until you are right in front of him

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Hey can I request an imagine? If so, can it be one where you're left in a room filled with business men because Joker leaves for a minute, and they all start interrogating you about how trustworthy you are, and then Joker comes back in and hears and beats them up? Thank you!

idk if this is what you meant but lmao i decided to let the oc have some fun

As you watched him walk out the door with ease, you noticed his hand pull something out of his jacket. His knives. You let out a small laugh in a room of silence, not knowing it wouldn’t be long until you would be interrupted.

Some terribly ungroomed guard to your right caught your attention, seeming to be staring at you with intent for trouble.

Watching with squinted eyes, you saw how he sauntered in front of you. “How is it,” he asked, voice seething and venomous, “that J leaves us, in the hands of you?” Every word he spoke drew out an unmistakably hateful emotion.

Though you couldn’t help but smirk at his words. He obviously had no clue who you were, what you were. “That’s Mr. J to you, Ray.” You barked back, leaning against the desk chair you currently sat in. All the other guards in the room held their breath, their eyes widening only slightly. “And honestly, I’m wondering the same thing.” Reaching under the desk, you scanned the room lightly before staring back up into the eyes of the offender. “Whose life,” you started, running your tongue along your top lip with a smile, “do you think, J values more?”

Pulling out a gun, the smile on your face only grew wider as their fear grew denser. “You’re just his toy.” Someone in the back barked, though held no different demeanor of fear and terror as before. “You’re dispensable. He’ll replace you in a heartbeat.”

You stayed silent for a second, before bursting out into maniacal laughter. They wanted a mutiny, huh? Then they’ll get the punishment for mutiny.

“That’s a good theory,” when you finally calmed down, you rested the gun against your cheek, “but why do you think it is, that he hasn’t gotten rid of me yet?” Waiting for someone brave enough to answer, your eyes lit up as you saw one more guard have the audacity to speak. What fun you’ll have today.

“Because you’re his fuck toy, ____.” The man spat. Now having three, large men walk up to your table, you saw J’s hair peek through the door frame. But you were only just starting to have some fun.

Sitting up a bit, you raised your eyebrows as if contemplating what they said. “Not that you’re wrong, because that’s definitely part of it,” waving for J to stay where he was, you twirled the gun frivolously around your finger, “but I think you’re misunderstanding me.” Looking quickly at the guard who stood in front of you, Ray, you smirked. Pulling the trigger, you shot out his knee, hearing a blood curtling scream echo throughout the room made you laugh once more. Where he now lay on the floor, you walked over, gently laying a hand on his leg.

“What the hell, ___?” Someone else screamed, but you were too busy admiring your work to look up at them. Watching in fascination at the stream of blood that began to pool on the floor around his leg, you pressed down harder on his knee. His screams were music to your ear.

“You see,” you whispered, looking at his now fear-filled eyes, “to be with the Joker, you have to be crazier than the Joker.” Tracing his face lightly with your finger you began to giggle once more, thinking about the rest of the men in the room.

“Who else had a problem with me?” Standing up, you twirled, looking around at the men staring with wide eyes. Jumping over to one, you held the gun up to his hip with an eerie smile. “What was it you called me?” A bead of sweat began to form on his forehead, but you persisted. “Oh come on now, what was it?”

You pressed the gun tighter into his body, watching him wince with every centimeter it grew closer. When he opened his mouth, you pulled the trigger with no second thought. Who’s the dispensable one now?

“I’m impressed.” A gravelly voice praised, turning to be none other than the joker himself walking through the door. You giggled a bit, bowing at your little ‘performance’. Though the way most of the guards finally stood to attention when he walked through the door made you pout. Where was your respect? “But I’ll take it from here, doll.”

When you walked past him, you offered your gun, but he declined with a smile. “You know, I prefer knives.”

