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Halloween 2016


Welcome to a world without Light.

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I’m just gonna remind everyone that Bakugou seems to be the only one that doesn’t care to cover up.

Also I love that Kami plays with Ojiro’s tail so often.



ps. I got just got some comicbook art boards for the first time (all my other doujin were just in my sketch book lol) and I had to draw some bakushima to test it out!

why dont we ever talk about the fact that adam mentions gansey has dated before?? what the hell were those dates like? who were these people?? we all joke about how nerdy he is but in canon he’s also goddamn CHARMING. i bet he was a perfect, charismatic date until he let his glendower obsession take over all conversations,, what if richard campbell gansey iii is a heartbreaker


Star Trek Beyond | Uhura