until you are right in front of him

Imagine the Klance union scene like:

Keith, though he tells himself to hide it, can’t help but smile ear-to-ear when he sees Lance, safe and sound, making his way over to the rest of them.  Lance looks tired, like he’s been through hell, but the moment his eyes lay on Keith, his smile grows twice in size and he’s jogging over to them.  Lance hugs everyone, making his way down the line until he comes to stand in front of Keith.  His smile wavers, but there’s light in his eyes still.  

“Can I hug you?” It comes out quiet, afraid.  Like he was afraid Keith would reject him right then and there.  Keith can easily tell Lance is unsure and cautious, which frankly, is extremely out of character for him, but Keith appreciates it.

Keith doesn’t even answer, instead he wraps his arms around Lance and holds him tight, feeling all the anxiety and tension release from Lance’s body as his arms snake around Keith.  Lance’s hugs with the other paladins had only lasted a few seconds, but with Keith, it was longer.  Way longer.  

They finally break apart when Shiro directs their attention back to business, but they don’t move away from each other.  Instead, they stand shoulder to shoulder, almost like they’re assuring themselves that they’re both here, both safe, and will never let anything separate them again.

Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.“Do you want to fuck stuff up Louis?” Harry asked with a dark look to the corner of the room where Harry McGee was laughing with an old friend.
Louis nodded; he knew Harry’s story and Harry knew his. Harry had Kendall, Louis had Eleanor and they both had their managers and their bands and their stupid fake images because a celebrity had to be straight.
Harry took Louis’ small hand in his and pulled him through the crowds and various rooms until they were stood in front of two pulsing speakers where Niall was filming Liam on the decks. Harry looked at Niall’s phone, saw where the camera was pointing and pulled Louis right into it’s view.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Harry checked, leaning over Louis almost protectively. “I hardly know you.”
“You don’t need to.” Louis replied with a swallow and Harry pulled him in for a kiss that Louis hadn’t realised he was waiting for.
An AU where Louis is the lead singer of The Rogues, Harry is the lead singer of White Eskimo and both are sick of being in the closet so kiss one night to fuck with the mediaHarry could barely breathe at even the possibility of getting to be Louis Tomlinson’s fake boyfriend. Louis was his favorite actor since childhood, when Louis was also a child on the big screen. The guy he had always looked up to. The guy whose poster he used to kiss every night before bed. The guy whose movies Harry would watch all night until his eyes couldn’t possibly stay open anymore. Harry was pretty sure Louis Tomlinson wasn’t even real—he couldn’t be.
or the fake relationship au where Harry is an aspiring musician and also Louis’ biggest fan–until he actually meets him.Though Harry is glad Liam cares about him, he also really hates that Liam cares about him. Liam’s coworker Louis really isn’t Harry’s type - he probably even listens to commercial radio, for God’s sake.
In which Harry and Louis go to great lengths to appease Liam, Louis’s taste in music broadens dramatically, and Harry stops pretending to be a Huge Pretentious Douche all the time.AU. Louis’ ex doesn’t get jealous of anyone besides Harry. Harry helps Louis use that to his advantage.Notoriously closeted boyband member Harry Styles is famous on a global scale, meanwhile Louis, as his best friend, is back home in Manchester, living the typical life of a 24 year old. When Harry needs Louis with him in LA, a publicity stunt gone wrong changes their friendship forever.
A fake-relationship AU between two lifelong best friends.

The One Direction PR management team decides that Harry needs to get married. Harry doesn’t want to. Louis comes up with the perfect solution to the problem.

AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

Louis is going into the Army, Harry is going nowhere, and there’s nothing like a little identity fraud between friends.

“I’ll do it,” Harry offers brightly. No one even blinks. “I’ll do it?”
Louis sighs irritably. “Shut up,” he orders, tossing a pillow in the general direction of Harry’s face. This is a terrible time for jokes, especially Harry’s lame, old people ones.
Not that it was an old people joke. Just that most of the time Harry’s jokes consist of knock-knocks or terrible puns. The type of jokes old people like, Louis’ pretty sure. His nan always finds them hilarious when Harry tells her one.
Harry bats the pillow out of the air without even blinking. “Be reasonable, Lou,” he says in his most reasonable voice.
Louis is perfectly reasonable, thank you very much, and he’s also frustrated and upset and tired and he really wants to punch something. Maybe he should have held on to that pillow a little longer.
“You’re not gonna fucking do it,” he snaps. “That’s the last thing I need.”

After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance.

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.
  • Nobody shines the way you do (115k, chaptered)
    Louis pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend to help him win back his douchebag ex-boyfriend, but things don’t go according to plan.
I tried writing an ending

I’m so sorry

I’m so sorry I left you

I’m so sorry

It had all been real. The people she had met, the friends she had watched die, her daughter being born.


She cried harder. If only she could go back. Not even to change what had happened, but just to talk to him again. To tell him he’s not alone.

She didn’t hear the other person in the room until he was right next to her.

“You look like you might need this.” He said.

He handed her a handkerchief.

“Thanks.” She took it and wiped the tears on her face, not taking her eyes off the picture of Gwangjong.

“Do you cry in front of paintings often?” The man asked.

“Just this one.” Go Ha Jin said, trying to not let the man see how hard she had been crying.

“I know what you mean. Every time I look at it I get this feeling of loneliness. Like I’ve lost something I’ll never get back.”

She didn’t say anything so the man continued.

“People have actually told me that I look like Gwangjong. I’m not sure I see it though.”

“Liar.” Go Ha Jin said. She realized too late it must have sounded rude, but no one could replace Wang So. Even if it was hundreds of years in the future.  

The man let out a small laugh. “We said we would never lie to each other.” 

Imagine Bucky racing to get to you

Bucky had gotten the call he had anticipated for weeks now. He was across the city far from where he was suppose to be. He quickly purchased the few items he had in his basket and threw them in his backpack, raced outside to his motorcycle and jumped started it. The bike took off in no time, speeding through traffic. He prayed that he wouldn’t get stopped by any cops as he made his way to the Avenger’s Tower. A car honked at him, but he paid no attention. His mind was running a marathon of different scenarios. Were you okay? Were you in pain? Would he make it in time?

