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Melissa Benoist is dead & was replaced by a look alike. So let me begin this by telling you a little about melissa. Up until this point she was so used to being able to live a normal life and now that she was famous, she couldn’t handle the paparazzi, so she decided to hire a look alike to walk around Vancouver for her and pose for the paparazzi. Her name is Granola Wallstreet and they quickly became bestfr-

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Shawn talk - "Babe, one more time, come for me." Shawn says from between your legs as you feel his hot breathe transcend on your heat. "Shawn, I've already come three times." You say wiggling under his grip around your waist but he just holds you down tighter. "Y/N come on, you look so hot when you come." He whispers, before licking a sudden stripe upon your heat. Carry on for me?

see this is exactly why i love yal…

you’d be so tired and sensitive and sore from all of the attention he’d given you up until that point and the three orgasms you’d had for him already… wincing at his touch as he continued to rub his thumb over your folds. he’d be careful to avoid your clit so soon after your last climax, massaging you around it as he licked the taste of you from his lips and ground himself down against the mattress, the sight of your clenching and contracting core so close to his face making him feel a little out of control.

“just one more for me sweetheart and then we’re done. promise,” he’d coo.

“i don’t think i can, shawn.”

“mmm, yes you can. here.. watch…”

he’d add his tongue into the mix of the massage, following the path that his thumb had been making across your folds and humming against you because he knows how that sound soothes you every time you need soothing. you’d squirm and groan, the weight of his tongue uncomfortable at first but he’d be gentle, lapping at your nerves slowly until, eventually, sensitivity falls away to be replaced by that familiar ache that has you tilting your hips up towards his mouth.

he’d smile into his handiwork cockily and you’d roll your eyes at him as you reach down to scrape your nails against his scalp.

“see, baby? told you you had another to give.”

“ugh… don’t brag, shawn. just lick.”


☆ Samezuka Shark Week ☆ | A new item Pt 2~ ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Such puff puff. Such fancy~! ✾(〜 ☌ω☌)〜✾

Rinrin was the most excited one but after realizing he didn’t have hair nor fur to use the dinglehopper, he was disappointed until Kisumi pointed out that it could be used on Gummie! Even Sou liked that idea ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚

The trio left soon after to go play with Shiny and Gummie after saying goodbye to silly Sei. They promised to bring more treasures soon ♡

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Americans don't realize how sweet a lot of things are here until people from other countries point it out. So if you get diabetes from eating our candy, I'm sorry.

tbh im gonna take it easy with the candy since im trying to lose weight for my health and such so im going to share it with my family and friends!

So I got in touch with my feedee side a little yesterday...

I’ve like burgers. A lot. Yesterday proves that. I woke up around 10:00 AM but wasn’t hungry until around noon. At that point, I wanted something quick so I decided to grab something at the McDonald’s down the street. I got a quarter pounder with large fries and a large Dr. Pepper. I came back home and snacked on chips for a few hours, after which my brother asked me if I wanted to get dinner with him. We went to this brewery/lodge place, and what did I order? Another full-sized burger and a side of fries. After this, I was feeling pretty full and I was ready to relax for the night. Just then, my friend called me and asked me to come hang out with him and some other people. I figured, “Hey, why not?” and did so. They hadn’t had dinner yet, so we went to Shari’s. My stomach was starting to ache, but I still joined in when they ordered an entire coconut cream pie; I took two slices for myself. After that, I ordered a burger more fries because, even though I explained how full I was, my friend wouldn’t have it. Being so full also felt really nice, so I was lenient and let him convince me. By the end of the night, I couldn’t help but moan a little from my aching belly. I’ve never been so bloated in my life.

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Why do, none, of them sleep in a bed? Is it just situational, or do they ALWAYS sleep like that? Although, there DOES look like a necklace around Ignatious's neck as well. Maybe He has not fought back against master up until this point because he was using his magic to protect everyone!

