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It’s Always Her pt. 3

James Potter x Reader

Request: Multiple for a part 3

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Y/N leans back into Marcus with a happy sigh, enjoying the crackling of the fire in front of them and the warm feeling of his arms wrapped around her. Turning around, she opens her mouth to comment on something, but the look on Marcus’ face makes her stop.

“What’s wrong?”

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Constellations~Remus Lupin One-shot

A/N: Annnnnddddd I am officially 15 and have achieved my goal of spending most of my  birthday in bed. This is my present to myself. Also Y/S means Your Zodiac Sign. Gif’s not mine.

Summary: You have kept your birth date a secret from all your friends until your boyfriend, Remus questions it after learning your zodiac sign.

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x reader

Word Count: 1841

Warnings: I think there’s a swear word in here somewhere, Dysfunctional family, fluff


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Nobody knew when my birthday was. Not Lily, not Alice, not even the marauders, who felt it was their personal duty to take care of after my home life crumbled. I didn’t want special treatment, I didn’t need gifts,  I didn’t want to have memories of previous, awful birthdays brought back to me. I treated my birthday like any other day, so naturally I didn’t tell anyone. If the marauders knew, I would be getting  a party in the common room, complete with decorations, presents and alcohol (Sirius’ addition to the mix). I didn’t want that though, so my birthday remained a secret, even to Remus who was my boyfriend. Until sixth year.

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Put That Phone Down

Audrey Jensen X Y/N

A/N: It’s a little cheesy, but I hope you enjoy. I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to write lately and I apologize. This is a little fluffy and cheesy. This fic is basically about Audrey and her girlfriend hanging out. I apologize if the writing is a bit weird. Idk. I didn’t want to post this, but it’s done. have a good night.

Music that inspired this update: Lost Kings - Phone Down ft. Emily Warren

You sat on the edge of Audrey’s bed with your phone in hand, everyone had become more obsessed with their phones over the year, more than the usual and with good reason. Mainly since your friends were getting anonymous texts that usually lead to a death of another friend or information about it. In anxiety you kept your phone above a 50% charge at all times just in case you were to receive another text or a call from a distressed friend. Today after school you were spending time with your girlfriend, it was a friday and plans were up in the air.
Audrey was moving around in the background. The room suddenly gets dark as she slides the curtains close over the large windows that exposed most of her room to the world. Little slithers of light sprinkle through out the room. You lazily plop down on to the bed and hold your phone up to eye and start to scroll through the usual social media pages. Brooke had posted another selfie with perfect makeup, Stavo another drawing, Emma had posted a photo of a leaf made with steamed milk in a coffee, and Noah had posted a photo of a horror movie poster that had just been added to the side of the theatre Audrey worked at. They all seem to be distracted from what was happening in town, but there you were anxious for more of it, more signs, more ways to solve who the killer was.

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PowerPoint Troubles

Summary: You and Taeil hate each other with a passion, but when you’re assigned to work on a project together, is there a chance that your opinions will change? College!AU

Idol: Moon Taeil of NCT

Word Count: 3191 Emily, chill

Warnings: Language

Your name: submit What is this?

You and Taeil had never spoken to each other before. And both of your were absolutely, freaking fine with that. It’s not like Taeil had any particular baggage with you. There was just the minor detail that he was annoyed as hell with the way people would always talk about how perfect you were. And while that wasn’t your fault (and he completely acknowledged that), he couldn’t stop himself from quietly being annoyed with everything you did.

You, on the other hand, had some major damage with Moon Taeil. While you pulled all nighters to study for hours to perform well academically, Taeil never bothered to study for a second, and still managed to be at the top of the class. You were pretty sure he never even touched his textbook, if he even purchased one in the first place. Again, that wasn’t entirely his fault, but at the same time, hell yes it was.

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If You Go Chasing Rabbits

So, a while ago, I decided that the various routes would work well as classic works of literature and because I am a masochist because Mr Darcy Jumin Han and Mr Rochester Jihyun Kim are things I need in my life, I convinced myself to write the opening of a Victorian AU. And here it is.

You can change the MC’s name with the Interactive Fics app for chrome. As a reader, it breaks my immersion when the MC is named something I would not choose. Her name is Areum on (AO3).

[PROLOGUE] <You are here

[Jumin Route] [Chapter 1]

IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife

Old words, and pretty, and decidedly not hers.

[Name] had little time for the single men of good fortune who so commonly came to visit, which was fortunate, for they had very little time to spare for her. It was her lot in life to rise with the lark and worry only for the good china and it did not matter that her lips were plump and rosy, nor that she pinned her hair so tightly that it made the fairness of her face only more apparent. She was a maid and nothing more and if a gentleman were to look at her, he paid her no more mind than he would the drapes.

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Piano Girl


The bell rang and everyone around me rushed out, not sparing a second longer in the maths room than they had to. I tried to be quick in gathering my things but it was no use, one of the last people out as per usual now I had to face the walk to my most dreaded lesson, music.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate music by any means I just didn’t like the lesson. In that class I didn’t know anyone very well, music was based in this small long hut, with various classrooms and small music rooms with instruments that everyone rushes to get to first. Meaning I am always left sat at a desk writing down some lyrics to a song or other work I need to get on with. Our teacher tries to inspire students but deep down, even he doesn’t care what we do he is just trying to get through the day like the rest of us.

As I arrive into the building it immediately feels stuffy, students pass up and down and the sound of music fills my ears. From guitars and drums to saxophones and flutes, various melodies made and I smile. Walking into the classroom I see it is now empty besides my teacher who sits with his coffee. He gives me the usual greeting and I walk back out, hoping to find myself a practice room I could use for once. As I wonder up and down I go around the side of the hut, finding a large room that is long with a piano placed in it with no one in sight. Glancing to the door I check to see if it is private, or reserved but it isn’t, it’s completely vacant.

Taking one last look I quietly go inside, walking along the white Walls and find myself brushing along the piano a layer of dust collecting on my finger tips. Pulling out the stool I sit down and place my bag next to me, lifting the lid I examine the keys my fingers rising, itching to play something after so long. I search through my bag for any form of sheet music I may have in there and by luck I do, pulling out an old song, fairly simple my teacher taught me when I was only eight years old.

As I begin to play I find myself immersed in the music, and begin to sing to the sweet tune. My concentration completely on the music and the words I zone out, unaware of another’s presence in the room. As I look up momentarily I stop harshly, looking to the student in the room who was staring at me, making me feel rather uncomfortable.

“Can I help you?” I intended for my voice to sound more willing as opposed to mousey.

He stepped forward out of the shadows, allowing me to see him more clearly. He had blonde hair, which was in a sort of quiff off to one side, he had blue eyes like the morning sky in between the clouds on a winters day. He kept his gaze locked onto me, I had a faint idea of who he was, a fellow quiet student in my class. I had seen a few of his covers on YouTube but now I wish I had paid closer attention as his name escapes me.

