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10 songs

1. Left Boy- Dangerous (remix)

2. Kleerup and Lykke Li- Until We Bleed

3. NAO- Feels Like 

4. Matson Jones- A Little Bit of Arson

5. Seafret- Atlantis 

6. The Taxpayers- I Love You LIke an Alcoholic

7. KOPPS - Thermometer 

8. Joywave-Parade 

9. Tasha the Amazon- The World

10. The Internet- Special Affair 

10 mutuals (oh boy do i even have 10 mutuals)

1. @snernard

2. @overwatchers

3. @softblades

4. @jojo5life

5. @landofshame

6. @shocasky

7. @daddy-satan

8. @psychokawaiii

9. @shuttleshark

10. @pigparade

yall dont gotta do this but u can if u want

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oh boy this is gonna be interesting im just gonna shuffle my giant 600 track playlist of all the songs i have ever loved since i got spotify in 2013

1. you won’t know - brand new

2. gold - chet faker

3. i wonder as i wander - audrey assad

4. opie’s funeral song - sufjan stevens

5. ghost towns - radical face

6. waiting game - banks

7. vesuvius - sufjan stevens

8. work song - hozier

9. until we bleed - lykke li

10. memento mori - crywank


IN THE SHADOW OF YOUR HEART,  an alarkling fanmix (listen ♪)

01. once upon a dream - lana del rey, 02. cosmic love (seven lions remix) - florence and the machine, 03. toxic (cover) - yaël naïm, 04. feral love - chelsea wolfe, 05. howl - florence and the machine, 06. until we bleed - lykke li, 07. showbiz - muse, 08. everybody wants to rule the world (cover) - lorde

“we are alike,” he said,
“as no one else is, as no one else will ever be.”

Update on fics, everyone

I had such a stall for a couple weeks (cue sad me because ‘fuck i suck’) but I feel like I’m back on this week! (for a couple weeks, maybe? Who knows. Inspiration comes and goes.) BUT, for latest updates, I have this to present:

Title: Beauty, Reputation, and Wealth (P4)
Summary: AU Castiel is part of the mob but also endowed with magic (based off of Grisha by Leigh Bardugo. So y’all, he still has his “grace”!). The reader is employed in a brothel and of course, his favorite. But, she starts to develop feelings for another…
Words: 4,846
Warnings: Language, Smut


Title: Until We Bleed
Summary:  Reader/Future!Cas (Endverse). An angsty one shot inspired by Until We Bleed by Lykke Li. The reader left Castiel and Dean when Sam fell to Lucifer, hurting Castiel. Reader has found the way back to Camp Chitaqua and tries to apologize.
Words: 3,002
Warnings: Language, ANGST ANGST ANGST


Title: We Are Gonna Be Fine (Negan P14)
Summary:  Reader volunteers to go into Negan’s compound willingly to get inside information. Eventual Negan smut. Implied feelings between Reader and Daryl.
Words: 2,630
Warnings: Language, FLUFFY MCFLUFF
Author’s Notes: This is the final part for this story line. For those who don’t know, I have an ALTERNATIVE STORY LINE going on here, which will continue with the show when it comes back. I am going to use the show for inspiration (much in like with my Supernatural AU “Persephone”). So, I will continue using the tags on this story for the other story line, so it’s not completely done yet.


Title: You Save People Too
Summary:  One shot (not anymore after requests!) Reader/Human!Cas
Words: 2,172

New Playlist! For Your Ears Only

  1. Arabella - Arctic Monkeys
  2. Dreams - Bastille Feat. Gabrielle  Aplin 
  3. Born to Die - Lana Del Rey
  4. Swim Good - Frank Ocean
  5. Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov
  6. Ayo Technology - Milow 
  7. Thinking About You - Frank Ocean
  8. Jackie and Wilson - Hozier
  9. Touch - Daughter
  10. Buzzcut Season - Lorde
  11. Until We Bleed - Lykke Li
  12. Icarus - Bastille
  13. Turning Page - Sleeping at Last
  14. Habits - Tove Lo 

Listen here xx


THE BEAST YOU MADE OF ME  ;;  ( lone wolf girlfriends )

tracklisting: 001. Howl - Florence + The Machine 002. Hunger of the Pine - alt-J 003. Blood Red Moon - The xx 004. The Outsider - Marina & The Diamonds 005. Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters & Men 006. You Are The Wilderness - Voxhaul Broadcast 007. Remains - Bastille 008. Wolf Like Me - TV On the Radio 009. Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) - The Wombats 010. Wolf - First Aid Kit 011. Animals - Muse 012. Bloody Shirt - To Kill A King 013. Free The Animal - Sia 014. Heartlines - Florence + The Machine 015. Animal - XOV 016. Until We Bleed - Kleerup & Lykke Li

The Supernova & The Dark Star  [ ]

Homeless - Marina Kaye, Arrival of the Birds & Transformation - The Cinematic Orchestra, Breathe Me - Sia, King And Lionheart - Of Monster And Men, Indigo Puff (Layla Rework) - Sundara Karma, Soap - Melanie Martinez, Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer Re Imagination) - Until The Ribbon Breaks, Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys, I Found - Amber Run, All I need - Radiohead, Crystalised - The Xx, Until We Bleed - Kleerup With Lykke Li, Angels - The Xx


“love until we bleed,
then fall apart in parts”

this hiatus is gonna be the end of me, i miss this show so much.

• show: person of interest
• song: until we bleed by lykke Li & kleerup (JacM remix)


SnKBad Ritual// an ereri fanmix // “This love is a dark, dark thing.”

i. timber timbre - bad ritual // ii. the neighbourhood - lurk // iii. kleerup ft. lykke li - until we bleed // iv. eels - fresh blood // v. blue foundation (zeds dead remix) - eyes on fire // vi. digital daggers - fear the fever // vii. placebo - every you every me // viii. nihils (urban contact remix) - help our souls 

(cover art by vvim, pixiv id: 5888548)

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Until We Bleed - Lykke Li
Lights black, heads bang, you’re my drug. We live it.
You’re drunk you need it. Real love, I’ll give it.

When I’m in a bad mood, I listen to Lykke Li. She’s too amazing. I’m addicted.


the one that got away: an athos/milady fanmix  (listen)

“Begging for the slightest touch you couldn’t get enough.”
 I loved him once
                            I loved her

i. the civil wars – the one that got away. [ “i miss the way you wanted me”] | ii.unkle – when the things explode [”I saw my fears in your eyes, you saw your fear in mine. We watched it burn together”]  | iii. amber run – i found [”i miss you more than i thought i would”] | iv.damien rice & lisa hannigan – i remember [”nothing is taking me down except you my love”] | v. natalie merchant – my skin [”do you remember the way that you touched me before all the trembling sweetness,i loved and adored”] | vi.kleerup(feat. Lykke Li) – Until We Bleed - Mikael’s cello version [”we drink the fatal drop then love until we bleed”]  | vii. the civil wars – no ordinary love [”i gave you all the love i got, gave you more than i could give.I gave you all that i had inside and you took my love”]   | viii. apocalyptica - not strong enough (feat. brent smith of shinedown) [”i am not to blame cause you bring my heart to its knees”] | ix.bonus track: Mumford & Sons – the enemy  [”bury me beside you I have no hope in solitude”]