until we fly

Aber das Leben ist nun mal beschissen. Menschen werden verletzt, sie tragen Narben davon, sie werden beschädigt, und manchmal lassen sich Dinge eben nicht reparieren.
—  Until We Fly - Ewig vereint, Courtney Cole
Diana would talk about her ‘travel jinx,’ and I thought she was exaggerating until we had to fly to America on the same plane. The plane we were meant to fly on was taken out of commission after the door fell off, and it took many hours to get another plane. Diana accepted this as a normal part of the usual business of travel. Doors fell off planes. Sunken islands rose up beneath you if you were in boats. Cars simply and inexplicably ceased to function. Trains with Diana on them went to places they had never been before and technically could not have gone.
—  Neil Gaiman, “Foreword: Diana Wynne Jones, Reflections on the Magic of Writing”
Truth or Lie (Part Twenty-Three)

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Part Twenty-Two

A/N: Fair warning, a bit of a boring filler chapter, details. A lot of fun to come :)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, bit of fluff and angst

Word Count: 3519

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You were tickled awake, your nose wrinkling as something soft brushed against your cheek. “What the hell?” You mumbled sleepily, slowly rousing yourself awake, eyes flickering open to see a mess of dark hair. It took you a few seconds to register your surroundings, warm memories flooding back, heart rate accelerating as a smile crossed your face.

That’s what happened.

You tilted your head to press a gentle kiss against Rob’s cheek, body shifting against his as he breathed in deep, beginning to wake.

“I can’t feel my arm,” Rob murmured a few moments later, referring to the arm that was currently trapped beneath your body.

A light giggle bubbled from you as you moved to roll on top of him, the arm not full of static wrapping around your waist. “Hey there,” you greeted him, crossing your arms on his upper chest as you gazed down at him, eyes steady on his.

“Hey, baby,” Rob replied softly, the warmest of smiles crossing his lips as his hand drifted up and down your back in soft strokes, rough fingertips caressing your warm skin. He hadn’t been awake for even five minutes yet and he was already immersed in happiness. Seeing you smiling and happy prompted a similar response from him.  

You were filled to the brim with bliss still, body humming with energy. Well, you were starving and a little weaker than usual, but, mentally, you felt reborn. “Last night was … indescribable,” you told him, giving your head a disbelieving shake at last night’s events. You and Rob had connected in a way you never had before, and you had never felt so close to someone before.

“No song I write could ever describe it. No sketch you create could ever describe it,” Rob agreed, his other arm gradually draping over your lower back, holding you as close as possible.

“This is true, and you’re a damn good songwriter.”

“And you’re a damn good artist.”

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i’m making a pact with savage, i’m letting chaos by my side. we tried clean, we tried begging, we came to the war with our hands folded in prayer. god forbid we become the aggressor, we were told to let our buildings burn if it meant giving fire a chance. i am done with it. i arrive equipped with rage, kiss Ares openmouthed until we both see red, fly in on a hell chariot.

fuck you. i’m sick of waiting peacefully while others go to death. i come with blood on my hands, link arms with the furies, ride all four horses of the apocalypse. call me achilles.

fuck you.out of pure spite, i came here to live.

Fishy Feathers Chapter 3

Can’t stop won’t stop~💙

Pidge was minding her own business, collecting shells with her pod member and close friend Allura, when she saw something swoop overhead, a shadow cast across the water. Clicking in curiosity, she surfaced… and promptly had to duck because of the young Avian diving out of nowhere. “AAAAAAHH!!! SORRY!!!!” The young teen screamed as he careened away, wings flapping frantically to stay above the water. “Lance?!?” Pidge gaped, eyes wide as another Avian, an older male, she noted, swept in to lift her feathered friend away from the waves of the sea and back towards the sky.

Allura surfaced next to the stunned guppy, clicking worriedly. “Katie, you need to dive, I don’t like the looks of those Avians-” Pidge shook her head and started following the two sky high birdies. “No way, Allura! I’ve never seen an Avian fledgling having first time flying lessons before! This is so cool!” Allura took one look at those starry golden eyes and groaned, her friend a goner. Curse Katie and her uncontrollable inquisitiveness! “Ugh, fine, but I’m telling Matt and Shiro!” The white haired mermaid warned before diving away to do just that.