Dating Sirius Black would involve:
  • The Marauders calling you Mrs Padfoot
  • SO much PDA 
  • Much to the indignation of the Marauders
  • “Can you two not I think my breakfast is about to make a reappearance”
  • Tackle hugs
  • Hugs from behind
  • Just loads of hugs
  • Ruffling his hair affectionately and laughing as he rushes to fix it
  • Revenge tickling
  • Enduring Walburga’s glares at King’s Cross
  • Sirius giving you the longest goodbye hugs when leaving for summer
  • Owling him everyday until he runs away to James’
  • Him acting like he doesn’t care about what happened with him family
  • You seeing right through his front and staying up all night with him talking about it 
  • Letting him cry into your shoulder and telling him you’ll always be there for him
  • James shushing Lily when they find you asleep in the common room the next morning because she’s fangirling so loud about how cute you are
  • McGonagall giving you a wry smile whenever she sees you holding hands in the corridors because despite always having to separate you for talking in her class she ships it so hard
  • Winking at you from across the room when Slughorn is describing Amortentia
  • James giving you a love potion for Remus just to watch Sirius lose his shit
  • Which he does
  • “Wow Remus *stares into his eyes* I’ve never noticed gorgeous your eyes are”
  • “What the fuck?!”
  • Him being very protective of you after that
  • Trying to study for your OWLs together but him always getting bored and throwing scrunched up paper at you until you pay attention to him 
  • Teaching him how to dance just because you are bored one night and him constantly stepping on your feet 
  • Loving how bad he is at it because normally he is so smooth
  • Him pretending to be annoyed when you wear his jackets but he actually loves it
  • All the Gryffindors in your house playing spin the bottle at a party one night and Sirius getting really jealous when you kiss James even though its just a peck
  • He glares at James for the rest of the night and keeps his arm firmly around your waist
  • His mood isn’t helped by the fact that when it comes to his turn the bottle lands on Peter
  • You teasing him mercilessly for this
  • “I always knew there was something going on between you and him”
  • “oh my god Y/N it was like three months ago please stop”
  • Frequently getting woken up in the middle of the night by a knocking at your window and pulling back the curtain to find Sirius hovering on a broom wanting to take you for a midnight fly 
  • Landing beside the Black Lake and staying there for ages stargazing and talking
  • Just Sirius being the best boyfriend ever

I could and would continue but this is getting ridiculously long 

theory: jack saved ralph on purpose

*before anyone murders me, please read this theory I’ve constructed regarding jack’s true intentions at the end of the book. it doesn’t excuse jack in any way of his depraved nature and horrendous things he’d done, it just brings up a theory regarding jack’s plans regarding ralph’s fate at the end of the book.

so there’s this revelation I’ve had, that only ralph insults jack in the book. like you see jack getting angry at life and getting angry about a lot of things and swearing like a sailor left and right, but you don’t see him directly talking nasty to ralph or ever attacking him (up until that point where he goes completely bonkers).

so jack occasionally teases ralph, even taunts him, but he isn’t directly malicious to ralph in any way. he mostly stands around and watches ralph throw little tantrums in front of him, he doesn’t react much when ralph goes all mini tornado, yelling and fuming and even calling him names. when ralph reaches the point where he calls him names, jack becomes enraged but still doesn’t insult ralph back, he just physically attacks him, and only after ralph attacks first. so he basically just responds to ralph’s attack.

which is quite odd, because jack is very violent and prone to anger, and he’s also an ace with insults and nasty talking, while ralph, on the contrary, is not. when it comes to swearing, the worst word that ralph knew was ‘bloody’. this is a thing that is actually highlighted in the book, there is a quote that precisely says how ralph didn’t know any word that was nastier than ‘bloody’, which means ralph was still quite innocent on this part.

and it raises up the question - since jack hated ralph so much, then why didn’t he insult him even once in the whole book? jack insulted every person that dared to cross his path, but he didn’t do this with ralph, not once. he might have had great respect for ralph indeed, but if that had been actually true, then he wouldn’t have taunted and mocked ralph so many times.

