•Long Distance Love• Neymar

“Great show, Y/n!”

The 23 year old model had just stepped off the runway, for the final time that night. She just made her way backstage when her manager Angie Deleasa came over giving the young model a half hearted hug.

Y/n smiled, replying with a quiet ‘thank you’ just quick enough before Angie was off into a tangent. The older woman went on about how great this exposure would be for Y/n’s budding modelling career, and the work she had already booked as a result.

Y/n had learned over the years when to tune Angie out, and this was definitely one of those times. Angie was right about one thing though–this was great exposure.

Y/n had just wrapped up  her very first New York fashion week, walking a total of seven shows. Though it was amazing, especially for an up and coming model, it definitely took its toll. Exhaustion couldn’t even explain half of how she was feeling right now. So the last thing she wanted to hear about in that moment was more work.

All Y/n wanted right now was to get to her hotel, take a shower, eat, maybe talk to her boyfriend if she could catch him and if not, sleep. She inwardly thanked God when Angie’s phone went off, forcing  the older woman leave her alone. Sometimes Y/n wondered if keeping Angie around as a good move…but the woman was nothing if not good at her job.

Y/n just wished Angie could understand that that there were other parts of her life that were just as –if not more– important .  She shook her head, heading towards the dressing room. Quickly grabbed her duffle bag, Y/n pulled out the clothes she brought to change into after the show. She stopped short when she noticed what she had grabbed.

She couldn’t help but laugh; she was in such a rush trying not to be late. she had grabbed Neymar’s old Barça jersey by mistake. Normally She slept in it but she was sleeping in one of his favorite shirts she took the last time she was in Barcelona.  

The jersey had been stuffed with all Y/n’s clothes so it was no wonder she ended up reaching for it. Speaking of Neymar though…she missed him like crazy. It’s been a little over two weeks since she last saw him.

Between the demands of their respective  jobs and both of them constantly traveling…it was hard. Neymar’s football career was getting bigger everyday while her modeling career was also picking up speed.

It was great…but it was also scary. The bigger they seem to get, the less time they  seemed to have for each other. That made Y/n afraid of growing distant and eventually falling apart. When they had time, everything was great–they loved each other so much–but that time seemed like it was quickly drying up without their consent…

She sighed pushing those thoughts away,  and got dressed, before putting her dufflebag on her shoulder and  headed out the dressing room. She started to make her way out the building but not before hugging and congratulating some of her fellow models- Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne, and Kendall Jenner. All of whom in turn playfully teased her about her attire.

“Missing the bae that bad huh?"Jourdan smirked as she lightly grabbed at the sleeve of the jersey.

"How cute! do you think he’s wearing anything of yours around, maybe your lingerie?” Cara teased while Kendall made kissy faces.

Y/n laughed, flipping them off, which in turn caused them all to laugh. Just as she was turning to leave, Jourdan grabbed her by the arm.

“Wait let’s get one in for the 'gram.” Jourdan suggested.

Y/n hesitated for a few seconds but relented when they all started begging her to. they took a couple pictures before deciding together which ones were good enough before it was put online.

officialjdunn: and I’m in love with my babiesss 🎶🎶😍😍😘@y/username @kendalljenner @caradelevingne NYFW was amazing #untilnexttime #excuseuslookingkindacrazy #excepty/n #lowkeyshittingonalllofus #whosjerseyisthatY/n #questionsthatneedanswers

Y/n rolled her eyes at the caption, before giving everyone one final hug and heading out. She should have waited for her manager but she honestly didnt want to hear the womans mouth.if she wasnt talking about work she would use Y/n’s current attire as an excuse to talk about her relationship.

The older women wasnt impressed in the slightest with her clients choice to date a professional athlete –to her it was cliched and doomed to fail. She would take examples of other models who had failed relationships with athletes and how they were liable to cheat. So instead of putting herself in the place to ensure that she sent her manager a quick text that she had already left and got into the car called for her alone.