“It’s alright Y/n, I heard someone playing and sing and I felt almost drawn to it. I stood by the doorway for a while, blissfully listening before looking in and I saw you.” He stopped as a blush crept onto his cheeks, he scratched the back of his head and he did look cute as he did so.

“So you were spying on me?” I joked but he now had a scared look in his eyes.

“No, no! I was just, I just saw you and you are really talented and-” He stumbled for words furthermore and I let out a chuckle, moving towards him.

“It’s fine honestly, I just didn’t think anyone would’ve noticed that’s all.” I said moving away collecting my things.

“Why wouldn’t anyone notice you? You’re beautiful.” Silence filled the air after that, I kept my back turned away from him and no movement was detected.

The silence lingered as I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. “Did, did you just?” I turned around but he was gone. My heart felt heavy and I assumed I imagined the whole thing, I turned back round to the piano and he jumped up making me scream. “For gods sake!” I yelled to him, causing him to laugh even harder.

“You should’ve seen your face, you were terrified.” He laughed more and it made me smile, thinking how easily I am to freak out since I’m quiet.

Closing the lid to the piano I picked up my music and put it in my bag, all the while he remained leaning on the piano watching me with a bright smile that made me feel all warm inside. I began to make my way around the piano but he stopped before I could get any further. “Is there a problem?” I raised an eyebrow to him and he seemed to have lost all confidence again.

“Do you want to do a cover with me sometime?” He blurted out, then stepped back as I processed what he asked.

“You want me? Me? To do a cover of a song with you?” I sounded downright shocked and gave him the wrong impression immediately by the look on his face. “No no! It’s not a bad thing I’m just surprised!” I chuckled and his face lightened up, he did look very attractive with this light shinning on him.

“So you will?” He asked, sounding more hopeful this time and I nodded. Not thinking of a reason not to. “Perfect, say Friday? After school?” He asked opening the door for me.

“Of course, erm?” I still couldn’t remember his name and couldn’t help but feel awful for not knowing it.

He noticed and grabbed a hold of my hands, “I’m Luke, and you’re Y/n.” He smiled and we began to walk away, he kept ahold of one of my hands now, not that I was complaining.

As we headed for the exit knowing it was the end of the day we came outside and I let go of his hand, feeling empty without it and began to walk away. I glanced back to see him stood there, with a sad look on his face and I waved but had no response back. Trying not to think of it too much I continued until I heard someone calling after me.

As I turned I saw Luke running towards me, but stopping half way to catch his breath making me laugh and walk towards him to save him the trouble. Stopping in front of him he had his hands resting against his thighs as he breathed heavily. “Are you okay Luke?” I ask rubbing his back but he held up his hand, signalling he needed a moment.

People continued to pass as they left school and some glanced back but after a minute he was back upright looking right at me. “I didn’t get to say that you didn’t hear wrong.” He smiled but I felt confused and it must’ve shown.

He moved closer to me and bent down so our eyes were level, giving me the perfect opportunity to see how truly blue they were, a pure shade of blue with no fragments of other colours. He moved my hair away from my ear and I could feel his breath tickling against my skin. “You truly are beautiful Y/n.” He whispered before pulling away slightly but remained close to me.

Looking at me he moved closer and I responded, closing the distance between us and I could feel his breath on mine. “Y/n! Come on!” I pulled back as I heard my name, whipping my head around to see my brother there impatiently waiting for me.

Looking back to Luke who seemed equally as embarrassed I gave him an awkward smile, apologising for the interruption he brushed it off. “But I’ll see you in music tomorrow, piano girl.” He winked before walking off, this time leaving me standing there.

Maybe music wasn’t my most hated lesson after all.

the first time when: he wrote you a poem (3/7)

the first time when: he wrote you a poem (3/7)
jung hoseok

The first time Hoseok had written you a poem was after noticing how sad your eyes were as the day dragged on. It was unusual, seeing you become quiet as you exit class and even the slightest act of smiling seemed hard for you as Hoseok held onto your hand. He knows he doesn’t need to ask this; having memorized how you react to certain things on your facial expressions, the shortness of your breath as you inhale and he knows, he knows, he knows. But Hoseok asks anyway.

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Summer Nights (Grease AU)

Summary: Dean and the reader meet during summer vacation and fall in love, only to have to separate at the end. They’re both surprised when they end up at the same school after the reader moves. (Basically Grease but in modern times). 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,219

Warnings: None.

A/N: So, I initially wanted to do a oneshot based on only Summer Nights but to hell with that, I’ll just write an AU Series lol. Tell me what you think, please!

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Way Too Much (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Way Too Much

A/N: This imagine is based upon this post , which gave me the idea. So part of the credit is to the imaginesofeveryfandom blog. Check it out here, it’s really good ^_^ Enjoy my imagine! :)

Summary: During a bonfire, Newt gets drunk and walks up to Y/N. What he confesses will change their relationship.

It was a strange occasion in the Glade. Everyone was extremely stressed over work and over the whole situation at hand. Those boys were hard-working, that was for sure. 

But someone suggested that we should have a bonfire so everyone could take the day off and basically enjoy ourselves with no worries. And surprisingly, Alby gave us the permission. He must have been stressed as well, probably even more than anyone else.

Making the fire meant work too, but it was different, it was the closest thing we had to a party, and we all worked together to make it instead of each one doing the job that the Keepers told them to.

The excitement vibrated in the air as we finished gathering the wood we needed and built the bonfire. It started to get dark by the time everything was done, so we started with the fun already.

A while had passed since the bonfire began. I chatted a little with Frypan and Alby and watched Gally wrestling an unfortunate guy before I went on my own.

I was sitting in the floor, leaning my back against a log, smiling like crazy as I watched everyone in silence in the light of the blazing fire. They all seemed so happy, wrestling, drinking, laughing, yelling in joy even. The wild screams of the Gladers could be heard all over the place, and it was such a nice feeling, because their voices were filled with cheerfulness.

“What are you doing here alone?” Minho gracefully jumped over the log to stand next to me, looking down to me for a moment as he towered over me.

“I’m just enjoying the euphoria” I answered, smiling at him.

He sat down and placed a friendly arm over my shoulders, a glass of Gally’s moonshine held in his free hand.

“Well, you can enjoy it while talking to me” He grinned, taking a sip of the liquid. He was a little tipsy already.

He offered the jar to me, and I shrugged.

“Why not?” I took it and gulped down the last of it, earning a cheering from Minho. I must have made a funny face, because he started to laugh.

“Way to go, Y/N!”

“Shut up, it tastes terrible” I was still making faces, trying to get over the strong and bitter taste of the moonshine. It was burning my throat, and it made me cough.

“You just have to get used to it” He slurred his words, which made me grin.

“I just can’t get used to it”

He patted my shoulder and stood up, muttering that he was going to get more of it.

Eventually, he came back and we hung out for a while, along with Thomas, who joined us.

