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I don’t have much time to draw lately as work is super busy until they hire some new people. But I always try to draw or doodle something around Pat’s birthday. One hour time limit. Happy birthday to the biggest inspiration of my life. 

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why is rusty's nickname ladybug???

Oh that’s because of last year’s playoffs! I think during the ECF before game 6 Rusty had a ladybug land on him. And then he scored twice in game 7, and once in game 1 of the SCF. And you know how people say ladybugs are lucky…

So then people were like “Quick get this boy more ladybugs.” But then he got murdered in game 1 after he scored and that ended his brief hot scoring streak.

Maybe if I draw Overwatch characters I’ll get good at character design

Send an assumption you have of me

And my roommate will answer it with how well she knows me!

((going on a long ass car ride where I’ll be driving so she’ll be answering anything sent to me today!

you can also send literally anything you’ve ever thought about me and she’ll respond!))

Lucy/Wyatt Fanfic Challenge week #4

All Lucy/Wyatt fans I urge you to participate! :D Come on! it’s fun to write and we all can enjoy more fanfics. 

You can check out the masterlist with the fanfics written for the challenges here (fanfics will be added on a weekly basis. For new ones you can check the original challenge post).

So here are the instructions:

  1. Every Friday there will be a new prompt, you can write and post it at your preferred platform (ao3, ff.net, tumblr) at any moment during the week until the following Friday when a new prompt will be posted.
  2. EVERYONE can participate! It doesn’t matter if you never wrote anything, this is your chance! You have to start somewhere :)
  3. Anyone can submit a prompt. Just send your idea to my askbox and I’ll make a list!
  4. Remember to make it post finale (anywhere in time, as long as it’s post season 1).
  5. Tag it with #weekchallenge.
  6. Reblog this post with a link to your fanfic so I can add it to the masterlist and make it easier for everyone to find.
  1. Week #1 prompt.
  2. Week #2 prompt.
  3. Week #3 prompt.

Week #4:

“How long have you been standing there?”

“I didn’t know you were keeping track.”

You have to use these two lines in the fanfic somewhere, it doesn’t matter the context or order who who says it, as long as they’re there. 

Deadline: Friday 31 at 5pm est.

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Can we see more of your nyxnoct fic?

Ah, gosh, I only have about 500 more words down so far, but I have to pack this weekend so since it’ll be awhile I can post those, I suppose! Stopping right before the good stuff, sorry about that. Here you go! 

Carrying on from here:


All the Right Reasons (1.5/?)

He spends the rest of the day with bad TV and laundry, taking advantage of the in-unit washer and dryer and feeling like a goddamn king for it until late afternoon, when he checks in on Noct and finds him sitting up in bed bleary-eyed and sleep-hazy. Nyx raps his knuckles on the doorjamb gently and it takes Noct a few seconds to follow the sound and look over.

“Nyx,” he says. His voice is thick and drowsy, a siren’s call that has Nyx pushing off the doorframe and crossing over to him.

“That’s me,” Nyx says.

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So this 1️⃣ 🌝night🌌 before the show, we're down at the 🏨Hotel Cicero🏨; the 3️⃣ of us, 🍸boozin’ 🍸... having a few 😂laughs😂. And we ❌ran out❌ of ice, so I go out➡️ to get some. I come back... open the 🚪door🚪... and there's Veronica and Charlie, doing number 1️⃣7️⃣: the spread-eagle💏😜. Well, I was in such a state of 🙀shock🙀, I completely ⬜️blacked out⬜️, I can't remember a thing❓. It wasn't until later...when I was washing the 💉blood💉 off my 👐hands👐, I even knew they were 😵dead💀

pebis. Jim Carrey had terf-bangs in Dumb and Dumber.


so i was on here last night and saw that i got 100 followers on tumblr!! and this was my reaction:

I’ve been using this blog since sept/oct 2015, but i didn’t really use it until june last year (when i got into dangan ronpa). since then, i’ve been using it pretty much everyday to keep being active. 

my goal was to get to 100 before june 2017 and i did it (it’s march now..)

and i started using queue this month as i get home late from sport. it’s really convenient.

i was gonna do a follow forever thing, but i want to do it on my birthday (july 21..) as i saw that someone did one on their birthday. i wanted to do a speedpaint, but school….

but, i did do a cute little art piece to celebrate this!

Thanks again! Special shout out to the peeps who want to be my mutals!!

~Angie (shinguuxi)

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I have a question! Every time I read the title "Cooking with Gas" my mind corrects it to "Cooking with Cas" and then I'm like wait no, it actually /is/ "Cooking with Gas" so the question is - were you aware of how close these words were and, if so, why'd you choose Gas and not Cas?

When i was writing CWG, I was super obsessed with the Food Network in general and Robert Irvine in particular. Robert was always “in the weeds” or “cooking with gas”. That’s where the title came from. I didn’t even think about the Cooking with Cas thing until later when a follower pointed it out to me.

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In the supermarket that I work in there is a sparrow that apparently flew in there in the winter and stayed there until now. When I see him, he usually stays at the animal department and eats the little seeds and stuff from the rabbit food. I'd like to take him outside so he can fly free, but I don't know how to catch him, every time I approach him, he flies away. And sometimes I think that maybe he is happy there, but I don't know much about birds. What can I do about this situation?

It is a concern. Sometimes our intention to do good causes harm. The birds that wander into my house are content until I try to catch them - Then they fly into the windows or the wall and stun themselves. I see them gasping in fear and sometimes they are injured. If I can throw a soft cloth [like a silk scarf]  over them I can sometimes catch them and put them outside. They are such tiny creatures, frail and delicate, and out interference can lead to death. I cant leave my uninvited birds inside as the dogs try to catch them and the birds panic. it is always with great anxiety and regret that I have to try to put them out. If there is food, shelter and water of some kind it might be wiser to leave the bird - but what do I know? Blessings to you! 

P.S. If your intentions are good, to do no harm -  that’s what matters 

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so called "bellarke fam" in s3 when bellamy was hated on constantly: i don't excuse his actions!! he absolutely needs to pay for this, he's fucked up right now and hopefully he will redeem himself someday, but please don't call for his death? maybe? - so called "bellarke fam" since mid-season s3 until now when people hate on octavia: UUUUH??? SHE WAS LOCKED UP ON THE ARK? bellamy and aurora were her JAILERS, she takes it out on bellamy bc she's TRAUMATIZED, decapitating innocents out of GRIEF

they all suck and can eat my ass

Halloween 2016

Voltron season 2: *releases on January 20th*