Pidge rolled her eyes and swam closer, circling under their swooping shadows overhead and squinting up at the sky, barely making out the two flying figures up in the clouds, one shaky and unstable, the other graceful and practiced. She knew better than to call out to her best friend, since this was an open area and she wasn’t dumb enough to let it slip that she knew this particular Avian. She settled for watching from below, cheering when he managed to stay up and fly straight and yelping with panic when he fell, groaning when he flapped wrong and went sideways and whooping when he performed a perfect loop.

She was having so much fun watching Lance fly that she didn’t notice when the other two Mermen appeared, until Shiro spoke up. “You seem like you’re enjoying that flying show.” Pidge practically leapt out of the water in surprise, spinning around to stare at the amused male Mer watching her. “Ah! Shiro! Matt! Uh, what are you, I mean why, um, I was just-” the guppy stammered, caught in the act.

Matt laughed. “Allura told us you were bird watching, so we decided to join you.” He swam closer and wrapped his bright teal colored tail around her own grayish green one in a greeting hug, and she sighed and hugged him back before pulling away to sit on the rock she’d been watching from, occasionally dipping back into the water when it got too hot and dry for her liking. Shiro and Matt surfaced as well, grabbing spots next to her and enjoying the sunshine.

Shiro’s deep black scales were quite unique, in the sense that while most Mer stayed solid colored with the occasional striped or spotted pattern, his faded from black around the upper area to a rich indigo at the tail fin. Plus he had faint speckles of white and purple scattered over it, his fins themselves a gradient from deep rich violet to dark near black blue. Such a pretty tail meant he was constantly being admired and praised, much to his embarrassment.

Matt was more simple, a solid shimmering teal with a fin gradient of soft green to a gentle gold. Pidge envied their tails, her own adult one still a mere 3 years away. She often wondered what it would look like, but shook off the thought and tilted her head back up to try and find Lance again. She face palmed with a groan when she found him spiraling out of control through the air, Matt and Shiro laughing at the goofy Avian. ………………………………… It was much later, during the evening, when she finally found him at the beach having a sand bath. She crawled on land to lay next to him, the sun warmed sand soaking into her belly and easing sore growing muscles. Guppies never stopped getting bigger, her mother always said. Smirking, she propped her head up on one hand and locked her eyes on the tuckered out birdy boy. “So, how were flying lessons?” She said casually, amused at the sudden embarrassed flush on Lance’s face.

“Ugh… my wings feel like they’re gonna fall off.” Lance whined, digging the arches further into the sand. Pidge hummed and pushed some of the warmer stuff onto his wings, until they were completely buried in the grains. “I bet. I saw you flying over the sea earlier. Was that your dad helping you out?” The mermaid asked, but Lance shook his head.

“Nah, that was Uncle Lupè. He’s the top flyer in our family. Which also means he teaches all of us to fly when we come of age. Which also means he drives us relentlessly until we finally fly straight for more than ten minutes.” He groaned, Pidge patting his stomach sympathetically. “You put on a great show though! Two of my pod came to watch with me. It was pretty funny when you did that sideways spiral.” She snickered, much to Lance’s embarrassment.

“Ugh… I can’t wait for the tables to turn on you, my fishy friend. When you start shedding, it’s my turn to tease you about uncontrollable appendages.” The Avian pouted, shuffling his wings to free them from the now cooled off sand. Pidge huffed, frowning. “Oh yeah. Right. Scale shedding. My fins are supposed to get bigger while I shed… I can’t believe I almost forgot I’d have to relearn how to swim with my new tail and fins! If I thought Shiro was awkward after his scale shedding, just think about how it will look when I’m the one going too fast through the water, unable to stop?!” She covered her face with her hands and whined while Lance chuckled and started grooming the sand from his pinions.

"It’s sure gonna be fun to see, I’ll give you that Pidge!”

