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Booze and Dinner

Hi I was hoping if you could do a Daryl imagine where we are in Alexandria for a while now and he has feelings for the reader and she feels the same way but there is also a thing between The reader and Spencer and Daryl becomes very jealous and he acts weird until one night he takes the reader out to dinner and he ends up telling his feelings for her and they go back to his place and smut I will love to be written in the readers and Daryl’s point of view thank you loves🎈

A/N - So it’s been a while, but I’m hoping this will be enough until the next drabble which will hopefully be very soon. Thank you, guys. - Kris

“You’re joking, right?” I asked as I took one of Spencer’s pawns.

Spencer groaned and looked at the board in front of him. “How did I not see that?” he asked himself quietly.

“What are you two doing?” Glenn asked as he came up the steps of the porch. Daryl was right behind him.

“We found an old chess board in Spencer’s house and figured we could put some use into it,” I smiled. Chess was always a good game to play with the right people. Of course, no one in my family knew how to play, so I practiced with myself.

“Isn’t that for smart people?” Glenn smirked as he lightly punched my shoulder.

“As a matter of fact, is it,” I responded. “That’s why I’m wondering how I could possibly be playing with a guy like Spencer.”

Spencer gave a fake offended face and scoffed. “How dare you!” he laughed.

“I’m kidding, you’re a good guy,” I offered.

Daryl grunted and stalked into the house without a word. I gave Glenn a curious glance, but he merely shook his shoulders and followed his friend. I thought about Daryl the rest of my chess game with Spencer. A plethora of thoughts entered my mind as I thought about the man with the biceps. Daryl was a wonder. He and I weren’t always good friends, but when the prison was attacked by the Governor, I was stuck with him and Beth.

For a while, I wondered if Daryl and Beth had a secret thing going on, but the more I watched the duo, the more I could tell that it was blossoming. They were like long lost friends finding each other once again. I pushed aside my own feelings for Daryl at the time so I didn’t hurt anyone but myself.

Spencer and I made a few more moves before I won the game and made some comment of doing some chores around the house. I was more of an outside person, but the need to be inside for a while made me comfortable.

I entered the kitchen and started gathering items that could potentially make a soup or stew for tonight’s supper. It wouldn’t be much, but I knew the group would appreciate it.

Just when I finished collecting material for the meal, I could hear heavy footsteps trudge into the kitchen. I look up and see Daryl stroll in. He seems calm and collected, but there is another look in his eyes. As to what it is is a mystery.

“Hey, you stormed off in a hurry out there,” I joked.

He grunted, which was his usual response.

“I’ll have you know that I dominated Spencer. He’s helpless against me,” I smiled at Daryl while trying to lighten the mood.

“Okay?” he sarcastically replied. His voice was thick and I could see his posture tighten.

“Why are you in such a pissy mood all of a sudden? It’s not like I’m at fault, Daryl,” I retorted.

“Well maybe ya are and jus’ don’t know it,” Daryl commented while crossing his arms in front of him.

I furrowed my brows and gawked at him. “Me? I’m doing something wrong?”

Daryl realized he had dug himself a hole and was trying to casually pull himself back out. He leaned against the counter and shrugged. “Well, um. Like I said, maybe ya jus’ don’t know ‘bout it, yet. I mean, maybe it isn’t you at all. Could be Spencer; he seems like a dick.”

I gave a confused glance to Daryl. His behavior was bizarre. I couldn’t give any more thought, though, because Daryl marched out of the kitchen and right out the door.

All I could think about the next day was Daryl’s actions. Why did he say that about Spencer? It’s not like he knew him very well. Besides, how could Spencer or I be doing something wrong and not know about it?

Speaking of Spencer, I could see him at the children’s table playing checkers. I wandered over and lightly placed my hand on his left shoulder.

“Winning anything big?” I quiped.

Spencer solely nodded his head as he made another move. He really wasn’t winning anything but the practice so I could kick his butt in chess later on.

I thought about what Daryl said. I didn’t know Spencer well enough to think he was a dick, but he had his wrongs and rights just as much as anyone else did. Did I find him attractive? Yes. I didn’t think we could be in a relationship anytime soon, though. We weren’t very connected, just friends.

The more I thought of Daryl, though, the more I wanted the relationship. If only he was on board with that. He didn’t like connecting with people let alone being in a full relationship with them.

It had been a few days and Daryl’s words were still stuck in my brain. Spencer and I have been talking a bit more and Daryl still avoids me at times, but it’s been fairly normal.

I was walking to my house to end the day. Everyone was inside their own homes and preparing for rain. The skies were dark for being early evening. It was a good thing most chores were finished by everyone.

I just reached my house when it started sprinkling. I always felt more comfortable in the rain. It was calming, and the sky was beautiful as it showed its strength. A person felt weak compared to the powerful and magnificent forces.

I opened my door and kicked off my boots as I rubbed my face. There was already light in the kitchen. I furrowed my eyebrows and slowly peeked around the corner, seeing Daryl nervously pacing back and forth. The table was neatly set up with candles and a feast of meat, salad, and vegetables. Even Daryl himself looked more cleaned up. His skin looked soft when the dirt was cleared away, and his hair was at least brushed, but it still hung over his face.

“What’s this all about?” I asked gingerly.

Daryl jumped and spun around to look at me. His eyes showed panic and nervousness. We both stopped suddenly as we stared at each other. My heart beat sped up as Daryl lightly coughed.

