What did you do today, Until The Wind Shifts? Oh nothing, just ran into James and Ben of Asking Alexandria!!! Not only that, but we gave them a sneak preview of our Skybound EP and they were rather impressed with what they heard! We wish you guys the best and hope to catch up with you on tour sometime in the future! Cheers mates!

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Concert was awesomee cx a bunch of local bands cx until the wind shifts was amazingg cx the north monolith and under city skylines were great cx
Stupid slam dancers though -.- i couldn’t stand up for more than ten seconds without a slam dancer pushing me or somebody landing on me during the first song of ucs -.- some guy pulled me in and i got kicked in the face by him -.-
Utws made me cry ;~; their speeches mann to many feels ;~;
Had a blast with my friends still cx

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~Until The Wind Shifts~

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Until The Wind Shifts

Okay I’m not trying to fan girl or anything but I think these guys have real potential and they reach out to their fans a lot:) The Lead vocalist added me on face book and was probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

I think all my tumblr buddies should go check them out <3 Especially since most of you follow me for my band posts;)


I hate shit like this....

“I am physically and emotionally exhausted with logging on to Tumblr and seeing a copious amount of photographs of self harm. It’s not pretty, interesting, or deep. We should ALL find it sad, horrible, and wrong. Stop romanticizing it. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and it’s not "tragically beautiful”. I say this because I care about people, even strangers. It breaks my heart to see and hear stories because I’ve been in dark places before and can say that cutting yourself is not the solution to whatever problems LIFE will throw at you. Also, I don’t say this to “shame cutters” or “bully the emotionally unstable”. I say this to give you a different, albeit harsh, perspective. Some people might read this and scoff, “yeah, easier said than done”. To that I say, “Yeah, so let’s do something about it.” I’ll ALWAYS extend my hand to whomever may need it. However, everything I mentioned above needs to stop. There needs. To be. A change. #Plusheart

We should ALL find it sad, horrible, and wrong

We should ALL find it sad, horrible, and wrong

We should ALL find it sad, horrible, and wrong

Why the fuck are you telling me what I should feel. Ugh, all this high and mighty bullshit. This person is a fucking sham. He’s kicked out people of the band for stupid fucking straight-edge reasons. You’re not better than anyone else. In fact your worse.