When she got to her hotel room, she did exactly as she planned; after she showered she put on yet another one of Neymar’s shirts, some shorts before she picked up her Macbook  and sat down the bed. She placed it on her lap and went directly to FaceTime and immediately called Neymar. She knew it was late but he made her promise she would call as soon as she got to her hotel. A smile graced her face when it connected and her  tired but gorgeous boyfriend filled her screen.

“Hey baby,” he  grinned back at her.  He was clearly tired but waited up for her. “Hey back,” she smiled softly,“ you should’ve just went to sleep babe you could’ve called me when you woke up.”

“Then you’d be asleep.” He argued.

“So you’re fucking up your sleeping pattern so I won’t? Ney…”

“Nope,"he cut in,” and don’t even think about hanging up. I’ll just call you back.“just by the look on his face Y/n knew he wasn’t joking. He would totally just keep calling until she finally picked up.

”…you’re  annoying.“she frowned.

"Soooo..?."he said in a sing song tone.

"Soooo..?."she mocked him.

So, do you miss me?”he asked with a childlike grin.

"Kinda…I miss Davi and Rafa more."She teased,laughing when he stared completely unamused,"I’m kidding dummy, of course I missed you.”

“uh huh…"Neymar rolled his eyes dramatically before the same grin from earlier broke out,"I saw some pictures from the  last show, you looked amazing babe.”

“aww, thanks Ney."Y/n blushed as a familiar burst of pride and happiness filled her. no matter how well she knew she did—hearing it from the man she loved  was a whole different level. Not to mention seeing the excitement and pride all over his face had made her feel thousands more confident.

"Don’t thank me! You did all the work…I wish I was with you right now.” Neymar frowned, shaking his head a little,“This week is so big for you I wish I could be there to support.”

y/n hated when he did this–blame himself for not being able to come out for her. He always talked about how his sister and parents–even the mother of his child–Carolina who adored Y/n and vice versa–were better support systems then he was. She didn’t want him to feel bad about shit he couldn’t control.

“There’ll be other shows."she gave him her brightest smile.

"Other shows for me to miss."he said wistfully. And there it was again–reality.

Their schedules generally clashed. it was more ideal for Y/n to support him at matches then it was for Neymar to come to a fashion show. He has made it to a handful since Y/n’s career started to find its momentum though not as much as he would like. But in Y/n eyes he made up for it for his constant and vocal support. Whenever she had a show he couldn’t attend he always made sure to wish her luck and post pictures.

"oh, babe, it’s okay."Y/n assured him, she didn’t want him feeling bad over things he couldn’t control.

"is it though?"Neymar  countered, she talked good game but he knew that his inability to consistently come out and support her wasn’t okay with her. She thought he didn’t see but he saw every time disappointed flashed through her eyes when she had an event he couldn’t make it to.

Yes it is.“she said firmly. Neymar shook his head but refrained from arguing. They continued to talk until his yawns became more frequent and literally looked like he was forcing himself to stay awake.

"Go to sleep, Ney,"Y/n said gently,” I know you’re gonna have to get up soon.“ He looked like he wanted to protest but he knew she was right. He had to be up to get ready for training in a few short hours. If he was smart he would get back to sleep.

"I hate these time differences, we barely got to talk.” he frowned.

“I know,” Y/n pouted as she leaned closer to her screen,“ but look at it this way, I’ll be back in Barcelona by Sunday–I’ll even get to make your match.”

That bit of information was enough to make Neymar break out into a bright albeit it tried smile,“I’m looking forward to it.”

After saying a couple more I miss you’s and I love you’s the young couple blew each other kisses, wished each other a good night and ended their FaceTime call.

Y/n shut her laptop and put it aside as she lay still allowing the exhaustion she had been fighting to take over her senses. Just before she could get to sleep her phone went off on the bedside dresser. She reached for it and immediately smiled at what she saw. On her lock screen was a notification of a text from Neymar.

Minha Cabeça Grande😍😍❤️

Bons sonhos, minha princesa😘❤️