until we say it's over

anonymous asked:

hcs for jamilton, how would each of them deal with a breakup?

  • To be fair, I usually HC as Alex being the more committed in the sense wanting relationships to work but Thomas would probably not cheat (so Ham is most likely to cheat but stick around where Thomas won’t cheat but bounce) 
  • Alex would probably be the type to use the line “Its not over until I say its over!” or “After all we’ve been through?” He wouldn’t want the break up no matter what happened between them. 
  • Ham has salt from being ditched, he’s lost too many people all he wants is security; he’d probably angry cry
  • Thomas on the other hand would have thought this out for a LONG time like the break up had already happened in his eyes
  • He would have all the answers to Alex’s questions; cold and stoic on the outside but inside he’s a mess
  • Alex is passionately fighting to keep it together and Thomas is passionately fighting himself not to fall for it
  • Thomas would most definitely start seeing other people
  • Alex is the type to call and call, eventually stop for a long time 
  • Ham boy falls hard when he falls
  • if at any point Thomas regrets the break up he doesn’t have the nerve to crawl back to Alexander, not on his own at least
  • And given the time Alex would move on to a more stable lover even if he doesn’t love them As much.