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Stole My Match - Baron Corbin x Reader

Rated M: Mature 18

A/N: A little impromptu Baron Corbin smut since he got screwed out of yet another shot.

Warnings: language, smut, vaginal fingering, blow job male receiving, oral sex female receiving, vaginal sex, rough sex, semi public sex and biting. Literally no plot just smut.

Baron Corbin stormed through through the hallways backstage, he was absolutely fuming in anger. Baron had just did an interview with Renee Young saying he was taking the Untited States Title open challenge. While Baron was walking to the ring, Dillenger stole Baron’s match.

Y/n knew Baron would be seething with rage by the time he got back to his locker room, so she’d helped how she could. Baron threw the door open so hard the door knob made a hole in the wall. Baron ripped the door out of the hole the knob was stuck in, he was growling and snarling like an animal.

Baron picked up and threw anything that wasn’t nailed down, he threw his suitcase and her suitcase. He picked up a chair and threw it, he turned the couch over on its side, he stopped standing in the middle of the room. He was grunting like a maniac who had nothing else to throw.

Y/n dropped her robe letting it fall to the floor exposing her naked body to him, Baron looked her up and down. He lunged at her gripping her hips with his hands lifting her up she wrapped her legs around him. Baron slammed her up against the wall immediately slides a finger in her dripping wet core. Baron pumped his finger in and out of her while his lips sucker neck.

Y/n wrapped her hands in his hair pulling slightly as she moaned loudly, he added a second finger. Baron pumped his fingers while he made a scissor motion opening her pussy. Y/n bucked her hips up fucking his fingers, “fuck that’s so hot Y/n” he growled, he locked his eyes on hers as she rode his fingers.

Just as she was about to cum, he pulled out his fingers, she whined at the loss of contact. But it didn’t last long as he unfastened his pants pulling his cock out stroking it rubbing her juices all over it. Baron slammed his cock into her wet pussy pushing her back against the wall, oh Baron" Y/n screamed.

Baron pounded into her pussy, he kissed down her neck, to her chest not stopping until he got to her breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue over her nub while sucking it. Y/n dug her fingers into his shoulders, he switched breasts giving them both the same attention.

Nothing but their grunts, moans and skin slapping against skin filled the room, he put his hand between them finding her clit. He rubbed rough circles on it, “oh fuck” she moaned. Her orgasm ripped through her, she dug her nails into his back scratching his skin forcing a growl from Baron. Y/n screamed incoherently her pussy squirt all over his cock, running down her legs.

Baron pulled his cock out of her, he put her down on her feet and she knew what he wanted. Y/n sunk to her knees in front of him opening her mouth and he slid his cock between her lips. Y/n took the head of his cock into her mouth sealing her lips around him and sucking. Baron came hard shooting his cum into her mouth, she waited until he was empty before swallowing down his cum.

Y/n wiped her mouth, she stood up her cum dripping down her legs, Baron put his cock in his pants. He turned the couch right side up, “lay down baby, let me clean you up” Baron said. Y/n laid on the couch her legs wide open, Baron put her legs on his shoulders, burying his face in her cunt.

Baron licked the inside of her thigh, licking up to the apex of her thighs, he switched to the other leg. He licked up to her pussy, licking over her mound he licked a stripe up her slit and back down. He slid his tongue in her entrance attaching his lips around her entrance licking and sucking.

Y/n entwined her fingers in his hair pulling it hard as she cane for the second time, “Yes Baron, fuck” she screamed. Baron lapped up the rest of her cum, when she was clean he got up sitting on the couch. Baron looked down at Y/n, she had a blissed out look on her face. “Thank you for having angry sex with me, Y/n” Baron said, “anytime, but hopefully next week we’ll be have celebration sex after you win the US Title” Y/n said. “Round two in the shower” Baron said.

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