“I ,um, had Carol help me with makin’ this. I wanted to do somethin’ for ya. I felt bad for sayin’ what I said the other day.”

“It’s very nice; you didn’t have to do it, ya know. People say stuff they regret. I understand. So, is this for us?” I smiled.

We seated ourselves and started pigging out on dinner. Before Alexandria, we had to ration our meals and hope there was enough squirrel and rabbit to go around for everyone. Now, we stuffed our faces and regretted it hours later by puking it into the weeds behind a house or just outside the fence.

“Oh, I also got ya this,” Daryl stood and made his way to a cupboard. He lifted out a bottle of booze and poured both of us a single drink. He sat down across from me again and handed me my glass. We both waited for each other to toast something, but after a few seconds, I shrugged and took a sip.

We started talking about each other and what we thought when we first met and everything else about the two of us. The bottle was soon half empty, then three quarters empty, and we were both laughing loudly and clinking our glasses together. Our conversations ranged from our childhoods, to our jobs, our families, ourselves, and several other topics.

Soon enough, we were both drunk and stumbling over our words. Daryl was actually laughing and smiling and I enjoyed every bit of his smile crinkles. He seemed so carefree and relaxed. I tried to soak him up as much as possible, but it seemed as if it was overwhelming because I wasn’t used to it.

Still talking, we grabbed our plates and brought them over to the sink. I was planning on washing them in the morning, but Daryl grabbed a sponge and started wiping his down. I playfully took the sponge from his hands and flicked it, causing water droplets to stick to his face. I wasn’t sure if it was my feelings for Daryl or the booze, but I looked at how nice Daryl looked and how he had cleaned up just for me. I noticed his kindness and the way he hid feelings as if they were the plague. I finally just noticed Daryl.

Leaning forward, I pressed my lips carefully to Daryl’s. At first he didn’t react. He then moved his mouth with mine, and our teeth clunked together and I’m pretty sure there was a little drool. To anyone else, it was probably the worst kiss imaginable. However, when I was kissing Daryl in that moment, I felt it was the best kiss I had ever had.

Both of us were suddenly gripping each other. The booze must have worked for us, because if we hadn’t been drinking, I’m sure this never would have happened.

Daryl placed his left hand behind my head and his right on my back. I was so overwhelmed that all I could do was kiss back. Daryl started leading me away from the sink and towards the bedroom that was down the hall. We were tripping over each other and by the time we even got to the bedroom, Daryl’s shirt was off. We plunged down onto the bed. Daryl was on top of me and kissing my neck.

I moaned and started unbuckling his belt. There were too many layers. Soon, his pants were off. Daryl quickly pulled at the hem of my shirt and had it up and over my head. His hand grabbed for my chest and he squeezed lightly. I unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them off. I was kissing Daryl hard and running my hands over his chest.

We both suddenly stopped and gasped for breath. The alcohol was taking effect and we were both already tired from the day’s work. I looked at Daryl and shook my head. He nodded and laid beside me.

I opened my eyes slowly. My head hurt like a bitch and my arm was numb from sleeping on it wrong. I tried rolling over but bumped into something warm. As I glanced to my side, I groaned. Daryl was sleeping next to me. I suddenly sat up, which I immediately regretted. The blankets were off in seconds as I checked to make sure both of our clothes were still on. This caused Daryl to wake up.

“What’s goin’ on?” he asked. His voice was raw and groggy.

“We, um, slept together last night. Not like slept, but… sleep slept. How did you sleep?”

“Good. You?”

“Good, actually. Um, about last night,” I paused and laid down once again, “when we kissed. I enjoyed it, Daryl. I really like you.” I took the lunge and told him my feelings.

“I really like ya, too,” he calmly smiled and tucked his chin under the blanket.

I leaned over and kissed him gently. Before long, there was a loud knock on the door.

“Y/N, you in there? We need some help out back!” Maggie’s voice boomed through the door.

I rolled my eyes and sat up. “I’ll be out in a minute!” Her footsteps could be heard going out the front door. “Looks like I have fence duty for the day. Make sure you bring some of Carol’s lunch for me today,” I started pulling on jeans and a plain shirt. Daryl nodded and watched me as I dressed.

“Hey, be careful,” he said.

“I will. See you tonight?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah, you will.”

I smiled and left Daryl in my room. I was finally happy in this mess of a world.

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Hey, I'm an aro demisexual and I've been with my bf for years. We're discussing finally having sex, I mentioned this to my friend, she thinks I shouldn't because I'm not 'in love' with him coz I'm aro. He doesn't know that but only because I don't feel it's massively important, my commitment to him isn't any less, and I still 'love' him even if it's only kinda platonically. But know I'm kind of doubting myself?? Is my friend right?

Hmm, you never have to come out to someone. Please keep that in front first and foremost. Now practically could your partner feel some negative emotions if you come out later but now sex now? Yes, it could happen. If they are a good partner at worst they will just be confused until they understand things about being aro. However, I think it’s incredibly wrong tell an aro they can’t have sex without romantic attraction. Only you can decide if the romantic element is an important factor in your relationship. Since you’ve been in a committed relationship for years, I’m going to venture that it isn’t. So unless your bf thinks having sex is an act of expressing romantic attraction, I don’t believe your friend is correct. 

