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G-Dragon’s Untitled,2014 receives PERFECT ALL-KILL

AT 20170612 - 0:30 KST 

  1.  G-DRAGON - 무제無題 
  2.  TWICE - SIGNAL ▲1 
  3.  국민의아 - NEVER ▽1 
  5.  G-DRAGON - 개소리 BU 

  • He is the first artist to achieve a PAK after the ichart reformation! 
  • Had 58 CERTIFIED ALL-KILLS before reaching PAK
  • KING of Korea. With no promotions 

I can’t let go
Cause you never know
Someone like you for me, someone like me for you
There won’t ever be a love like that again

→ frostiron + songs lyrics ► Untitled, 2014 [2/?]


Emily Kokal’s solo performance @ The Hyperion Tavern, Los Angeles (04.11.17) (via Liz Cervantes)

  • Hymn
  • Baby
  • “New Song”

3-1     A Bedtime Story  (SociallyAwkardFox/ babyblues-art)

3-2     Carve your own shape   (halfeatenmoon/ Nathalia)

3-3     To Divide Is Not To Take Away  (angel_ponders/hiddenontheice)

3-4     Golden days  (alice/ Akita C)

3-5     From Afar, I Came to Love You  (Set-My-Heart-On-Fire/ locattss)

3-6     Phantom (Lilit Nikiforov/ Kora)

3-7     a hand like yours to take mine  (kixboxer/ skom714)

3-9     essentially a chess game  (hellodeer/ kaerb)

3-10   Stay Close to Me  (RipUpTheEnding/ deadtreesandspanishmoss)

3-11   Starry Eyes and Galaxy Minds  (fangirling-feels/ Blazie)

3-12   the merry-go-round of life  (fireblazie / tourloos)

3-13   Crystal in Winter Sunlight  (Utlaginn/ Johanna Samonig)

3-14   i will possess your heart  (lazulisong/ gabrielseductivetrickster)

3-15   Of Loving Katsuki Yuuri  (kireiflora)

3-16   Twisted  ( thebloggerbloggerfun / bagyoborn )

3-17   ascent  (kevystel/ strangehats)

3-18   The World Opened With You  (Dianna44/ nikniak)

3-19   Untitled Solo Post  (Ivy)

3-20   You Don’t Have To Be Cool (To Rule My World)  ( Suaine / Berry)

3-21   Happily Ever After  (Wolferfly/ FatCat91)

3-22   I’ll take in stride, the consequences of falling  (staccatic)

3-23   Indeed There Will Be Time  (zaphodsgirl / caroline)

3-24   Vicchan by My Side  (whichstiel / giraffe-in-the-box)

3-25   Song As Old As Rhyme  (nomical/ penguinplushie)

3-26   The Song Inside of Me  (cutthroatpixie/ cymeteria-pencils)

3-27   Once Upon a Brat  (Cait / Nas)

3-29   sing, sweet nightingale  (emma / rock)

3-30   Leave What’s Heavy  (Violetcarson/ victornikiforofu)

4-1     The Carnage of the Art  (ExorcisingEmily/ Chloe)

4-2     Gotta Work For It! Spring in Saint Petersburg  (ExpatGirl/ Carwyn)

4-4     La Rambla Beneath the Moon  (thislovelymaelstrom/ andrea)

4-5     Supernatural on Ice  (Tennyo / heartmurmur)

4-6     Aria  (museaway/ ludicrouslyidiotic)

4-7     You Set My Heart On Fire  (whelvenwings/ sporel)

4-8     Rhapsody in Blue  (jacksqueen16/ Whimsy)

4-9     A Vote For Me is a Vote For Love  (vic-nikiforovs)

Believe it or not, Matt Browning’s grids are each hand-carved from a single block of wood. The artist explains: “The work itself began as a challenge, whether or not I could take a piece of wood or any material really, and, through a series of selective cuts, expand that material, spatially and volumetrically, in a way that never actually separates the material from itself.” Hear more from Browning in the Biennial audio guide.