What’s this? Two chapters in one day? Preposterous! Blasphemy! Impossible! Yet here they are, defying logic ;3 here have some Pidge POV, Lance being a goof and finally some Shiro introduction! Even though there’s no Shance….. yet ;3 (Also, I doodled and colored what Lance’s wings and what Pidge’s tail look like in both chick/guppy form and Adult form :3)

I was not born to drown

July 21: Popsicles / One More Night / Lust @bakudeku-week

One more night, Izuku thinks. He’ll stay with me one more night.

Note: Heavy angst, ambiguous ending, cancer, hospitalization. Literally just super sad, I hate this fic.


They sit across from each other in perfect, awful silence. Katsuki’s hands are in his hair, head bowed, and still. Izuku can’t see his face, just the subtle clenching and unclenching as Katsuki works his jaw. He watches him, because right now, Katsuki is the only thing Izuku can see. He can still smell the stale air of the hospital. It clings to their clothes and their skin, and Izuku has to stop himself from trying to wipe it away from his cheeks and neck. Their apartment should smell like homemade food and the flowers on their windowsill, but the quiet nothingness has followed them. It fills their apartment, a white noise tension that spreads to every corner.

It’s blank. A sudden shift of gears, a whole life that had been spread out before them suddenly dropping away, and all that’s left is a doctor’s soft, regretful words and a stack of prescriptions.

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[TRANS] ‘WINGS’ - J-hope Thanks To

It’s our 2nd full album!!!!!! I’ll write down the names of people whom I love and am grateful to the most in the world!!!!! (caution: a lot)

First, my dear family!! Dad, mom, sis, Mickey the pig
Seems like I’m being pretty filial lately so I’m in a good mood, thank you for giving birth to your son.
Sis, I hope you’ll do well at what you’re doing. Mickey, stop gaining weight~

And to people who make BTS become singers with the 2nd full album
Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, vice-president Choi Yoojung, director Kim Shinkyu, director Yoon Seokjoon, I’ll always be grateful even if time passes.
Bighit’s employees who went through a lot and put blood, sweat and tears into us, into J-hope
Director Lee Hyuk, director Chaeeun
World’s coolest big team, Sunghyunie-hyung, teacher Sungdeuk, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung
Contents Communication team who deserves applause for your brains, Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona
Business Management team who went through the most, Heesun-hyungnim, Hayan-noona, Jinah-noona, Kyungjin-nim, Sungho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim
My dear Fan Marketing, Iseul-noona, Nayeob-noona, Yoori-noona
Rookie Development team who’s responsible for the company’s future, Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Yeonhee-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyunryung-nim, Hyewon-nim
The most important in the company!!!!!!!!! My life’s energizer, Management Support team, Hyukki-hyung, Jaehoonie-hyung, Eunjung-noona, Eunsangie-hyung
Media Relations team’s Seolhee-noona who suffers the most
The company’s pillar A&R team, Changwonie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoung-hyungnim, HR team’s Jaedong-hyungnim

Pdogg-hyung, Slow Rabbit, Supreme Boy, Joonsangie who are responsible for this full album’s music
Our managers who always look after us like family, Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Soonhakie-hyung, Minhyukie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung
Thank you so much our family members, it’s a hit, hit!!!!!

Now, the people who turn Jung Hoseok into celebrity J-hope
Hair, makeup, stylist team, Head of Department Naejoo, Jinyoung-nim, Head of Department Jihye, Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-nim, Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Chaewon-nim, Seoyeon-nim, Yeonhwa-nim
And other staffs as well, I won’t forget my gratitude towards you guys.

And BTS’ reliable allies, Puma!!!!!!!!! BBQ!!!!!!!!! Smart!!!!!!!!!!
I love you a lot~

And my dear friends, our Jinwoo-hyung, Hyunok-noona, Jingoo-hyung
Kwangju Go Dance, forever NEURON!!
Dongwoo-hyung, Byungeunie-hyung, Mishika Kingz-hyung, and many other hyungs and noonas
Kwangju Joy Dance family members, including president Park Daehong, thank you!

There are so many others I’m grateful to

Our dance team, Live Section band hyungnims who always work hard from behind.
Thank our Junsoo-hyung and many other staffs for filming Bon Voyage with fun
DYLAN MAYORAL who made cool choreography for INTRO/Boy Meets Evil, thank u so much!
Thank you for MAMA’s beat, Primary-hyungnim, I’ll greet you later.