What’s really funny to me is that when you’re eleven, everyone over the age of sixteen kind of just looks older than you so Harry probably didn’t notice just how young James and Lily were the first time he saw them in the Mirror of Erised. It probably didn’t hit him until a few years later when he was looking at old photographs or even in the forest when they were right there in front of him and he was like “…wait a mINUTE”


Getting started is always the hardest part; just walking up and saying ‘hello’. Once you start talking, it gets easier. Or, sitting down in front of that blank page – once you start writing, there’s plenty to say. Or… running your finger over that round, red record button, until just the right moment, when you hit it, and then you know. This is just the beginning.


You found Dan in the lounge the next day with his headphones on, his stare resolutely fixed on his computer. It wasn’t until you were standing directly before him, waving your hands in front of his screen that he looked up and took his headphones off.

“Phil and I have been looking for you,” you said. 

“I’ve been right here all morning.”

“Hiding out,” you tried to tease, but he gave you no smile. You missed that smile.

“I’m not hiding out. I’m editing a video, Y/N.”

“I thought we were both going to crash Phil’s live show today. You left me hanging,” you teased, trying again. He looked back to his laptop once more.

“I’m sure you two had fun. Didn’t really want to get in the way,” he muttered, and you let out a sigh.

“They’re just shippers, Dan. They’d rather have had you there, I’m sure–”

“Yeah. That’s really great, except it’s not the shippers I’m concerned about preferring me,” he blurted out. He met your eyes for a quick second, surprised by his own words but unwilling to take them back. He shut his laptop and stood, wavering for just a second before deciding against staying. He brushed past you quickly and strode out of the lounge, leaving you standing alone and speechless in the wake of his words.

Part 1

John proposing by attaching the ring to Gladstone’s collar and sending him into the bedroom to wake Sherlock up one morning.

He stands there, leaning against the frame of the door, watching as Gladstone licks Sherlock’s face all over, Sherlock swatting at him sleepily, grunting and trying to push him away until his finger brushes the cool metal of the ring, and he freezes.  His hand curls gently around Gladstone’s collar to keep him still, and he cracks one eye open and sees the ring dangling there right in front of his face, and then his gaze slowly shifts to focus on John at the door.  Sherlock slowly pushes up into a sitting position, his hand still gripping Gladstone’s collar as the dog bounces up and down trying to get at his face, and John tilts his head, nodding to the ring.  “So what do you think?” he asks, and Sherlock swallows hard, his chest so tight it feels like his heart might burst out of it, and he says, “I think you need to kiss me this instant.”  And John grins and pushes away from the door, crawling onto the bed, his hands cupping Sherlock’s face, his thumbs stroking those ridiculous cheekbones as he leans in and kisses his detective so sweetly that when he pulls away Sherlock’s eyes are brighter than usual, and his smile is just a little bit wobbly.

"Imagine Dean making you go to one of your family members' weddings, which is an all-weekend event, and pretending to be your boyfriend in front of your family." One Shot


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Warnings: cussing


“I’m telling you, it’s the right thing to do, babe,” Dean says as you fix his tie for him.

“I’m not your ‘babe’ until we get to the wedding, ‘kay?” You clarify, raising and eyebrow at him and he just smirks.

Your cousin Gina is getting married this weekend (an entire weekend long hurrah, she wouldn’t have it any other way) and you had been invited to join the celebration. Thing is, you haven’t exactly spoken to your family in nearly a year, and you certainly had no intentions to go to an overpriced princess wedding together. 

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My friend is about to lose her first love and has no idea what is about to hit her. She doesn’t know how the next few months she will ache and hurt every single day. She doesn’t know the act she will have to put on for everyone; the act of her not internally falling to pieces. The act of going through everyday life of smiling and joking and saying “it just didn’t work out.” Some people might even believe she never loved him, some days she might even be able to convince herself the same… But a single memory will flick through her head and she will think getting run over by a car would feel better than this. She won’t break down in front of people. Oh no, she will wait until she is alone to sob and scream until she is numb. Then she will clean herself up, and act as if her heart isn’t shattering in even smaller pieces. Fake it until you make it right? That’s the thing, one day she will make it. One day she will realize she hasn’t cried in days. She no longer needs alcohol to burn his name from her throat. She will no longer see his face when she is with others and she won’t feel the ghosts of his hands roaming her body. She will make it, not completely, but it won’t hurt as much as before. She will no longer feel like the Earth is falling from her feet. Then months and months later she will see him again, and she will want to throw up. She will want to scream and curse and cry at his feet, but she won’t. She will smile and talk to him as if nothing has happened.
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Dean pulls out the bible one day and opens it to every story he can find about an unnamed angel and sits down in front of Cas and is like, “So was this you? That was you, right?” And Castiel just sighs and tells him the correct names of the angels until he finally just
“Yes Dean. I was one of the angels that reduced Sodom and Gomorrah to rubble so remember that next time you purposefully flush the toilet during one of my showers.”


The Loft




We hear the alarm go off in the loft of intruders. And wehear breaking glass come from downstairs.

What the fuck is going on? //

Jack groans and sits up in bed, and I do so, too.

He takes off his shirt and gives me it to put on. He gets out of bed,

“We always get fucking interrupted,” mumbling to himself.

After putting on his shirt, I stand up in front of him.

He takes us to my bathroom, and he locks the windows and shuts the drapes so that no one can see or get in.

“Don’t fucking move, I’m serious. I’m going to go see what the hell is going on. I already texted Matt, he’ll come in right after I leave and stay with you. Do not unlock your bathroom door until you hear Matthew say that it’s safe. If anyone else comes, use my phone and call or text any of us immediately,” he hands me his phone.