it seemed as if he purposely stopped himself from talking nasty to ralph - like that was that one line that jack didn’t want to cross. perhaps it was because he harbored an affection for ralph that stopped him from doing this. perhaps because he considered ralph too precious to verbally abuse him - letting the ‘murder attempt’ aside, jack didn’t once try to abuse ralph, in any sort of way. and jack was infamous for his abusive and bully personality - he literally bullied and beat much younger kids.

which offers strong proof of jack’s affection for ralph - jack was capable of being a horrible and monstrous abuser to literally anyone, even little children, but he couldn’t bring himself to be an abuser to ralph. ralph was too precious for him to insult, much less hit - he only turned violent after ralph severely insulted him and attacked first, and not even then he used his whole power. he hit ralph with the blunt side of his spear, when he could have easily hurt ralph right from the beginning, but he chose not to do it, despite that he’d done so many horrible things until then. and I’m pretty sure ralph was much weaker than jack by that point, since ralph didn’t feed himself properly and was quite demoralized and emotionally struck by the loss of his friend and the betrayal of the other boys, his mind being quite frail, despite that he tried to be strong and still fight jack.

in spite of all these, jack held back. he didn’t fully hit ralph and he didn’t actually try to kill him when he threw his spear at ralph. I’m thinking that, after that moment, jack actually put up the whole act of the ‘fierce leader’ for roger and the rest of the group.

which brings me to this theory that jack had done that whole ‘hunting ralph’ charade to stop ralph from getting killed - if jack hadn’t done it, roger would have most surely had, and jack knew this. he realized it in the moment he saw roger wipe out piggy, which is the reason jack remained struck for one moment.

in order to stop ralph from actually getting killed, he scared ralph off, first by throwing his spear at him, so that ralph would run, then by burning the entire island to both play the part of the savage leader, and manage to make ralph avoid them. ralph would have realized the position of jack’s tribe by the places where they set the island on fire, and so ralph easily avoided them in this way.

which means that jack could have planned the whole thing- he knew that it was inevitable- a ship would have found and saved them once he set the whole island on fire. in this way, he saved ralph from being killed. jack was horrible to people and he didn’t seem to care if anyone else died - he didn’t appear to care about either the kid who had died in the fire or simon or piggy, but he started caring when ralph’s turn to die came.

you may believe this theory is way too deep, but if you think about it - jack proved to be quite smart many times in the book. he was good at planning things and manipulating people, he knew the island like the back of his hand, he realized important things, and he also proved to have very deep thinking at times. he was definitely capable of conjuring the entire plan in that brief moment. he was nasty, but not nasty to the point where he would want a person he cared about to die.

his ‘kill ralph’ reaction had been too sudden and out of place. given that he couldn’t even bring himself to insult ralph or even hit him - he forced himself to hit ralph in his angriest moment and only after ralph had lashed out first- I highly doubt he truly wanted to kill him. jack wanted his own tribe, but he had never tried to hurt ralph for this in any possible way, not until ralph went to confront him. in fact, he had even proposed to ralph that he would join his tribe.

which means that whole ‘kill ralph’ phase could have been a farce at the end - piggy’s death had been like a slap to jack and he realized at that point that ralph’s life was in danger.

and jack drew the line at ralph’s death. he could accept the idea of anyone else dying, but not ralph. in that moment, he knew he had to do something.

so he did what he could to stop ralph from getting murdered by his tribe.

Close Enough

(Demon!John x Reader)

You couldn’t have been more surprised by anyone. The last person you had expected to knock on your door again was John, yet here he were, standing right in front of you.

You had known him for a long time, he and your dad had been hunting together occasionally until he died. John had stopped by from time to time when you were younger, checking up on you to see how you were doing. He hadn’t been here in a long and you couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to bring him here.


„Hello sweetheart.“ He gives you a smile, making you furrow your brows, „Mind if I come in?“

„Ah…no of course not.“ You step aside to let him pass and close the door behind him.

