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Parents till this day are the biggest dream killer. If you’re not a Doctor, lawyer, engineer or idk nurse? then it’s almost like your dreams isn’t valid to them. Being Nigerian I see a lot of that happen, if you not in the medical field or some kind of engineer then you’re basically not serious with your life and it’s basically a waste.  I see parents completely kill the dreams of their kids because they have found passion in making music or fashion designing or acting or sports maybe. Again, I’m not completely speaking about every single parent out there but a good number of them, like a lot. So me being an artist I believe I have the creative license to speak about anything I want through my art. This song is called “Dreams for sale” and it basically addresses that. Listen to this song I’m basically telling you to continue what you doing if it’s what you really love and saying Don’t let anyone take that from you. I speak about the long term effect of being sold a dream that your mom and dad are gonna leave this world before you and you gona be stucked doing shit u hate for life. I made this song for every single person out there who have been told they cant doit or its not right for them. Listen and reblogg. Save a dream. I understand they only want the best for you but when your passion is at another career and it becomes a force to be a doctor, lawyer, that’s not wanting the best anymore. BUT if your passion is to be a doctor, lawyer or anything please follow that path.