I start breathing in an out, scared of what is about to go down.

I sit down on the bathroom floor and he leans down,

“Babygirl, it’s going to be okay. I’m so sorry I have to leave you. I wish I could be the one here with you, trust me.”
He pulls my chin up to look at him, and kisses me forcefully.

He groans when he lets go of me, not wanting to leave me.

“I love you,” he says before opening the door to leave.

“I love you too, please be careful.”
He nods and then leaves the bathroom.

I get up and lock myself in, and then sit on my sink.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

It’s been ten minutes, and the loft is completely silent. Matt still hasn’t come.

What is going on out there?
I’ve been playing games on Jack’s phone, trying to distract myself.

A text pops up at the top of the screen, it’s from Alex, the dealer who took me last time.

“Wasn’t a good idea leaving your little princess alone, you should know better.”

I gasp and hear two knocks come from my bathroom door.

I put my hands over my mouth, trying to contain my fear. If it were Matt, he would say something.

But that’s not Matthew.

I pick Jack’s phone back up and type in the group text,

“Guys, he’s outside the bathroom door. Come NOW.”

I hear Alex messing with the lock before he breaks the doorknob off completely.

He opens the door and says,

“Well well well. What do we have here? The little princess is all alone.”
He walks over to me as I stand up off my bathroom counter.

He pushes me against the counter, and whispers to me,

“Once you’re with me, you’ll have a much better life. I could make you feel so good.”
He’s going to take me, where the fuck are the boys?
“Get the fuck off me!” I try pushing him off me, but he grabs my wrists, holding them so tight I feel bruises coming on.

He tells me to shut up and picks me up off my feet, carrying me back into my room when I suddenly see all the boys appear in front of my door.

Cameron stands in front walking slowly into my room, seeing Alex holding me hostage. All the boys are in the process of taking tape off their mouths and wrists, pissed off. They had bruises and blood on their face.

What the hell did they do to my boys?

Cameron says in a raged tone, “We’ll give you two seconds to back the fuck away from her and leave.”
“Or what?” Alex mumbles from behind me, still holding my hands together with one of his hands and holding one hand over my mouth to keep me quiet and still.

Jack Gilinsky come from behind Cameron and they all start to walk into my room.

Jack looks at me and looks down at my feet, he motions his feet giving me the order to somehow kick Alex.

I reach back and kick him in his crotch, causing him pain.

He falls down to the ground and I run over to the boys.

Everything is happening so fast.

Nash says quickly in my ear, “Come on, let’s go!”

He picks me up bridal style and starts leaving the room when Gilinsky stops him before walking out the door,

“Do not let her out of your fucking sight. There might be more.”

Nash nods and hurries us out of the room, still carrying me.

He runs us down the stairs.

“Damn, someone’s been working out,” I giggle into his chest.

He laughs quietly and says, “Hush, (Y/N).”

I nod. As we walk down the spiral stairs, I see everything trashed and broken.

There’s broken glass everywhere on the floor, and two men are knocked out on the couch, with blackened eyes and blood on their face.

Damn, they got them good.

I look down at Nash’s feet to make sure he’s wearing shoes, he is.

He walks us to the kitchen and swipes broken glass across one of the counters to make a spot for me to sit on.

He sets me down onto the counter while he gets me a glass of water.

After handing me the water, he asks “How are you feeling?”
“I’m doing a little better. This morning was a bitch, I couldn’t fucking breathe and I threw up like 4 times-“
He interrupts me, “Wait-(Y/N). You still haven’t fucking slept, have you?”
I shake my head no.

“Shit, babe. You need to sleep, it’s been almost three days. I’m sorry all this is happening.”
I hear all the boys walk downstairs, shutting my door behind them.

They talk quietly to each other, to the point where I can’t hear them.

When they all come downstairs, I say outloud,

“I’m sorry all this shit is happening because of me, I don’t know why they would want me-“
Cameron interrupts me, speaking for all the boys, “Don’t ever apologize again. Anyways, you won’t have to worry about them anymore.”

I turn my head and look at Gilinsky, “What did you guys do?”

Johnson says, “We took care of it, don’t worry about it.”

“Where is he? And what are we going to do about those two?” I ask while pointing to the guys who were knocked out on the couch.

They all laugh and look at eachother.

Still sitting on the counter, I yawn twice in a row and my eyes start to get lower.

Nash is still standing in front of me, at eye level.

I lean forward, resting my head against his head still being able to see all the boys.

“Guys, she needs sleep,” Nash says interrupting all the boys conversations about what all happened tonight.
They look at me before Matt says,

“Well, she doesn’t need to go in her room right now. We still need to make a few phone calls to take care of the fucker up there.”
Gilinsky says, “All of our rooms are fucked up, she has like no where to sleep.”

“What about the.. other room-“ Shawn brings up.

What other room?

Gilinsky interrupts him and says, “She’s not fucking going down there, not right now at least. She needs sleep.”

I hate when they talk about me and make decisions for me when I am right here.

“Guys, I’m right here. What room are you talki-“

Jack shakes his head before saying, “We’ll talk about it later; it’s not important. What’s important, is you sleeping. You’re still sick and you need to rest, (Y/N).”

“We can go to a hotel?” Aaron says as he grabs my glass, filling it with water again.

He hands it to me as the boys look at each other, debating on if it’s a good idea or not.

I sit up, removing my head from Nash’s chest, and drink my water.

