith. Not much was said about this arc. But they did mention that Ahsoka sort of faced off against Darth Sidious. She saw him coming so she melted the door shut with her lightsaber, with Sidious on the other side he sent force lighting up her lightsaber which traveled through the door and up her lightsaber to attack Ahsoka on the other side.

The third arc was based on Ahsoka helping the Jedi. She didn’t actually return to the order, but she did help Obi Wan and Anakin on another mission on mandalore as Darth Maul returned. She teamed up with Bo Katan, obi wan, and Anakin, to try and stop Maul once again. Anakin gave Ahsoka some members of the 501st legion, to help her and Bo fight against Maul, as Obi and Anakin where called back to coruscant to protect the world (the beginning scene in episode 3 revenge of the sith). Dave actually designed some concept art of troopers wearing helmets with Ahsokas skin colour and face patterns on their helmets. As Ahsoka was the only Jedi there, she faced off against Maul this time! But was over whelmed and ran away. Making Maul say in rebels “running away again". During this time order 66 initiated causing the 501st to turn on Ahsoka. Not knowing what they got them selves into Ahsoka summoned giant wolves as high as trees, they came out and trampled most of the troops while she finished off the rest.

So yea some really intense stuff happened at the panel, it was honestly an amazing time and I’m so happy I was able to go.

Oh……. He also said really quietly and quickly, that there’s a bigger chance that Ahsoka is alive!!!!!!!


Concept Art by Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo for the last episode of star Wars rebels season 2: Sith temple on Manchalor and Ahsoha and Vader’s duel.

Star Wars Celebration Europe: Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel

Ship: Jami (Jared/Kami) (beginning of Unspoken)

Song: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard

Fancast: Malese Jow and Steven R. McQueen

I actually can’t explain to what degree I associate this song with this pairing. I’m worried about this graphic - it’s not looking as HQ on tumblr as it did with photoshop- but god, this song, this pairing.

(this is my ship, you guys. as much as I love my holla girls (hollaback girls), I ultimately just want them to be happy. But Jared and Kami? There’s my ship.

I chose this song for them because to me, the lyrics just are them. They speak of knowing someone, and yet getting to know them again in a new way, a different way. They speak of soulmates- and I love the way the whole ‘soul mate’ concept was addressed in their relationship, how it’s both much more accurate for their situation than for your typical 'destined lovers’- I mean, their souls were linked, for goodness’ sake - but also inverted. It wasn’t about destiny or being perfectly matched or written in the stars. It was an accident and a mistake.

I also love the way my ship addresses the convention of a nice girl 'fixing’ a bad boy or a damaged boy. I love that SRB has Holly straight-up textually say that there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to bad boys (and, implicitly, that 'nice guys finish last’ is misogynist bullshit and that girls don’t owe any guy anything). I love that Kami cares about Jared’s problems and wants to help, but not by putting herself at risk or by allowing him to take advantage of her concern. I love that it’s not Kami “fixing” Jared, it’s Jared wanting to be better for Kami. (Jared is determined to make Kami happy he’s around. You guys. My babies. Imma cry.)

And I love that my Jami ship (seriously, Jami is the best ship name because they make me feel warm and fuzzy like comfy jammies straight out of the dryer in the middle of winter- and if jammies isn’t part of your slangtionary, it means pajamas/nightwear/that which you wear as you slumber) is a friendship as well as a romance. They don’t care about each other because of some mysterious bond of fate. They care about each other because they have seventeen years of the closest most intimate friendship imaginable. Of course they care. 

(I’m giving myself feels again thinking about Jared only having Kami for seventeen years and then Kami abandoning him at the end of the book when he thought she was the only person who could never leave him- just as I have feels about Kami hasn’t had a moment alone her entire life and just when she finally becomes her own person and claims her agency and takes freedom into her own hands she loses the most important person in her life until now- you guys, I don’t know how much longer I can write about this, my feelings.)

So, this isn’t so much Jami meta as it is Jami shipping, but hey, feels, man. 

This graphic in summary: they know each other, but they don't know each other, and they’re learning each other anew; they have SO MUCH LOVE FOR EACH OTHER AND ANGER AT EACH OTHER AND HAVE SUCH INTENSE CODEPENDENCY AND KAMI WANTS INDEPENDENCE AND JARED ISN’T EMOTIONALLY STABLE ENOUGH TO GRASP THAT CONCEPT YOU GUYS; there’s so much darkness in jared’s life and they’re there for each other forever and always and they are each others EXCEPT NOT ANYMORE.