When Minho was too drunk to even talk and left, Thomas following him like a lost puppy, I found myself alone again. I enjoyed the quiet, I felt too thoughtful tasting the beauty of the moment to be actually talking to anyone, really.

“Hi, Y/N” I slightly turned to see who was talking to me.

“Hi, Chuck!” I greeted him, glad he was finally with me.

Out of all the Gladers, I surprisingly got along best with him. He was the youngest, the last Greenie before Thomas and even could be the most annoying. But he had such a pure heart and he was so adorable! He was like my little brother, we were really close.

“I was looking for you” He hugged me, and I hugged back with a big smile on my face.

“Where were you before?” I hadn’t seen him during the whole bonfire.

“I was talking to Thomas”

“Making friends with the Greenie?” I joked, friendly ruffling his hair. He laughed and shoved my hands away from his head.

“I know what it feels like, so I just want to make him feel better” When he saw the way I was looking at him, like a loving  mother who was proud of her son, he added: “And I just want to be friends with him”

“Awww, you’re so sweet, Chuckie” I was about to jokingly pinch his chubby cheeks when someone plopped down next to me, startling me. He fell more than casually plopped down.

“Chuckie, can I talk to Y/N alone?” It was Newt, but he sounded a little drunk. He stuck his head out so I wasn’t blocking his view and so he could look at the kid.

“Sure” Chuck stood up. “See you later”

I waved goodbye at him and turned to Newt when he left.

“Hi, Newtie” I was wondering where he was. I had seen him from time from time walking around the fire, talking to Alby mostly. But I had lost track of him until now.

“Hi, love” His accent was so thick I could hardly understand him. That was probably the moonshine’s doing.

“Are you okay there?” I placed a hand on his arm, chuckling. 

He looked very drunk, his hair messy, his lips chapped and his eyes heavy. Not to mention the strong smell of alcohol.

He giggled and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah” He took another swig of the drink. “Come here, love, I wanna tell ya a secret”

“A secret?” I raised my eyebrows in surprise and amusement.

He giggled again, driving his index finger to his lips in a secretive way, and nodded again. I had never seen him so drunk before, and it was kind of funny to see Newt like that.

He motioned for me to get closer, so I did. He put his lips close to my ear and started whispering. His hot breath tickled my ear and sent a shiver down my neck.

“I fancy you, Y/N”

I frowned and looked at him, so confused about what he had just said.

“You what? You-” I couldn’t finish my sentence, as he passed out.

His head fell on my lap heavily.

“Newt?” I gently shook his shoulder, but he didn’t move.

Concerned, I looked up seeking help. But the boys were too immersed in the celebration to actually notice us.

I looked down at Newt once again, and he softly snored, his chest calmly going up and down with his breathing.

I smiled at his sleeping form and started to sweetly stroke his head, feeling his soft disheveled hair. I didn’t notice I was staring at him fondly until I realized the thoughts passing my head.

Did I… like him?

I had never seen him as more than a friend. A very close friend, but still. 

Of course I felt truly comfortable around him, like I had known him all my life. And he was kind and smart and funny, and a little bit of a rascal. And to be honest, he was really attractive, his eyes and his… Woah, what’s gotten into me?

I’ve always liked Newt, but I didn’t know I did in that way. Did I?

Truth to be told, I felt something when I looked at him. His mere presence reassured me, knowing that he was there with me in the Glade, that he was alive and well, made me so happy.

And those words replayed in my head ‘I fancy you, Y/N’. Did he really? Or did he just say that because he was drunk?

I sighed, considering the situation. I could just ask him tomorrow, when he would be sober. Although he might not even remember it happening. But it was worth a try, I couldn’t just ignore what happened.

“Here’s one who drank too much” Alby’s voice violently dragged me away from my reflection.

“Yeah” I smiled while looking up at the leader.

“Let’s take him to the Homestead” Alby lifted Newt up and freed me from his dead weight over me so I could stand up.

I did so and took a look around. Everyone was leaving; the bonfire was over. How long was I absent for?

“Y/N” Alby called me.

“Yeah, sorry” I grabbed Newt’s arm and put it over my shoulders, supporting him with Alby’s help.

“How much did he have?” He was surprised to find out Newt overdid the mix as well.

“Way too much” I just answered as we carried Newt to his bed, his head swaying from side to side as we walked.

When I woke up the next morning, I immediately walked to Newt’s room. I was one of the few wise people in the Glade that didn’t get drunk, so I figured no one would be working today.

I walked in to find him sleeping, sprawled over the bed as he lied face down on it. I hesitated, not really wanting to wake him up.

“Mmm…” He stirred in the bed, turning around to face me. “Which one of you bloody shanks is it?”

He didn’t even bother to open his eyes, but he was awake.

“It’s me, Y/N”

He flashed his eyes open and stood up quickly. Too quickly.

He swayed dangerously, so I rushed to his side to support him. He had shut his eyes tight, he was most likely very dizzy.

“Newt, you okay?”

“I’m not bloody drinking any of that bugging moonshine ever again” He complained with a scowl.

He wasn’t in the best of moods. No wonder, he probably had the worst hangover ever.

When he felt steady enough, he let go of my arm and put his shoes on.

“Can I talk to you for a moment?” I timidly asked him, already feeling butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous to ask him about last night.

“Sure, love, just give me a moment” He went into the bathroom to wash up a bit, and I took that time to calm down before he was back. “What is it?”

“I, uh…” I started biting my nails, but he softly took my hands away from my mouth. He knew I always did that whenever I was nervous, and he’d always keep me from picking at my old bad habit.

“You can tell me, yeah?” He fixed his eyes on mine and I felt the calmness he was trying to pass on to me. How come I never noticed how lovely his eyes were?

I bit my lip, denying it. I couldn’t fancy him, no way! I could not like my best friend in that kind of way.

“Y/N” He urged me, squeezing my hand a little. He was still holding it, oh no…

“Alright, it’s just that…” I took a second to breathe and build up the courage to ask him. “Do you remember what happened last night?”

He slightly frowned and stared off in the distance trying to remember. But soon looked back at me and shook his head.

“Can’t say I do, love. It’s all a bloody blur” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Why? What did I do?”

“In that case forget it…” I turned around and started to walk to the door, but he firmly grasped my hand.

“Bloody hell, Y/N, just tell me” Newt insisted as I slowly turned back to face him. “What did I do? Was it something bad?”

In his eyes I could see that he was afraid he’d done something he shouldn’t have while he was intoxicated. I could always read his feelings through his eyes.

“You told me you…” I gulped, and he was intently staring at me, waiting. “That you fancied me”

His eyes grew wide with realization and he dropped my hand from the shock. Was it coming back to him?

“I actually did that then…”

I nodded, letting out a heavy sigh.

“Do you remember doing it? Why did you do it? Did you mean it?”

Newt just stared at me. I wished I knew what was going through his head. I tried reading his eyes, but they seemed blank of emotions for the first time.

Of a sudden, he put his tender hands at either side of my face and pulled it towards him. To be more specific, towards his lips. Until they collided with mine.