“I’m down,” I say, “But let’s not go to one of the really nice ones. They’re too expensive, and I don’t feel like dealing with the fans right now.”

Cameron laughs and says, “Money isn’t the problem, babe. The fans though, you’ve got a good point.”

“Like can’t we just go to a shitty motel or something?” I ask, tired and agitated.

“Well, the sun is going down. We need to leave now if we’re going to get some rooms or whatever. There’s this motel downtown by our bank,” Matt says while walking over to me and grabbing my wrists.
He sees the bruises and gasps a little.

Gilinsky walks over quickly to my other side and pulls my wrists gently out of Matt’s reach and looks at the hand-shaped bruises that Alex left while holding me hostage.

“Oh fuck no, this is not okay,” Jack says shaking his head.
The boys all come closer to me, and Nate sits on the counter next to me and wraps his arm around me.

Nate is so sweet and I still haven’t spent any time with him.

I look around at all the boy’s faces, they have marks and open cuts.

“Are you guys okay?”
They laugh and Gilinsky says, “Why the hell are you worried about us? We got them worse anyways. “

“Let’s go to the motel, okay?” I ask the boys.

They nod and then Nate picks me up off the counter, carrying me bridal style so that I don’t touch the ground that has broken glass everywhere.

We walk to the elevator and he finally sets me down.

We’re leaving with nothing.

I hear Sammy making a phone call to maids to come clean up everything before tomorrow morning.
Nash and Carter make phone calls concerning the men, making arrangements for them to be removed from the loft within the next thirty minutes.

We reach the parking garage and I automatically walk over to Gilinsky and tell him,

“We’re riding in my car, you’re driving.”

“Only for you.”

We say bye to the boys and get in our separate cars.
I dose off in the car on the way to the motel.

Once we get there, the bright lights of the building wake me up.

Gilinsky walks to my side and opens the door, picking me up knowing I’m too exhausted to walk anyways.

We meet up with all the boys, lock our cars, and walk inside. We walk up the reception desk, and Jack sets me on top of the counter. I lean against him like I was with Nash earlier, resting my head against his chest, with my eyes shut.

He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his wallet,

“How much for 10 rooms?”

Look’s like I’m sharing a room.

“We don’t have 10 rooms available, sir.”

Cameron asks, “How many do you have open?”

She looks down at her computer and replies after a few moments, “We have 3 vacant.”

They all look at each other and groan.
“Alright, we’ll take all three,” Jack responds, pulling the loft credit card out of his wallet.

He doesn’t even look at the price, and then picks me back up.

We walk to the lobby area with the three keys.

“Let’s call rooms.”

I feel them look at me, and I open my eyes.

They always give me first pick, damnit.

“Why do I always have to decide? Ugh. Whatever. Okay, obviously Nate and Sammy get a room together, and Nash and Cam can room with them. Matt, Carter, Aaron and Taylor can room together. Johnson, Gilinsky, Shawn and I can room together. Just like tour.”

Johnson says to me as I shut my eyes, “Even when babygirl is sick she handles all of us.”

They all laugh at his comment, and we go to the elevator to go up to the rooms. They’re all next to each other in the same hall, one after the other.

All the boys walk into my room and Jack sets me on the bed.

Johnson and Shawn tell me how they will leave whenever I want, they can go sleep with the other boys.

There’s only two beds in each room, and they aren’t that big in the first place.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it guys,” I say, trying my best to keep my eyes open.

I should probably shower, but I’m way too tired.

I look at all the boys and say,

“I would clean up your faces, but since I can’t, please take care of yourselves. Go clean up the cuts with alcohol, yes it will burn, and then put some Neosporin on. Clean yourselves up, okay?”

They all say, “Yes ma’am.”

I lay down on the bed, putting myself under the covers.

The boys start walking out one by one, after hugging me and kissing me on the forehead or cheek.

Gilinsky goes into the bathroom to clean up his cut, and Shawn says he’ll sing for me if I need him to.

As I’m dosing off, I see Gilinsky come back out of the bathroom and sit on my side of the bed next to me.
I open my eyes and look at his face, he missed a cut and it needs a band-aid.

“Pick me up and take me to the bathroom, your face has a cut you missed babe.”

He laughs and does as I say. He picks me up, takes us in the bathroom and sets me on the counter. I sit on the counter and he stands in front of me at eye level. I pick up the first aid box that was already out and take the alcohol and put some on his cut on his cheek. He whimpers a little due to the alcohol stinging his skin, but I kiss his lips once to make him feel better.

He smiles like an idiot.

Afterwards, I put a band-aid on it and tell him to take me back to the bed.

He tucks me in and rubs the side of my face while I shut my eyes,

“You’re so gorgeous, you know that?”
“Jack, hush, do you see what I-“

He interrupts, “You can’t fight me on this, I have at least another ten boys that will argue against you, too.”
He laughs and starts rubbing my back “Get some rest babygirl. When you wake up, we’ll make it up to you for having such a shitty day; I promise.”

I let out a breath and start dosing into a deep sleep when I hear him say,

“I love you babygirl.”

I hear him walk out of the room to let me rest, shutting the door behind him.


I walk out of (Y/N)’s room and into the hallway, all the boys are waiting for me to give them their keys, whoops.

I left my phone at the loft, so I asked Nate what the date was.

After he said it outloud, we all gasped a little and walked inside Nash, Cam, Nate, & Sammy’s room.