Director Lumpens, director GDW who filmed the MV of our life more coolly than anyone else, I love you
Head of Department Kim Rinyong who took cool photos for our 2nd album jacket, thank you too~

It seems to be longer as I write down each and everyone.

Lastly, our ARMY!!!!!!!!!!
You are the main character of this THANKS TO. I love ya, my love~

And our members!!
You know it even if I don’t say right???
Whom I know well than anyone else, whom I cherish more than anyone else, whom I love more than anyone else
Rapmon, Jin-hyung, Suga-hyung, Jiminie, Taehyungie, Jungkookie
I’ll love you till I die
What has already started, let’s fly until we reach that acme!! Hwaiting

Thank you!!!

Jin | Suga | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook

#80: Pregnancy Series | He Talks To The Bump


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

Luke (HIS P.O.V):

My fingers were tapping endlessly on my phone as my feet were dragging me down the hotel hallway, just finishing a conversation with my mom over the phone as I was waiting in the elevator, hanging on when the beep sound indicated that I was on the right floor. Finishing the list that I had just heard being repeated, I pressed home on my phone before locking it and placing it back in my jeans. Mom had given me a whole lecture about remembering every single thing in my suitcase like it rewound back to my first trip to London back in 2012, come on, I had travelled more than she had without her help, why couldn’t I do it this time. Of course, it was probably due to Y/N and her pregnant belly, but I had everything under control. Informed her this morning that she should start to pack slowly since there was left than 3 days until we were flying back to Sydney. Fishing out a key, I placed it in the hole and opening the door, being greeted by clothes everywhere and a Y/N sprawled over the bed, resting on her back and her eyes closed. I bite back a laugh as I approached the bed, taking a seat next to her. She was probably too tired to even packing, I didn’t blame her, her belly was a growing mess, things got harder as the pregnancy progressed. My eyes adverted down to her belly, a slight part of it barely under the belly that was showing the bare skin from her clearly now too small top. The thought of talking to the belly crossed my mind, Y/N had always mentioned it to me how the baby would start to get used to my voice and it would remember it when it came out. I chewed on my bottom lip for a bit before moving my head down, my lips barely ghosting over the bulging stomach, a shaky breath coming from my lips. ”Hey little guy.” My fingers traced over her soft skin, leaning my head on my palm as my elbow was resting on the mattress, ”I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m your daddy.” Kicks started to break out, making my eyes go wide in panic, afraid of waking her up when she started to stir. ”Hey, don’t be so harsh, mommy needs rest.” I eyed her to make sure that she didn’t move anymore before I continued. ”You have no idea how much we love you. I know that you were made by accident and we’re not together and it seems very complicated, especially for people who don’t understand how we can work it out. But I gotta admit, you’re probably one of the best things that have happened to me. And I love your mom. So much I doubt she even knows or have a clue.” I formed a small smile before looking over at her sleepy body, placing a small peck on her skin before moving her shirt down again, raising myself from the bed and starting to collect her stuff together in the suitcase.


