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Do you have any daddy/little fanfics?? Also I love your blog💕

I have daddy fics but I’m not sure about the little, hm… Well I’ll look for some! Btw thank you for liking the blog ❤❤

Remedy by imveryloser [YoonMin, rated T, 4k]

Slowly by cryinghobi [SugaKookie, rated E, 12k]

The slightest touch and I feel weak (I cannot hide from you, I cannot lie) by Levetrate [JiKook, rated M, 2k]

Just a little bit more. by Levetrate [JiKook, rated M, 4k]

Keep Your Eyes On Me by latoyastewart13 [TaeGi, rated E, 2k]

untitled by yoongioppa [TaeKook, rated G, 900w]

Daddy, Please by imveryloser [YoonMin, rated E, 4k]

Baby Blue by Penjasin [MinJoon, rated E, 2k]

I hope you enjoy these fics!!!

- Admin Nana

We built our love out of sugar cubes.
Brick by tiny brick, until we had four walls and a gable roof.
It sounded so innocent at the time,
I could lick my finger and drag it down the walls.
A kiss never tasted as sweet as when it was your lips against mine.
But sugar does not fare well in the rain, does it darling,
and neither do you.
—  “Untitled” | E. Day, 2017
a game of three

In a gc  @sondeneige​ gave us a prompt for daidaiteru : grocery shopping for the week. Daichi having to wrangle terushima and daishou.

He must admit that having that when having two partners one would expect that they would help more when it comes to grocery shopping, but unfortunately for Daichi, he set his expectations to high for Suguru or Yuuji to reach as the two sat curled around one another on the couch.

“No-one’s gonna help, then?” He asks, eyebrow rising as Yuuji wraps an arm around Suguru’s waist and pulls him closer to them, ignoring their boyfriend while they whisper something in Suguru’s ear.

He scoffs and sticks a tongue out in Daichi’s direction, not the least bit interested in leaving the comfort of Yuuji’s arms to go outside and help. Suguru’d much prefer to stay indoors rather than socialise with the people he’d meet in the supermarket - shuddering at the memory of children screaming and an untimely moment for him to turn and receive a face full of yogurt.

“Dai-chan,” he purrs, the corner of his lip curling into the beginning of a smirk. “Come an’ cuddle.”

Yuuji nods along, patting the space next to them and trying to move under Suguru’s weight. “Cuddle piles are infinitely better than grocery shopping.”

“And grocery shopping is infinitely better than starving for the next week or ordering take-out non stop,” Daichi retorts, cocking his hip and tilting his head to the side. “Remember the Ramen Incident?”

Yuuji freezes and winces, rubbing circles on Suguru’s back as he lets out a whine and covers his eyes with his arm.

“We swore to never speak of that again,” he mutter darkly, tone grim and body stiff before he relaxes under Yuuji’s touches. “And it wasn’t that bad.”

Daichi chuckles and Suguru pouts, pressing his head against Yuuji’s stomach and flipping Daichi off before he could make a comment. He knows exactly what his boyfriend would say, that is if it wasn’t that bad then why did Suguru refuse to talk about it, or maybe even mention the two week long suffering Suguru had gone through.

“Oi, Dai what about a deal?” That earns Yuuji a hum from him. They turn around, ignoring Suguru’s miffed grunt at his personal pillow doing something other than staying still, and taps their lips. “How about a kiss in exchange for every single thing on the grocery list?”

Suguru perks up at that, lifting himself off of his partner to shift and lean closer to Daichi. “That sounds like a perfect idea, Yuu-chan.”

The two watch for Daichi’s reaction, grinning when he steps closer to Suguru, cups his jaw and lifts his chin up, thumb smoothing the skin there. Suguru’s eyes are closed and he doesn’t expect the soft fleck he receives on his nose, nor the barking laughter Yuuji lets out at Suguru’s indignant squawk.

“Daichi that’s not a kiss,” Yuuji comments, soft chuckles still ringing in his voice.

He shrugs. “Shopping first, kisses later.”

Ignoring the pouts, he walks to the door and puts on his shoes, grocery list in one hand while he keys and phone were in the other. “Oh damn, that new bakery opened near the supermarket, hmmm, guess I’ll have to go and see what they have and maybe Suga some mochi later.”

Yuuji jumps off the couch and tugs Suguru with them. “Oi, screw Suga, gimme some muffins!”

“Yuu-chan don’t fall for his tricks!”

I have all these thoughts
but no way to express them.

crush my bones and use them as ink
write a love story I would never survive.

—  Untitled | E. Day 8/2017

I often wonder what we would be doing
If the thing that happened
had not happened, of course

If my sky had not slipped off the top shelf and crashed to the ground
If you had not taken a sledgehammer to the walls of our makeshift house
If you had not ripped the boards of our hardwood floors out, shooting nails into the wind

I often wonder what we would be doing,
If the love I thought we had for each other
had been enough,
If I had been enough

—  “Untitled” | E. Day, 2017

Untitled by h e q u i c
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Imaginary person.

Tomorrow is the eighteenth
Which marks five months I have lived with a capacious hole in my chest
152 days I have not spent in your arms
3650 hours I have thrown away dreaming, wishing to feel your lips on mine
219000 minutes I have exhausted myself stitching my hollow body back together
I have grown comatose to the torment in my mind

Untitled | E. Day, 2017

There are days when I do not think of you. There are days where you are all I think about. I have not showered since yesterday morning and I do not think you’ve thought of me at all…