We all sit down and I say outloud, “Guys-“

Matt says outloud, “How the fuck did we forget? She didn’t say anything?”
“I can’t believe we almost forgot her birthday,” I say while sitting on the edge of one of the beds.

(Y/N)’s birthday is the day after tomorrow, shit.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -


A/N: This is so long, whoops. Sorry not sorry. Let me know if you guys enjoyed, I still love writing for you guys, hope you guys still like it as much as I do. :) So much love for all of you, it’s crazy. send feedback and still taking request for the boy/s involved in next fic. x - taylermarie

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Can I request the RFA finding out about a celebrity crush? Like the topic casually comes up and MC is like "Yeah I totally loved Zac Ecron/Oscar Isaac/etc."? Thank you so much, I've actually read all of your work so far and I'm loving it!


  • he’s lowkey jealous but very lowkey
  • he frowns and goes “but you love  me more right????”
  • he’s pouty until MC kisses him and reassures him that, indeed, they will not abandon him for the dude who appeared in high school musical
  • then they show him a picture of the celebrity and they’re like “see? you’re so much prettier than them!”
  • he’s so flattered bless this boy


  • psh psh she isn’t one to talk 
  • like she does know she’s had her moments of fangirling about zen in front of MC so she doesn’t mind
  • she actually likes the fact she found out
  • because it makes her feel like she got even closer to MC


  • he’s so salty the ocean would be jealous
  • he’s so jealous like zen please take a chill pill
  • “no zen don’t worry now you’re the only celebrity crush I have ok sweetheart?”
  • and suddenly MC says that and he calms down and gets really happy
  • kisses MC and smiles because they managed to turn the situation around so well


  • he’s actually confused about it
  • the only experience he’s had with people who admire celebrities like that is Jaehee
  • he’s crossing his arms and saying things like “well you’d never meet them anyways”
  • juju is bitter
  • MC has to kiss him and giggle about it so he stops being so serious


  • he’d be like “I’m going to judge how hot they are lol” as he googles a picture of the celebrity
  • and then he’s like
  • “oh wait they’re actually pretty hot nvm”
  • he’s really chill with it 
  • but MC casually says they prefer him over the celebrity and he gets really happy and cuddly with MC
Isn’t it funny,
as you’re sitting here with your heart
in your hands, and you realize that nothing is really as it seems?
When you love someone and give them your heartbeat and they leave you crying in your car because it’s just not worth the fight anymore and driving off that bridge you once kissed on seems easier than taking another breath?
Because you have to remember that princes were once frogs and they never choose the right princess, and when you were young you dreamed of being Cinderella but as you grew older and the sun didn’t sign quite as bright, you realized that Cinderella actually went crazy waiting for the prince to wake up and see what was right in front of him and the mice and memories ate away at her brain until there was nothing left but the skeleton of what once was and what could have been.
So where does that leave you?
—  Waking Up

Imagine Lizzy sitting with Ciel gushing unsolicited advice on how to get Sebastian to fall for him, getting so excited about it that she won’t hear a word he says against it. She has read enough romances to know that he is miserable because he is love sick and it’s plain that Sebastian is the cause of his affliction.

No matter how much he tells her that she is mad she won’t stop telling him how to better dress or wear his hair to catch a mans favor. “You must stop being so sour faced, gentlemen like smiles and rosy checks and try and display some talent before him so he can see how accomplished you are, and you are so fortunate you know, you’ve no one to object it in your house, it’s so romantic I can hardly even stand it, a secret forbidden love affair blossoming right in front of me, oh I’m so lucky!”

And she goes on and on and Ciel gets redder and redder until he see’s Sebastian standing in the doorway trying with all his demonic will not to burst out laughing.

“Y/N come over I just wrote this bomb ass song.” It was a routine call you got from bestfriend!luke every week. Every time you would slip on your pajama shorts and glasses, and walk through the the wet grass to his house. Liz left the front door unlocked until 9:00, so you walked right in and padded up to Luke’s bedroom. His was directly across from yours, y’all even used to have a flashlight communication system before you got cell phones. You pushed the door open to see Luke sitting in the floor, glasses falling down his nose, white t-shirt, messy hair, this was the Luke you liked best. His eyes lit up when he saw you, and he pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose as he said “Hey! C’mere, sit” patting the floor beside him. He started to play the chords when you sat beside him, and he started to sing the words “ I want a little bit of California, with a little bit of London sky.” As you listened to the song you found yourself noticing that he littlest things about him. The way he became almost giddy when he talked about music or the way he plays with his lip ring when his fingers fumble over the chords. It all reminded you of why you’d been in love with him since freshman year, because he was just so uniquely him. You’re not entirely sure what propelled you to do it, but you kissed him. You grabbed his face right in the middle of the chorus and crashed your lips into his. There were awkward nose and teeth clashes, but what you realized was that he was actually kissing you back. Your hands were on his face as he set the guitar down beside him and pulled you into his lap. His voice was husky when you pulled away for air, “What in hell did I do to deserve that?” His eyes searched your as he asked, making sure this wasn’t some kind of joke. “You’re a fucking dork and I’m in love with you, stupid.” You said, and before you realized that you had a told him you love him he brushed a wisp of hair out of your face and said “ I love you too Y/N, always have, always will.” Then it was his turn to initiate the kiss, your arms wrapped around his neck tracing shapes on his back as he played with your hair. You couldn’t deny that when you climbed into you bed that night, that he was all you could think about. 