I gawked at him, too shocked to act like a functional human being.

“I’m sorry…” He began to say when he watched my reaction. “I’m so bloody sorry, Y/N… I didn’t have the right to…”

“You like…, and I… and you…” Newt looked at me, trying to make sense out of my words. “Oh, shuck it”

I grabbed his face and kissed him as well, expressing myself through actions since I couldn’t through words.

When we pulled away, he grinned charmingly.

“I take it as you like me too” He mumbled, taking my hand.

“Yeah…” I whispered, looking at our interwined fingers. “Way too much”

He then pulled me into a warm hug, which I gladly melted in. Newt snuggled his face in the crook of my neck and I giggled in content when he squeezed me against his chest.

“Ha!” Someone yelled, slamming the door open.

We broke the hug quickly and looked to see Minho.

“Ha! We got two lovebirds in here!” His face was priceless, the biggest smirk on his face and his attitude showing pride, like he knew all along.

“Don’t bloody scream, Minho” Newt asked him, holding his head in pain.

We stood there awkwardly and quietly, but Minho didn’t move. At least he wasn’t saying anything else to embarrass us more.

“Leave already, will you, shank?” Newt ordered, acting like the second in command for a moment.

“Can’t wait for the wedding” Minho said out loud, making sure we both heard, before walking out the door.

I stood there, finding a new interest on the floor, blushing and feeling so ashamed. That slinthead Minho…

But Newt seemed to find my behavior adorable, because he chuckled and put the hair away from my face and behind my back.

“Aw, love…” He still laughed, leaving a soft kiss in my cheek.

I was the one that engulfed him in a hug that time, feeling so cozy in his arms that I couldn’t conceal a big smile.

BOY WITH HORMONE [Kim Taehyung x Reader ] (ft. Jimin) Pt.5

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Genre: angst/Fluff

Length: :))

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: None of this Part :D

Part 5/?

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It’s an Old-Fashioned Notion  (Steve Rogers/Nick Fury x reader)

Request:  Being one of Fury’s best agents and he’s very fond of you and realizes that Steve has feelings for you and acts as match maker with the two.

“Great work today, (Y/N).”

“Yeah, I know,” you said to Steve with a smirk, “but I appreciate the sentiment.”

“And I did okay too…?”

“Yes, Steve,” you laughed, “you did great, very impressive.”

He nodded at you with satisfaction and grabbed his gear, preparing to leave the jet once it landed at the tower.  He glanced back at you several times but never said anything, and it finally caught your attention.

“Something to say, Cap?”

“I’ve been thinking,” he began, “you and I seem to get paired together on a lot of these missions lately.  Why do you suppose that is?”

You sat back in your chair and considered his question, removing your boots and weapons, sliding them carefully into your pack.  Come to think of it, you had been paired together on the last four missions that Fury had sent you out on.  Now your curiosity was peaked and you felt the need to get to the bottom of it. “This is totally off the top of my head here, but maybe you’ve been slipping a bit?  You need someone to make sure you look good?” you chuckled, your tone laden with sarcasm.

“If anyone can make me look good, it’s you, (Y/N).”

Your head snapped up to look at him, catching him just as he turned his face away so you couldn’t see him. “Alright, we’re home,” he said, clearing his throat, “I’ll see you at the debriefing.”  He rushed down the ramp and into the elevator, not looking back.


A few days later, another mission was in the works and you were just waiting to hear that your name was listed with Steve’s.  You peeked into the director’s office as you walked by, seeing him working on the final plans and looking confused as to what he was going to do.

“Director Fury?”

He looked up from the files in front of him and sat back in his chair with a sigh and a smile, raising a hand to wave you in.  “Agent (Y/L/N), please, come on in.  I could use a break.”  He nodded towards the chair across from him, and you quickly took a seat.

“Sir, can I ask a question? Off the record?” you asked, hesitation in your voice and your eyes averted from looking at him.

He sat quietly and looked at you for a moment; long enough so that you finally raised your eyes up to meet his, and a smile crossed his lips.  “There you are.  Okay, shoot.”


“(Y/N), if this is off the record, you can call me Nick,” he interjected.

“Nick,” you sighed, the use of his first name creating a strange sensation for you, “are you putting Captain Rogers and I together on missions for a reason?  Is there something that I should know, or something in particular that you need me to do?”

Fury shook his head, looking around his desk for something.  “Nope,” he said, “just your job.”  He grabbed a tablet and handed it to you, watching for your reaction; it held the plans for the mission you would begin tomorrow, and the names of who he would be sending.

“Well, now I feel a little ridiculous,” you chuckled, “I’m paired with Clint.”  You stared at the list of names in front of you and scrolled down to see Steve’s name paired with Tony.  You’d be lying if you said that there weren’t pangs of disappointment running through you, seeing his name next to someone else’s rather than your own. The only thing was that you didn’t know why those feelings were there.  

“Yes, you are.  I did that before you walked in too, just so you are aware.”  He sat quietly for a moment, still watching you.  “Is that a problem, (Y/N)?”

“Hmm?”  You were shaken from your thoughts, looking up quickly at him and clearing your throat.  “Um, no, not a problem.”  Nick was looking back with a strange smile on his face, so you returned it with one of skepticism.  “Fury, what are you up to?”

“Not a damn thing. Now go.”  Once you had exited his office, he began to laugh quietly to himself, “I think you’re gonna like this one, (Y/N).”


It wasn’t exactly clear how it happened, or if it was just because the two of you had formed such a natural rhythm working together that you gravitated to the same location, but in the midst of battle you found yourself cornered in an abandoned building with Steve.

“So, fancy meeting you here, Cap.”  You wiped the dirt from your face and stood to peek out a small window, “I thought you were covering Stark?”

“I was, until he took off and I had to find my own cover.”  Steve stood next to you and moved the shield to his back, “where’s Barton?”

“Probably off crying in a corner somewhere,” you snickered, “he cracked his bow.”  You turned around and sat on the dirty floor, reloading your guns and securing them in their holsters.  “So, what’s the plan?”

“I say we hold tight here for a bit longer.  It looks like they might be retreating.”

“So we aren’t going to help push them out?”

“It looks like they’re doing okay,” he said, sitting down across from you.  “I think we’ve earned a break.”  Steve sat motionless, watching you as you finished with your weapons, a small smile unknowingly crossing his lips.


“What?” he asked with a start, not realizing that he had been staring.  “Um, sorry.  I didn’t mean to stare.”  He dropped his gaze from you and adjusted a few straps on his gloves to keep himself distracted.  “Well,” he mumbled, “maybe I did.”

It made you smile, and you didn’t feel like hiding it from him; you knew how much it took for him to say anything like that to you, and you could almost feel the heat emanating from him as his cheeks began to flush.  Maybe the poor guy needed a little help.



“Would you like to have dinner tomorrow night?  With me?”

