prehistorically  asked:

artist ask Q1-15? if somebody hadn't asked already. o u o;; (shh. i really love your art. coughandyourshipscough.)

  • 4: Lineart or coloring?

uhmmm if this is asking which i prefer doing, then definitely colouring. lineart takes me a long time and the process isn’t that exciting

  • 8: Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.

originally by penkipenguin whose style is very adorable and squishy and i prob didn’t do it justice

  • 13: Least favorite thing to draw?

i know i said i like drawing hair but rin and rei’s hair make me want to swallow my own foot. because they’re worth it

Don’t Forget About Me - Calfreezy

Calfreezy X Reader

Warnings: I don’t known if this is considered angst

Requested: yes, it was from a prompt list  from si

You wrote a note for Callum; explaining why. Why you have to to leave and that you can’t stay here with him, no longer. Not any more.

Dear Callum,

By the time you are reading this I’ll already be gone. I want you to know that I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do it constantly, every single night. I wait around for you every night, day after day, all because you want to go out and drink your hearts desire.

But that’s besides the point. For the past year you just haven’t been trying, it seems as if you don’t care. Not only for yourself; but for us. As I said it isn’t all about you drinking, but it’s also about how you can’t keep a simple promise to me. Y'know the other week we was supposed to go out for dinner, just the two of us. But I waited at the restaurant. For you. An hour passed but there was still no sign of you. I called and texted you, I figured you forgot and went to the club.

I wasn’t wrong was I Callum?

It wasn’t the first time you’ve stood me up this year. But hey I guess people eventually just drift apart. But I don’t really think we did drifted apart because we stopped loving each other. But because we never spend time with one another. And I know all this letter seems to be is all the reasons why you and I wasn’t the best together but it’s a reminder. A reminder that I was so in love with you and I couldn’t stop myself.

This sounds all so cliché but in theory the reason why I’m leaving isn’t because of you but of me; I have so many needs and things I want to take care of. I want to be in a relationship where I don’t have to have a worry on where the other is or if they will show up to a date night. So yes this is my fault, really. Because I want to much but you never saw that. And Callum you could of helped me. But you didn’t. And it truly breaks my heart but don’t forget about me. I will forever love you but I’m worried you won’t feel the same.

So yes. That is why I’ve left, don’t bother to try and call or text me because I just simply won’t answer. I want to be sorry but this had to happen.

Goodbye Callum Airey.

Until next time, I guess.


You rushed to Callum’s shared apartment, with the boys and slipped the letter through the small little mailbox. You knocked the door just so you could alarm who ever was inside that there was a note left. An important one too. You ran as soon as you knocked the door, you was just about to go down the stairs but to your luck your name was called.

“Y/N, where you going? Don’t you wanna stay round for a bit?” It was Callum

“It’s too late for that. Goodbye”