untitled 001

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ㅤj i k o o k

short scenarios

ㅤ» one

ㅤ» two

ㅤ» three

ㅤ» four

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drabbles / one shots

ㅤ» do you need a ride?

ㅤ» homework

ㅤ» reel to real

ㅤ» they don’t know about us

ㅤ» untitled # 001


“Everything is going fine, everything is going fine,” Sabrina told herself as she looked around the ballroom. She knew everything was perfect. It had to be. “Having a good time?” She asked the guest next to her, eyeing them to make sure she knew who they were.

“A great time, actually. This is one of the few parties I’ve been to where the music isn’t making me go deaf.” Cole joked with the woman, a smile turning his neutral expression to a content one. Granted, with how stressed she was, and how he had just been hearing her mutter ‘everything is fine’ he had a suspicion this was the hostess.. That he didn’t know. “The little snacks too, those little snowmen cookies? Perfect. I want to congratulate the chef, if only I knew who they were.” So what if this was out right flattery? Maybe it’d prevent him from being thrown out. And besides, he did mean it. Those snowmen cookies were damn good.