Steve exhaled slowly and his body relaxed, but he didn’t answer right away.  He just sat there, looking at you with a stillness in his expression; you felt like he was studying you, and committing this moment to memory.

“Say yes, Cap.  We want to go home.”  Fury’s voice was almost amused as it rang out in your ear. “This wasn’t supposed to take all day.”

You gave Steve a quizzical look and stood again to look out the window to see your team together, along with the group you had been fighting against, all with Nick standing in the middle.  “What are you doing here?”  When you saw the grin on his face, you knew he was up to something.  “Fury, what did you do?”  

“You kids were taking too long for my liking.  You needed the push.”

Steve stood now, crossing his arms and looking a little annoyed, “so you mean to tell me that this whole thing was staged, just to get (Y/N) and I together?”

“That’s right,” Fury laughed.  “I’m pretty proud of how this one turned out, if I do say so myself.  It was a real team effort.”

“Um, Nick,” you interrupted, “he hasn’t actually said ‘yes’ yet.”  You looked across the small room to Steve, waiting for any reply, either yes or no, just so you had something to know how he felt for sure.  It surprised you how nervous you were feeling, and how ridiculous it was that the entire team was now listening in and waiting as anxiously as you were.

Steve took the few steps forward to close the gap between you and reached up to remove his earpiece, signaling you to do the same; he took them both in his hands and opened the small window, throwing them out for the team to see.  You both couldn’t help but laugh at the cheers that came from the group when they realized what he had done.

“I don’t want to go to dinner tomorrow night.”

“Okay,” you replied, trying not to sound disappointed.  “That’s fine, I just figured that I would ask…”

“I can’t wait that long,” he breathed.  “I want to start this right now.”  Steve’s hand reached up and gently lifted your chin, your lips meeting his for the first time.  It felt strange for just a second, crossing that line, but it quickly passed and became natural for you both.  

Steve pulled away after a moment and rested his forehead against yours, his eyes still closed. “That was even better than I imagined it.”

“Oh, I’m not looking forward to the ride home with those guys,” you groaned, “we’re never going to hear the end of it.”

He straightened and looked out the window to see the group immersed in something Fury was saying, acting like they had all but forgotten about the two of you.  “I’ll bet you twenty bucks that we can get to the jet and get her in the air before they know what hit ‘em.”  He looked back at you with a smile that you couldn’t resist, and a glimmer in his eye that promised mischief.

“I like the way you think, Rogers,” you replied with a nod and a smirk, “they might just regret getting us together after this.”  You opened a small door at the back of the building and grabbed his hand as you crept towards the jet, hurrying to pause behind each tree and shrub as you got closer.

“Hey!” you heard Tony yell, “catch them!”

You let out a loud squeal as Steve pulled you forward, throwing you over his shoulder in a full sprint.  He jumped into the back of the plane and slapped the control to quickly close the door, letting you down to hurry to the pilot seat.  A few frantic moments later you were in the air, looking down at your defeated team and both laughing until tears were in your eyes and your sides hurt.

“We make a good team,” you panted, still trying to catch your breath.

“You owe me twenty bucks, doll.”

“Sorry Cap,” you shrugged and held your hands up in front of you, “I don’t have it on me.”  You gasped when the breath was jolted from your chest as he grabbed you and pulled you to him, his expression much more serious than only moments before.

“I’m sure we can figure something out,” he murmured into your hair, breathing you in.  He stopped and groaned at the sound of Fury’s voice booming through the jet, yelling something about theft and insubordination and abandonment or something of the like, and quickly silenced the director.

“Steve, we should probably go back.”

“He’ll work it out,” he said with a smile and a hint of sarcasm, “he needed the push.”    

Preference #14- You took my mum


#14 You took my mum

Requested by @5sos-are-my-daddies with Michael :) If you have a request do ask!


Have you ever wondered how it must feel to be pregnant? Not only pregnant but very pregnant at this point in time? I have one word to describe it all, discomfort. The constant discomfort I feel even when I think or convince myself I am comfortable when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. But I guess that’s the thing about having a human growing inside of you, yeah I try not to remind myself of that too much, freaks me out if I think about it too much.

“Come on y/n, you sure you can’t go?” Michael, starts to whine as he comes down the stairs and into the living room where I was currently watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Pausing the show I turned my head to face him, feeling exhausted as it is with being 6 months pregnant and working most of the time. “I can’t now, you know how I feel about it all.” I moaned to him and tuned back round to my comfortable spot and pressed play, making it a closed case.

"But we waited ages for those tickets! We’ve always wanted to go!” He spoke up causing me to sigh.

"That was before oh I don’t know, you got me pregnant?” I said pointing to my stomach and he rolled his eyes and sat down next to me, pulling my legs up so I could rest them on his lap.

Before this all happened me and Michael got Twenty One Pilots concert tickets, and I’ve always wanted to see them even before I met Mikey and we always agreed to see them when we could find the time and afford it, but then a little bump in the road came along and now the bump is forming on my stomach.

"I get it, who else could go though?” He asked me and I shook my shoulders, knowing that Luke was in Italy with his girlfriend, Calum had gone home for a while and Ashton was with his three kids visiting home too.

"I don’t know, I’m sure you’ll find someone Mikey.” I said bringing my legs off of his lap and moving up next to him, resting my head on his shoulder and he placed his arm around my shoulders and his other hand on my stomach. “I can’t wait until we take this little one to a concert.” He said making swirls and various patterns on my stretched top with his left hand which caught the light and reflected the gold ring on his finger matching mine.

"Well I’ll have you know the first concert lil Squidgy is going to will be 5 Seconds Of Summer along with her fellow mini members.” I giggled to myself imagining them all seeing their dads perform and cheering, waving to them as they focused to hard on getting it right so it would be perfect for them all.

"Thanks for that note of reassurance that the band will stay together that long.” He joked and pulled a face then stood up, he scratched his head and began to walk out of the room grabbing a hold of his phone as he did so.

Whilst I continued to watch tv I could hear distinctly Michael on the phone laughing with someone, I shrugged it off assuming he found someone to go with. Once the show was over I grabbed the blanket that was thrown over the sofa and covered myself with it as best as I could since my bump took most of the cover away from my lower legs. I closed my eyes and peacefully fell myself going to sleep.

Once I woke up I rubbed my eyes and slowly moved to sit up, I looked around to see that I must’ve been asleep for a lot longer than I had intended a note was roughly written onto a scrap piece of paper. My vision took a moment to focus once again and when I picked the note up to see what it said I recognised Mikeys rushed writing from the days of him writing lyrics at 5am, or drawing with me or playing games with the guys at Christmas.

