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untitled 01 / shance / rated m 

been a while since i’ve written anything even mildly suggestive so i’m practicing and posing it. prompt is #6 from this list 

Let it be known that Lance never planned on taking a nap, at least not right away. So he’s perfectly content to have his thighs splayed on either side of Shiro’s hips as they rock up into him, gasping pleasure into his boyfriend’s mouth. His foot skates along the sheets, toes curling in the smooth material when Shiro ducks his head to lick at a pert nipple, tongue hot and wet.

“Ahn!” Lance can’t help the gasp that tumbles out, arching further into Shiro. One of his broad hands releases their bruising grip on the meat of Lance’s thighs, tracing up along the knobs of his spine to rest at the dip. When teeth graze the bud, Lance chokes out, “You’re awful.”

“I don’t know, baby.” Shiro pulls back, corner of his mouth tugging into a teasing grin. “You definitely didn’t think that at my house on Saturday.” His other hand reaches back to rub at where they’re joined; heat coils impossibly tighter in Lance’s belly.

Lance rolls his eyes. “Yeah, well, I could barely think Saturday night, with you practically up my throat.” He tilts up Shiro’s face to rest their foreheads together, and gets an eyeful of the blush spilling across his cheeks and nose. The sun is bleeding through the curtains, catching in that white forelock and making it glow. It’s too much, seeing this; like looking at an angel. It should be illegal to be so beautiful while rearranging your boyfriend’s guts.

“I’m sorry, you know I love giving you what you want.” Shiro punctuates with a particularly thorough roll of his hips.

His heart swells. Lance throws his arms around Shiro’s neck, hand coming up to cradle the back of his head while he presses his face into the juncture between neck and shoulder. The skin beneath his lips dampens as he gasps through his release.

“I love you,” he murmurs with a flutter of eyelashes, because as much as he loves everything about Shiro, it’s Shiro himself that he’ll always love the most.

“Mm. I love you too.”


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John Frusciante
Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt

Niandra LaDes:
1. As Can Be - 00:00
2. My Smile Is A Rifle - 02:57
3. Head (Beach Arab) - 06:46
4. Big Takeover - 08:51
5. Curtains - 12:09
6. Running Away Into You - 14:40
7. Mascara - 16:53
8. Been Insane - 20:33
9. Skin Blues - 22:15
10. Your Pussy’s Glued To A Building On Fire - 24:01
11. Blood On My Neck From Success - 27:18
12. Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo - 30:27

Usually Just A T-Shirt:
13. Untitled #1 - 32:27 
14. Untitled #2 - 33:02
15. Untitled #3 - 37:24
16. Untitled #4 - 39:14
17. Untitled #5 - 40:53
18. Untitled #6 - 42:23
19. Untitled #7 - 43:53
20. Untitled #8 - 45:35
21. Untitled #9 - 53:30
22. Untitled #10 - 1:00:42
23. Untitled #11 - 1:01:01
24. Untitled #12 - 1:02:53
25. Untitled #13 - 1:08:20

You are the light of my day
the dimple that shows on my face
You are the harmonic strumming on an autumn night
the radiance on the horizon during sunrise
I give you all that I have
loving with all of me is all that I know
I send my heart to you wrapped with unconditional love
attached to cupids arrow
Fell in love with you almost two years ago
you’ve owned my heart ever since
never felt this way before
so I plead to you be gentle
for I am fragile since in love I have no experience

I hope you love me
I hope you love me
it’s rare no one has loved me
so I hope you love me

You entered briskly in my life
changing all that I ever knew
constellations written in your name
I saw the signs that I was falling for you
You warmed me up when I was cold
gave me the love remedy when I was sick
You switch to the mediator of my life
when I feel it’s getting too hard for me here
You wrote how much you love me
can’t fantasize losing or letting me go
I have a permanent spot in your life
and I’m stuck in that slot
I pray you never change your mind
because I’m here to the end
I give you full ownership of my heart
just tuck it away and always be with me here

I know you love me
I know you love me
it’s rare I know you love me
I know you love me

and I hope it stays that way

—  untitled 01 | 10.03.2016.

S O L by Luis Mariano González
Via Flickr:
© Luis Mariano González 2017 2017-11-04_06-35-01

goodnight moon


01. Untitled // Matt Corby 02. Promise // Ben Howard 03. Medicine // Daughter 04. Bloom // The Paper Kites 05. Where Is My Mind // Sunday Girl 06. Holocene // Bon Iver 07. Without A Word // Birdy 08. Never Say Never // The Fray 09. Asleep // The Smiths 10. I Need My Girl // The National 11. Robbers // The 1975 12. Let Her Go // Birdy 13. Winter Song // Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson 14. High Hopes // Kodaline 15. Winter // Matt Corby