Sorry the ending sucks but this is for hectichoods and okbutluke ‘s bestfriend!5sos blurb night

“Well, this feels familiar doesn’t it?”

Calum smirks down at you. He steps in closer until his face is right in front of yours, and he’s pinning you against the wall with the full weight of his body, still sweaty from tussling about. His hands have a firm grip around your wrists as he secures them above your head. And even though this is just combat practice,and you two are only running some basic drills, his knuckles are cracked and beginning to bleed. You’ve put up quite a fight for him.

“Agent Hood, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh I think you know,” he grunts, hot and heavy breath in your ear. “I recall having you in this position last night.”

“For specializing in covert affairs, you suck at keeping us a secret.”

“Oh did you not want people to know about us?” Calum teases, dragging his lips from your ear across your jaw. “Because by the way you were screaming last night, it sounded like you wanted people to know how good I was giving it to you.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” you bite your lip. “You’re no 007.”

Knowing he’s got you where he wants, he’s confident enough to release his grip. His hand immediately finds the button of your pants. Effortlessly, he undoes them, then tugs down the zipper and slowly slips his hand past the waistband of your undies. Almost inaudibly, he whispers.

“But I do have gold fingers.”

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Touch It- Part 6

Part 6 is finally here!! Hope you enjoy it babes! What do you think is going to happen next? Tags are at the end!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Word count: 1.8K

Warnings: Cursing

You want to kick yourself for making Bucky leave your room. Pressing your body impossibly deeper into the cold window, you look around the room. You have absolutely nothing with you, all the guns and weapons are in a bag that’s right behind Feliks.

“Come next to me, honey.” You look at him while he holds his hand for you.

Swallowing, you walk while ignoring his hand until your are in front of him. Your back is facing his chest and a shiver runs down your spine when you feel his hands on your shoulders. Immediately, your body tense and you feel a low chuckle behind you.

“I can’t believe you are still so scared of me after all the presents I gave you.” Feliks massages your shoulders and you try to keep your breath steady. “I love you, but you hate me. We should do something to fix that, my sweet.”

You close your hands into fists and take a deep breath. You could just turn around and punch him in the face, but if he gets pissed off you are dead. The bag with all the weapons is too far for you to reach it and you definitely can’t scream for help, that would be too dangerous. Feliks’ hands leave your body and he walks around you, positioning himself in front of you.

“I’m not here to fight you, (Y/N). All in due time.” He walks closer to you, his left hand on your cheek. “But I do want to ask you something. Why him?” You look at his eyes with your brows furrowed. “Why James Buchanan Barnes? He’s stupid and broken. He doesn’t know anything about this damn world, he can’t even trust himself. I would never do what he did to you. I would never avoid you. I would kiss you every single day of the week, no matter what.”


“Why? You don’t want me to tell you the truth? You don’t want me to tell you that he doesn’t love you? That he doesn’t even like you?”

“You’re lying.” You don’t have the strength to talk and it comes out as a little whisper.

“Am I? C’mon, (Y/N), you and I both know that the super-soldier has been playing with you.” Feliks’ voice is low and almost soft.“I would never do that, I would take good care of you. The only thing you have to do is come with me.”


His hand leaves your cheek and he pushes you to the window, your body slamming against the glass making you whimper. Scared, you look at his eyes. They are full of anger and he looks like he could kill you in any moment.

“No?” Feliks’ jaw is clenched and you take a deep breath, trying to find your strength.


Feliks lets out a creepy and devious chuckle that makes your whole body shiver.

“Okay. I didn’t want to do this, but since you made your decision, I’ll have to. I’m sorry.” He lets go of you and leans in, his mouth in your ear. “I’ll have to turn your life into a damn nightmare, sweetheart.”

He quickly steps back and walks out the room, disappearing into the hallways of the hotel. You let out the breath you were holding and put your hands on your face. You try to process what just happened and swallow the knot in your throat. Hearing someone enter the room, you look up scared only to see Nat and Wanda. You let out a sigh of relieve when you see the two girls looking weirdly at you.

“Is everything okay, (Y/N)?” Wanda asks you softly while approaching you.

“Feliks. He was here.” The girls have a look of concern on their face.

“I’m going to call the guys.” You nod at Nat and Wanda sits down on the bed, bringing you to her and hugging you.

When the boys arrive to your room you prepare yourself to explain to them the situation that just happened.

“He was here. When Bucky left the room, he came in.” Bucky furrows his brows.

“How is that possible? I didn’t see anyone on the hallway.”

“I don’t know, but he was here. He told me that he was going to turn my life into a nightmare…”

“But why?”

“He’s in love with me and he got mad because, uhm… He thinks I’m in love with Bucky.” You don’t dare to look at the blue eyed man, you don’t dare to look at anybody.

“I think it’s best if you go back to the Tower, (Y/N).” Steve speaks softly to you. “Nat, Sam and I can handle this mission. Wanda, Buck, take her back.”

They both nod at the Captain’s petition and you let out a breath, already wanting to leave this hotel.

During the flight, the three of you are quiet. Wanda gets up saying she has to go to the bathroom, leaving you and Bucky alone. You know she is not in the bathroom, she’s just waiting for you two to talk again. You sigh, avoiding to look at the man next to you.

“So, he hates you just because you like me?” Your head snaps back at Bucky, a little smirk on his face.

“He hates me because he thinks I like you.” You give him a fake smile and look in front of you again.

“Oh, so you don’t like me?”