My feelings. In case you guys aren’t aware, I need Untold, like, nowwwwwwww. I need to write a million essays on these characters and review it everywhere and make graphics of all the MAKE OUT SESSIONS (because this is book 2 of an SRB trilogy, after all) and I just need it. 

(also book 2 of a trilogy is always always always my favourite since I was a wee child and book 2 of TDL is currently my favourite book ever and I have high hopes for untold)

(also if you haven’t read TDL do so now please)

the end

Character: Holly Prescott (beginning of Unspoken)

Fancast: Candice Accola

Song: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Sorry this was so late, everyone. I had a harder time with this one.

It’s very hard to try and balance the way the narrative portrays Holly and the way Kami thinks of Holly at the beginning of the book. It’s funny, because Kami consciously tries to not judge or define Holly by her stereotype, and yet often thinks about Holly as her stereotype, and is always surprised when Holly breaks the stereotype. I loved the way SRB portrayed this, and everything about Holly, really. But it was hard to find a song that could portray both what Kami and the reader are introduced to about Holly (that she’s beautiful and popular with the boys, but also unfailingly friendly in a way Kami is surprised by). Furthermore, Holly is very conscious of her own stereotype, and engages with it in a way neither Kami nor Angela really do. Holly both embraces and refuses to accept the way people perceive her based on her appearance. She is happy to benefit from or appreciate the positive (and might I say that I love love LOVE that Holly is a character who is beautiful, who knows she is beautiful, who is gracious about being beautiful BUT is also happy about being beautiful- so often, if a female character is beautiful, she either doesn’t realize it about herself or resents it- and while there’s nothing wrong with those things, I love that SRB writes characters like Holly and Sin from The Demon’s Lexiconwho are beautiful and don’t feel like they have to feel bad about it!) but Holly also refuses to change herself to fit people’s expectations of her. She’s a smart student, she values her friendships immensely, and is pretty nonjudgmental. Overall, yay Holly! But of course, being aware of the way people perceive you generally leads to other consequences, and Holly’s got pretty good shields and game, enough that even the reader never entirely knows how Holly feels (which is why I’m so excited for her POV in Untold.)

But coming up with a song for this was also really hard because I identify so much with Holly, and I was terrified that I would end up projecting parts of myself onto her that actually weren’t applicable to her. So I ended up with this song, because I think that the lyrics both are true about Holly, but that the overall song also applies to the image people have of Holly (and the image she may or may not try to project), as well as discusses expectations people have of women in general! Plus, I like this song and especially these lyrics, because instead of just interpreting them literally, I sort of also see them as communicating the societal expectations for girls to hide who they are and what they want behind shields and walls of what others tell them to be, and of a girl (or many girls) making the decision to free themselves of these restrictions and allow their true selves to shine through. Which is just a really happy sentiment! I hope I’m not rambling too much to make sense.

I think tomorrow’s gonna be Ash (even though he was introduced I think before Holly- ooops), but it may be Jared. I am a master of surprises! You’ll never know with me!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

(oh, ps: from now on, I’m going to start tagging these as #untold celebration, so if you want to find these, they shall be there!)

Character: Jared Moore (beginning of Unspoken)

Song: “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” by Fall Out Boy

Fancast: Daniel Sharman

Took me a little longer, but hey! Jared!

Jared’s introduction is much darker than the others’ because… well, because Jared’s introduction is darker. Though we technically meet him second, since he’s in Kami’s mind and all, his physical person is first introduced as being a problem kid who beats people up in a playground and is believed to have murdered his father. Even when Kami figures out that he’s her Jared, she’s absolutely terrified by the fact that he’s actually real. Out of all of the characters in Unspoken, Jared is the most (at least, outwardly) damaged, and that’s a big part of Kami getting to know him in real life. He starts out angry and lonely and bitter, and I wanted this graphic to reflect that!

Ship: Kash (Kami/Ash) (beginning of Unspoken)

Song: “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift

Fancast: Beau Mirchoff and Janel Parrish


My first ship installment! Yay!

Also, I love the ship name “Kash”. It’s almost better than “Holla”.

I’ve always associated these lyrics with Kami and Ash, in a weird way. Their first meeting was so… picture perfect, I guess? Everything about Ash’s introduction was picture perfect, with that whole “Golden Lyburn boy”. Maybe that’s why I’ve used two Taylor Swift songs in a row? Romaaaaance.

I don’t have as much to say about ships as I do about individual characters or friendships, usually, but especially not at this point, when things are going swimmingly. Luckily, things don’t go swimmingly for the rest of Unspoken, so I’ll have lots to say again very soon.