‘Found a concert buddy after all, stay safe love you x’

I smiled down to the note and placed it back onto the table, my stomach seemed to be fairly calm at this moment so I went to get something to eat, having over anticipated how long I could nap for. Once I had some food in my stomach for Squidgy my phone had been making all sorts of relentless noises since I had woken back up. Being apart of the 5SOS world has its ups and downs, like any relationship. Except in this one you have to consider millions of others in everything you do, meaning my phone is never peaceful, it used to be fairly simple with a few tweets here and there but once we got engaged things started to get a lot more lively. From then it grew dramatically with fans wanting our wedding location, invites and all the details for the day. When we got pregnant many wished us well and for the baby to be in good health, others wanted it gone, that only they could have Michael and demanded an ultrasound as we could be ‘faking’. Now I tend to ignore most of it, having mixed feelings towards a lot of the attention I receive online.

As I pick my phone up I see many Instagram posts that I’ve been tagged in, then tweets followed about the concert Michael went to. A feeling of worry washed over me in case he got hurt again or had to leave, many possibilities circled my mind and few had positive outcomes. I managed to unlock my phone after a few failed attempts due to my shaking, I clicked on one of the tweets and saw something I never expected.

Michael at the Twenty One Pilots concert, with my mum.

Many tweets and photos were of them dancing or singing along, taking selfies with fans and chatting to them about all sorts. Whilst I scrolled through the countless messages I couldn’t help but let out a laugh at all of it. Of all the people he could’ve gone with he ended up taking my mum, who hadn’t listened to the band since she made me turn the volume down in the car months ago. Now there she is, dancing and singing along to their songs like there’s no tomorrow.

Hours had passed and I heard the front door open, I walked down the stairs to see Michael placing his keys by the front door and turn to face me as I stood at the top of the stairs immersed in the shadows. “Good time?” I asked as I took slow steps slowly revealing myself to the light and out of the shadows.

He hung his coat up and I could see the adrenaline fade from his green eyes as he swept his blonde hair out of his eye. “It was awesome really, I just wished you could’ve been there with me.” He sent me a sad smile and I simply pulled a face that read 'these thing happen’ and rubbed my stomach.

"Just one thing.” I said as I reached the end of the stairs and walked towards him, placing my arms around his neck making our faces a lot closer together, just how I like it to be. “You took my mum?” I raised an eyebrow to him and he stayed silent whilst he thought over the best response.

I let out a laugh to ease the tension and he knew then that I was joking with him and hugged me tightly, letting out a sigh of relief behind my shoulder, sending chills of cold air to hit my neck.

"What can I say?” He started smiling brightly to me. “Your mum sure can party.” I felt myself cringe and cover my face with my hands.

"Well now you know where I get it from eh?” I joked and began to walk back upstairs. “I’ll see you in bed Mr Clifford, love you!” I called back downstairs as I started to climb back up, feeling like I was conquering Everest at this point.

“Love you too Mrs Clifford, and you Squidgy.” I smiled down to my stomach and rubbed it once again, feeling so blessed to have a baby on the way and such a loving husband in my life.

Something is really wrong with my students


Part 1 

At approximately noon, a high-pitched frequency emanated from the intercom on the wall. At the exact moment the sound stopped, all of the student’s heads snapped up, their eyes glazed over, and they simultaneously looked directly at me. I could feel a vibration in the air and the hair stood up on my arms. For a few minutes I waited, and stared back at the blank faces of my twenty once friendly pupils, who just moments before were chatting excitedly. Their empty expressions quickly creeped me out, and I forced myself to look away.

I am writing this down, so I can provide good documentation if anything else happens, and I may need to have a record for the paramedics when they show up. My gut tells me not to move, so I sit stone still, nothing moving but my well-hidden hands, waiting for them to snap out of it. My only guess as to what happened is the sound triggered a mass seizure that only adolescents are susceptible to; you know like those tones to test how old your ears are. Maybe adults can hear the frequency, but it doesn’t alter our behavior because our brains are fully developed.

Whatever it is, I need to write the details down.

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Thorn and Flame part 6

(part 5)


The night after his homework session with Alcor, Max slept better than usual. He wasn’t sure why, but he had a sneaking suspicion.

School went on as normal. Max’s demonology class was a little awkward, but he coped - and the rest of his classes, while a little more difficult this year, were about the same as they’d ever been. Tali took to her classes with enthusiasm, while Journey and Max sat back and made private wagers on how long she’d last before the homework and deadlines started to get to her.

Enna came by the apartment sometimes. She was friendly with everyone, but it was clear to almost everyone that she would rather spend time with just Max. She helped Max with his essays, like she’d offered to, and she praised his work in the class.

“I don’t know why you ever worried about taking demonology, Max,” she said one day. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’ve been studying it for years.”

In fact, it seemed to Max as the days wore on that she talked about very little besides demons. He tried to brush it off as a consequence of studying her topic of expertise; she hadn’t talked nearly this much about demons when they’d lived together, back when he’d made it clear he didn’t want to hear about them. Still, it wore on his nerves a bit, and every now and then he would try to avoid her company just so that he could think about other things.

September rolled around. For a few days Max noticed everyone acting a bit odd. Since he was working on an important project in his creature studies class, he didn’t think much about it.

Journey called on Saturday afternoon. “Hey dude, let’s go see The Divides again.”

“I’m a bit busy with my project right now, Jo.”

“Dude no, come on, this is the last day it’s in theaters, we’ve got to see it on the big screen again just one more time. Pleeease.”

Max sighed - loud enough for Journey to hear over the phone - and rolled his eyes. “Fine,” he said. “Which theater are we going to?”

“Stellar. I checked and there’s a showing in an hour. If you leave now we’ll get there in time to get snacks before the show.”

“Alright, I’m going.” Max stood up and shook some feeling back into his legs.

“Great. I’m halfway to your place already, I’ll meet you on Gold Street, bye!”

Max put away his laptop with another sigh, changed into a different hoodie, and said goodbye to his plans of quiet afternoon homework. If it wasn’t for the project, he wouldn’t have minded going out with Journey at all. He just wanted to get it done as soon as possible.

Journey practically raced Max to the Stellar Cineplex, getting them there in time to watch all dozen trailers that played before the movie. They exchanged comments about which trailers looked interesting and which ones looked like awful movies, and which ones they’d probably go see even if they did look awful. Having already seen The Divides, they spent much of the time pointing out things they hadn’t noticed the first time, and making random commentary that consisted mostly of stupid jokes.

Afterward they walked together back to Max’s apartment. Max checked the time as they neared the building.

“Ugh, Tali’s probably going to be home by now. I probably won’t have any quiet time to work on my project until she sneaks out to go get in trouble again.”

“Maybe I should come up and ward her off for you,” Journey offered, only half joking.

“Sure. I’ve still got some of your soda in the fridge.”

Journey looked askance at Max. “Signs you’ve been hanging out with a certain demon too much?” he said.

Max paused. “Shit, I hadn’t thought about that. Wow, yeah.”

The lights were off when Max opened his door. “I guess she’s not home yet?” He had half a second to notice Journey’s suspiciously large grin as he flicked the living room light switch.


