Hello everyone! 

A new contest for you! Who doesn’t like a good competition when there is hot Damon to look at? Here is Picspam Contest! 

Picspam is something everyone can do! All you need are nice shots [which you can find here] and imagination! And if you want to learn more about making a picspam, here are some tutorials: 1, 2, 3, 4, and here are layout schemes for 6 and 8 caps, made by Ala.

Level 1

You make a Damon picspam with 6 (like above) or 8 caps. It doesn’t matter if the pictures are only in caps 1 and 8, for example, and the rest are with a texture or just some nice view. Tag it #dsc picspam.

You can do it from today until Sunday, April 12, 00:00 GMT.

What then?

During the week, we all have fun making, looking at and reblogging picspams.

On Sunday, we will make a page with all picspams and post a poll for people to choose 3-5 finalists (depending on the number of participants). Please, pay attention: the note count doesn’t matter - only the poll does! 

On Thursday, April 16, we close the poll and define the finalists. And then comes Level 2… ;)