Happy birthday Jean Merilyn Simmons! | January 31, 1929 - January 22, 2010

An enormously underrated girl. In terms of talent, Jean Simmons is so many heads and shoulders above most of her contemporaries, one wonders why she didn’t become the great star she could have been.” - Joseph L. Mankiewicz 

Sandra Dee (age 14) reading at school desk while awaiting the next scene. Until They Sail. March 6, 1957, Hollywood. The young actress makes her film debut with costars Joan Fontaine, Jean Simmons and Paul Newman.

Dee plays the baby sister, Evelyn, the only sister who ended up marrying a local boy. Evelyn’s role provides comic relief, being the typical 15-going-on-30 teenager and making smarty-pants comments on the ups and downs of her older sisters’ love lives.