I wish I would have had done so much more with you.

My greatest regrets are the early goodbyes. The times I let go a second too early from your hand. The times I averted my eyes when you tried to capture it. How I never held you long enough. The mistake of thinking about meaningless melancholy while laying beside you in bed, staring at the ceiling. I wish I would have done so much more with you.

I wish we had gone to more parks. Found more four-leaf clovers. I wish we had stayed up every night until our eyes were so heavy that we fell asleep on each other. I wish we had been young enough to take random trains to nowhere every single day, just to experience each other in as many situations and places as possible.

My sadness lies in the fact that we weren’t done yet, we never even started. We never even got the chance to lift from the ground. We weren’t done with the waking up next to each other. The experiencing of energy, fires, explosions, comets. I thought I wanted more time, but all I really wanted was to experience every little piece of you while I had you.

My greatest regrets are the early goodbyes.

Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

Semi Hiatus...kind of??? idk

For the next month or so my job is going to be very intense and I’ll be working 7 days a week 😫 So I don’t foresee myself having a lot of spare time to spend on here😓 I’ll do my best, but I probably won’t be able to update as frequently and it will most likely take me a little longer than usual to get back to you if you send me an ask. Please wait for me 😭

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Luna and Ginny dancing for the first time at the Yule Ball.

  • Luna is dancing by herself 
  • she’s still having fun tho bc she’s Luna
  • Ginny sees her and calls her over to her
  • “Oh hello Ginny…good choice in color for your dress robes. Turquoise repels nargles, you know”
  • Ginny just plays along bc how can she not
  • “Yes, that’s why I wore it! I couldn’t let the nargles interrupt when I’m talking to my favorite girl, now could I?”
  • Luna smiles dreamily at Ginny
  • “So, how about you teach me that dance you were doing before”
  • “Oh! Okay!”
  • Luna grabs Ginny’s hand and goes through each motion with her
  • Ginny can’t keep the grin off her face
  • They stay at the ball dancing all night until McGonagall sends them back to their dorms 
prophecies on the haunt for the somnambulist

a pack of wolfs coated in sheep costumes are gazing
at the new age art storm with
renaissance eyes.

a winged femme fatale cheated last night in the suburb
on the mistress of Hades dreams, laughing,
face of face buried in mirror, at the odds.
remorse,still, drenched
her mouth with
bloodstained tears.

a magic monkey got lost in the labyrinth of the Sheraton hotel
in Berlin and no lost soul in the damn hotel
singled a worried thought
about it.

the wolfs the femme fatale and the magic monkey reunited
after a while in a non violent winter under utopia’s violet hand,
swinging back and forth through time,
every single night
until - oh horror day!
on ebony wings Amor rose out of the blue.
one bitter shot sent the marvel crew to groom
manic depressive unicorns, eternally, in Elysium fields.

“eternally, the puppet master is grooming the somnambulist in Elysium fields”

whoever that marina joyce girl is, it’s so sick to fake domestic violence / kidnapping just for more subscribers. IT WAS ALL A PUBLICITY STUNT??? sure, she blamed it on her fans and that started the rumors, but she didn’t at all deny the rumors until after she hit 1 million subscribers. she just egged it on. i didn’t know who she was until last night and to think i lost sleep over this girl because i was concerned for her well being and safety, only to find out it was all fake for publicity is just awful. this is real shit, and this is actually happening to women. by doing this it takes the seriousness of the situation away. I’m just very disappointed in marina joyce whoever, and hopes she comes out with a sincere apology.

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[Roadster9000] well Im starting a war against parasite hunters and I found out that I was in love with my host, Chisk, for like, literaly my whole life without realizing it untill now. A pretty eventfull night huh?


Jeeze dude, that’s heavy. Need to talk with someone?

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Y/N has stretch marks and Harry loves them 😏so it ends with an happy ending? Xxx

You’d always had them, it was just natural and you had hated them but gotten better at understanding that they were apart of your body and that Harry loved them. When you found out you were pregnant the thought of having more develop didn’t bother you until the popped up.

One night you were on the couch with your shirt lifted up and your fingers tracing the stretch marks up your sides. Your belly was finally popped out and exposed which you had been waiting for since you found out. Harry always gives your stomach extra love since his baby was growing in there and would rub his big hand up and down hoping for a kick.

