@anon1: You have to use the scmplayer c:

@anon2: Actually there is a tag for infinite scrolling themes, it’s on the left side of the directory 

@untiltheveryyendI’m really confused at what you are trying to say to me ;u; You mean like this page right here? if that’s so all you have to do is select the word and then click insert link

and this window will show up and you just put the tag (in this case i’m using /tagged/pages)you want to like this:

click insert and you are done c:

@anon3: I think that every theme maker is unique and that there are all creative in their own way so I must admit this is the first time that I get an ask that I don’t really want to answer because I feel like you are not giving enough credit to theme makers but sigh I hope you didn’t mean to offend anyone and I’m just gonna give you a list of the names of the theme makers that use complicated coding

@anon4: Oh I know which theme you are talking about is this one, that theme maker also made another theme with Mello on it 

@anon5: That depends on what every person that has released a base code says for example in my case you can release a theme with the base code I made, actually almost everyone in that tag allows that just be careful to read the comments <3

@calikitty13:  x x x x x x x x x x *u*