„Do you …uhm want something to drink?“

„Sure.“ You turn around to the fridge, grabbing a beer. You can practically feels his eyes burning into your back the whole time.

„Here.“ You say, putting it down in front of him, „Can I get you something else?“

He smiles and licks his lips while watching you closely, „There’d be one thing.“ John stands up and walks over to you. He grabs your waist with one hand, his other is trailing along your arm, „How about we head upstairs to your bedroom?“

You blink a few times, not sure if you heard him right. John had always been quite attractive, time hadn’t changed that one bit but somehow you doubted it would change his whole personality.

There was something wrong about him, something you couldn’t pinpoint, yet you still felt it. That little voice in your head telling you to run when you still think about all your options.

You quickly get out of his grasp and step back as far as possible, „You’re not John. Who are you?“

„Y/N don’t be silly, of course I am.“


His posture changes and when he looks up at you again, you can see his eyes flashing. Demon eyes.  Your body is flung against the wall, your back hitting the hard stone. You try to get away, seeing him move closer but can’t seem to move a muscle.

„I really hoped we’d get along, maybe play a little until you find out. I’m sure John would have loved that…you see he has quite the thing for you, should hear him screaming inside here, begging me to let you live.“

„He…he’s sill alive?“

„Oh he is…and I’m sure he’ll be furious if I hurt you.“ He cups your cheeks and presses his lips to yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. If it was John you’d be enjoying this but no like that.

„You wanted to play? Then lets get upstairs.“

„Didn’t think you had it in you little girl.“ He smirks and the force that’s holding you against the wall weakens, „Lead the way.“

You slowly walk up to your bedroom and open the door. Walking inside you stop in front of the bed and wait for him to follow.

He stops and leans against the door frame, „You have way too many clothes on for my taste. How about you change that.“

„Why don’t you do something about it?“ You answer and smirk in return when he takes a step forward, walking right into the demon trap that is painted above his head. You point over his head, making him sigh heavily.

„Really? This could have been a fun evening for everyone and you just had to ruin it. Come on I know you want him, let me out and you get what you want.“

„Yeah I do but you’re not John.“

„I’m close enough.“

„Not by a long shot.“

„This thing won’t hold me for long and I can promise you I won’t be in the playing mood anymore when I get out.“

„Then I’ll just have to exorcise you quickly.“ You say and turn around to get the stuff you need, hoping it will work like you imagined.

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I can't of anything to request except more tigerkara please!

More tigerKara AU here! 

Animatsu AU or more specifically, red panda oso and little tiger kara AU, belongs to @midumatsu

“Karamatsu! What’s gotten into you?!?” Osomatsu shouted from across the room. 

It all seemed to happen in slow motion. Karamatsu rushing to his side, no, behind him, claws and teeth at the ready. Osomatsu whipped around and threw himself backwards onto the floor. 

How did this happen? When did it happen? 

“Karamatsu please…Calm down…” Osomatsu stumbled backwards on his palms. “This isn’t how I raised you!” 

Karamatsu pounced. Hands pinning Osomatsu’s wrists to the floor, claws digging themselves into the wood. His eyes were focused, hungrily upon Osomatsu’s neck. Fangs bared, drool just trickling down his chin. He went in closer, closer, until he could sniff Osomatsu right in front of his nose. 

“Karamatsu!” he tried again, focusing on those eyes. His pupils had turned into slits, it was too late. But still, Osomatsu didn’t give up. He stared at those eyes, challenging him. 

“Karamatsu! Over here!” something heavy and wet hit the floor. Karamatsu sniffed the air and immediately went to it’s source. Osomatsu clenched his heart, panting hard. 

“Osomatsu…” Choromatsu came into view, or more specifically, his hand did. Osomatsu took it gratefully, sitting himself up. He turned around to see Karamatsu hungrily devouring his piece of meat, like an animal. 