(adm: AH-HAH!!!!! Someone pointed it out!!! XDDD 

Well, here’s the thing: they always sleep like that. They don’t sleep in a bed because they don’t want to, it’s because they can’t. More specifically, they don’t own one. I can’t say much more than this!

Also, that necklace does indeed contain Iggy’s magic. I won’t say what’s it for, though!!)

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Did you see the "a storm is coming" tag that Jack put on a reblog? I feel like it's Anti related, but it isn't in the weird/funky text. What do you think?

I didn’t even noticed it until I saw people pointing it out in the tag haha I’m blind!!

But yeah, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be an hint or not. In my opinion, it might absolutely be. “A storm is coming” is like “you guys don’t have to wait anymore cause shit is about to happen!”, you know? Can’t be a coincidence. Also, Robin has come back from his vacation so maybe it means that he’s ready to edit Anti into the videos again? Maybe? I don’t know but I’m excited!!

He stopped smiling. “An actual one-up. What a victory”


“They killed her, Stella. Killed my wife over status. She is dead, and he is dead, but what does it matter?” His voice, even and measured until that point, started to warp; it was getting quieter, faster. “We killed theirs, too, so we’re even. Three ours are dead, but only two orphans; they have two dead, but three kids without parents. Even. Doesn’t count. And you’re the game now, and if there’s only one of you, how will they even the score?”

“Are you saying I’m in danger, Antonio?”

“What?” He looked at me, for the first time since we sat down, I realized. He looked honestly surprised to see me. I repeated what I said.

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To that rude anon, come here and fight me if you dare. Realizing "Oh hey I may not be straight??" can takes ages and until then, you will usually call yourself straight because that's the "normal" thing and (if bi/...) you do like the opposite sex, so maybe the crush(es) on girls are just stuff and not real...? Until the point you realize that, duh, I also have crushes on girls so I'm pretty obviously not straight. Oh, and preferences do exist, for each girl I crush on there's ~10 guys. Still bi

aaaah yeah ;; like ngl it was p difficult for me to conclude i’m bi because??? i was like “wow i’m such a good Straight Ally!!!! haha how could i not be straight? nothing against gays n stuff but how would i be gay?? haha i’m just a good Ole Ally!!!” because like…. internalized homophobia is so so so difficult to get over with??? and yeah preferences are 100% a thing it’s not always 50/50!

one thing that i can’t stop thinking about: i don’t think it was just everything that happened with the body swap and so on that made magnus react the way it did. up until this point alec has (despite making mistakes) proven himself to be different than everyone who has ever hurt magnus. he gave him a gift instead of just demanding, he reassured him after magnus told him about his stepfather - and he was always honest. 

that he kept something from him (on top of everything magnus is going through at the moment and went through in the last couple of weeks) must have been a low blow, because he didn’t expect it, so magnus snapped and i just can’t fault him for that. it probably scared him and reminded him of all the times other people (i.e. camille) have lied to him and how everything went downhill from that point on - something i can relate to. that doesn’t mean he hates alec now or thinks he’s like camille or is going to break up with him (looking at a certain anti alec crowd who pour their own hatred into magnus when they write fanfictions with no regards of who magnus is) it just means that it was probably a trigger for him after everything he went through. 

so while it wasn’t okay to compare alec to his parents or the clave, it was in the heat of the moment, from a place of hurt, that’s human and magnus is allowed to say stupid things when he’s hurt, just like alec (may i remind you of ‘after everything i did for you?’ yes, that was also incredibly stupid, but most of us forgave him because he was distressed. well, now magnus is distressed and he’s allowed a not-perfect reaction to being hurt too)

(no, that doiesn’t mean that alec was completely wrong or that he’s evil, i completely understand why he did what he did, i wrote more than one post about that already, but this post is not about him so i won’t get into that but don’t even think about pouring your alec hate under this post, just because i get where magnus is coming from doesn’t mean i want that shit here)

Harry Potter / Drarry charms are now up for preorder!!