A soft giggle escaped your lips as you watched Calum dig into the beige colored sand under him, digging a big hole next to his towel, and two smaller one’s above it, himself letting out a small chuckle by the humor of what he was currently doing for you. With all the things happening at the moment, Calum definitely needed a break. And that was the reason why he had brought you here on the beach, the sun streaming warm and happy in the hot Australia weather, the beach filled with people tanning, playing volley ball or taking a dip in the dark blue ocean. “See! Enough space for mommy and her big belly. And boobs for that matter.” Calum leaned back and placed the towel over the holes, your giggling filling his ears and putting a smile on his lips. “You’re such a dummy.” You mumbled, leaning down on the towel, putting your growing stomach down into the hole, a satisficed sigh escaping your lips , finally not having to deal with the constant fear and pain of pressing the belly against the otherwise soft but harsh sand. You closed your eyes in rest, the sound of Calum’s headphone filling your ears of some Green Day song; his eyes closed as well as the both of you were in pure heaven. “Can I try something on you?” Your eyebrows quivered by Calum’s sudden question, turning your body so it was leaning against your side. ”Depends on what?” Calum let out a small giggle before pushing you down so you were leaning on your back, making you press your elbows against the sand so you could watch him, Calum taking a handful of dampen sand and lifting it over your bulging belly, letting go of it and spreading it around the damp skin. ”What are you doing?” You laughed, watching him as he finished with a smile, leaning his lips down. ”Just watch.” He mumbled, sending you a warm glance. ”Hey kiddo.” He started out, your eyebrows increasing in confuse, ”Can you do me a favor?” ”Do you expect it to respond?” Calum didn’t get the chance to answer before a kick from your stomach interrupted both him and you, the sand on your belly jumping by the sudden movement. ”How did you even?-..” ”Please, kick mommy lots and lots right now; I’m making an experiment that seems to work.” Kicks from your belly appeared again, making the sand jump around your stomach to Calum’s satisfaction, the both of you starting to laugh by the event. ”You’re so weird.” You leaned your head back and enjoying the sun, Calum continuing on talking to your belly and putting more and more sand on it. ”I have to, I’m going to be a dad. Still need to have some childish features in my personality.” ”Trust me, I don’t ever think you will turn into a mature person.” You stated, sticking your tongue out at him as he rested his chin on your sand covered stomach. ”Life would be boring then.” He started to draw patterns on the sand, smiling to himself and enjoying the sweet moment of you guys not doing anything else but resting.


The boys were hollering around backstage, buzzing and pre warming up for the show, the crowd almost filling every seat, the crew starting to give out ear pierces. At this point at your pregnancy, it was a harsh time trying to handle all the situations at concert and such, making Michael take a fast decision on that you shouldn’t attend any one of them so often on the tour, indicating that you mostly would be staying at the tour bus, trying to kill the boredom. ”Shit I forgot something.” Michael suddenly groaned making Ashton cock his eyebrow. ”Please don’t let it be something bad.” He groaned, but not getting any answer before Michael started to sprint out, ”I have to call Y/N to talk to the belly.” He opened the door and sprinted down towards the dressing rooms. ”Did he just say he had to call Y/N’s belly?” Luke asked Ashton and Calum in confuse, the two boys shrugging their shoulders as they watched Michael sprint back towards their dressing room. Picking his phone he dialed your number fast, waiting a few rings before you answered. ”Hey Mikey.” You mumbled, moving your magazine from your lap. ”What are you doing?” He asked, talking fast. ”Just chilling in your bunk you know.” You shrugged, ”Sounds nice. Can I uhm.. Talk to our baby girl?” You knitted your eyebrows in confuse, ”What do you mean?” You looked down at your not so small anymore belly, switching the phone to the other side of your ear. ”You know, letting her hear my voice just for a bit.” ”Are you telling me to place my phone against my belly?” You asked, ”Yes.” He answered fast and timidly, ”You’re kidding, right?” Your eyes widened by Michael’s sudden request, leaning up against the wooden wall behind you. ”For god sake no I’m not kidding! It motivates me on stage!” You looked at the phone for a second before pressing it against your ear again, ”What do you want it to do, ask you a good luck for your concert?” ”Y/N for god sake, I just wanna talk to it, making sure that even though I’m not there, I will still think about her 24/7!” Rolling your eyes by his weird behavior, you pressed the phone against your belly and leaned back, the faint sound of Michael starting to ramble on about whatever he had on his mind. ”Are you done yet?-” ”I’m not done yet!” The yell from the phone of Michael said as you had asked your question a loud, a small giggle escaping your lips. Michael continued on talking for a bit, a few minutes passing before the sound from the phone saying, ”I’m done now.” Making you lift the phone up against your ear again. ”That was literally so cute.” You stated, imagining Michael’s cheeks blush by the comment. ”Thanks.” He mumbled, ”I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to talk much with you but I gotta go on stage now.” ”It’s okay Mikey, go rock out your socks out.” You smiled, hearing a small giggle from Michael before he mumbled out a small goodbye and hanging up the call.