“You’re lucky Jyuushimatsu didn’t mind…” Choromatsu blabbered on. It was all just background noise to Osomatsu. 

After all those years of caring for Karamatsu…After all those years of loving him unconditionally… Why…? 

When Karamatsu had finished his meal, he sat where he was for a long time, unmoving. Thinking. Breathing. 

Then he got up, and he ran. 

“KARAMATSU!” Osomatsu reached out, but Choromatsu held him back. 

“Don’t bother!” 

“But he’s…!” 

“Think about him! He can’t bear to see you hurt again…” Choromatsu pulled Osomatsu closer to his chest with little resistance. “I can’t bear to see you hurt again.” 

Osomatsu rested himself in Choromatsu’s lap, eyes half lidded. Half alive. 

What was he going to do now? 

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Dear Rue, is Lance the wingman and unofficial ship captain of sheith? Or is that Hank and Lance is the unofficial wingman?

honestly lance would probably be oblivious until they announce it right in front of everyone (example: the thing with pidge)

i really dig the idea of hunk and allura teaming up to be cutie wingman buddies though oh man. ALLURA IS SUPER ONTO IT and hunk is hunk and too perfect for this world. you bet he’d be 1000% supportive (plus, i feel like keith would need someone like hunk who’d be less straight to the point and more relaxed about things.)

aka allura = shiro’s wingman (lady?) aka “you should tell him.” “i don’t think he’d–” “don’t make me toss you again.” “…uh.

hunk = keith’s wingman cus god knows im desperate for more hunk and keith interactions. plus did you see how hunk made keith laugh so easily??? that’s my jam. that’s my jam right there.


War Dogs, not unlike The Big Short, attempts to make entertainment out of outrageous, behind-the-scenes sausage-making that ultimately had an impact on the American economy. While Todd Phillips‘ film is not as insightful as Adam McKay’s picture, it’s a good time, even if it remains somewhat politically neutral. The boys get rich off of a war they oppose while praising Dick Cheney’s America for making it happen.

Miles Teller stars as David Packouz, a massage therapist living in Miami with pregnant finance Iz (Ana de Armas). At a funeral he crosses paths with his middle school pal Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill), a shape-shifter who is whomever you want him to be while he’s standing right in front of you. Fighting for small crumbs on a government bidding site designed to even the playing field, David and Efraim make small arms deals until one appears they can’t resist. The logistics of the deal prove to be an issue until Efraim solves it by suggesting they use Jordan; David thinks he’s referring to another childhood friend.

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just imagine this: season 6, Lydia visits Allison's grave. she is on her own and that's why she decides to talk to her friend and says that a few days ago she thought of Allison's words: "Remember what it feels like. All of those times in school when you see him standing down the hall, and you cannot breathe until you're with him. Don't you remember what that's like?". she says "I know how it feels like now" and smiles, releasing that her happiness, Stiles, was always there, in front of her

And right here you have touched upon the lyrics from the most true Stydia song:

“It’s hard to believe
That I couldn’t see
That you were always right beside me
Thought I was alone
With no one to hold
But you were always right beside me
This feeling’s like no other.”


(Aka you made me really really emotional so I’m deflecting.)

he’s  sweating  as  he  wanders  back  into  the  locker  room  late  at  night,      the  effect  of  having  pushed  himself  too  hard  yet  another  night  in  hopes  to  gain  his  scholarship.      that  was  all  there  was  to  it;         he  would  shower     &     hurry  over  to  emma’s  right  away  to  play  the  good  boyfriend  card   ——–    that  was  until  he  looked  up   to  spot  nina  in  front  of  him.       the  hand  that  used  a  towel  to  wipe  his  forehead  quickly  stops,     &    he  jumps  back  startled.       ❛    nina,       what  the  hell  are  you  doing  in  here?     ❜        GUILTY  EYES  look  down,      noticing  her  LACK  in  coverage.      he’s  suspicious;     but  he  isn’t  going  to  question  it  yet.       mostly  because  he  doesn’t  mind.     //     @soulhcart


“AND YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED OUT UNTIL I SAY SO!” It’s the last thing he yells before slamming the door and locking in from the outside. Tucking the key into his pocket, Gale sits down directly in front of the door, leaning his back against it. This… this was for the best. They could yell at him all they wanted to later, but this was the only thing he could think of to do. Everything else kept blowing up in his face.