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Thing ride with mingyu

in which I’m too weak for lowkey college AUs and desperately hope this meant thigh riding! I’m not fully sure about how this turned out but I hope you like it ♥

Mingyu had always taken presentations seriously.

…Or at least he wanted to appear that way, but whichever the case, that was something you didn’t really take note of until you had had sex with him.

You sat in your seat, your pencil between your teeth as you watched his presentation. The topic might’ve been something as innocent and unsexy as how children develop mentally, but it wasn’t your fault that his hair was pushed back attractively, or that he was wearing a fitted white button-down and a pair of black jeans, sinfully tight in all the right places, not to mention the black-spectacled glasses that he was wearing, which only added their own effect to the masterpiece standing in front of you and a hundred other students.

Only to make matters worse, you were seated in one of the first rows and Mingyu was stealing glances at you, and whenever he did, he grinned.

“…and that’s more or less how children develop,” Mingyu finally concluded his presentation, which you were certain had been extremely informative, even though you hadn’t been able to pay attention to almost any of it. Instead of your notes having anything about the topic, you had doodles and crossed out Mingyus here and there.

You needed him, and you needed him bad.

Mingyu sat more at the back, so once he left his spot at the front of the auditorium, you didn’t really see him. You had another lecture after the psychology one, while you knew that Mingyu had absolutely nothing, and therefore you took it as your next task to find your way to his dorm while your mind continued to be plagued by his look during the presentation, and how damn tight his jeans had been. The mere thought had you shivering - you knew more than well what those jeans had (barely) hidden.

You and Mingyu weren’t an item, nor were you really friends. As nice as it would’ve been to refer to yourselves as friends with benefits, it wouldn’t really have covered what was between the two of you. No: your relationship was rather strictly physical, and on top of that it was secret.

By third year of college, you had had two years of your friends loathing Mingyu and his friends and vice versa. Neither of you had really established an opinion on one another, but peer pressure had kept and still was keeping you away from each other in public. However, as it often happened, there had been a party, at the end of which you and Mingyu had found yourselves in the host’s bedroom, and well

After mindblowing sex with someone as hot as Mingyu, who were you to avoid him, especially when he was rather keen on meeting again. And again. And again, until it was a regular thing. Some might have found the hiding a pain in the ass, but you two loved the thrill almost as much as you loved the nature of your relationship.

So, taking the secrecy of your relationship into account, it was only understandable that when his door blew open and you appeared, Mingyu’s jaw dropped.

“What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to get caught,” he said in surprise as you got in his room, pleased to notice that his roommate was gone, and kicked the door shut while unhooking your bra through your shirt.

“Oh, shut up,” you muttered while rolling your eyes a little with a grin spread to your lips. Mingyu was, thank God, still wearing the same outfit he did during the presentation, and you couldn’t wait to get your fingers in that neatly slicked hair of his.

He grinned, clearly sensing how frustrated you were, and shut the laptop he had had on his lap and put it aside, his eyes moving up and down on you. “I hope you remember that I’m out of condoms.”

You froze for a second, realizing that you didn’t have one on you either, and groaned. “Well… we… we won’t need one.”

“Oh?” Mingyu asked with a quirked eyebrow before smirking. “What do you have in your mind, baby doll?”

You opened some of the buttons of your loose flannel and slid our bra straps off your arms before getting them completely off yourself. Without much of a thought, you got on Mingyu’s bed and sat astride on his lap, one hand caressing his neck and one squeezing his thigh. “I get to ride your thigh and you get a blowjob, how’s that?”

A grin spread to your lips when you saw his Adam’s apple bob and felt his hands on your waist, slowly moving up. “I guess I wouldn’t complain…” The fingers of his right hand moved all the way up to your lips, and you pressed an open-mouthed kiss to his forefinger with your eyes locked with his. “Can’t wait to have these pretty lips around my cock again, stretched so wide.”

You sighed contently and began unbuttoning Mingyu’s shirt. “More like I can’t wait to have you moaning my name while I suck you off.”

“However you want to put it,” he snorted and was about to unbuckle his belt - which also had you feeling some type of way - only to frown when you placed your hand on top of his and leaned down to press a kiss to his ear.

“Did I say I wanted to ride a bare thigh?” you asked in a lustful whisper and palmed him through his jeans, moving to kiss his neck. Mingyu swallowed and closed his eyes, his breath hitching a little at your touch.

“I just assumed,” he mumbled, and managed to open the remaining buttons of your flannel. Once they were open, you could only yelp when he pulled you up close and began peppering your breasts with hungry kisses while squeezing them, one at a time. Your fingers threaded in his hair, and you sighed shakily.

“Never assume,” you whispered, your lips remaining parted with how Mingyu’s lips wrapped around your nipple was making you tingle between your legs as you grew wetter than you had already been. Slowly, Mingyu slid one of his hands down your shivering body and slipped his hand into your jeggings from the front. He snorted cockily both at how wet you were and how much you jolted at his touch.

“My assumptions are usually correct, though. Like when you came in through the door, I assumed you were horny, and I can’t say I’d be disappointed,” he said playfully and withdrew his hand from your pants, the tips of his fingers sticky with your anticipation. You bit on your lower lip while blood rushed to your cheeks. “Or am I wrong?”

You swallowed hard while Mingyu sucked his fingers clean, and shook your head, trying to appear unbothered and like you weren’t dying to have those fingers in you. “Alright, but… why would I come see you if I wasn’t horny?”

Mingyu began playing with the waistband of your jeggings and dragged them down so that your ass was out of them, after which he placed his hands on your ass and squeezed it, making you bite your lip. He leaned up to kiss you by your jaw. “As much as I’d love to think it’s because you enjoy my company, you got me there.”

Tugging at Mingyu’s hair so that his face was up, you looked down at him and caressed his cheek. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy your company, it’s just that…”

“That that’s not what you signed up for, I know.”

You were silent for a while, just staring into each other’s eyes while you ran your fingers through his hair. Eventually Mingyu let go of your ass and smacked it lightly, a grin spreading to his lips again “Anyway, how about we get down to business?”

