I am in a bit of a tight spot at the moment and through some misinformation at work won’t be getting paid this month, and likely won’t get the money I’m due until mid-September. I’m broke as it is and I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do for that time.

Blubbering aside, I’m offering pay what you want detailed sketch or clean line commissions because I would quite like to eat this month!

I will draw:

  • Fanart
  • Furries
  • Robots
  • Couples
  • Armour
  • Weird and wonderful creatures
  • Gore (to a certain extent)

I won’t draw:

  • NSFW sexual content (sorry guys I’m just no good at it!)

Anything that’s not on the list feel free to ask!

Payment will be via Paypal. Contact me via tumblr or email me, jenny.mure@rocketmail.com if you’re interested or have any questions. If not, reblogs are MASSIVELY appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

Crazy maybe to personal of a question. So please don't feel upset as I mean this is in a compliement almost. How is kaelyns an intern and Lucy isn't working yet but you guys but nice things like a couch new bed both got new macs? I'm in college struggling so bad.. And it just sucks. Sucks I'm going to be broke until I get a decent degree that's taking almost 7 years... How do yall do it?

Lucy is working. We both have jobs!

AJ McLean was like the love of my life from the time BSB was a thing until they broke up. I literally had a photo of him in a picture frame that I took with me when I stayed over at other people’s houses!

And Taylor got to meet him tonight and hold his daughter 😭😭😭

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I was dating this girl who was 15 when I was 19 and I had no idea. I never thought to ask and wen I found out we had already been dating 4 months and I didn't know what to do so I stayed until she broke up with me and I feel rly conflicted. Should i?

Rah that’s peak


so i rly hate to do this because i feel like there are people who need help way way way more than i do, but if y’all are feeling generous i put up a donate button on my blog. i’m going to be starting a second job soon on top of my full-time job, which means i’m going to be working evenings and not getting off work til 11 or 12 at night. because i currently don’t have transportation, i will have to walk home until i get the funds to get my bike fixed– once i do, it’ll cut down the time it takes me to get home from 40 minutes to just 10, not to mention i would feel much safer on a bike than walking. i could also use the funds for a helmet, pepper spray, and a light kit. i’m thinking the total cost for everything would be about $100, which isn’t much but i’m basically broke until i get paid at this new job, probably about 3 weeks from when i start. i feel so shitty even having to ask, but i live in a shit town and walking alone at night just really scares me.

Corinth, Artist of the Sun Bird Alliance

I had a really bad meltdown a few hours ago. I had been wanting to draw all day, but it got harder and harder to do anything, until i just broke down. 

I finally was able to doodle a painting of Corinth. Like me, Corinth also gets meltdowns related to sensory overload, so I felt that this was a good time to draw him. I hope one day, I will be as strong as he is in the face of the challenges of mental illness.

I will consider myself broke until I never have to do mental math before I buy something and I can buy the people I love whatever the fuck they want......even if there is 3215 sitting in my “Random Excellence” box