Concert was awesomee cx a bunch of local bands cx until the wind shifts was amazingg cx the north monolith and under city skylines were great cx
Stupid slam dancers though -.- i couldn’t stand up for more than ten seconds without a slam dancer pushing me or somebody landing on me during the first song of ucs -.- some guy pulled me in and i got kicked in the face by him -.-
Utws made me cry ;~; their speeches mann to many feels ;~;
Had a blast with my friends still cx

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are so proud to finally announce that the highly anticipated Skybound EP is now available worldwide through iTunes, Spotify, Pandora Radio, Amazon MP3, and many more online music stores! We know you’ve been waiting nearly a year for this music and trust us, it has been no easy venture. But we learned so much from the experience as well as from you, the fans.  Thank you so much and we hope you take the time to either purchase these songs or at least listen to them for free on Spotify.

After all, this is your music, not ours. xD 

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us achieve this dream.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. ;D