You got up enough to get your jeggings and panties off before climbing back to Mingyu’s lap. Standing on your knees, with one on either side of Mingyu’s legs, you got your hands in his hair and leaned down to kiss him hungrily while the burning need inside of you got more and more unbearable. He teased your lips with the tip of his tongue, one of his hands on your ass and one sliding between your legs.

“Please,” you whispered against his lips, your fingers tightening in his hair when you could feel his fingers on your mound, slowly inching down. You were shivering.

Mingyu let out a low chuckle and pulled away from your kiss. His expression was playful, very different from your desperate one, when he all but gave you what you wanted as he just traced your outer lips without dipping between. “Will you be able to stick to your plan if I give you what you want?”

You bit your lip tightly at the mere thought of Mingyu’s fingers pushing in and out of you relentlessly - although you’d much rather have it be his cock - and felt your hips buck so that his fingers finally rubbed against you, which made you moan.

“P-probably, not,” you breathed, your hands now holding Mingyu’s shoulders in a tight grip. His gaze was challenging as he continued staring into your eyes, his fingers not budging a bit, not even when you continued grinding against them. It was only when you tried to move so that they’d slide inside of you that he finally pulled his hand away and smirked at your pout.

“See, I’d really like to continue with your plan, and that won’t happen if I finger you,” he said, both of his hands now on your ass. You were about to protest when he shook his head and gave you a strict look. “Now, sit down.”

The dark look in his eyes was enough to have you comply, although before sitting down you got your other knee between Mingyu’s legs, so that you only had one between yours. When your wet pussy met the rough fabric of his jeans, you shuddered; he merely grinned.


You didn’t need to be told twice, and with one hand on Mingyu’s shoulder, gripping on the white shirt he was wearing and another playing with the hair at the back of his neck, you began moving your hips. You took your time and only moved slowly, your lips parting in a quiet moan as you took in how it felt to have the denim rubbing against your clit and lower lips, giving you the kind of friction you knew would make you go mad sooner or later. It made you jolt, which in turn made Mingyu almost gasp in awe.

“Go faster,” he mumbled while sliding your flannel off your shoulders and taking one of your breasts into his hand, squeezing and massaging it and observing the effects it had on you. You closed your eyes, leaning your chest more into his touch with the nipple of your other breast hardening, too, and increased the pace at which you were moving.

“Oh, God,” you whimpered and shut your eyes, the faster pace making it almost impossible to stop anymore. Mingyu had replaced his hand on your breast with his mouth, kissing around your nipple before taking it into his mouth, and sucked on it lightly while his hands pressed you harder down against his thigh. You could feel his jeans get wetter and slicker underneath you while you grew increasingly desperate, needy for your climax.

Taking a deep breath, you somehow managed to slow down your movements and stroked Mingyu’s cheek with the back of your forefinger. “Wanna sit up on your knees?”

“Why?” Mingyu asked in a mumble while doing exactly what you wanted, and you bit your lip in excitement as you sat down on his thigh again.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought your lips to his, merely brushing against them. “I thought this would be even more fun.”

With your lips locked in a series of sloppy, hungry kisses, you continued riding Mingyu’s thigh, which this time felt even firmer underneath you. With him sitting on his knees, you were able to grind on it higher, and your thigh could rub into his bulge - whenever that happened, Mingyu sighed into your kiss and held your ass tighter.

You grinded against him harder, angling your hips so that your clit was getting more of the rough friction it desperately needed, and moaned against Mingyu’s lips as your hips began moving faster on their own accord. Mingyu opened his belt and jeans quickly and shifted so that he could get his pants and boxers down enough to pull his half-hard cock out.

As he began subtly bucking his hips, which meant his thigh rubbing against you in a whole new way, you shivered and broke your kiss, pressing your lips to his shoulder instead. Mingyu groaned whenever his cock came in contact with your leg, although it was rather soon that he began stroking himself with one hand while holding your ass with the other.

“Shouldn’t I be doing that?” you asked weakly, quiet whimpers leaving your lips every now and then as you moved against Mingyu’s thigh while it moved with every buck of his hips. He chuckled and kissed you by your ear.

“If you want to, you can,” he said, sounding amused, and lew you replace his hand on his cock with yours. Mingyu hissed and squeezed your ass before sliding his hand more to your front. “And in return…”

With his thumb pressing into your clit, you moaned against his shoulder and merely held his cock in your hand, unable to process much other than his finger rubbing slow circles into your clit as your hips continued grinding on his thigh unsteadily.

“Faster,” you whimpered, feeling the knot at the pit of your stomach tightening and your pussy becoming even more soaked. Mingyu did as you wanted and rubbed your clit faster, his other hand now on top of yours on his cock so that he could get you to move it on him.

“I swear to god, Y/N, as soon as I’m able to get my hands on condoms, I’m fucking you senseless,” Mingyu grunted by your ear while reveling in the feeling of your soft hand moving up and down his shaft, somewhat slick with his pre-cum. You whined and held onto his shirt tightly with your free hand.

“You better remember that,” you gasped only a few seconds before you were thrown over the edge, your teeth digging into Mingyu’s shoulder as your orgasm washed over you in one intense wave after another. He didn’t stop rubbing your clit - instead he just grinned cockily to himself when you began twitching a little on his lap.

“Mm, did you cum? What a good girl.”

You smacked his back at his teasing words, too weak to even laugh, and pulled back while Mingyu giggled, which made the corners of your mouth tug into a smile.

“I need more,” you said with a pout as you sat on your knees between Mingyu’s legs, your flannel now only covering your arms down from your elbows and resting on your ass. Mingyu caressed your hip and gave you a lopsided, toothy grin that had you feeling many things at once.

“Get your pretty little mouth busy and I’ll surprise you,” he suggested and leaned down enough to kiss you, his tongue sliding into your mouth with ease. You spent a moment making out, during which you slid your flannel fully off and dragged Mingyu’s pants further down before stroking his cock.

