untitled demo

Unreleased Songs by Tyler Joseph

Time to Say Goodbye


I Need Something to Kill Me

Dollhouse (ft. Jocef)


Coconut Sharks in the Water

Time to Say Goodbye

What’s Your Story? (Blurry Line/Spoken Word Piece)

Blurry Line

Street Poetry (Heavydirtysoul)

Forest (Forrest/Spoken)

Untitled Demo (2011)

Untitled Idea (May have become Lane boy, Hometown or Doubt)

Goner (Original Version)

House of Gold (Original Music Video)

Screen (Original/Demo Version)

Screen (Alternative Version)

Air Catcher (Alternative Version)

Save (New Version)

Can’t Help Falling in Love (Cover/Studio Recording)

No Phun Intended (Full Album)

Regional at Best (Full Album)

Live (By Jocef ft. Tyler)

Sickly Sweet Holidays (By Dallon Weekes ft. Tyler)

Five14 Church

Original Christmas Songs (By Dandee and Tyler)

Hoverboard Song (By David McCreary and Tyler)

O Come, O Come, Emanuel (Cover)

Whittaker (New Albany Music)

Rules of Reverse (ft. Tyler)

Lord of Glory (ft.Tyler)

Twenty-Nine (ft. Tyler)

Producer (ft. Tyler)

Dead Come Alive (ft. Tyler)

Untitled [demo]
Untitled [demo]

Whoarei - Untitled demo

rare lol..this is a reference track of me on the rhodes for a song im writing in my head its a slow psychedelic rock song with really deep bass and heavy drums and guitar and maybe an organ instead of rhodes idk ive been listening to pink floyd alot lately and i really love how they incorporate gospel n soul n jazz chords


Track: Puddle
Artist: CHON
Album: Newborn Sun
Year: 2013
Genre: Metal, Progressive Metal, Instrumental


From San Diego comes this interesting progressive metal group called CHON. They released an untitled demo, I believe, through which I discovered them on YouTube. Not too long after did they release this delightful LP.

Their sound is probably one of the happiest you’ll find in the genre. Their acoustic parts are nice-sounding with cool usage of jazzy seventh chords and such, and their plugged-in sections are beautiful and are just bound to put you in a good mood. Very nice LP. Can’t wait to hear their next release!




  1. Groundislava – Feel The Heat ft. Rare Times
  2. Groundislava – Feel The Heat (Arnold Remix)
  3. David Wise – Stickerbrush Symphony
  4. Groundislava – Untitled Demo
  5. Sade – By Your Side
  6. Benedek – Untitled
  7. Aphex Twin – I’m Self Employed
  8. John Legend – All Of Me (Groundislava Cool Mix)
  9. ATB – Engrossing Moments (Groundislava Cool Mix)
  10. Groundislava – 7 Am (El Cucu #3)
  11. Ryuichi Sakamoto – El Cucu #2
  12. Gigi Masin – Snake Theory

that one untitled tøp demo that’s been floating around fucks me up bc like that was just 1 of Tyler’s ideas and he’s always creating stuff could u imagine some of the he’s created that we haven’t even heard like ?!?!? Tyler is so talented it blows me away