Streams of steam from the pan heating pancake dough flied up towards the turned on extractor, the smell of cinnamon mixed with cardamom filling the whole kitchen. With the new album almost being at its finish, Ashton was working quite hard recently which made him come home let, go to sleep instantly and sleep to almost noon. If it wasn’t for you putting on a timer for him, he would be sleeping longer than necessary and totally ruining his sleeping routine. The clock was about to pass around 11, just in time where Ashton’s alarm would go off, the perfect way of waking him up with pancakes for breakfast. The sound of footsteps walking down the stairs appeared just as you predicted, a rather tired looking Ashton walking into the kitchen in his boxers only, heading direction towards your form in front of the stove, ”Did you sleep well?” He asked, opening his eyes more. ”Very well, thank you for asking-” ”I’m not talking to you.” He snickered with a smile, going down on one knee before nudging his nose into your gray fabric covered belly bump, taking in the smell of fresh washed laundry detergent, kissing it afterwards. ”I’m talking to my two little gold nuggets.” He kissed the left side of your belly and then the right side, glancing up at you fast with a cheeky smile before looking in front again, ”How are you guys feeling?” He pressed his ear against your belly as if he actually thought they would answer, you placing your hand on your hip and looking down at him as if he was ridiculous, yet you couldn’t prevent the smile that was creeping through your lips. ”Hungry? I think momma is making some nice pancakes.” Ashton lifted his head higher to look over the stove, smiling when he noticed the pan with dough burning in it, ”I was right. She makes the best pancakes ever. I usually eat 12 where she eats about 4. But this time, I think I should save some more for you. With you guys growing all the time, she will be eating like a bulldozer.” ”Hey!” You exclaimed with a laugh, smacking the back of his head lightly as a giggle escaped from his lips, a cheeky glimpse in his eyes sparkling as he looked up at you. ”Admit it, you eat twice as much as I do now.” He raised from his knee to stand up again, standing behind you and letting his hands rest on your belly. ”I doubt that.” You mumbled, grabbing a piece of finished pancake in your mouth, Ashton’s smirk showing that it seemed like you were being sarcastic right now. ”Don’t give me that look.” You mumbled, smacking him in the chin with the pancake. ”I’m just telling the truth.” He purred into your shoulder, ”Am not.” You mumbled, eating the last piece of the pancake, before flipping the next one over to the plate. ”I just have a new love for food.” Ashton let out a hysteric laugh, laughing into your neck making your whole body shake, ”That is probably the biggest lie from you I’ve ever heard.” You didn’t say another thing just trying to hold in your smirk, flipping the pancake over when it was starting to create a golden brown color.

16.12.05 fancafe - bts_rap monster

The critical point  
BTS received a daesang  
MMA album of the year, and MAMA Artist of the year  

It’s really ridiculous right. Nowadays we’ve experience ridiculous things a few time on earth right. As I talked about it several times with my mouth, whether this dream is reality or whether reality is a dream it makes me feel pleasantly dizzy  

Even though I don’t want to be hung on modifiers and titles, but Daesang….Daesang and the name artist of the year seemed like a different kind of weight I can’t explain  

the past and the present, what is BTS’ strength? Where do you get that attraction? How could you do this well?… I get a lot of questions like this…I answered through my own belief and distress but I don’t know what the truth is exactly. And ironically, I heard the thought that “unknowing” is our strength.  

Even though I just said it, we don’t really know exactly yet. Why are you saying such nice words…that what we do is meaningful. why do we receive so much love. I honestly do not know. And it’s strange but I think it’s better. I think it needs to be known about our gratitude to our fans, members, stages and music.  

every morning - when this is going to bed and when I’m waking up - I start or finish the day with gratitude. With appreciation to the entire world, Ah, If we mistook only one step away we could’ve have fallen from this far away cliff but with the support of many different people and the faith in each other we rose. Ah, I am grateful for the weather today. I am grateful for the clear sky. I am grateful for the dark clouds on a rainy day. I am grateful to my friends and family and the people who love me. Ah, I am thankful, I have to be thankful  

Maybe, if we had known form the beginning the path we took was a cliff, we would have run away when we were trainees and hidden somewhere. If not maybe I wouldn’t have started (become a trainee) in the first place. Even though there’s no history, my life wouldn’t be the same would it? So, I am thankful. I’m sorry and grateful. To me. To the world. Also to people.    