[Matt Browning (b. 1984), Untitled, 2016. Wood, collapsed: 3 ½ x 3 ½ x 18 ¼ in (8.9 × 8.9 × 47.6 cm); expanded: 17 ¾ x 17 ¾ x 4 in (45.1 × 45.1 × 10.2 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy the artist. Photograph by Maegan Hill-Carroll and Vancouver Art Gallery]

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Untitled #1

Long Distance Relationship

Part One - Untitled #3 (???) - Line’s Birthday

Part Two - Untitled #3 (???) - Line’s Birthday

Playful Morning

Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur (Inspired)

“its six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka”

Pregnant - Part 1


Untitled #1 x JJ


Untitled #1


Untitled #1

Untitled, Part 3

Okay! So I scrapped the first part 3 I had, I wasn’t feeling it. So maybe that might turn into a one shot or something - we’ll see! Anyway, it gets a little sexy this time around but not too much. That may be in future parts though, so I’ll warn you prior to! Also - bear with me as this might seem slow moving but I swear I’m going somewhere with it! ❤️ all the feedback and comments you guys are the best!


You hummed softly to yourself as your fingers carefully moved the flower’s stems as you arranged them in their vases. The gardens that existed in Asgard had some of the most beautiful plants you’d ever seen in your life, and you took quite a liking to creating the arrangements.

“Those are absolutely lovely!” You heard Frigga exclaim from behind you. You smiled and turned around to face her, giving the vase one last adjustment on the small table it rested on.

“Why thank you, it’s just a hobby though…” you trailed off, letting your fingers feel the delicate petal. Frigga laughed, her warm smile greeting you as she placed her hand on your arm. “Well my child, your choices are certainly brightening up this palace.” She gave you a small nod and carried on her way and you glanced back down at the flowers with a smile on your face before bringing you gaze back up to the mirror in front of you. Your hand moved to smooth out a bit of your hair, pushing it back behind your ear before making your way down the hall. You reached the doors to the large balcony and made your way outside; the air was warm and the sun shone brightly on your face - it was a beautiful day. You took a deep breath and glanced below you as you thought briefly about what you might do with your day.


Loki was returning from a training session, still wearing his armor as he walked down the hallway with his brother, Thor.

“So tell me my brother, you are spending quite a lot of your time with a certain lady.” He chuckled and gave him a nudge, to which Loki glared at him with annoyance.

“I do not see how anything I decide to do in my free time has any importance to you.” He continued his glare as his brother continued to laugh, shrugging his shoulder and raising his hands in defense.
“My intentions were only to wish you well, brother. She is very beautiful you know.”
Loki’s face scrunched a bit and he raised an eyebrow at Thor.

“And what, dear brother, is that supposed to mean?” Loki questioned sarcastically, prompting another laugh from Thor.

“As I said. I was only wanting to wish you well, and perhaps suggest you make more of a visible effort if you are truly interested in the Lady.” He nodded and gave Loki an over zealous slap on the back before he turned down the hall towards his chambers. Loki shook his head slowly to himself and his thoughts moved to you. No, he wasn’t sure what exactly was going on either but he was pretty certain that he was interested. It was still questionable to him how you managed to spend, and enjoy so much time with him. Loki thought about his brother’s words - was he really considering any sort of advice, let alone advice regarding women from him? Of course, your laughter could bring a smile to his face in an instant, and he often found himself lost in your eyes when you’d speak. Maybe he could be doing more, perhaps there wasn’t any valid reason for him to hold back. He could almost taste your lips as he thought of you, still craving more. He’d found himself occasionally imagining what you might look like under those elaborate dresses you wore. He’d wondered if the skin that covered your ribs was as soft as the places he’d been able to feel on you so far.