“Can we leave this conversation for another time, please?” You rest your head in the palm of your face and hear Bucky sighing.

“No. You always push things back, why do you that? We are not teenagers, (Y/N). We can talk about things without being embarrassed or weird about it.” You can feel the annoyance in Bucky’s tone and you turn to him.

“You want to talk now? Okay, let’s talk.” Looking at his eyes, you feel the anger going through your body. “Let’s talk about the fact that since that fucking morning that you decided to ask a stupid question about my boobs, your whole attitude towards me changed. Let’s talk about how you wouldn’t stop with your stupid, flirty, unnecessary comments. Let’s talk about what happened in the hotel, you remember it? I’m sure you do, it was the night I met Feliks and the night that we almost had fucking sex while he was passed out in a chair. Let’s talk about the fact that you let me sleep with you during all these days, cuddling with me and treating me like a freaking girlfriend but when I finally had the damn guts to reach out for you, you pushed me back. You were the one who pushed me away, Bucky. So excuse me if I don’t want to talk about how humiliated, stupid and crushed I felt that night.”

Bucky looks at you with a surprised expression on his face. He clearly wasn’t expecting that answer. You raise your brows, waiting for him to say something, but he keeps quiet, his eyes never leaving yours. Finally, you turn your face looking once again in front of you. After a few minutes of really awkward silence, Wanda comes in with a big smile that quickly fades when she sees your face. Luckily, she doesn’t ask any questions, although you know that she is probably reading your mind.

When you arrive back to the tower, you storm off the jet trying to get to your room as fast as possible. But, you stop your steps when you enter the living room. Everything is a mess, the couches are broken, the lights are flickering and the windows’ glasses are smashed.

“What the hell…” You hear Bucky’s voice behind you.

“Do you think this is Feliks?” Wanda puts her hand on your shoulder and you nod, walking to your room.

They follow you through the hallways of the tower. Finally, you reach your bedroom. The door is broken and Wanda moves it of the way with her powers. Your room is also a mess but there’s something that creeps you out. The Polaroids that were in the red box you found at the park are now pinned to the wall. Red crosses cover the images and you swallow while you see words written in your wall, right above the pics. Your time is over.

“This man is crazy.” You hear Bucky’s voice while Wanda just hugs you sideways.

It’s like your eyes are glued to the wall. You can’t stare at anything else and the words just go through your mind constantly. Your time is over. Does that mean that you’re going to die? That Feliks will come to get you? Maybe he tries to take you with him, torture you and make your life a living hell. You take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are an Avenger, there’s nothing that can hurt you. You look at Bucky, his worried eyes making you want to hug him and assure him that you’re fine. Your head snaps back to the wall, but this time you look carefully at the images. You walk closer to them, separating yourself from Wanda.

Every single picture is different, but they have something in common. The first one is when you first arrived to the Avengers tower, more concretely, it was the moment Steve introduced you to Bucky. The second one is during a mission. You can see yourself pointing your gun to someone, it was the first mission you were in and you remember that you shot one of Hydra’s guards that was trying to kill Bucky. The third one, is when you and the team went to a bar to grab some drinks and have a good time. You are laughing in the picture and you remember that was the first time you really talked with Bucky. Going through every picture, you realized all of this are moments that you spent with Bucky. Except for the last one, the one that you appear at the park, all the other pics show when you did something that was related, in some way, with the super-soldier.

Quickly, it all clicks perfectly on your head. You turn back and look at Wanda. There’s a look of terror on her eyes and you know that she’s on your mind. The both of you look at Bucky, he’s grabbing some of your necklaces from the floor and putting them carefully on your little, white dressing table. You watch how he picks up one photo from the floor. It’s your favorite photo so far. All of the Avengers smiling happily to the camera after the massive civil war between Steve and Tony was over. It was a really beautiful moment. Bucky smiles when he sees that the pic is not damaged and puts it on the table, caressing slightly the photo. You bit your lip and look back at Wanda. She looks down, already knowing what that message means.

It’s not your time that is over, it’s Bucky’s.


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Imam Jafar al Sadiq (as) said,
“When a person sets out to perform the Ziyarāt of Imam Hussain (as), seven hundred angels accompany him who will be above, under him, to his right, left, in front and behind him until he arrives at his destination. After he performs the Ziyarāt of Imam Hussain (as), an announcer will announce, “You have been forgiven; so continue back with good deeds.” These angels will accompany him back to his house. When they arrive at his house, they will say, “We leave you in Allah’s protection. ” They will visit him continuously till his death. Then they will perform the Ziyarāt of Imam Hussain (as) everyday, the reward of which will be recorded for this person. “

[Kāmil Al-Ziyārāt Chapter 77 Tradition 4]

hey there fellow punks. while u bide your time until your mortal flesh vessel collapses, heres some gnarly tips for how to mess with your dad
  1. secretly apply your tiniest anti-establishment patches and pins to the inside of his favorite tie. the slightly heavier weight will be strange to him but we won’t realize whats different until hes accidentally spent an entire day at work unconsciously sticking it to the system
  2. tell him ur takin him to a nice restaurant. drive him right into the pit
  3. send him your favorite punk memes on his facebook timeline. he’ll have to pretend to like them if he wants to look cool in front of his golf buds
  4. just like, tell him you love him, straight-up. he’ll be so confused lol
  5. hack his iphone and add a playlist that’s just phil collins an peter paul and mary albums. put bleed by meshuggah on the very end of it