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Trying this without a direct link to the store because tumblr doesn’t show posts with outside links in tags I think?? sorry for the inconvenience.

Reblogging/sharing is super appreciated! Thanks!

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After you finish a drawing on SAI, what do you save it as? Every time I try to save a drawing it seems to lose part of its quality

I save my files as PNG!! I used to save as JPEG until someone pointed out to me that it was a mistake and that pictures can lose part of their quality saved like that. (: 

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There are times when my sister treats me badly and I get into this mood of like damn she really did/said that. But then she tries to make up for it (not really make up but kinda move past what happened and joke around again) and then I start feeling guilty for being quiet and in a "mood" when she's being playful again. Ik she's my sister and this happens but sometimes it really upsets me. What should I do? 😞😔

Talk to her. Tell her that you love her and that you want to work on your relationship as sisters. That you want to be close but not if it means putting up with her bad behavior. Sometimes people don’t realize what they are doing or how it damages a relationship until someone points it out. Talk about it. And if she doesn’t change, then consider creating some distance between you two

@primordialsandstonedevice i’d say we’ve had spatially/temporally uneven capitalist development in some form for about 500 years now. i think part of the problem with trying to date it as a system is that we try to pin-point its beginning based on the unraveling and totalization of its logic, to the point where we feel like it isn’t really capitalist until it gets to some point which has expanded and perfected itself. the problem with this style of thinking though imo is that we’ll always be finding new perfect forms of practical capitalism. neoliberalism is a good example of this, but we wouldn’t say that capitalism began in the 1970s just as we wouldn’t say it began in the 1770s, even if those are particularly crucial milestones on its historical course. you’d think mandel, the author of “late capitalism”, would understand that capitalism goes through qualitative transformations without rewriting it’s essential logic, but half the time he also seems confused about what that logic is (which is related to his partial reliance on bad anthropology and economic orthodoxy) so his mistake possibly stems from there.

{ Todoroki is the hottest }

I headcanon that Todoroki is very self-conscious inwards, but also totally clueless in general. Specifically of what mundane people really think about him at first sight. Shouto just assumes everyone stares at him so intently because he’s Endeavor’s son, until some of the guys point out the truth.

Shouto was halfway to the kitchen when someone called him.

“Todoroki, is that eyeliner?”

“Hn?” Shouto blinked, turning to glance at most of his male classmates who spread across the common room. And God, those eyelashes were very distracting. And his eyes. And his face. And his everything. “Oh, yes. Ashido and Hagakure put me some. The other girls apparently didn’t sign up for their makeup session, so they dragged me in.” He sighed. “I don’t mind but, why me?”

The guys snorted.


“Todoroki, man, c’mon. You’re like, the hot girl that everyone wants.” Kirishima said very serious.

Todoroki blinked again.

“… I’m a pretty girl?”

“The hottest.” Midoriya stated equally serious.

“Yeah.” Even Kaminari agreed. “You’re like, each straight girl’s wet dream and everyone else’s gay thoughts.”

“I thought that was Midoriya.”

“Nah, Midoriya is everyone’s squish.” Sero corrected Todoroki’s not-so-wild deduction. “Except Bakugou, but he’s more Pomeranian than human, so he doesn’t count.”

Todoroki grimaced.

“I’m not sure…”

“Oh, for All Might’s sake.” Izuku facepalmed. “IIDA!” He yelled.

Iida’s face popped up from the kitchen a few seconds after.

“Yes, Midoriya? Do you need something?” He asked politely to his friend. “Also, please restrain yourself from yelling indoors. You can disturb someone else’s doings.”

“Who’s U.A.’s hottest girl?” Midoriya asked, ignoring the Class President for the sake of enlighten the most clueless person he had ever met.

Iida didn’t even blink.


Then Izuku turned to face Shouto.

“See?” He said, the point now proved.