“And I’m sitting… right in front of the door. So if you try and break it down to leave…. “ Letting his sentence trail off, they were smart and could probably fill in the blank. If they tried to break the door down, he would get hurt. Sure it was a little dangerous… but he was willing to take the risk….

Plus he had a feeling they wouldn’t even dare.


D.Va opened a bag of Doritos, pouring it in a bowl this time instead of eating directly from the bag. She doesn’t hear Benny walking until he’s right in front of her holding his own bowl. A very small bowl. One that Zenyatta bought for him, it has pawprints around the rim, as well as orange rings on the outside.

Benny made sure to use it. Like now, the tiger is looking up hopefully at the curled up D.Va; she stares at him from her position on the couch.


He holds the bowl up. She should get it, he’s asking for a share.

“Nice. Heard Zenyatta got it for you. Cute.”

Benny huffed. Of all people….

He struggles to place the bowl on the table near the armrest of the couch. Standing on his tip-toes, he managed to inch the bowl onto the table, nudging it against the bag of chips.

D.Va watched, face brightening in realisation—yes! She’s going to share!

“You sure you can have that?”

Benny sagged & face pawed.

“I mean I kinda get it when you eat grapes, just swallow them whole and stuf—wait where do they even go?”

The response to her question is a shrug. He jumps up & down, making grabby paws at the Doritos.

“I’ll let you try one, or a few. Yeah, a handful should be good.”

Sticking her hand in, she placed the chips within his bowl & handed it to the tiger. Benny gave a delighted wiggle, plopping on the floor. He picks up a fairly large chip, hesitating when he feels D.Va watching him.

She’s watching rather intently too…


D.Va yelped spilling her own bowl & flailing to hide behind the couch. She then scrambles out of the room, running past a confused Morrison & unamused Reyes.

[Time Skip: 5 Days Later]

“D.Va why won’t you give Benny his food? it’s your turn to feed him.”

D.Va paled, eyes wide in the same exact expression Hanzo had when Benny retaliated. The girl shudders & replies.


She said.

((The mystery of the teeth continues….))

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(submitted by @egyptiandeathgod)


D.Va i think it’s best just to not ask questions about the sentient stuffed tiger wandering around on base

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Could I ask for Miles and reader doing something wit Pokemon go?

Word Count: 625

You started at your phone frustrated, huffing before setting it down again but leaving it open. You leaned back on your hands to enjoy the warm Austin sunshine. You were spending your Saturday people watching and attempting to play Pokemon Go. You still barely understood the game but it was still addicting as hell.

You watched as a families strolled through the park, dogs ran wild, and you furrowed your eyebrows as one certain beard man crossed in front of you, seemingly engrossed in his phone. He looked looked up, most likely feeling your eyes on him, flashing a smile as he continued on his way and going right back to his phone.

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A Luke Imagine

Pairing: Luke/Reader

Warnings: N/A

Words: 391

Very short. Not very fond of it, but please enjoy!