Some time later, you bent down and slid your tongue along his shaft, tracing every vein and teasing the head. Right as you were wrapping your lips around the tip, you felt Mingyu’s hand sliding down your back and over your ass, until he could slide two fingers into your soaked pussy that immediately clenched around them.

It felt so good to have something inside of you that at that point you were contemplating on knocking on the door of the next room and asking for a condom, but it was too much for your pride.

Mingyu’s quiet, appreciative grunts and husky “Just like that”s filled your ears in no time, and it didn’t take long for the two of you to find the perfect sync of you bobbing your head and stroking whatever of his cock that you couldn’t fit into your mouth and his fingers thrusting inside of you.

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Translator: Estreline & Sae 

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“I will always be here, for you. Always”

You’re in a bad mood and snap at Harry but he’s had an awful day and you don’t realize until after you’ve fought with him, so you go comfort him


Legs heavy as they’d ever been, eyes drooping and a slight crease on his forehead, Harry slowly unlocked and opened the front door, stepping into the living room of the apartment you both shared. Completely lacking energy and exhausted from a day he had no desire to remember, Harry took a deep breath before shutting the door and laying his coat on a chair. You always nagged him about hanging up his things but he just couldn’t right now, not tonight, not after the day he’d had. 

The looks on the faces of everyone in the recording studio when he’d tried to record, their eyebrows slightly raised and tongue between teeth as he failed to hit too many notes. He’d been worked so hard lately it seemed that he just wasn’t healthy for more than a week at a time before he became sick again. Voice cracking and lacking its usual magic, unable to reach the higher notes and having wasted most of a day, he felt bad enough. 

Physically, he felt awful. Head throbbing, congested, his voice leaving him when he really needed it, though he always did. He was just exhausted. And then he’d seen messages to him through social media later that day, informing him that one of the little girls he’d had the fortune of meeting through make-a-wish had passed away. Not that he’d never been informed of one of his fan’s passing before, but this one just really hit him hard. She hadn’t left his side the whole day he’d spent with fans of his whose dying wish was to meet him. Him. And she had been so sweet, so beautiful. This one just really hurt, more than usual. 

Finally getting in his car to drive home that evening, then, and the paparazzi came out of nowhere, hounding him. He imagined he must have looked awful in their precious photographs; ill and exhausted and sad. 

“Is this because Y/N left you, Harry? Finally get tired of dating a pop star?”

“Harry, is there a baby on the way? Not ready to leave the partying days behind and be a father, huh?” And they laughed. Harry did not. 

“Everyone has an off performance, man, don’t stress over it,” another pap had told him. Harry was reminded again of the gig he’d done a few days before in which his voice had been much like it was today, and which had been recorded and viewed by thousands now. Just fueled haters who were only waiting for moments like these to put him down. But Harry didn’t have it in him this time to think rationally and to ignore them like he often had to do. He just couldn’t do it today. 

So walking into the kitchen to find you standing at the counter, an annoyed expression on your face, really wasn’t what he was hoping to find when he arrived home that night. 

“’Ello, love.” Harry tiredly kissed you on the cheek before sitting at one of the chairs at the kitchen table, knowing he didn’t have to ask you what the matter was because you could never keep it to yourself for long.

“Can I just say, the people at my work are the fucking worst! Like how the hell do they expect me to do all this shit when they sit on their asses and, like, Harry are you even listening to me?!” You weren’t planning on taking out your day’s frustrations on your obviously very tired boyfriend, but the fact that he was nodding off first thing did not help with your bad mood.

“Sorry, m’just so tired, baby,” he murmured, forcing a slight small as he looked up at you before coughing a few times.

“Yeah well so am I, Harry. Just because I’m not a famous pop star like you doesn’t mean I don’t get tired. God, can’t you just listen to me, please, like you’re supposed to support me and say ‘yeah those people suck’ like come on Harry.” You knew he hadn’t done anything, you were just so fed up with work and with people and you couldn’t help it because he was the only one there you could vent to.

“M’ so sorry, I just need to go lie down upstairs, I really don’t feel good,” Harry responded, clearly not listening to and not interested in anything you were saying, so you thought. But he was just so down and felt so awful, he couldn’t do this right now. 

“Alright, that’s great. Awesome,” you murmured sarcastically as you were left alone in the kitchen, only wanting to rant about your awful day. But it was also obvious that Harry wasn’t feeling well, so you immediately felt a little bad for being so snappy, but you decided it was better for the two of you to be alone right now so you walked over to the table and opened your laptop.

You went straight to your social media, bored and out of instinct. And right away, there were pictures the paparazzi had just taken of Harry before he’d come home. His eyes were sagging, eyelids drooped, he was slightly hunched and it almost looked like his eyes were glistening? Your heart broke a little bit as you scrolled through the pictures. And then you saw all the comments from his fans.

“My friend took this video and the paps were saying all kinds of gross stuff trying to guess why he looked so sad and tired, like it was because Y/N is pregnant and he wants to keep partying or that Y/N left him. They’re pigs” and a link to a video that showed exactly what the fan was talking about. 

You sighed, starting to feel even more guilty for acting like that to Harry, and then you saw more comments. 

“Guys, the girl in this picture who was a huge Harry fan died today, and he’s obviously sick and over-worked. That’s probably why he looks like this? These paps are disgusting.” You clicked on the picture to see it more closely, and there she was, the little girl Harry had talked about on multiple occasions. She was squeezing Harry tightly in this picture and he had the hugest smile on his face, and so did she as she looked up at her hero. Harry had told you before that if you guys had a daughter, he hoped she would be like her. He was just so endeared by her and you found it adorable. 

You didn’t realize you were crying until the picture on the screen in front of you began to blur. You sniffled, wiped your eyes and stood up, heading straight towards your and Harry’s bedroom. 

Slowly pushing the closed door open, you felt yourself break when you saw Harry curled up in a ball in the middle of the bed, crying softly and sniffling, resembling a small child. He still had his shoes on, too exhausted even to take them off, and he hadn’t yet noticed that you’d entered the room. You felt like you were intruding, him so pure and innocent and unaware of your presence. But it only lasted a moment.

