until we meet again~!!


My adorable sibling,
I love you so much, and I’m very happy that I’m able to celebrate another one of our birthdays with you this year. I really hope you had a nice day, and that the year that is gonna come can bring you so many more accomplishments and teach you stuff, and that you grow, not only in age, but also in mind.
I hope with all my heart that we can stick together, and celebrate every time, just to prove that we can make it through, and strength can find us sooner than we ever thought it would.
“Stay forever, even if our fates don’t stay together”
I will always be by your side, even if I’m not close by. And if we’re not close, we will make it work, and work hard until we meet again.
Happy birthday @whensunscollide, and have a cute picture of us, and our bromates. I wish you all the best in the world.
With love, always yours, everyday,
Your Sweetheart.

PS: wait for the memes and your ugly pics on facebook (:

Forgive me, my comrade, my friend—
For getting you caught in my game of pretend;
For leaving you against enemies to fend,
For deceiving you until the very end.

Perhaps one day we will meet again;
Under a different sky, by another riverbend.
One can only hope for such, but until then—
Farewell, Alain; my comrade, my friend.
—  Dear Alain Lernier, From Shimano Ryousuke

Until we meet again.

every time the holidays roll around i like to think about how they probably miss each other like hell when they leave to visit their families, even though they literally spend every waking moment together. it’s not just christmas, either – it’s like, every second they spend away from each other (and i’m totally not saying they’re not able to function when separated) they somehow are still connected. i’ll bet you if they could use mind telepathy, they would just have hour-long arguments about eggnog and where snakes fart out of.

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 don’t trust, don’t trust the broken stories, don’t lose faith, the promises we made together come to mind, tears are falling down, don’t forget, even if things get rough it’ll be ok, come find me when you need someone to lean on, even though i cannot stay forever with you, it’s ok just for awhile, goodbye until the day we meet again - park bom, goodbye