Loki put a halt to his thoughts, smirking as he lifted his head and noticed you on the balcony with a book. Your dress was a pale blue shade that reminded him of something a Greek goddess might wear; the way it draped perfectly over your body and the chiffon-like material it was made of. You turned your head towards his direction as that unmistakable sound of his armor filled your ears. He walked towards you with that signature grin across his face and stopped, offering you a bow as greeting.

“Good afternoon my lady, I see you are enjoying this fine day.” Loki said as he looked over at the landscape.

“And I see you are still alive.” You nodded at his armor and pursed your lips together, offering him a wink. Your heart secretly raced in your chest as your eyes drank him in. You raised your hand to him and he placed it in his own, assisting you as you stood from your seat. As you came to your feet he placed his other hand on your cheek, pulling you to him as he placed a hard kiss against your lips. You pulled in a sharp breath before your lips met, not expecting this at all. You eagerly returned the kiss and felt your lips moving in to a smile as his lips lingered on your own. You could taste the salt on his skin from his sweat, you pulled away from Loki and placed your hand on his that rested on your cheek.

“What was that for?” You asked, almost sheepishly. Your hand still held his and you shifted them down to your side, still holding on to his fingers.

“I just felt that it was what I should have done. You did not seem to mind though.” Loki arched an eyebrow at you, and immediately your cheeks began to redden.

“No, I did not mind it.”

you said matter of factly, your eyes never leaving his.

Loki lifted his hands to your cheeks once again, placing them on either side of your face as he kissed you once again, backing you up against the large, stone railing of the balcony. Your back made contact with it and you let out a soft sigh as his lips moved from your own and settled on your neck. He placed several kisses along your skin, making a mental note of how wonderful the softness felt against his lips. He moved one hand to your lower back and pulled you the tiniest bit closer as his lips made contact with your collarbone and you bit your lip to keep from making another noise. He smiled against your skin and lifted his eyes to watch you; your eyes were closed and teeth bit softly into your lower lip, your head tilted slightly to the side as you granted him access. You felt his lips leave you and you glance down, curious as to why he’d stopped.

“Ah, my little bird. Sadly I think it would be rather unwise of us to continue anything of this nature out here, at this current time.” He laughed as he straightened his stance, bringing his hands to his sides. You suddenly remembered you were both outside, in the middle of the day in the center of a busy, and populated, palace. You nodded at him, agreeing with him.

“I suppose you are correct…” you confirmed, moving your own hands to adjust your dress, your other hand moved almost subconsciously to your lips, your fingers gently grazing them as you tried to solidify the way he felt against you in your mind. You tilted your head at him as you placed your hands on your hips, watching him in front of you. “However, that was quite ambitious of you, I must say…” You smiled at him and he raised his hands to you. “As I told you before, I only did what I felt

I should have done. Now, I do need to get myself cleaned up and out of this armor.”

Loki moved his hands, motioning to his current state of dress, reminding you that he was on his way back from a training session when he spotted you on the balcony.

He leaned in to you once more and kissed you softly on your cheek as his lips moved to rest against your ear. His other hand lifted to your other cheek as he spoke lowly.

“Perhaps we may continue this after dinner.” He pulled back and you looked to his eyes, offering a smile that pulled at one side of your face.

“Perhaps.” You responded, removing his hand slowly from your cheek before you moved past him, leaving him to watch you as you left him on the balcony. As you walked towards the hallway, you noticed Thor heading towards you with a smirk on his face.

“My lady.” He greeted you, nodding his head at you as you did the same, wondering what he might be so happy about.

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“What’s up though? Done sharing to the world why your life sucks?”

“You know.. you didn’t have to be an asshole earlier.”

“The truth shall set you free. You were scaring my guests..”

“–I don’t know.. maybe I jumped ahead of myself though..”

“..With what?”

“I mean.. I never did hear what he had to say. I didn’t give him a chance to.”

“..You’re serious?”

“We were both wrong.. shit happens.“

“Perfect. He fucked like ten whores while you were laid up in some coma dying. Fucking idiot.”