“Oh Haz, I’m so sorry,” you whispered as you laid down on the bed next to him, brushing the matted curls from his sweaty forehead. 

Harry hiccuped before looking into your eyes, his green ones full of tears.

“M’sorry, I’ve just had such a bad day, and I feel so sick and awful,” Harry blurted out all in one breath before burying his head against your chest.

“I know, baby, you have nothing to apologize for. I’m so so sorry. Come here,” you told him as you pulled him closer to you and wrapped your arms around him. He always seemed so much bigger than you but right now, he seemed so small. And this time, you felt such a need to protect him and keep him safe, and so you would. 

You didn’t know how many minutes had passed, the two of you just lying against each other, you holding Harry as he cried, until he finally pulled away from you a little bit to look at your face.

“Thank you.” Harry’s wide eyes and the pout on his face made him appear so vulnerable, so childlike and small. 

“I will always be here, for you. Always. I know I didn’t act like it earlier but I will make it up to you, Harry. I love you so much.” You couldn’t help the tears that had escaped your eyes at having seen your boyfriend in the state he was, so fragile and unlike his typical self. 

“I love you, little one,” Harry assured you as he, the one who needed comforting much more than you did right now, swiped at the tears falling from your eyes. “Always,” he whispered, before pulling you in for a hug that turned into both of you falling asleep, the two of you intertwined as Harry finally got the sleep that he’d needed so badly and felt the love only you could give. 

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If My Yesterday is a Disgrace, Tell Me That You’ll Still Recall My Name    for princeandcheekbones
Words: 16515
Summary: The boy, right now in front of Harry, most definitely has familiar blue eyes and the same thin lips. Those lips. Small, bitten things that are so close to splitting. All he can think of is a chorus of his name. Louis, Louis, Louis, and the name means nothing to him until the boy looks up.
Harry and Louis are childhood friends for only a year when Louis moves out of town. Fast forward to the future and Harry is a used-to-be rich kid who cut off his family’s inheritance to build a life of his own and Louis owns the small cafe that’s hiring. Harry spends three days trying to get Louis to remember him (because he never forgot)

Kiss Me on This Cold December Night    for allwaswell16
Words: 34394
Summary: Louis Tomlinson is a year three football (soccer) player attending a university that fosters international students in Ontario, Canada.   Harry Styles is a year one student living in the same building and is obsessed with the Green Bay Packers.  Louis thinks Harry’s a wanker while Harry can’t figure out why Louis doesn’t like him.  A blizzard keeps them and their mutual mates from flying home for Christmas.  Will Louis ever see Harry for who he really is?  Will they both be able to overcome past heartbreak and open up to someone again? 

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Regarding Cal Calore in King’s Cage, because I know that it’s been quite a big topic! SPOILERS SO IF YOU HAVEN’T READ DON’T LOOK PLEASE.  

I know that people are disappointed, and upset with Cal, and at first I was too, until I realised that it’s actually genius. Victoria didn’t blindside us with this, in fact, it was right in front of our faces the entire time. It’s always been the only road that Cal could take. It makes sense. It’s in character. It’s a decision that he was always going to make eventually and can we really blame him for it? 

Cal is not just one half of Marecal. He’s his own character. He has his own wants, his own needs, his own goals. That’s actually refreshing when it comes to male book characters because often they are merely there as love interests, and to serve the female protagonist. Cal is different though. It’s why he stands out, because he’s not just a love interest that lives to make the woman he loves happy. Cal is proving that he can make choices. He’s not just a soldier that follows orders. He’s taking things into his own hands. 

He truly believes that he can do good with the crown. He has such belief in himself, and what he could do for everyone, that I actually believe that he truly thinks this is the right thing for everyone. 

Do I think he broke Mare’s heart? Yes. Do I think he wanted to? No, of course not. He loves her. He truly loves her. If you don’t believe that he can be a good King, then at least believe him in his love for Mare. 

But that love doesn’t take away from his goals, his dreams. The fact that he choose the crown doesn’t take away from his love for Mare. It just shows us that he is able to make decisions, even ones that will cost him his heart. He made a decision that has consequences, and isn’t that what interesting and compelling characters are made of?  

It may look bad for Marecal now, but long term, I think after a lot of angst (bring it) that they can truly evolve both separately and together. 

Yuanfen - Part 7

Characters - Bucky x Reader, OFC (Tesla @bovaria)

Word Count - 1909

Warnings - None

A/N - Idk dude. New charater, YAY! I’m not prepared to write the next part is2g. Please dont hesitant to tell me what you think! This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“

Yuanfen Masterlist

You walked out the room with Bucky on your heels, pulling the door closed just fast enough for him to stop. Doing the only thing you could think of, you held the handle tightly with all your bodyweight shifted in the opposite direction. Though you were putting everything that you had into the action, the doorknob still turned within your grasp. With struggled groans, you continued to lean away as Bucky pulled the door open. Your feet slid across the wooden flooring until you were inside the room, right in front of the one person you didn’t want to see.

“Did you just try to lock me,” he paused, a smirk tugging at his lips as you straightened your stance, “in my own room?”

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BTS reaction to you becoming affectionate when you are sick

anonymous asked :  A BTS reaction to you became affectionate when you get sick. Please and thank you ^^

Jin- “You’re so cute jagiya~ I want to give you a lot of kisses for being this cute, but we can’t risk getting me sick now can we? Here I’ll just give you one for right now”

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Rap Monster- “Babe, stop being so cute.. No you can’t have  ice cream you’re sick….fine maybe one spoon….here just take the tub and my heart with you”

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Suga- “Come cuddle with me after taking your medications.. If you don’t suga won’t cuddle with you, no matter how cute you are”

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V- *being cute with you. Both of you are saying random things* gif*

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Jhope- *You’re doing aegyo to get out of taking the medicine and jhope stand there for 5 minutes until he realized you’re not in front of him* “Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!!!”

