until we're dead


Would it matter to you if I went? You’re free to do as you please. I’m not free. I’m bound to you. As you are to me. I have become this foul and ugly thing, this stranger who cheats and lies and kills without conscience. I don’t want to be that creature any more. I want to be as I was once with you… to feel hope instead of this… deadness in my heart. The day after tomorrow  my carriage will be leaving Paris. I will wait at the crossroads until sundown. If you come, we will go to Le Havre and sail for England together. If not, I leave alone, and you will never see me again.

powerforwards  asked:

i jus sent an ask but like i wanna kno more abt their webseries, what kinda stuff do they do for it? do they keep in contact w their viewers bc they haven’t gotten popular yet? how often would they update??


Hooooooooooooo boy—

Well, I’m gonna try my best to explain this because this question smacked the shit out of me just now. The web series originally started with Jasmine and Jacob, who Jas considers a childhood best friend (NPC post coming soon). It originally started off with them googling urban legends in their area and doing their best (as broke teenagers) to hunt down evidence that the urban legends were, in fact, not legends. Then once they entered high school the both of them decided to actually come up with a decent structure for their web show, and get jobs because ghost hunting equipment is expensive. 

This led to them deciding to upload once every other month, using the entirety of that time to pretty much do their research on said topic. The web series is broken down into three segments: interviewing people around town and ask their opinions on it (the segment titled “Street Walkers”), actually investigate/break into sites to conduct their research (the segment called “The Lost Tapes” just in case they never came back), and the final segment where they pretty much narrow down whether or not their research was worth their time (the segment called “Any Last Words?”). As they get older, save their money, and occasionally borrow Jacob’s dad’s car, they’re able to travel around more. Going on road trips during their school breaks and hunting bigger and better paranormal sites.

Now when it comes to keeping in contact with viewers that’s where the podcast comes into play. Jasmine thought it’d be cool to talk to viewers because it’d make their show more “viewer friendly.” It’s basically a podcast where they answer questions the viewers may have on any topic pertaining to their paranormal investigation. 

Granted, this is all a work in progress when it comes to writing itout, but this is what I’ve come up with so far. It’s most likely gonna be updated over time.


Character poster • Athos
↳ A brilliant swordsman, Athos is the glue that binds the Musketeers together. His character commands respect. At first sight he can appear arrogant but his offhand manner disguises a deep capacity for friendship. He is wryly humorous and engaging but during bouts of solitary drinking he has the capacity to hit the self-destruct button. At these times, the bottled-up darkness from his past threatens to engulf him. 


Lady de Winter.
↳ “Milady de Winter, comtesse de la Fère in the past, a mysterious, beautiful, dangerous, and ultimately evil Cardinalist agent. Milady has a secret, her left shoulder is branded with the Fleur-de-Lis, a mark put on the criminals“. [2/2]

                        “Through the ingenuousness of her age beamed an ardent mind, a mind not of the women but of the poet; She did not please, She intoxicated” - (athos) Alexandre Dumas.