untitled (north)

Tex Fics for Tex Appreciation

Awake - CT does things differently and Tex deals with it. AU where things go a different way entirely. 

Separate - Here’s the thing: he designs her to save him, he designs her to be with him, he creates her in her image but it’s never going to be a perfect recollection. She is nothing like her. She is everything like her. She’s got enough Tex in her to call him a coward.The Director separates Alpha and Beta.

Untitled Tex/Sister fic - In another universe, Tex survives the crash and comes back for the idiots to find all but one has been relocated. Luckily, Kai is still there to lend a hand.

Untitled Tex&Maine fic - Tex and Maine get stuck on a mission together so the topic comes up. Tex isn’t saying she likes Maine… but she doesn’t dislike him. She’s not sure why it bothers her. 

Untitled Allison-Tex oneshot -  The first time he saw her and the last time he saw her were the parameters by which he would recollect her for the rest of his life. The things he forgot about her are what would drive him insane. How could he ever ‘get her right’? He didn’t have the whole picture. 

Untitled Tex/North fic - Agent North Dakota gets a moment to talk to Tex. Other people might take the opportunity to talk about things other than helmet hair, but North figures you should start small then work your way up. Tex does not.

Untitled Tex&FILSS - FILSS talks to Agent Texas about some… irregularities in her military record and about the nature of an dumb AI’s ability to empathize. FILSS also has a question to ask. Just one question.

Untitled Tex/South - South reminds Tex of someone. South still hates Tex. It’s complicated.

Untitled Tex/CT - Connie and Texas sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G. Connie likes it rough, Tex does too. Let me goddamn fucking do you.   nsfw obvs

Untitled Tex/Sister - In which Kaikaina Grif is both stronger and smarter than she looks and Agent Texas is confused about a couple things.  

Untitled Tex/Maine - In which Agent Texas takes notice of the thing and everyone is missing and things are very very different. There are worse reasons to love someone than a mutual destruction. There are other way to say ‘I love you’.  

Untitled Chex - Tex bein’ Tex at a Leonard.