At least a dozen people emerged from the other rooms, blowing noisemakers and waving streamers. Someone was taking pictures, and a couple people were letting loose with the cans of silly string they’d snuck in. Max was definitely surprised. Most of his friends from school were there: Nico and Leila, Carmae and Nicky, Nona and Kip - and Journey, of course. Tali was there, hiding a silly string can behind her back when she saw Max looking her way, and so was Tyrone, but he didn’t see Enna’s white-blonde hair anywhere. There were a few other people Max knew less well, but still considered close enough friends that he wouldn’t have minded having them in his apartment under normal circumstances.

“How the hell did you figure out my birthday?”

“It wasn’t hard, Max,” said Tyrone. “And why are you so upset? You like parties, and you needed a bit of a break.”

Max tried to think of an argument that didn’t sound lame, and gave up when he realized that he really had no reason to protest.

“Well, when I was a kid I always wanted a surprise party,” he said at last.

Tyrone threw his arms up. “I told you he’d like it!” The assembled partiers cheered, and more streamers and silly string flew across the room. “Don’t worry,” Ty said quietly so that only Max could hear, “I soundproofed the apartment just for tonight.” He winked.

It was a birthday party to remember. There was a triple-layer cake baked by Nicky, half of which ended up on the kitchen floor. Someone turned the tv to a live concert of The Third Eye with the volume way up. Various other friends and classmates showed up as the evening wore on, and very few of them left until it was late.

Max and Tyrone spent the first hour or so trying to keep Tali away from the booze, since she wasn’t quite at the legal drinking age yet. “That’s not fair!” she protested. “I’m only nine months away from 21, and besides, everyone else here is drinking!” She probably managed to sneak enough to get a slight buzz, but by that point Max didn’t care anymore.

Max himself let loose and drank more than he ever had before, and the effect was amazing. All of his seriousness and sarcasm dropped away, and someone who didn’t know any better might have thought he was a teenage girl at first glance. He danced and sang along - loudly and badly - to the music blaring from the tv, he played drinking games like there was no tomorrow, and he hit just about everyone with silly string from the cans that seemed to have mysteriously multiplied. Journey laughed so hard at Max’s antics that he nearly peed himself. By popular demand Tyrone did some of his usual party tricks, earning him many cheers from people who probably could have figured out how he was doing it if they really wanted to.

About halfway through the party, Enna showed up. “I can’t stay,” she said, “I’ve got too much work to do. But I got you a present. Happy birthday.” She left a small box in his hands, and a kiss on his cheek, and disappeared through the crowd and out the door. Max set aside the gift to open later.

Shortly after that Ty pulled Max aside. They were both a bit drunk at this point, and neither of them was capable of being very serious, so Max wasn’t entirely paying attention to what Tyrone said. “You gotta watch out for that one. She’s tricked you before.” But before Max had a chance to ask what he meant by that, Ty was pulled away by someone asking him to do the card trick again.

The next morning Max woke up with a hell of a hangover. He stumbled into the bathroom and squinted at the mirror to see his face covered in strange lines from whatever he’d been sleeping on. He quickly matched the marks to what he was wearing, which appeared to be a brightly colored knitted hoodie. After splashing some cold water on his face he trudged out into the wrecked living room. It wasn’t nearly as messy as he expected, but that might have been due to the fact that Tyrone was there cleaning up.

“How’s it going?” Ty said with a smile as he picked silly string off the tv screen.

“Nngh,” Max replied. He moved a couple beer bottles off of his chair and then tipped himself over onto the soft cushions. “Next time, something a bit less loud, please.”

“There’s a couple presents here you still haven’t opened.”

Max looked up at a misshapen envelope and a small box that sat on the coffee table. “I’ll get ‘em later. What am I wearing?”

“The sweater? Here’s the tag.” Ty tossed a small piece of card, which spun gracefully over the table and landed next to Max’s hand.

‘From Mizar,’ the card read.


“My sister made it,” Ty explained. “A long time ago. She was fond of sweaters and didn’t want her future selves to be deprived of them, so she made a bunch. Considering your obvious love of hoodies, that sweater was clearly meant for you.”

Max looked down at the sweater hoodie. It was comfortable, he had to admit, and it wasn’t like he was picky about colors when it came to what he wore. He looked back up at Ty.

“So who am I supposed to thank, if it’s a present from myself?”

When the morning was over he thanked Tyrone for cleaning up - pancakes were involved. Ty then left with Tali, to have ‘a little talk’ with her parents, leaving Max alone again - finally - to get back to work on his project for class.

Even as he immersed himself in his work, he had the feeling there was something important he’d forgotten about.


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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 15/?

Gif credits

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Summary: Phil works as an Internet security officer whose job is to read flagged emails and send out warnings for a magazine company. Little did he know, he’s about to get hooked on emails from a certain someone. Based loosely on Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments.
Genre: AU
Word count: 1.8k
Beta: Lily 
A/N: ahhh, we’re halfway through the fic! :))

<< Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Study Session


This was requested by anonymous and is based off of the first episode from ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix between Nancy and Steve.

 Luke helping you study despite y/n being grounded so he climbs into her window and he’s reading flash cards and she’s hella good bc she has that big test tmr so he goes, “okay for every question you get right, I’ll take off a piece of clothing and for every one you get wrong you take of a piece of clothing” and it ends in a heated make out session (and smut if you do it?) [lmao this is scene is from stranger things on Netflix 

It was just my usual Tuesday night, Mr Bright had set us a test it was scheduled for tomorrow, meaning we had to study as much as we could in a short space of time as we learnt from previous experience that Bright doesn’t go easy. Being prepared for any surprises my teachers may set on us I had flashcards made with questions, answers, facts and key points written down and it was my job to spend all night memorising them, despite what I’d rather be doing or who that is. 

A few taps on my window caught my attention momentarily as I was going over a point about the periodic table and gases, looking away from my cards I saw nothing on my window and shrugged it off, choosing to continue studying. Then it happened again except this time I was intrigued, I placed my cards back into a small pile next to me as I walked towards my window and opened it. All I saw was the grass that needed mowing and the dark sky above, just as I was about the close my window a voice spoke up. “Aren’t you at least going to give me a hand?” He let out a soft chuckle and I swear if looks could kill he would be on the ground as cold as the pavement he would land on. 

He was Luke Hemmings, my sort of boyfriend. By sort of I had no idea what we were, I mean Luke was great and all it’s just we haven’t spoken about it and instead just do the couple thing without the titles. “What are you doing here?” I spoke in an angry hushed tone. He knew I was grounded, that I couldn’t come out on a date this week and I had to study regardless, but all he did was flash me a smile and climb into my room without permission. 

Luke let out a sigh as he brushed off his jeans and wondered around my room, leaving me stood still confused by my window. “Got a nice room here Y/n.” He spoke up as he made himself comfortable on my bed, smirking at me as he did so.

Rolling my eyes I proceeded to shut my window and lock my door, “You have to be quiet. If my parents knew you were here they would-” He placed his index finger on my lips, and tilted his head at me. 