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Jimin- “Babe, come on… please take the medicine….don’t give me that face…you know I can’t say no if you give me that face”

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Jungkook-*Is sick with you since he gave you too many kisses even though you didn’t ask for any*

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Newt Scamander Imagines

Based on this post,

Part one here

Part 2. Italian Food Has Funny Names

You returned from work at 5:30, and rushed to your flat, so you could change and get ready before Newt arrived. And, as you put on a loose white dress, falling softly right underneath your knees, a thin black sweater. You put on some black boots with barely any high hills.

As you dressed, your mind was going over and over what happened earlier. You’ve always thought Newt was good looking and incredibly clumsy and adorable. Your memory took you back to when you were studying at Hogwarts, and he was a year above you, and you had this huge crush on him, but never had the courage to talk to him. Not until many years later, when he recognised you across the street, and found out he lived in the building right in front of yours.

The bell rang, and you cursed softly, under your breath. You grabbed your purse with just your keys, and your wand, and rushed to the ground floor, and opened the door to meet Newt in the other side.

When he looked at you, he couldn’t help but to whisper a small “whoa” under his breath. He smiled at you and bowed gently, before he spoke.

“Hello, Y/N” He sighed. “You look charming” He muttered, with his cheeks turning lightly pink.

“Thank you, Newt” You whispered, fixing your hair behind your ear. “You look stunning yourself as well” You said, since he was wearing his characteristic blue coat, and Hufflepuff scarf, along with a yellow vest and a white shirt, and a small black bowtie.

He nodded at you and offered you  his arm. You two walked arm in arm, down the street, as the sun began setting on the horizon. You suggested one of your favourite muggle restaurants, to which Newt agreed and followed you a couple of streets down where you lived.

You were talking about how it was to work in New York, which wasn’t as fun compared to when you lived in England. But at the same time, while living in England, you were more in contact with muggles, realising that they’re actually very interesting creatures. While Newt told you how he had been studying various species native in the continent, and how these species were completely different to the once he researched in Europe. He would be spending a couple of years more living in America.

By the time you arrived to the restaurant, he quickly offered you a seat, before you could take one yourself. Flattered by his gentlemanly gesture, you thanked him and took the seat he was offering you. The then took the seat next to you, and continued your talk about work. And when you talked, you were staring at the tall candle in the middle of your table, but could notice how Newt was staring at you kindly. When he was the one talking, every now and then would peek at you with the corner of his eyes, as you heard fascinated all he had to tell you about his creatures.

Once you food arrived, you had ordered bolognese, which was one of your favourites. Newt had ordered ravioli, not knowing what it was, but thought the name was funny. When he tasted his ravioli, you could see how his face brightened, and looked amazed at his plate. You giggled at how ridiculously cute, like a four year old tasting new food.

“Do you like it?” You answered, smiling softly at him, as he nodded.

“This is wonderful. I-I never thought muggle food would be this good. It’s brilliant” He said, looking fascinated at his plate, before he looked at you and his green eyes pierced into yours. “Would you like to taste ravioli?” He offered gently.

You’d had ravioli countless times, and knew how to cook them yourself. And now, you were the one blushing, and couldn’t deny him his offer. Your stomach twisted softly, feeling like you had butterflies inside of it.

You nodded.

Newt grabbed his fork, and with the most innocent look, he stretched his hand towards you. “Open wide?” He asked.

The look in his face clearly told he wasn’t trying to flirt, it was a genuine gesture with no intention other than offering you some of his food. You felt your cheeks blush and turn hot, as you leaned forward and tasted his ravioli.

And even though you’ve had ravioli many times before, this time they tasted ten times better. Maybe because your school crush for Newt was starting to make some noise at the back of your head.

After finishing your food, he offered you a dessert, to which you accepted. And asked for the dessert menu. While you were looking for the perfect dessert to keep making your night better, the two of you realised you two didn’t have enough budget to order a dessert each. To which you suggested, sharing one, after Newt apologised for not bringing more muggle money with him. After you suggested sharing a dessert, Newt blushed almost instantly, and nodded shyly.

You asked the waiter for your favourite, the tiramisu, to which Newt giggled softly.

“Muggle food has really funny names” He said, making you chuckle softly at his child-like self, making him irresistibly adorable.

“It’s because it’s Italian food” You answered, as the waiter brought you the slice of tiramisu with a single spoon.

Earlier, Newt had given you food with his fork, now it was your chance to feed him with your spoon. Just like he did earlier, you offered tiramisu with your spoon b saying “Open wide?” And when you did, he smiled, his whole face blushing and tasting the tiramisu.


The 1960s Spider-Man cartoon is not Peter Parker’s finest hour. Moving at nearly a frame per second, this series showcased Spider-Man at his most consistently inept. If you’ve never read the first few issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, just know that Spider-Man didn’t become good at anything until about one hundred months in. He’s constantly getting sucker punched by the villains standing right in front of him, and then getting framed by those villains because Spider-Man is too stupid to realize that he probably shouldn’t be closely examining stolen diamonds by himself when the cops arrive.

If there is one thing in the world that should stay exactly where it is, it’s the 1960s Spider-Man show. But Jim Krieg, who would later to go to write for shows like Spider-Man: The Animated Series and the underrated Batman: The Brave And The Bold, thought otherwise. Most people laugh in the face of the abyss, but Krieg rolled up his sleeves and punched the abyss square in its black-hole jaw. Krieg wrestled the abyss, made passionate love to the abyss, and wrote a tearful break-up letter to the abyss. If you didn’t gather from my description of what he literally did, he made a live-action version of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon.

Not just a general Spider-Man adaptation, but an adaptation specifically designed to resemble the 1960s show in pacing, plot, characters and sense of humor. And not a parody either, though, if you’ve never watched the show, it would be pretty easy to assume that this whole thing was taking a big, billowing fart on the idea of a “spider man.” But no, Krieg’s short film perfectly captures the helplessness that you feel whenever you watch the 1960s Spider-Man series. I understand why my father told me to go play outside so often. He was trying to save me.

5 Fan Edits That Blur The Line Between Insane And Genius


Stiles x Reader

Requested by @niawoods


“Stiles this is so far out of town!” You sighed and Stiles glanced at you as the Jeep bumped over the dirt road.

“Look ok, it’s out of the way but it’s bigger than the apartment, you remember what you told me when you agreed to move in with me right?” Stiles asked and pulled up outside a large house.

