untitled pt. i

Untitled ~ Pt. 2

Wow. I just learned today that 10,000 people here on tumblr connect with and follow my personal photography work. That is insane. Not just that number (numbers are meaningless at the end of the day), but the idea anyone actually appreciates my art for what it is, reaches the highest degree of flattery in my book. For a long time, I posted work I was incredibly proud of to literally nobody. Regardless, I stayed so happy with it. Sharing art is always scary since at the end of the day, it is subjective. There is no guarantee of anyone liking it, or even caring about it. Which is why I really made it about just improving my craft rather than worrying about the exposure too much. I took that approach for as long as I can remember, then something magical happened… I hit 1,000 followers. Now, here I am, 9,000 later and it is amazing. I can’t thank everybody on here enough for the love and support. I have no plans on stopping, only plans to share more adventures with my camera as the guide. Thank you again for coming along on this journey.

Lastly, for anyone who is interested, I recently have been posting some more travel insight (as well as some random extra photos) to my Twitter. Incase you were interested in following along, I would be more than happy to have you: http://www.twitter.com/mazalthan