He’d just gotten home when he found you staring down, the tv long forgotten in front of you. “Hi baby how’s our little one today?” He asked and came to sit down next to you. You hummed and said, “fine been moving around some.” Harry could tell your mind was somewhere else and noticed how your fingers traced down your side.

“Hey what’s goin’ on in that beautiful head of yours love? Yeh know I love every part of you, even the stretchies .” You snorted at the stupid nickname he called them and laid your head on his shoulder. “Love ‘em cause they are an effect of this baby growin’ in you, the baby that your giving me us and I’m so excited to meet her.” He breathed and placed a kiss to your temple, his own hand rubbing along your side.

“Yeah I guess they’re just a part of growing another human inside of me.” You joked and he chuckled placing another kiss to your head. “That’s the spirt love! You’re perfect just the way yeh are my love.”

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Did you use to masturbate before you met Loki? Or at least play with yourself?

Not really, no, other than just checking things out and figuring out where the good stuff is located.  I never had any real interest in sex or anything of that nature until the night I met him.  I knew how it all worked, of course (my parents aren’t exactly shy - or quiet - which very well may explain my lack of interest) but I really haven’t been an “adult” for very long and I guess I just wasn’t to that stage yet, since I basically aged past puberty in one quick spurt.  But when I caught a whiff of that big god, it was sorta like a switch flipped.  

Hormones, baby.  They’re a beautiful thing.

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Bless you. Honestly just bless you so much. I'm in tears because you reacted in such a nice way and.. I don't know I'm just so glad about the love .w. And yeah to that other anon sorry the media was talking about multiple shooters until late into the night so that was all I knew so far. * passes flower to you mel and to the anon who sent love to germany* .w. <3 - the anon who ranted about the munich case

Awww anon you are so very welcome, I don’t really know what to say here because well…you deserved all that love and more so you really don’t need to thank me dear. I just hope you, your family and your friends are all happy right now. You have all my love~

found my old smuggler fic with 42k words that’s entirely inaccurate, plot-wise

However I found a part that doesn’t relate to the plot and it’s Carmadda and Corso on Coruscant. She’s trying to get him a date, unaware that he’s crushing on her. They’re on ther way to the Black Sun area, but don’t want to go mid-day, so they’re waiting until night falls.

Notice Corso’s response when Carmadda asks what the girl’s name is, and that she doesn’t pick up on what he says

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Also image that Jack is flirting with Rhys who is starting to flirt back thinking this is a game to Jack. At the same time Rhys is stealing into the night for illicit trysts with lady's, and Jack grows more and more jealous.

Yup, Rhys, would be testing Jack’s possessiveness, until one night the older man just snaps and corners him and decides to make his intentions perfectly clear. Kissing him harshly on the lips, and at first Rhys is terrified of being caught, but eventually gives into his desires and kisses him back 

I’m sure that wouldn’t be the end of their troubles, though….

Blue Eyes,

Here I am, writing another letter to you.

I honestly hadn’t thought about you at all this summer until your ex-best friend told me you quit. I’m happy for you. You had been there long enough and needed to get out like the rest of us have. 

That was a few days ago. You slipped out of my mind again, until two nights ago. I had the most random dream, and the majority of it was about my friends and I talking to you on the phone for two and a half hours.

I woke up at 4 a.m. and found myself…sad. Because in that dream, I heard your voice again. I heard your laugh. I heard you say things that you always said to me. And it’s been a while since I’ve heard any of that.

That dream made me remember our friendship. It was a huge reminder that I actually do still care about you. 

I know I’m over you, and you have a girlfriend, but I’d love to sit down with you sometime and just talk. 

Tell me about your life. The past year. Your girlfriend. Your home life. Your family. Your plans for the future. I miss not knowing about these things.

Trust me, there’s a TON I could tell you about, too. I miss telling you about my life. 

I highly doubt I’ll see you at all the rest of the summer, but there’s still a part of me that believes we’ll see each other again.

Take care!

-Blue Eyes

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since shelley is filming 'when we first met' will she be attending the teen choice award's?

i’m afraid we don’t know because shelley herself hasn’t mentioned whether or not she’ll be attending (and probably won’t until the night). i hope she’ll be able to go, and i think under normal circumstances she definitely would as she’s personally nominated, but it depends what her filming schedule is like unfortunately.