“You gotta get us a decent place.” You sighed. “But this looks… ok I guess.” You admitted.

“Well it needs a bit of work and we’ll probably have to rent some of the rooms until we can… you know…”

“You’re sure we can do it?” You asked gently and Stiles nodded as he helped you up the badly pathed front path and into the building.

“Can I ask you something?” Stiles asked nervously and you turned to find him down on one knee with a dopey grin on his face despite looking so nervous he might faint. “Will you marry me?”

Remedy (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“I killed her” you heard someone say as you walked into your bedroom. Whowould be in there? You quietly look around and you could tell that your bathroom door was open. Walking over to it, you placed your hand over the knob taking a breath before you open the door. Not really knowing who or what was going to be on the other side of the door.

“Alec” You saw him when you opened the door, he was balled up in the corner of the bathroom by the shower. It was a different side for you to see, this strong boy was now there broken right there in front of you. You just stared at him not knowing what to do until your eyes caught something. His hands were covered in blood

 “Alec are you alright?’ You bended over to meet his eye level.

“Alec” You spoke once again, laying your hand on his cheek. Slowly you pulled his head up from in between his legs. He looked so broken, tears were running down his face and you could see the pain in his eyes. Your heart broke at the slight of your lover in so much misery. Alec leaned over to you putting his head in your lap knowing he was safe there.

 “You going to tell me what happened?” Running your hand through Alec hair knowing that would calm him a down a bit maybe even stop crying.

 “I killed her” Alec whispered and started to let the tears fall from his eyes again.

 “Kill who Alec?” No way this boy in front of you could kill someone out of the goodness of his heart. It wasn’t possible Alec wasn’t that type of person.

 “Alec who?” You demanded, you needed to know so you could help. Him not answering wasn’t going to work.

 “Jocelyn” You gasped, but you didn’t let you sacred you there had to be a good reason why. You looked down at Alec’s face waiting for him to continue because you weren’t sure what to say.

 “Demon” You knew then when Alec said that, that he had to be one of the victims that the demon possessed while it was here. “Alec, you had no choice it wasn’t you that did it. It was that sick demon, everyone will understand when you tell them.”

 “No!” Alec shouted as he jumped up. “I killed one of us. One of our friend’s mother.” It was silence for a moment until Alec continue “Clary she umm she found me already” Tears were falling down both of your guys cheeks now. “She told me she hated me before but now it was different. I killed her mother the only person she ever truly had. You didn’t see the anger in her eyes when she spoke.” Alec turned not wanting to see your face. “She wanted to kill me and I would of let her if she tried. I don’t deserve this life anymore  and I damn well don’t deserve you”

 “Alec” Your voice was breaking as you got up to turned Alec around. “Don’t you say that”

 “Why it’s true, you shouldn’t love a killer of the innocent”

 “Alec look at me” Pulling his face down to your level you looked straight in his eyes and said “That wasn’t you and we all know that. What Clary said was out of anger but not at you. She angry with this world and how she was throw in to it. It’s changing her whole life plus also losing your mother will make you hurt and upset wanting to hurt everything in your path. Trust me I know. This isn’t going to change how people look at you Alec” Tears were rolling down your cheeks, how couldn’t he see that you loved with every ounce of your living self.

 “I hate myself” He whispered closing his eyes.

 “You will until you forgive yourself.” You put both your hands on his cheeks giving him a quick kiss. “And I will be here every step of the way until you learn to love what I do.” Alec opened his eyes and look into yours he knew then if he had you by his side he could get through this nightmare part of his life.

Which is why Ain being infinitely kind and overprotective over Elsword stands out even more:
  • But didn’t you find it in the middle of a difficult battle? Good job, Elsword. 
  • (Attack…? What about the El Shard? Where is Elsword? There is no time. There’s not much until crashing.)
  • (Elf, magician… and Elsword.. I saved them all.)
  • The airship crashed, and I couldn’t find Elsword anywhere… Do you know how shocked I was when I followed the trace and learned that your unconscious body was discovered in front of the town?
  • Don’t be so hard on him. Maybe that’s just his way of learning things. Isn’t that right, Elsword?
  • (There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..)
  • (But Elsword is not strong enough. I have to help him..)
  • Don’t say that, Elsword.. It’s really complicated in here so just follow me. 
  • You can’t go ahead by yourself again, okay Elsword? You can’t be defeated by those things here. 
  • (If I can do it fast enough, then I can return to Elsword right away.) 
  • …? It’s my fault for not keeping up with the group, so you don’t have to be sorry, Elsword. 
  • They’re right, Elsword. You can’t take them on single-handedly! 
  • (I can’t leave Elsword here… I must help…!) 
  • (No, Elsword… I have to stop… but my strength…)
  • (Elsword… Elsword!!!)
  • That was close, Elsword! Please cherish yourself a little more. 
  • You’re doing great, Elsword. Keep it up just like this. 
  • I’m sorry I’m not much of a help, Elsword. 
  • (Elsword, if I was there, you would’ve followed it much easier.) 
  • (No… Elsword, you can’t trust that human… Only I can be your help…) 
  • (I must help… Elsword…) 
  • (Elsword… Are you okay without me? Don’t you… Don’t you need me?) 
  • Calm down, Elsword. You have to be more calm in situations like this. 
  • Haha, isn’t that Elsword’s charm? 
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, Elsword… What if you get hurt. 

But he says shit like this to everyone else:

  • I’m not weird as much as you, Miss Magician. Haha 
  • (That’s true. The human magician girl is scary when she’s mad.)
  • (If the girl had her original power… Elsword might not be alive today.)
  • Your friends have various different forms, Mr. Half-Nasod. 
    Hmm? I didn’t say anything wrong: You’re half human and half Nasod.
  • Hmm? Is it weird? You looked a little old-fashioned so I called you that way (Mr. Ancient). You know, like the way you dress…

Joker x Harley Quinn : Kiss the Ring

“Who do you belong to?” The Joker was behind her, his warm body so close. One hand was around her waist, the other held her hair back so his lips could be right on her. His hot breath on her ear, teeth skimming the sensitive skin. Harley closed her eyes, a moan escaping her lips. She rolled her head back until it hit his shoulder, arching her back, pushing her butt into his crotch, feeling him.

