untitled label

Did you think that these labels would, what, help you understand me better? Well, good luck with that. I barely understand myself. I’m a walking pile of contradictions. We all are, and none of this equals us. It’s just not that black and white. And no one should be pressured to slap on a label so that someone else can define them. That’s just kind of douchey.
—  Amy Raudenfeld 

@these-conversations-kill tagged me to put my music on shuffle and list the first 20 songs that show up. Thanks for the tag ❤

So here we go:

1. Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall pt.2
2. RHCP - Nobody Weird Like Me
3. Sigur Rós - Sigur 8 (Untitled)
4. Black Label Society - All For You
5. Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief
6. 2Pac - California Love (guilty pleasure, eh
7. Guns n’ Roses - Don’t Cry
8. Filter - Welcome To The Fold
9. Beatles - Helter Skelter
10. Slipknot - (sic)
11. PJ Harvey - A Perfect Day Elise
12. Danzig - Not Of This World
13. John Frusciante - Loss
14. Metallica - My Apocalypse
15. The Doors - Love Me Two Times
16. Alice in Chains - Junkhead
17. Pearl Jam - Deep
18. Morbid Angel - Enshrined by Grace
19. Ghost BC - Square Hammer
20. Asphyx - Candiru

What a weird mix, and people wonder why I’m never listening to my music on shuffle :D

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