It had been a long day. Maybe not as adventurous as most of your days, but long. You were relaxing in the main room in empty house Han had found earlier to stay in. A physical map of the galaxy was in your hands, seeing as too much light would be a dead give away that someone was in their.
“Y/N?” Luke calls out.
“Yes?” you replied, not bothering to look to him as he entered.
“Could you look at something for me? I think the scratch on my stomach might be infected.”
“Sure. Come here.”
You didn’t bother to look until he was right in front of you. You were trying to figure out where the hidden Resistance base might be. Finally you set the map, only to gape at the sight in front of you.
Luke was naked. Not down to his underwear naked, full on naked. With his dick right near you.
Yeah, it was nice to his milky skin and his slightly toned, slightly pudgy abs. It was real nice to his dick. But underwear would be nice for the moment.
“So it is right here. It’s all puffy and red.” Luke pouts.
You hated to admit it, but Luke was someone you definitely liked more than a friend. But ever since the whole Yoda thing, and him looking into Jedis even more and such, he’s become less likely to ever have a relationship that isn’t just friendship. And with him standing in front of you naked, you weren’t listening to what he was saying. You assumed it was about the scratch.
“Luke,” you said, moving your eyes from his lower zone up to his eyes.
“Yes?” he looked like a perfect child asking for something.
Please put on some underwear before you say anything else.
“Why? It’s on my lower belly and it will be hard to see with underwear on.”
“Please, Luke.” You pressed, your teeth clenching.
“You’ve seen me naked before!”
Now you were wondering if he was just playing stupid or was stupid. If the pink in your face wasn’t indicative enough, the pounding of your heart showed you were flustered at seeing him naked.
“That was on accident. Underwear, now.”
Luke turned around and grumbled. He left quickly, but not before you hearing the words, “I thought you liked me naked.”

Bruce/Tony, Microbrew Pub AU

for @nuclearxwaffles

“Do you think you could tone it down with the new beer ideas?  I think we have enough to last us until approximately…2068 right now.  With brewing time constraints factored in, of course…”  Bruce said, flipping through the notebook in front of him.  “I’m not even sure Science Bros. Brewery is going to last until then…”

“What?  Your ideas are lame…”  Tony teased.  “We don’t have to do all of them.  Just giving you some variety…and Science Bros will last forever.”  

Damn Dirty Ape,” Bruce read from the list.  “’Banana Bread Brown’…I can’t imagine this one’s going to taste good…”  

“But…BUT…Damn Dirty Ape!” Tony said excitedly.  “Bruce, Bruce…BRUCE.  Damn. Dirty. Ape.”  

“Yes.  I get the reference…” he smirked and got to work on the recipe.  It was going to be a challenge, that was for sure.

♔— ( @tsiapappo )

♜┆ Human nature said it was impolite to stare, but Izaya couldn’t really help from it. The amused smile etched over his expression spoke volumes, especially since watching the girl in front of him trying to maneuver the afternoon crowd was honestly more entertainment than he’d hoped for! She was disoriented, it was actually hilarious!

He’d make a move to help her…eventually, but for right now? He was honestly content to watch her flail around until she noticed him. However long that’d be.

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          Never once had Ravio lost track of Sheerow. He always flew around the boys head or went to retrieve an item from someone that had fallen, but never did he just leave his side without a reason. “Sheerow?!” A panicked tone held his voice as he ran through the rainy streets of the town. Where could his pet have gone? Whipping his head back and forth to look in every direction dark violet strands of hair waved in front of his vision. It wasn’t until he almost collided into someone that he stopped, but not enough to catch his breath.

         “I’m sorry to bother you, but have you seen a bird?” Gasps made themselves known between each breath in Ravio’s worry as he began to motion with his hands as he spoke. “He was about this big, with blue wings, he squawks and chirps, and he can be sassy if you don’t treat him right

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Who looks after minnah when you run? And is she OK with Russel if she's frightened of men?

Lol (contrary to how I talk about her) she’s a dog not an infant, she doesn’t need constant supervision. 

And she loves Russell. We adopted her together, we wouldn’t have gotten a dog that didn’t like one of us. He’s the only guy she’s liked right off the bat. When we were driving away from the shelter she climbed from the back seat to the front to be in his lap. If you read my blog you’d see tons of photos of them being ridiculously cute together, her waiting for him to get home, etc. It’s funny because he didn’t even like dogs until we got her, and she doesn’t like any men except him. But they love each other.