The Joker growled at her lack of response and then he was in front of her, Harley opened her eyes as his hands grasped her face tightly, making her look at him.

“Answer me.” He snarled, barring his teeth.

“You,” She said, “Only you, Mr. J.”  

Joker kept her eyes captive, his right hand abandoned her face and instead he held it up in front of her face. Confusion struck Harley’s features. She looked at his elegant fingers seeing the spade, diamond, and club tattoos. The third finger was missing a heart, that was on Harley’s cheek. Instead, on his third finger was a handsome gold ring, a big ring, almost stretching from his pinkie to his middle finger. The top of it had a ‘J’ shaped by diamonds. His favorite ring, the ring that was in front of her lips now.

Now Harley understood, he wanted her to kiss his ring. Punishing her for her hesitation just a moment ago. She knew what kissing the Joker’s ring meant. She’d seen him interrogate hundreds of people in her time with him. Every interrogation would end the same, the man would kiss Mr. J’s ring. They probably thought it was just odd behavior from an insane man but kissing Mr. J’s ring meant much more than just a kiss. It meant that he owned you. You were his. You would work for him, do business with him, make him money until either you messed up or he got bored and ended your life. It happened every time, like clockwork. Still they came to work for Joker because everyone knew that working for the Joker was always better than working against the Joker. Yes, Harley knew what kissing Mr. J’s ring meant and she wanted it.  Mr. J wanted to make sure that Harley was still his, that she always would be.

She would.

Harley went to kiss it but just as she moved the Joker stopped her with his hand that was still clutching her face.

“On your knees.” His voice was so guttural she barley recognized it. Harley smiled at him, biting her lip as she sunk down to her knees in front of him. She stared at him expectantly from the ground, the Joker held his hand back out, once again his ring was in front of her lips.

So Harley flicked her eyes up to him, smiling devilishly as she grasped his wrist. Harley kissed each of his five fingertips softly, leaving his ring finger last. She looked up at him as she kissed the ‘J’ ring. Running her lips against his skin, slowly down his finger until she was at the tip. Harley started by licking the leftover blood off his fingernail. Then, she wrapped her mouth around his finger, keeping her eyes on his. She pumped her lips up and down, closing her mouth tight around the tip and then going back down again. She licked, sucked, and kissed his finger as her other hand moving up and down his wrist suggestively.

The Joker didn’t make a sound, just stared at her. Why would you hesitate, Harl? Stupid, stupid, stupid. She released his finger from her mouth and moved her lips back up to his ring.

“Forever yours.” Harley whispered against his ‘J’ ring, looking up into his blue eyes.

They were hooded, dark.

“I’m sorry for hesitating, daddy,” She put on her most innocent voice, “You know what your purrs in my ear do to me.”

Mr. J placed two hands on either side of her neck again, and pulled her to her feet. His face still hadn’t moved, he just stared. His lovely blue eyes locked on hers, mouth unmoving. Harley really messed up this time. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Slowly, she reached forward with her hands and touched his chest. He let her, that’s a good sign. She ran her hands down his solid chest, over the tattoos on his stomach. Her fingers dipping on his toned chest. Every time she touched him was like the first time all over again, every time she just wanted to wrap her arms around his body and stay close to his warm, strong chest. Every time her fingers ached to touch more, more, more of his skin. She was completely and utterly addicted to him.

Her hands moved up, one of her hands rested on his cheek. The other on his beating heart.

She frowned as his face stayed frozen, “C’mon puddin, you know I belong to you. My heart, my body, my soul, everything in me is yours. That’s always been true. Will always be true. Can’t you see how I’m yours?”  

In the blink of an eye, he had moved. His face on the side of hers, his cheek touching her cheek. His purrs back in her ear.

“You play a dangerous game, Harley Quinn.” He whispered against her ear, voice gravelly and low- just how she liked it.

Suddenly his hands traveled down her face until they gripped her upper arms. His fingertips feather soft trailed down her arms down until his fingers clutched hers. He brought her fingers up to his mouth, keeping his eyes on hers. Harley was finding it difficult to breath.

“You’re lucky I enjoy your dangerous games.” He whispered against her third finger on her right hand, her ring finger. Harley was now the one frozen, staring at him.

The Joker kissed her finger.

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Everything, Okay

(Or read on ao3.)

It wasn’t as if he could bring it up. There had never been any formal acknowledgement of their arrangement, though when he put it that way it sounded creepy. 

It just happened one night when Keith was jolted awake, breathing heavily,  cold sweat over his shaking limbs, and the lingering image of a Galra soldier aiming at his head. He hadn’t noticed Lance until he was right in front of him, sleepy but concerned expression, collar of his nightshirt pulled at an odd direction so light bounced off his collarbone. 

“Are you okay?” He said softly, no trace of the usual teasing or easy smirks. It was past midnight. Past midnight people put up fewer shields. 

“No,” he muttered. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking. He felt dizzy and on the verge of tears. He wasn’t in the mood to lie. 

“Do you want me to stay? I could uh…sleep in your bed with you,” his voice faltered a bit now, maybe he was starting to wake up. 

“Is that some kind of a joke? Because I don’t think it’s very funny.” Despite the shaking he had the sense enough to be offended. 

“It isn’t.”

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puggiepuggie  asked:

I was playing Witcher 3. The blacksmith/pierogi cooking guy asked me to help him. I was a whimp tho' and dudes harrasing him kept kicking my ass. I decided not to pick this questline until I level up. The thing is the fucker was waiting for me in the docks and initiated the questline whenever I wanted to pass. So, to avoid that, I was jumping into the water in front of his face, swam like 2 meters right next to him and came back on the road right behind him. Dude must have felt so ignored ;c

I was inspired…

Lucky Us Ch. 16

FanFiction | AO3

Story Summary: -AU- Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Chapter Preview:

I don’t want to be sad anymore, Chat Noir.

I want to do something nice for you instead.