My heart is still the same. No matter what position the world defines us in, I want our eyes to match at the same level. If you lift me to show me the world, and sometimes I would give you a ride. Would it not be nice. Because “understand” starts from “under” then “stand”. And because we are all the same human being. (who) feel happy and sad, fear and overcome, laugh and cry.  

I feel that from now on the path we have to go is different world, a new world. Ah, now no matter what we can pick ourselves up. I want us to witness ourselves and see where we go. Don’t wonder until we can fly wherever together. And achieve a lot of things together. I have a vague belief that in the future, we will accomplish many things that we could never have imagined. I thought that vague wasn’t always good but there’s also no vague in the world that feels good like this.    

Yes, everyone. It’s daesang, I also had this ambition but it was just a sparkly dream I couldn’t carry it out, thank you for carrying it out with me. Thanks to you guys I also feel and know everyday what person I am becoming. Yesterday I walked through a creek and picked up the leaves. It reminded me of when I was a child I had red maple leaves and I put them like bookmarks and also sent them in letters to my dearest friends. It’s like this nowadays. Because you have a red maple leaf in your heart too. Let’s see what kind of people we are and treasure it. Thank you for today. Thank you 

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Yoonjinrap is ot3.
Inspired by Young Forever concept photos.

Namjoon doesn’t move. He’s careful even about breathing, cautious not to take too deep of a breath in case his shoulders rise too much. He doesn’t dare, not when Seokjin’s fallen asleep on his shoulder, head tucked perfectly under his chin and side molded to his.

He slowly rests his cheek against Seokjin’s blonde hair, tousled into a wind-tossed mess from their flight. He kind of wishes he had the blankets to where he could reach just with his arm because Seokjin looks a little cold, but theyre not.

He’s torn between keeping this moment and reaching for the blanket.

The former would be him being selfish because he’s never going to get something like this again. Seokjin’s too kind to do something like it when he knows Namjoon has feelings for him and when he and Yoongi are, as they call it, complicated. Seokjin must be more exhausted than Namjoon had originally thought to be this close.

But the side of him that loves Seokjin like he’s loved nothing before, the one that puts Seokjin above everything else, and can’t handle even a bit of Seokjin’s distress, doesn’t like that Seokjin is starting to shiver a little. The wind in the meadow blows hard enough to seep through the thick wicker basket.

Namjoon gives everything to Seokjin because Seokjin is his everything, and Yoongi shakes his head and calls him an idiot. Namjoon points out Yoongi does the same, and Seokjin pours his everything out to them, but Yoongi’s adamant it’s complicated.

Namjoom doesn’t know. What’s important is Seokjin is starting to shiver, and Namjoon doesn’t like that even if it means Seokjin might wake up and he’ll go back to leaning behind him.

“You’re a fucking idiot,” a low voice says, above him, and Namjoon strains his head back to see Yoongi glaring at him from outside the basket. Yoongi reaches beyond him, careful to avoid Seokjin but not so much Namjoon, and grabs the red-and-blue throw that Seokjin had haphazardly sewn together. He spreads it over Seokjin’s knees and tosses it over Namjoon’s lap.


“Just sleep. It’ll be a while until we can fly again, anyway.” Yoongi shrugs and disappears. The thump and lean behind the basket tells Namjoon Yoongi’s sitting on the ground just outside, leaned up against the same side that he and Seokjin are.

Namjoon carefuly rests his cheek back on Seokjin’s head. Seokjin smells like the wind.

there is barely any time to mourn. they kick our shins & turn tables on us & we pick ourselves up, bruise by bruise, cut by cut, & we watch our blood flow down sewers & we sweep our broken bones to the sides, & there is no time to cry.

there is so much to fix. & we hold our breaths & clench our fists & we start mending. we hold each other & we hold onto each other & we fight back & we don’t stop fighting.

we hack at the darkness until it becomes light. & we fly our flags & keep the glitter on our cheeks, it is our warpaint & we keep loving & we keep fighting, until dusk becomes dawn & hate becomes love. 

LOVE MUST WIN by laetitia k.

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