“They gunna kill me dollface?” He joked and I pushed his fingers off of my lips, a small smile formed on my face and I heard him sigh. “There’s the smile I love.” Turning to see him his face was lit up, only when we were alone would be do this, become a genuine guy as opposed to a figure people saw in the hallways. 

We sat there staring at eachother for a minute or so, his eyes going from mine to my lips and I didn’t realise I was leaning in until his lips crashed against mine. His lips moved in sync with mine and his hand travelled from my waist towards my bum causing me to squeak and pull away. Slightly flustered I let out a cough. “Not tonight Luke, I’ve got to study.” I pointed to my array of flashcard which receive a long sigh from Luke who looks a mixture of impressed and confused. 

“What if I help you study?” He suggests and I raise an eyebrow to him but he seems serious about this, “No really I’ll help you, I mean you want to do well so why not get someone to assist you?” As he explained he moved closer towards me until he was inches away from my face again, his left hand playing on my right knee. 

He gave me that look, the sort of look that works with his blue eyes. It’s a look that makes you wash away any worries or other thoughts, it’s easy to immerse yourself in his blue eyes and I find myself nodding before my brain can catch up. “I guess you could test me.” I shrugged and a small smile formed on my face as he picked up the cards and started to test me. 

After a while of getting every answer right I could see him getting bored of this, but it was all we could do. We couldn’t leave, we had to stay quiet and I had to study, sometimes you just can’t get lucky. He put the cards down on the bed and rubbed his eyes, letting out a groan. “I can’t go on like this Y/n.” I started to shuffle on my bed, concerned this was where he was going to end it. “How about a new idea?” He suggested and I remained silent, a perplexed look formed on my face. 

“What sort of idea?” I asked, slightly concerned but curious for what he had in mind, whilst he pondered the thought I glanced over to my clock seeing I had about half an hour before I had to have lights off. 

A smirk began to form on his face which made me feel uneasy, this won’t end well.  “Okay for every question you get right, I’ll take off a piece of clothing and for every one you get wrong you take of a piece of clothing.“ A laugh escaped my lips and I saw a light blush cross his cheeks. 

“You know I’ve been revising over these notes since yesterday, I know all of the answers.” I stated proudly. “How is this going to have any benefits to you?” I joked but he shrugged. 

“Better get started then.” He picked a card back up and let out a quiet cough before reading out the question. “What is the chemical formula for glucose?” Even he pulled a face of disgust at the question but I smiled boldly, knowing the exact answer. 

“Well Mr Hemmings, it is C6H1206.” I folded my arms and awaited him to reveal it, he let out a sigh and began to unbutton his shirt. He slowly disconnected each button at a tortuous speed and eventually I brought my hands to his chest and helped him remove it. “Better next time.” I winked as I examined his toned chest. 

“Quit staring Y/n, just wait your turn.” He winked and I brushed it off, waiting for the next question. “So, ugh another one of these?” He whined and immediately I knew it was going to be one of my stronger areas. “What is the chemical formula for ethane?” His tone had become flat and bored, mocking me but I didn’t care, I knew the answers. 

“C2H4O.” I told him and saw a small smile appear on his face as he looked at the card and back at me. 

“Why Miss Y/l/n,” He teased, “that is the wrong answer.” A tut came next as I went to remove my top but he held it down. I raised an eyebrow to him but instead of answering he raised his hands up my shirt past my chest and to my back. His fingers were cold against my skin causing goosebumps to form along my arms, as he unclasped my bra and pulled it through one sleeve and out the other, discarding it on my floor. 

Before we knew it I had thrown all of my card onto the floor and we began to take off each others clothes, “What about the test?” Luke said in between kisses as his lips moved down to my neck. 

A light moan escaped me and I heard him shush me, “Screw the test.” I stated as I crashed my lips onto his. He leaned back against my pillows and gave me a sweet smile with a twisted look in his eyes that drew me closer to him. I placed myself on his lap as we kissed and he became rougher as I rolled back onto his hips getting a moan from him causing me to smile into the kiss. 

We went on like this for a while but as he pushed me onto my back I glanced over to my clock and swore. “Luke you’ve got to go.” I said bluntly but he chuckled, ignoring my comment and continued kissing my neck, working his way closer to my chest. “No seriously, it’s 10:25. My parents check up on me at 10:30.” Now it was his time to swear as he pulled away with wide eyes. 

He quickly scrambled for his top and jacket, practically throwing them on as he headed for my window whilst I remained topless. “I’m going to miss those.” I raised an eyebrow and he let out a cough, “I meant you.” He smiled and gave me a soft kiss. 

“Thanks for the study session.” I joked and he let out a soft chuckle as he was half in and half out of the window. 

He placed his hand against the wooden frame, “Same time next week? Maybe when you aren’t grounded?” He suggested and I glanced back to my door and nodded, giving Luke one last kiss as he began to climb down. 

“You sure are something different Luke Hemmings.” I stated as I watched him carefully climb down. 

“You’re just as unique Y/n Y/l/n, goodnight.” And with that he jumped down and began to walk off across my garden, his shirt unbuttoned and just as handsome as ever. 

Lets just say I aced the test. 

The Lunatic- Chapter 1 (Kellic)


Story Previously called A Lunatic’s Lament, but I changed it

Please note that this is a work of fiction and does not in any way indicate what the band members are actually like or what I think of them. I can’t stress this enough!! This story can get messed up but I see Kellin and Vic as fictional characters!!

I have to warn you all first though that this story will have some “darker” themes (it’ll get messed up at parts). I don’t want to spoil anything by having warnings at the top of certain chapters, so I’m warning you now (and only now) that there will be rape themes. So…yeah. If you don’t think you can/want to read that then either skip ahead when that happens or just not read. I’m sorry if there’s already a story like this but I haven’t seen one (then again I don’t read so…) But yeah. I’ve had this whole story stuck in my head for a while now and I really want to write it. (Sorry if it starts slow. It is the first chapter after all) 

The first little bit is in 3rd person POV just setting the scene sort of, but after that it’s all in Kellin’s POV so don’t let that throw you off. Okay enjoy this first chapter :)


Third person POV:

“Do you guys want to hear a horror story?” The boy asked his friends who were sitting across the couch from him at the party

“You? Tell a scary story? Oh please.” His friend laughed at the notion.

“Trust me, I know a good one. In fact it’s said to be a true story which happened to two boys a couple of towns over a few years ago.” He enticed the others who had dared to listen in. Eager people gathered around, curious to hear of the story.

“It all started on your average Saturday night….”

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one year - a forever hold your peace drabble

Birdy was quiet that morning when she entered into Harry’s flat, closing the door behind her as she crept inside. It was early, enough so that the birds were still chirping to welcome to new day. Normally she would have been groggy and buried underneath her duvet until her alarm forced her up but this particular day was quite a special one to Birdy – in fact, it had been one exact year to the day since she and Harry decided that they enjoyed each other’s presences enough to put an official title on it. Boyfriend and girlfriend, specifically.

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